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1st January 2012

A new year begins. 

The 96 Ascended Masters, Deva's,  gods, goddesses, and Archangels connected with the Ascended Masters’ portal are all slowly making crystal portals of themselves. These crystal portals are only to be used here at the portal. The latest crystal portal was made by Paramahansa Yogananda, another newbie to the long list of Ascended Masters. Several of us have sat with his portal and we can all hear music. For me it was singing, for another it was toning, but we all agree it is a beautiful and powerful crystal portal. He is a 2nd ray Master (the yellow ray of wisdom). 

Anyone visiting the portal is welcome to sit with any of the Ascended Master portals.

The list is up for the next few masters to preside at the Tuesday meditations. Go to the home page to read more if you are interested.

Here is the timetable for the next 4 weeks:
Tuesday January 3rd – Lord Lanto
Tuesday January 10th - Sanat Kumara
Tuesday January 17th - Jesus
Tuesday January 24th – St. Germain


5th January 2012

Lord Lanto presided over Tuesday’s healing. Many of you reported heart expansion and peace. He really is a lovely Master to meditate with. Next Tuesday is Sanat Kumara.

The healing this Wednesday was a Lady Master day - Pallas Athena, Lady Nada, Kwan Yin, Mother Mary, and Mary Magdalene gave healing. They work well as a unit.

I am emailed many questions each week and sometimes it feels my laptop and I are glued together. 

Here is a very common question I was asked several times - what’s the difference between an Ascended Master and a Cosmic Master?

Both have lived lives on a planet and ascended through their own efforts. They both balanced their karma and raised their vibration (and thereby their consciousness) to such a state that they no longer have to return on the cycle of rebirth. Once they take the 5th initiation, they are officially Ascended Masters. They have become Master of themselves and their soul has merged into their own Christ Light. As an Ascended Master, they then wear the badge of honour, which is a white band on the edge of their aura (hence the term White Brotherhood). The newer the Master, the wider the band.

As the Masters continue to ascend and pass further initiations, the white band decreases in width till it disappears completely. At that point, the master attains the term Cosmic Master. A Cosmic Master is less concerned with individuals and more concerned with universal issues and with humanity as part of the Universal One. By the time this occurs, many of their names are either forgotten in time or they have been given god or goddess status. Many of the Cosmic Masters also have had origins on other planets. Their auras take on a luminescent and translucent appearance; the brightest being of such intensity is hard to look on.


9th January, 2012

Many of you reading this diary entry will channel the Masters. I am aware that for many this can be a tiring experience. 

Amen Bey, Ptah, and Lakshmi have me working in the portal with them today. They utilise my second crown chakra to work in ways that are unique to them. This means large amounts of energy are moving through my body. 

Jesus gave me a technique many years ago to limit the effects of the channel. When the energy is flowing into the body, see the cells of your body and the null space between them. Now see the cells moving apart and the null space becoming bigger; see the energy from the Master flowing through the null space. This means you will be able to cope with larger amounts of energy too.

Tuesday is meditation day in the Ascended Masters’ portal. Sanat Kumara will lead the meditation tomorrow. This is a distant mediation, so you can join in from your place in the world. Read more on our front page, and get the connection technique from there. I suggest you use the Sanat Kumara portal card to ensure your connection is true.


10 January, 2012

Sanat Kumara is sitting in meditation in the portal if you want to connect with him to meditate. We were discussing here at the portal what he looks like. To me, he always takes on the appearance a man in his early 50's with a bald head and a dark olive complexion. To one of the ladies here, he has some hair, but we agree on the rest. This is very different from the young, blonde, blue-eyed version that is commonly shown. Today I see him wearing a white robe of the softest cotton; there is much material and it gathers together in great folds, falling softly and open to the waist. He has a pale blue pashmina over his left shoulder. He sits cross legged in deep meditation.


12th January 2012

The Lady Masters presided over yesterday’s healing - Pallas Athena,  Lady Nada, Kuan Yin, Mary Magdalene, and Mother Mary gave healing. They specifically addressed the issues residing in all being healed around wounded mother and wounded child - from this life and previous lives.

I want to address the topic of ascension. This is my take on it as made clear in my awareness many years ago.

We were created in the heart of God. God created us with the purpose that we would move away from the point of creation, to learn and grow and evolve into our divinity, returning to our point of origin as perfected Beings. This process is ascension. 

Ascension is not something that happens over the next few years and then stops. The journey of ascension has been occurring for us with each life we have lived. During some lives we amass karma and our progress forward is stalled, but for the most part, we ascend in our vibration. Once we have become Master over our physical lives and have stepped off the cycle of rebirth, the ascension journey is not over. There are higher and higher planes for us to Master, till such time when we are perfected Beings and can return to the source. 


16th January 2012

For those of you who follow this diary, you will recall I have spoken many times of the 96 Ascended and Cosmic Masters, Devas, and Elohim who have created and work in the Ascended Masters’ portal. Over the last few days, they gave the portal an upgrade once more and it continues to grow in strength and power. Those of us here suffered the usual headaches and experienced an ongoing powerful flow of energy through our system; so much so that my body twitched for hours. Not a comfortable time.

22 Masters identified themselves to me as participating in the changes; they are a powerful group. Here are some of them: Lakshmi, Ganesh, Sarasvati, Susan'oo, Kuan Ti, Freya, Ninquerre, Chananda - and then closer to home, Yogananda and Thomas Merton.

The new level of power in the portal continues and will take some time to get used to.


18th January 2012

I hope those of you who meditated with Master Jesus yesterday enjoyed the experience. Feedback on some of the experiences revolved around Devotion and Devotion to the Christ Light. In light of this, I am re-posting an entry from January of last year:

I received a teaching from Master Jesus in the portal. It is always a joy when one of these come. He spoke about the Christ Light (the I Am presence, the god within, the Monad). If you remember, his last teaching at Easter was also on this topic. He had me connect to my Christ Light and sit with it. He then asked me to look at the 96 Ascended Masters in the portal, all standing in quiet silence. He told me they were all one with their Christ Light and stood in devotion to this higher aspect of themselves. He then asked me to send love to the Christ Light of all the Masters. As I did, I felt the love returned and saw the unity of all these Christ Lights. Master Jesus then asked me to send love to the Christ Light of someone I wasn't particularly fond of and it was very easy. He reminded me that every single person in creation has a Christ Light. Look not at the personality, but at the true Being behind the person in a body. Send your love not to the personality, but to the Christ Light, for then you will find you can love all very easily.

He also told me this was one of his teachings that was removed from the bible. This is what he meant when he said, ‘Love each other as I have loved you’. We can only guess at why this teaching was removed from the bible, but what a different world it would be if we had all loved in this way for the last 2000 years.

In my own meditations with Jesus yesterday, he showed me who his Ascended Master and teacher was in his Jesus lifetime. 2000 years ago, Jesus had Melchizedek as his Master and teacher. Jesus was a first ray soul in that life. He then showed me he had a Chinese Ascended Master Teacher in the life he ascended. In that life, Jesus was a 2nd ray soul. Looking at the Master, I first thought it was Lord Lanto, but it was someone else. This Master shows himself today mostly in his Moses incarnation, so I didn't recognise him at first, but it was Lord Ling. 

Lord Ling is a second ray Master and was Moses is a previous incarnation. When he appears as Moses, he is working as a first ray Master. It can get quite complicated. Lord Ling is known as the Master of Joy and he was later given the status ‘God of Happiness’ - a quality Jesus possess as Master of the 2nd ray.

So for those of you who have Melchizedek as your Master, know he has been administering the ascension of humanity for well over 2000 years. 


19th January 2012 

Two Masters paid me a visit yesterday. When they appear, it’s like we are both in the same dimension for a time. These two 5th ray Masters wanted to clear up some discrepancies around their appearance. Cha Ara came so close I could see the pores on his skin. The other Master, Hilarion, wanted me to see him up close to get finer details too. 

Cha Ara, looks about 21. He is middle eastern in appearance for skin and hair colour and his hair is about 3 inches all over. He wanted me to see his nose, so he stood in profile and I saw that his nose is quite wide and has a droopy tip. He is full of energy and lots of fun and he quite likes himself. He was wearing a leather jacket, but I have seen him before in red Ali Baba pants and a white shirt. There are no rules that say they have to wear the same clothes all the time.  

Hilarion is lovely. He has an open, wide face and high cheek bones. His eyes are blue and his hair is dark brown with auburn highlights. 

It would be nice to have a camera that could capture them as they really are because paintings never quite get them right. 

Healing day yesterday was a first ray day. El Morya, St. John the Baptist, and Chananda were the main healers. 


24th January 2012 

I received a teaching from El Morya a few days ago around the topic of extra-terrestrials and rebirth. 

Basically, he said when someone visits our planet and dies here, their soul is drawn into the soul pool of this planet because they are too far from their home planet to be drawn back to their original soul pool. They are therefore reborn here, life after life, till they ascend and are no longer held within the cycle of rebirth.  

This is why those who came to earth to seed Earth stayed and were reborn here. And this is why many spiritual people have a sense of Home being another planet. 

I asked what happens if a space traveler dies on a planet that has no sentient life. The response was that the soul is still bound to the planet and waits till sentient life emerges in the pool of life. The soul is then already advanced beyond the evolving souls of the planet, so this person becomes known as a God in the history of the planet. 

El Morya also reminded me that he is the Meditation Master next Tuesday, 31st January. 

St. Germain was present in the portal for yesterday’s Meditation. He is a joy to connect with at any time. 

Today is healing day and it is a 2nd ray Masters day - Jesus, Lord Lanto, Lord Ling, Lao Tze, and Kuthumi gave healing.


1st February 2012 

Here at the Ascended Masters’ portal we have visitors - those coming specifically to visit the portal, neighbours, tradesmen, friends, and family to name a few. 

Many were coming with dimensional visitors who love to cause mischief. So for our own peace of mind, we asked the Masters to put up a force field at the gate to keep these uninvited visitors out. 

As you have read in the past, we ask them to do one thing and they over deliver. We are now pleased to tell you the Masters have erected a force field at the gate which removes a visitor’s baggage - personal baggage, entities etc. Everything is held in stasis till the person leaves. With this excess weight removed during their visit here, the Masters can work more effectively and many find their vibration rises while they are here. 

When they pass through the gate on their way out, their baggage is returned if they still need to carry it, but for many we see, it is left behind and the baggage is transmuted in the force field.  

What a joy and what a gift for those coming here.   

The Masters continue to build the portal. As it grows and the vibration becomes stronger, we have found the food growing here becomes clearer and higher in vibration. This higher vibrational food sustains us in unseen ways. So now we are planting more fruit trees and the vegetable garden continues to grow.  


2nd February 2012 

Osiris and Metatron have just arrived in the portal. A big day ahead for those visiting. 

Yesterday’s healing day was visually delightful. It was a 6th ray healing day, the ray of the goddess, and all the healing occurred on the gold aspect of the ray (the 6th ray has three aspects - purple, gold, and ruby). Isis was the main healer of the day along with Vishnu. They were energetically supported by a group of robed monks. To the right, you can see Vishnu's aura. It is a brilliant white with a gold edge. 


3rd February 2012 

The monks are still in the Ascended Masters’ portal. Their numbers have increased and they have formed a huge circle. We are getting to know the different orders. These are Franciscan monks as they are in brown habits with a cord at the waist. Their hoods are up. They are in deep devotion. The Franciscan order was founded by St. Francis of Assisi, who Ascended as Kuthumi. 

You might be interested in looking at the new crystal portal available of Lady Nada. This is the palest of green fluorite cluster. These portals help to anchor the Master’s energy into this dimension. She also made it to help the holder with their issues around Self Love and honoring the goddess within.  


5th February 2012 

For those living in New Zealand, I have announced a few ‘Healing Through Art workshops for 2012. The list is not complete. 

This year all workshops will be held here at the Ascended Masters portal and will be limited to 4-6 people depending on the workshop. All of these workshops are $120. Booking is essential. 


7th February 2012 

Maha Chohan leads this Tuesdays world-wide meditation. Maha Chohan is the head Chohan and Master of the 8th ray. For many in todays meditation, his energy may appear intense at first. This is because he is overshadowing a catholic priest at the moment and is essentially in body. His energy lightens after the initial connection. 


8th February, 2012  

A great day in the portal with Maha Chohan. Beautiful energy and so close. Lovely to see visitors meditating in the portal with the Masters. 

Physical changes are going on in the portal. The Masters want a hazelnut tree removed. Don't ask why, they don't say. And Jesus is mentioning pungas (tree fern) as a replacement. So we are in tree chopping mode in the evenings. 

Today is again healing day and it’s a 2nd ray day. Jesus, Kuthumi, Lord Lanto, Lao Tze, Freya, and Krishna gave healing. 

Two new crystal portal have been added to the store. Melchizedek has made a crystal portal for one of his chelas (students), so you might like to look at it if he is your Teacher. The other is a portal for Hilarion. He has made this one for a healer. It is a quartz wand with gold rutile. 

I was talking about crystal portals yesterday. When we channel a Master to heal, we are limited by our own level of ascension and the Master can't work beyond this level. Whereas when using a crystal portal to heal, the Master is coming through at 100%. 


9th February, 2012 

As the hazelnut tree was chopped down, I was going through the process of thanking the tree for its service and asking the deva of the tree to leave, when the Masters came in quite clearly that all that had been taken care of. They showed me the Masters working with the deva of the tree on a dimensional level before the first cut began. All life is important. Now that the tree is gone, there is a definite energy shift in the portal. More goes on in this world than we realise.  

At the moment, we have four Archeia in the portal. Archeia are lady Archangels. These four Archeia are in some cases the twin flame of an archangel. We can tell the rays by the colour at the edge of their white aura. 

For your information, those here are: 

  • Faith - twin flame of Archangel Michael - 1st ray 
  • Archeia of the 2nd ray. This one is not Christine, Twin flame of Archangel Jophiel - 2nd ray Archangel 
  • Archeia of the 3rd ray - this one is not Charity, Twin Flame of Archangel Chamuel - 3rd ray Archangel 
  • Hope - twin flame of Archangel Gabriel - 4th ray 

Faith looks like she works out; she has well defined muscles and is tall and well built. She carries a short sword. In contrast, Archeia Hope is delicate in form.  

So why are they here in the ascended Masters portal? They are part of the  construction team. 


14th February 2012 

Meditating with the Masters - today Kuthumi is in meditation in the portal if you want to connect with him. He is a very heart centred and beautiful Master. He has had many Celtic past lives that comes through in his energy  - a quiet strength. 

The Archeias are still in the portal and their numbers are growing - they are 1st ray through to 8th ray. They stand in quiet devotion to God around Kuthumi. A beautiful sight. I hope you all participate and enjoy this special mediation from your place in the world. 


15th February, 2012

It is with gratitude and love to the Masters that I share some feedback I received about the  Master Jesus portal card  from a lady in the United States. This is one of many examples of how powerful the actual cards are and how the Ascended Masters can utilize these little portals to assist in your ascension. She writes: 

Below is about my initial experience of Jesus' card.

Within a few minutes after placing beloved Jesus' card over my heart chakra, the now familiar sensation of my crown chakra became more alert as the energy moved from the top of my head down through my feet. The soothing energy slowly went upwards and settled in and around my heart chakra. I knew that my heart was being worked on because I felt the movements, and I could even hear the activity that was taking place. It had the sensation of something being twisted, then all of a sudden, I felt a jolt which made me sit up as I felt that something was being pulled out of my physical heart. The intensity was such that I couldn't help myself and looked at my chest, which of course looked as normal as ever. I settled back down and let the lifetimes of lesser energies being pulled out from me. I felt an overwhelming sense of trust. A comfortable feeling washed over me and I had a reassuring knowledge that healing was taking place and everything was going to be fine. I just knew that what was happening was necessary to release the accumulated dross. Jesus' healing energy was overall very loving and gentle and had a very calming and soothing effect. The sheer feeling of lightness was very evident immediately after the healing and it continued in the days thereafter. 

There are 22 portal cards and portal prints. We are all connected to one or more of the Masters on a heart level. Have a look and see if any of the Ascended Master portal cards  call to you.   


16th February, 2012 

Yesterday’s healing session had over 100 Masters, Archangels, Elohim, and Devas present at the start of the session. A beautiful feeling. The portal was shades of violet and purple. As the day progressed, a seven member healing team of the 7th ray became apparent. Of the seven Masters present, I only knew two – St. Germain and Ra-mun. The leader of the healing team was a man with long white hair and a long white robe. He wanted me to see the detail of the robe. It had an over robe like a Trappist monk, but it flowed free. Underneath was another robe that was tied with a plaited belt. It was of the softest cotton; I could feel the softness of the material. One other was an Arcturian, with a V symbol on his chest. And the other three were also unknown. 


17th February, 2012 

The Ascended Masters’ portal is a multi-dimensional portal. In a little teaching, the Masters reminded me that as multi-dimensional beings, we are having many lives at the same time as this one, with our Higher Self overseeing them all. As we ascend higher, we take on more dimensional lives and start to become aware of these other lives. Some are close to this life and others are not. Ascension occurs in all of these lives. When this life is complete and we know this is our last life in this dimension, we must then wait for all the other lives to be complete before the final ascension. Hence, there can be a 20-30 year delay between our last life here and our final ascension off the cycle of rebirth. 

The Masters showed me that many ascend into Mastership in other dimensions. Hence, we aren't as aware of them here. They tell me a good example is the five Masters who were present in this week’s portal healing - they all ascended in other dimensions. I'm told the long, white haired Master’s name is Argos. 

Being a multi-dimensional portal, there are often Masters present who we don't know and who weren't part of the building team.   


23rd February, 2012 

I'm away from the portal at the moment, down on the east coast of the North Island in a remote part called Te Kaha. Much of the land down here is Maori land. There are few people around. Yesterday we saw a fairy in flight, its little legs hanging down as it flew, its luminescent green wings nearly invisible in the light. We all saw it. I still can feel the smile in my heart. The people we are staying with are creating an artist retreat on their little piece of paradise. Today we are helping to clear a fallen tree from the steam. We have bathed in this stream every day, with the ferns and bush all around. We feel very blessed to be part of the energy of this land. There are parts of the land I have tried to walk in and bush I wanted to explore, but the guardians of the land have said no. Respect the guardians, for they know more than us of the ways and energy of the land.  

Yesterday’s healing in the portal had El Morya and the 1st ray Masters residing. There is a white glow to the portal, like a very hot sun. Next week’s Tuesday meditation is with the goddess White Tara.  


29th February, 2012 

I'm back at the portal. How different the energy is here. As the portal continues to be built, I'm aware how strong the energies here have become. I'm sitting here typing and the vibrations make me shake a little. We have to work at keeping our vibrations high; slips become noticeable on a physical level, mostly as headaches. 

The healing temple is in full swing today. Dom Ignacio is the lead healer, so all those physical body ailments are being attended to. The portal is a soft pink with sparkles firing everywhere in rainbow colours. Very pretty. 


5th March, 2012 

From time to time, the Masters give me teaching. I don't seek them out, they just arrive. This one is from Master Jesus. He stood in the portal a couple of days ago, his arms raised to four and eight o'clock positions, with his whole being in prayer mode. He stayed there for about a day, not moving. As he finished, I moved into his space and he told me to move my consciousness from my head to my heart. 

"When you think, think from the heart. When you talk, talk from the heart. When you act, act from the heart. When you pray, pray from the heart. Be the heart centred Being." 

My consciousness moved to my heart and I felt it reside there. I felt the thoughts emanating from the heart, I acted from the heart, I talked from the heart, I prayed from the heart. And my consciousness stayed there till it didn't. And then I deliberately moved my consciousness back to the heart.  

Try it and see how your world changes. 


7th March, 2012

We have  6 new stunning crystal portals made by the Ascended Masters Hilarion, Lady Nada, Lord Lanto, St. John the Baptist, Pallas Athena, and Melchizedek.


9th March, 2012 

Its a good day here at the portal. After three years, the Masters have finally finished construction of the portal and its many aspects. Originally, there were 96 Ascended and Cosmic Masters, Devas, Archangels, gods, and goddesses working to create it, but then another 12 Beings were bought in towards the end, so we can now say there were 108 Masters etc. in the building team. It was finally complete with this full moon.  

Maitreya is here every full moon and is always a part of our ceremonies. He has a lovely gold and ruby pink aura - quite stunning. We wear bracelets energised by him made of shell. Every now and again a piece of shell appears in the portal and we suspect it’s him, as they often have a pink aura.  

Now that the portal is complete, we are waiting to see what begins to unfold. I have a massive medulla, pineal, 3rd eye headache and my second crown chakra is working away, so something is afoot. We have been told to remove all the crystals from the portal which were used in construction. Jesus, of course, wants more pungs (tree ferns). And fuschite is to go into the portal; luckily we have some large pieces. 

Wednesday’s healing was a 4th ray healing day. The Bey boys, as they are called, presided (Amen Bey and Serapis Bey). So Wednesday was about harmony- harmony on all levels and bodies, peace within, and peace in your relationships. Today we have St. Germain and Archangel Michael working. 

Next Tuesday’s meditation day will be with  the Ascended Master  Ra-mun, a Master many of you won't know. He is a 7th ray Master like St. Germain and was a previous Chohan of the ray. He ascended several thousand years ago. His main focus at this time besides humanity’s ascension is initiation. He is likely to be present for those of you taking the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th initiations. It is possible he is present when you go through minor initiations. He is also a great Master to call on for attunements if you are a Reiki Master. 


10th March, 2012 

Thank you Michelle for the heads up - I was putting February instead of March here in the diary. Time for more grounding oil it seems.  


15th March, 2012 

We went on a rock hunt today. The Masters guided us to a river on the east coast below the Coromandel peninsula. From there, we were guided to certain rocks. One turned out to be solid quartz crystal. We bought these rocks back to the portal and the Masters instructed us to put them in specific places- to the inch, correct face, and direction. 

Jesus was with us on our adventure and directed us to stop on the way back. Where we stopped was a small black punga, dug up and just waiting for us. It is the type he is always wanting us to get. He said it was a gift. Perhaps we were too slow and he had to find it himself. Thanks Jesus. It is now planted and looks very much at home. Still more to find though.  

Healing day was a 7th ray day. St. Germain was healing boss, so much of the healing was transmuting with the violet flame.  


19th March, 2012 

The portal is humming along now with a very balanced and clear energy. A little tweaking was required yesterday by the Masters and now it’s all systems go. I feel like I'm standing in a mini sun. 

Tomorrow is meditation day with Mary Magdalene, which to me is perfect, as she was the Master who first stepped forward and began the entire process of building the portal (not that I knew it back then). So it seems right that she is the first Master to lead a meditation in the portal now that it is totally complete. She says it’s like moving into a new home; everything is shiny and new and hasn't acquired the patina of long use. But they tell me, in the future, hundreds of years hence, this will be a sacred spot. 

For those of you just reading this diary for the first time, one Ascended Master stands forward every Tuesday to meditate with all of those who wish to connect with a Master in meditation in the portal. You can join in from your part of the world. We suggest the Torus connection technique.  The list for each week is on the home page. 

I now want to share some questions that are being asked. 

Do twin souls and twin flames have the same soul ray colour? No. It can happen as a coincidence, but not because of the soul or flame connection. With only 7 rays, same ray soul mates must occur. We incarnate on a soul ray for our soul purpose, not for our twin connection. 

Are the yellow ray and the gold ray the same? No. The yellow ray is the 2nd ray of wisdom. The gold ray is an aspect of the 6th ray, the ray of the goddess and of devotion. The 6th ray has three parts - gold, purple and ruby. Those who incarnate on the 6th ray come in on one of these three aspects of the ray. In some cases they are mixed, but for the most part, 6th ray souls incarnate on only one aspect of the ray. 

Lucid dreaming and dimensional lives. As we ascend, we can come to the time when we begin to be aware of our dimensional lives. Many of us are living dimensional lives. Our Higher Self is orchestrating several lives with separate souls. As we become more connected to our Higher Self, we become aware of these other lives. This awareness can appear in our dream state as lucid dreams. The dreams are full of colour, detail, personalities, plots, and sub plots. Its like we are observing, or even participating, in someone else's life. When we wake, we feel like we have been on an adventure. 

The newer the soul, the fewer the dimensional lives. In fact, some people only have this life. But the more we ascend, the greater the number of dimensional lives. These lives exist in groups of three. So your Higher Self may have 3, 6, 9, 12 or 15 lives all happening at the same time as this life. This is one of the reasons that when a person ascends into Mastership, the final ascension doesn't occur for many years after their death - the Higher Self is playing out all the dimensional lives. Or one of your dimensional lives may be making the final ascension and you are one of the lives assisting in that ascension. Lady Kristine is a good example of this - she passed over in 1979 as Florence Miller, but it was as Kristine that she attained Ascension and no longer had to have lives in any dimension. 

I hope this adds to your understanding of the portal being multi-dimensional.     


22nd March, 2012 

The portal is the colour of burnished gold with purple sparks dancing through it. St. Germain and Jesus are working together. Yesterday’s healing was a busy one, with many of those receiving healing coming to the end of their healing sessions. Let’s just say, the intensity of the healings took a step up. I'm given the image of a racing car in peak performance, so I'm assuming the portal now is working in perfection. Nice.  


28th March, 2012 

The 7 Archangels of the 7 rays and their twins were in the portal. What a beautiful sight. A portal camera would show the world the beauty of what only a few can see. I'll add it to the wish list. 

Visitors to the portal are increasing in numbers and frequency now that it’s complete.

We had a painting workshop here on Sunday. What a magical day. First, everyone's personal baggage was caught at the gate in the Ascended Masters’ force field, so they entered cleansed. It was raining at the start of the day, so we started the workshop inside amongst over 100 Ascended Masters’ portal crystals. The energy was very powerful. Much clearing occurred and vibrations were raised just being in the energy, let alone the wonderful healing that occurred from the Masters via the painting. And of course, no workshop is complete without Barb’s wonderful muffins made from some of the apples here in the portal.  

I was asked a very interesting question recently about the rays. To paraphrase the question: 

If we are born on one ray, doesn't working with the other rays create an imbalance? 

I've reprinted my answer here, as it was a great question and when one asks it means others are thinking it. 

Yes, we incarnate on a specific ray for the lessons we are here to learn and the perfection we need to attain within that ray.

But in the bigger picture, our ascension occurs when we have achieved mastery in all the rays. For example, when we bow to God's will not ours (1st ray), when we have lightness of Being and live in joy (2nd ray), when we have unconditional love (3rd ray), when we are in harmony with ourselves and others (4th ray), when we honour the truth of others and our own (5th ray), when we live in devotion to the God within ourselves, our Christ Light, and the Christ Light of all (6th ray), and when we can transmute and create change not only within ourselves, but also in others and have mastered the double edge sword of this power (7th ray).

But then in agreeing with you again, ascension must occur in one specific lifetime and the ray we incarnate on is the ray we need to Master most. For example, Jesus (in that life time) was a first ray soul, but he didn't ascend in that life time and he had to come back again once more. In his ascension life, he was a 2nd ray soul and he had to Master Lightness of Being. So yes, he put all his attention into the 2nd ray.

But then on the other side, most of those on the planet today are not in their last lives and have not already Mastered 6 of the 7 rays. So we continue to incarnate life after life on one of the rays, slowly mastering these rays, but also creating karma, which holds us in place and indicates what we have not learnt.

And to widen the picture even more - nothing is ever so linear. While we incarnate on a soul ray, we also incarnate on 4 other rays as well and these govern our personality. So the 5 rays are Soul ray (this is also the ray of our teacher and the most important ray), Personality ray, Physical body ray, Emotional body ray, and Mental body ray.

In effect, every single person on the planet is working on 5 rays each life time in a bid for Mastery of the rays and then Ascension.

Many who incarnate have the teacher of their ray with them, but they also have other Masters with them to help them master aspects of different rays. Not everyone, but some.

In their bid to help humanity, the Masters have created the Ascension and Master oils to help us in our ascension process and to speed up the Mastery. We are still doing the work and we are still attaining the mastery, but it is occurring in a conscious way. Mastership is being Master of ourselves. 

It is all a journey and the freewill choice is there. Regardless, the Masters walk with their hands held out prepared to help us in our ascension and Mastership process, just as other Masters helped them.


3rd April, 2012 

Today is meditation day in the portal and Lao Tze is leading the meditation. As I connected with him using the torus connection technique, I saw a circle of people already in the Ascension Temple. The Ascension Temple is a part of the portal for those still in body to meditate in. Lao Tze was one of those in the circle. He held out his hand for me to take and indicated for me to take the hand of the man next to me. I saw hand connections continue around the circle. He then sent a perfected heart connection to me. My poor, imperfect heart received this energy and I saw him pass it to everyone else. When I left the temple, I could still feel his hand in mine. 

I have put up onto the store a portal painting for the Deva of Healing. This will be the first in a series of healing paintings from her. They are meant to hang in a healing room or a room where many who need healing gather. The Deva sends healing through this portal from source on all planes and dimensions. The Deva works with all the Masters and is the animating force behind the gift of healing. The healer can link to her via her painting and she will enhance their healing gift for healing sessions.

I painted this painting in 2008 with the Deva of healing, but recently the Masters asked for it to be placed in their portal and they have enhanced the portal to the point that the energy pulses from it. I can feel it sending its energy to me as I type beside the graphic. Its quite big - 24"x 12". 


5th April, 2012 

Yesterday was healing day in the Ascended Masters’ portal. It was a goddess day - Hathor, Isis, and Pallas Athena presided (all 6th ray Masters). 

In keeping with the goddess day, I finally completed the goddess Vesta’s portal painting with her. This will be a free print and available for anyone to print off at 300dpi. 

Vesta is goddess of the home. Her energy brings with her all the energies of the perfect home - safety, warmth, love, abundance, comfort, and blessings. Put the print in a room where the most people congregate and feel her loving energy amongst you all. 


13th April, 2012 

It has been awhile since I last wrote here. I was very affected by the last full moon. It was too powerful. Here in the Ascended Masters’ portal, Maitreya appears every full moon. This time he was joined by St. John the Baptist, one of the Masters standing with many of the old souls returning at this time. Each full moon, the Masters request my presence in the portal. The force of the energy coming into the portal was extreme. Maitreya and John stood with arms outstretched and received the energy. Personally, I had a lesson in understanding surrender. Not because I wanted to, but because the force of the energy was so great - there was nowhere to turn and nowhere to hide, all I could do was surrender. We feel the force of the energy was such that there has been a shift in the universal consciousness, if not cosmic consciousness. 

Only now, a week later, have I come back into a place of normalcy, but I can still feel the shifts taking place in my body and consciousness.  I feel like I have come out the other side of a storm - and the storm was within me. 

Anyway, the last healing day was rather beautiful with Serapis Bey and the white ray masters presiding. Amaryllis, the goddess of spring, was also present doing special healings. She is a beautiful and gentle being to call upon for healing.  

For those of you who meditated on Tuesday with Pallas Athena, I hope you enjoyed her forthright approach. Next week’s meditation is with the Ascended Master  Dom Ignacio.  He is a 3rd ray master (unconditional love). He is also an amazing physical body healer. Don't miss next Tuesday’s worldwide meditation with him. 


19th April, 2012 

Healing day this week was interesting. I presented the photo of all the people stepping forward for healing. It was Hilarion and his healing team who stepped forward to take each person into the healing temple. Later in the day, we noticed the portal was packed with literally thousands of Arab men. They all had beards and wore the head scarf - all in various colours. They all stood very still except for the left hand which first touched their heart, then their 3rd eye, and then it was gracefully swung above their head to God. This continued for hours. I have never seen this before. All these men have passed over. Much healing occurred for them. 

The Masters are doing great work for humanity here at their portal.  

I woke with a massive crown chakra headache today. I recognise it as the painting headache. When a Master is ready for a painting to begin and for them to unitilse my second crown chakra, the pressure builds and builds. It is only when I sit to paint does it go away. This current painting is with the Deva of Healing and Pallas Athena. Pallas will overshadow me till it is complete.  

Pallas says, for her, healing is bringing each cell into its purest state. The cell is cleared of all its dross to reveal the truth and purity. We come into impure bodies and our cells for each life are created with the burden of our ancestors and our own past lives. With this painting, she will work with the Deva of Healing to reveal the truth and purity of each living cell. 


23rd April, 2012 

Over the last month, I have encountered four people who have overextended their base chakra, and in some cases burnt it out completely, all through controlled breathe meditation. 

Controlled breathe meditation is usually part of kundalini yoga. The breathe is counted in and out in even breathes and the energy is seen to move up and down the ida and pingala channels in the spine. 

We now live in a higher vibration than when these systems were devised, hundreds, if not thousands of years ago. It does not take much to enlarge the base chakra and release the kundalini. Unfortunately, the kundalini is meant to rise of its own accord when all the chakras are purified. When the kundalini begins to rise when all the chakras are not pure, it causes harm. Some of the side effects are mental and emotional unbalance, destruction of a chakra, or damaged nadis (ethic nerves and energy channels). Damaged Nadis can translate to physical body pain, for which no physical cure is available.  

So, if you do perform this type of meditation, please be careful. If we tell you your base chakra needs attention or it is over extended, please listen to us. Old systems don't always have a place in these times of higher vibration.  


25th April, 2012 

Serapis Bey and Amen Bey are healing in the portal today.  

I'm onto my 5th bottle of personalised oil. It has become one of my must haves. I use it daily for support through the ascension symptoms and just life in general. 

The Masters make the personalised oil for individuals in the Ascended Masters portal. My oil took eight days to make. The fun part is seeing what it looks like. It’s a bit like Christmas, waiting to unwrap a present. My last one had caduceus all through it. I did have a bad few months physically; they knew that and prepared the oil accordingly. This one is beautiful - every cell is apricot in colour with a central core of red and blue orbs that randomly explode. Click here to read more about the personalised oils made by the Masters. 


26th April, 2012 

St. John, the Baptist has a new crystal portal. This one is different, in that, as a first ray Master, he has made the portal to go to a 2nd ray soul (Yellow) with a first ray personality (blue). This is a first for the Masters - to be this specific about the rays in relations to a crystal portal.  

St. John, the Baptist, a blue 1st ray Master, is one of the major Masters of this time, working with many of the young ones being born now. He has made this portal for a 2nd ray soul with a 1st ray personality ray. The purpose of this portal is to assist this person to come more into balance and focus for their soul purpose. Also, the portal will help create a deeper connection with the Master through mediation. St. John is a Master of meditation. Just holding this portal takes the person into balance in all their bodies and chakras, and from there into meditation. He will work with a second ray soul to teach and assist them in their ascension. This is a very beautiful connection with the Master. There is much more to the connection with the Master, but that is for you to explore. 

This portal is a very powerful tool.


3rd May, 2012 

Yesterday was an interesting day. One of the ladies here at the portal saw two angels above Hamilton - not the average angel though. These two angels were the size of Hamilton and they filled the sky. They are gone now, but it shows what amazing events happen around us that we are never aware of. How many people in Hamilton knew these two vast beings were visiting? I had to be told they were there and then looked inter-dimensionally - they were huge. One was laughing and the other was very serious.  

While this was happening, it was healing day. Pallas Athena was in charge along with the ruby ray male Master Quetzalcoatl. It is so rare to find any men on the ruby ray and here we have a Master. The ruby ray is an aspect of the 6th ray - the ray of the goddess. The healing painting portal of Pallas Athena and the Deva of healing continues. It will be at least a month before it is complete. It is detailed! 

I hope those of you who meditated with Isis on Tuesday enjoyed her gentle energy. Next week is newbie Master Thomas Merton. Enjoy. He only passed over in 1986 and so is still close to this dimension. I find him easy to communicate with and his soul colours are a favourite for me. 


4th May, 2012 

A new crystal portal has been created by Sanat Kumara. He has made this portal to anchor his energies firmly into this dimension. He also has made it for a man who is serious about their ascension. Through this portal, he will also teach this person and assist them in their Mastery of the rays. 


7th May, 2012 

This full moon was presided over once more by Maitreya. What a beautiful Being! His twin flame was there again as well. She does not give us her name, but this time she stepped forward beside Maitreya instead of her usual place behind him. She showed me her aura colours of gold and purple. This places her on the 6th ray of the goddess. Maitreya has gold and rose as his aura colours. 


13th May, 2012 

This has been a full on week for healings. What a joy to be part of this amazing process. Just as an aside, when ordering a healing, please note all products purchased at the same time get free postage. 

Yogananda is the Ascended Master in the portal on Tuesday for meditation. I had a meditation with him yesterday via his crystal portal. I was encased in his love. The meditation was the deepest I've had in a long time. He is a Master of meditation. 


15th May, 2012 

Last night was a big night in the portal. The portal floor was covered in what looked like red hot coals and the portal was blue and apricot. What occurred - and this was the first time I have witnessed this –was that the Masters brought a person into the portal for purification. They cleared and healed every one of this person’s sentient lives. It took all night. This was a huge event for me, not only to witness, but to serve the Masters in their work in some small way. Of course, the Masters would not do this without a higher reason. Something great is ahead for this person. I want to share this so you get an idea of what great work the Masters are doing with and for humanity. And for you to know there are beautiful beings out there, whom you don't know, who work tirelessly with the Masters for humanity on the highest of levels. 

One of the gifts the Masters have given me is to see if two people are twin flames. It is a rare connection. Soon I will be offering this service to those who seek to have confirmation via my store. The common question from many is, ‘Why would you want to know?’ For those of you who found your twin flame or suspect someone is a twin flame, you will agree it is a hard relationship. First, it is intense, but also your twin mirrors all your emotional baggage. It is a comfort to know 100% if this is your twin and that all this effort and pain is worthwhile.  

Another aspect of this is I have noticed is that many twins are in other relationships when they find their twin. This brings up a lot of worry and pressure for all parties.  

Here is an article I wrote on twin flames - click here. 


18th May, 2012 

We have has another arrival in the portal. It has been a while. A piece of Azurite manifested late afternoon on Tuesday. I would have photographed it for you to see, but the piece is meant for the man I spoke about on the 15th and I am keeping it private in respect to him and the Masters. One of the women here said the energy was so holy, she felt she wanted to kneel to it. I knew a piece was coming and asked the Masters put it in a specific spot. If they put it there, I knew who it was for. I have promised photos of previous manifested crystals and will get onto it. 

The list has been made up of the Masters for Tuesday’s meditation. The list has Masters for about a year of weekly meditations. Some of them are very obscure and I'll have my work cut out for me writing about them and making a point of reference for you to connect with them. For the next four weeks, they will be in order: Amaryllis the goddess of spring, Ma'at, Quetzalcoatl, and the Elohim Hercules. The links to the meditation and connection techniques are on the front page. I've been asked why the Masters are stepping forward in meditation each Tuesday. The response I got was, “So humanity will know us. When we sit in meditation one to one, they get to experience and know us and we are not strangers anymore.” 

Last Wednesday was a 3rd ray healing day - Dom Ignacio, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, and Kuan Yin led the healing teams. 

St. Germain has placed a stool on the edge of the visible portal. He has taken to sitting there and watching proceedings and smoking a cheroot (his term). Lord Lanto has a preferred seat too, though he hasn't been here just sitting for a while. St. G (my name for him, he likes it) has taken on the role of observer.  

More crystal portals have been created by the Masters – St. Germain, Sanat Kumara, and Metatron. Also being created in the portal are Horus, Isis (a Larimar pendant), and Mary Magdalene (a moonstone and Iolite bracelet). The Masters choose the crystals for their ability to hold their higher vibration. These are not always the prettiest, but they are powerful. 


21st May, 2012 

We had an exciting day on Saturday. We went up to Auckland to collect 100 hedging plants. We made a detour just so we could pass by angel mountain, and sure enough, there they were. This time we saw Archangel Michael and his host. Thousands of angels all with blue auras - the angels of the 1st ray. We have never figured out why this one mountain attracts the hosts, but it’s always a delight to pass by and see who is there. 

For those of you in Auckland or in New Zealand who want to know where it is, it’s at Ramarama on the hills to the left of the motorway going south. It was also a joy to see six of the angels at the portal when we returned standing around the blessing stone (someone had their crystals on the photo of the blessing stone and the angels were working on them). 

Here is the link to the photo of the blessing stone. The Masters and angels will bless your crystals via the blessing stone if you visit the portal and they are always ready by the time you leave. For those of you around the world, you can do it at home by printing off the photo of the blessings stone and putting your crystal on it. Do this one at a time. At home it will take at least eight hours, but it does happen. 


24th May, 2012 

Here we are and another healing day has passed. This last one was presided over by El Morya and the 1st ray Masters, along with 3rd ray Master Dom Ignacio and his physical body healing team. El Morya reminds me it is really important to open your heart to the Masters on healing day. This brings them in closer and they can be so much more effective if you remember to welcome them to heal you with love from your heart chakra to theirs.

The Ascended Masters are such beautiful beings of Love. They come close to help us in our ascension process.  

St. Germain looks to have taken over the role of portal observer. In the last few years, it has always been Lord Lanto sitting on one of the portal seats - watching, meditating, and just Being. It was always a comfort to see him there. We were always amused to see his chelas who visited the portal go and sit exactly where he was seated. He has been here less frequently of late and instead St. Germain has been here. St. Germain has his own stool though; he perches on it and watches with amusement much of what we do. Visitors with a connection to St. Germain now sit where he sits and Lord Lanto's seat is ignored. One of our little observances. It is nice to have one of the Masters closer at hand than the others. 

We have launched today a new service which we are calling See'er services. These services all revolve around the our abilities here at the portal to see through dimensions, especially one of the women here. I hope to introduce her to you all soon. So the first service is from me, Verna Maruata. I have the gift of seeing the connections between Twin Flames. These links are unique and only exist between Twin Flames.  

Twin Flames are two halves of a single unit. We all have a twin flame. Twin Flames don't normally incarnate together except for a higher purpose. In these times of Ascension, many are choosing to incarnate together to assist each other in their ascension process.

When they meet, there is a strong sense of connection, but the coming together is often chaotic and stressful - physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. This push me/pull me energy often creates doubt as to whether this is really their Twin Flame.


31st May, 2012 

Yesterday’s healing was a 5th ray day and the portal was a beautiful emerald green. The Masters presiding over the healing were Hilarion (Chohan of the ray), Ganesh, Amaryllis, and Ptah - all 5th ray Masters. The Masters give this healing without reservation. In this free healing session each week, I present each person to the Masters in the Ascended Masters’ portal via my heart chakra. Each person receives about 15-20 minutes of healing and they stay on the healing list for an average of four months. There are over 150 people on the list at the moment. In the beginning, I could barely hold the energy for forty people and now I hold the energy for four times that number. The Masters help me greatly. If you want to request healing for yourself (as healing is facilitated by the freewill act of stepping forward) then email us on the Contact Page with a photo of yourself.  

There are four free services I offer to humanity. Wednesday Healing (which is really the Masters healing, I am just the link between you and them) which is a full day of service for me. I can also tell who your Ascended Master Teacher is and your soul ray (the ray of your incarnation) for free. I also offer free images  to print of various deva and Ascended Master portals. The other services I offer due to my gifts and as part of my work with the Ascended Masters are not free. 

I get many emails daily asking for my free services and I respond with love, knowing this knowledge and the services are of great benefit to humanity. Of late, I have had many people asking me to give readings and share my other gifts for free. I have a kind heart, but the answer is always no. We all have bills to pay living in the physical world and life costs money, so do not ask for me to give for free what others gladly pay for.  

I also give blessings and thanks to those who respond with a ‘thank you’ for my free services. Blessings to those who email me with feedback of their wonderful experiences in the healings and with the Masters’ oils and cards. It is always a joy to know the Masters are working with so many in beautiful unconditional love. 


4th June, 2012 

Through observation we have found the soul ray colours can be grouped according to the Ascended Master teachers. We have compiled these colours so you can see what your soul ray colour is exactly. You need to know your Ascended Master teacher to know this. Just email me on the Contact Page and I will look to see who is with you. 

Enjoy. I hope you find the blog fun and exciting. We loved compiling it. 


5th June, 2012 

I'm excited I finally have permission to introduce you to one of the women here at the portal. Her Maori name is Waireti and means the purple colour of sunset. Since birth, she has had the gift of ‘sight’. She sees through all dimensions. She lives within a multidimensional world of colour, spirit, and Masters. She sees all.  

She has chosen not to share this gift with many, preferring quiet unannounced service to humanity. It has taken me four years to get her to the point of sharing her name on the website.  

She has agreed, after much persuasion on my part, to share her eyes for the benefit of your ascension. We have created ‘See'er Services’.  The first service on offer from Waireti is ‘Your chakras revealed’.  

Waireti sees your chakras exactly as they are and where they are. Until recently, I always thought everyone's chakras were in the same place. Not so - I thought my corestar was two inches lower than where it actually is. She tells me some people’s 3rd eye is at the hairline. So for your knowledge about self, we will supply diagrams of your seven major chakras, corestar, and soul seat, as well as their placement, size, and alignment. We will tell you if they are under active or over active and make suggestions for their health and well-being.  

Today is meditation day in the portal. The Ruby ray Master Quetzalcoatl presides. See the home page for connection techniques. He looks young and Egyptian with dark hair. He always wears his turquoise torque. 


8th June, 2012 

Lady Nada and Dom Ignacio are in the Ascended Masters’ multidimensional portal at the moment, sending their healing love to the world. It is lovely to see Lady Nada again as she isn't here as much as some. Her arms are open in the softest, loving welcome. Also, someone receiving the 7 Master healing is floating in the portal today; the Masters have started on them already. St. Germain is sitting in his usual spot. This is a multidimensional portal, and while they all look to be together, they are actually in different dimensions and parts of the portal. As the levels shift, there is a council meeting occurring in one part, prayer in another, and devotion in others. It’s a busy portal. 

Healing day was a green and orange 5th ray healing day. Hilarion, Ganesh, and the Masters and teams of the 5th ray, along with some of the 6th ray Masters, Pallas Athena and Lady Nada gave healing. 

A question came in asking how the gods and goddesses of old (really Masters having lived on earth through many lifetimes just like us) responded to petitions, especially when some of them were based in requested outcomes not from the heart. This was the response from Ganesh and Krishna, "The petitions are received. Those sent with love are responded to with love. Those sent without love are returned with love."  


9th June, 2012 

We have loaded to our See'er Services in the Store - "5 Rays of incarnation".  

There are 7 rays of incarnation. When we incarnate into each life, we incarnate on 5 rays. We incarnate on these specific rays for the lessons we are here to learn and the perfection we need to attain within that ray. The Masters have taught those of us here at their portal in new Zealand where to look in the aura for these 5 rays and how to identify them. 

The 5 rays are: soul ray, personality ray, mental body ray, emotional body ray, and physical body ray. So in effect, every single person on the planet is working on 5 rays in each life time in a bid for Mastery of the rays and so Ascension. 

In knowing your 5 rays, you know yourself and your life path in a clearer way. Click here to go to the link. 


13th June, 2012 

This is healing day in the Ascended Masters’ portal. For those of you on the free healing list, you will receive healing from the white 4th ray (Serapis Bey and Amen Bay) and the green and orange 5th ray (Ganesh, Hilarion, Amaryllis, Ptah, and Cha Ara to name a few). They will be working on the orange aspect of the 5th ray. This aspect of the ray is about self - asking questions of self, looking within, knowing self, and introspection. Whereas the green aspect is about knowing the world around us. Remember to open your heart to the Masters’ healing energies. And in keeping with this orange healing day, the portal is radiating a lovely orange energy. 

Blessings on your day everyone. 


15th June,2012 

The goddess Isis has made a portal for her energy to flow through 24/7 out to humanity. It is in the form of a Larimar and silver pendant. This is meant for one of her chelas (students or those she walks with). She also mentions that the person who steps forward will have served in one of her temples in a previous life and chooses once more in this life to help her in her work with humanity.

There are other crystal portals available - Melchizedek, Sanat Kumara, Metatron, St. John the Baptist, and St. Germain.


16th June, 2012 

"The Chakras hold all that has gone before. All that has never been released. From past lives and this life. Ascension is the clearing of all this dross from the chakras. Ascension is an active process. Ascension occurs through the chakras." - El Morya 


20th June, 2012 

I get asked the various questions due to my place here at the Ascended Masters’ portal. I’d like to share some of them and my answers. Please note my responses come from what I or Waireti ‘see’ and what we know from our work with the Masters. We have not found these answers outside of our own experiences or teachings from the Masters. 

Does Archangel Michael have blue eyes? Yes. He also has black hair. 

Do Twin Flames have to be from the same race? No. There are no rules binding the physical incarnating twins - they can vary in age, income, values, morals, educations, race, and even be same sex. The only governing premise is they are incarnating together to reflect back to the other what each needs to learn and to work together in higher service to humanity. 

Which ray is Horus with? He is an 8th ray Master - the rainbow ray. 

What is the red ray? The ruby ray is one of the rays of the 6th ray - ruby, purple, and gold. The 6th ray is the ray of the goddess and of devotion. We are also discovering there is a red sub-ray to the 1st ray. We have never seen red as a soul colour, but we have seen it as a physical body ray. We are waiting on teachings around this. 

What were Mother Mary's previous incarnations? When Mary was with Jesus she was already an Ascended Master having achieved ascension in her previous life. Here is more on it - click here. 

Who is a dark, tall, thin Ascended Master? Sounds like Amen Bey, a 4th ray Master. He has a number two haircut and dark hair; he’s tall, thin and wears a long coat flared at waist and belted. He wears a rapier sword. He has almond shaped, aquamarine eyes with black rimmed iris. A warrior master. 

Is the Ascended Masters portal in New Zealand connected to Shamballa? Yes and many other sacred places across the multi-dimensional universe. 

Who is a Lady Master from India? Lady Nada springs to mind first. Her last incarnation was in India. And her hair isn't blonde, it is dark as is her skin. The blondness can be attributed to the light from her crown. And then there are the known goddesses who had physical lives for thousands of years and have ascended through mankind's eyes into a pantheon. For example, Lakshmi and Sitatapatra. 

You have a double crown chakra? How does it work? Yes, I have two crown chakras. One is mine and is part of my chakra system, the other is for the Ascended Masters and the work they do. They sometimes call upon me to be their feet on the ground in the physical. By utilising this chakra point, they ensure I am a clear channel for them to utilise - hence the portal paintings and other work they do through me. Two crown chakras are very rare. I know of only one other person with one and they live in India. 

Is Vesta a 7th ray Master? No, she is 3rd ray. Her aura of mid pink places her there. The 3rd ray is the ray of unconditional love.  


22nd June, 2012 

Healing day in the portal last Wednesday was presided over by Ganesh; I saw Pallas Athena too. But mostly it was a 5th ray healing day. Ganesh works with the emotional and mental scars we carry within. If you want to be included in the Wednesday healing, ‘step forward’. Jesus says it is the act of stepping forward of your own freewill which helps to facilitate the healing. Email a photo on the Contact Page . The average stay on the list is four months. 

Since Waireti and I have been doing the Chakra readings, we have found no one with perfect chakras. Most people have one or two chakras off centre, colours can be different to the norm, spinning or vibrating or spinning and vibrating in the same chakra, placings are unusual, etc. We have found several with the solar plexus and core star on top of each other, and then amongst it all, one single chakra will be just glorious in its radiance and perfection. If you want a chakra health check-up or to read more - click here


27th June, 2012 

Today is a 4th ray healing day. Serapis Bey and his team are healing those who put their names forward for healing. They are healing those internal conflicts we have within ourselves which wear away in the mind and the heart, the internal conflicts we have that affect how we feel about ourselves and how we present to the world. Wounded? Authentic? Hidden? Conflict through Harmony is the lesson of the 4th ray - inner conflict to attain inner harmony. It’s a tough one. 

We had a group of four metre high black men in the Ascended Masters’ portal the other day. They were from another dimension and were performing dimensional healing. So interesting. 

We had a great painting workshop here on Sunday. I love these workshops! Those attending get to experience the Masters in such a personal and close way. There is always a lot of laughter. The Masters bless their crystals on the Blessings stone and Waireti tells everyone what the Masters have put in it. And it’s always fun for her to see what baggage everyone leaves in the force field gate when they enter the portal and if it’s taken or transmuted when they leave. The joys of dimensional sight! 

As Waireti does the 5 ray readings, I am realising most people have a ray colour that corresponds with one of the Ascended Masters. For example, you may have Jesus as your Ascended Masters teacher and have a yellow soul ray, but your personality ray may be the green of those who have Hilarion as Teacher. We are finding this so interesting and realise this adds another dimension to the Masters who work with each person in their life lessons. 

The 5 ray readings such a blessing in knowing ourselves on a deeper level. Click here to read more. 


3rd July, 2012 

Ganesh has stepped forward for today’s meditation in the Ascended Masters’ portal. Feel free to link in from your part of the world. See the home page for more details. 

At the moment, it is so cold and wet here at the portal. We are suggesting visitors wait till spring. The ground is not drying and the seating is never dry, though the Masters see this as no deterrent.  

Here at the portal, it is normal to look out the window and see a group of Masters working, talking, or just sitting. Or to have them around us. Our norm is very different. We step outside the gates and the heavier energy descends on us, so we understand the desire to visit and Be.  

As I have mentioned many times before, St. Germain is in the portal nearly all the time at the moment and is acting as gate keeper. His love is pouring forth to all. It is beautiful. For those of you who have just stumbled upon this page and don't know, the Ascended Masters’ portal in New Zealand was built by 108 Ascended Masters over three years. It is not a natural occurrence. The portal has been created by the Masters as an open doorway into this dimension; through it their energy flows 24/7 out to humanity. In turn, it is also a portal into other dimensions and from other dimensions. We are used to seeing the Masters, Archangels, gods, and goddesses arriving, working, and leaving. The integration with the portal and this dimension allows them to heal and work with humanity as never before. Every person on the planet has a Master assigned to them on some level.  

The Masters said in the beginning, "You will know us by our colours." And not only their aura colours; we have discovered each person’s soul colour is connected to a certain Ascended Master and the soul colour is a classification. And while the Master might not walk with everyone on his team, he knows them. This means some Masters have millions and millions of people they walk with and are connected to. Part of our work here at the portal is to help everyone know which Master walks with them, or at least which Master they are connected to. These are the times of Ascension and the Masters are ever closer, helping us all in our ascension process. 

Part of their help is to create the oils in the portal for humanity. They also create crystal portals. Serapis Bey made one for my sister the other week, and as I spoke to her of it, I heard myself saying, "When you put the crystal portal in your hand, Serapis Bey is holding your hand. When you put the crystal portal on your pain, he is healing you. Imagine if everyone sat in church with a Jesus portal, how different their prayers and devotional experience would be." And that applies to any Master - Ganesh, Mother Mary, Melchizedek, or St. Germain. The closeness and experience they are bringing to humanity is just beginning. Open your heart and let the Masters come closer. 



4th July, 2012

Today we have a busy portal and it’s ladies day for healing. White Tara leads a healing team consisting of Lady Nada, Isis, Pallas Athena, Mary Magdalene, Kuan Yin, and Mother Mary. A goddess day.  

Isis shows me as each person enters the temple for healing, they are passed from one Lady Master to the next, starting with Kuan Yin. It is like each person is being blessed seven times with the healing. Beautiful. If you are on the healing list, know you will receive about 15 minutes of healing in total.


5th July, 2012 

The Archangels all assisted in the creation of the Ascended Masters’ portal, even though they have not had lives on earth as the Ascended Masters had.  

There are many around the world who work with these beautiful Beings of Light. Personally, I only work with Archangel Michael. He is part of a Warrior team along with Amen Bey and Ptah, who guard the portal and fight the little battles that occur around this beacon of Light. 

The other day I was asked for a description of Archangel Gabriel, Archangel of the 4th ray. He’s not an angel I know well, so I asked Waireti for a description to pass on. I thought you might like to know too. She says he has feminine features. His hair is brunette and his eyes are light brown. His aura is breath taking. In the centre, it is a soft gold leading out to brilliant white; through the white are rays of a lighter, softer gold than the centre. He also carries a horn as part of his service as messenger of God. He wears a white robe. The painting to the left, while not perfect, is close. 

Testimonials come in from all over the world and some of them are personal experiences. So if you have a few minutes, grab a cup of coffee and have a read. Click here for the testimonial page 


8th July, 2012 

We had a visitor yesterday in the portal - a vast being from another dimension and other world. His head was cone shaped, but he had immense power. He connected and left, like a ‘hi and bye’. It’s times like this I wish I saw more, heard more, and knew more. There is such a vast dimensional world out there. 


12th July, 2012 

Healing day was a 5th ray day - Ganesh, Ptah, and Hilarion. I am ever overwhelmed at the work the Masters do. Healing on a Wednesday is just a small part. Recently, there has been a demand for protection grids. These grids are erected around the person as protection against psychic attack. Some are afflicted by attacks more than others. I often wonder if these people have great things to do and the dark side insidiously attacks. Anyway, the Masters heal the holes in the aura (a side effect of attack), clear any entities, (another side effect of attack), and erect a grid in the person’s energy field. No two grids are the same and all are just beautiful - from interweaving triangles of light, to symbols dotted through the aura. Each grid is personalised for each person. All of the Masters’ work like this is made possible by the portal they have created here in New Zealand.  

I've had an experience on a personal level. We were invited to a friend’s land - a beautiful, spiritual spot with bush, streams, massive ancient trees, high ridges, craters, caves, and massive rocks, but also a land of vortexes, ancient memories, and much more. A wonderful experience. On the way home I asked the Masters why they didn't choose to build the portal in a place like that instead of flat farming land. The response, "One day the land where the portal is will be urban. We will be among the people, where we are meant to be." As it is, the portal often extends down to the main highway, encasing all who drive through it. And then it will retract to the confines of our land.  


15th July, 2012

A few weeks ago I was talking to a friend on the phone and she asked if St. Germain had an umbrella up since it was raining. He didn't, of course, seeing how our physical weather doesn't touch the Masters. Today it’s raining again and to our amusement, St. Germain, ever the joker, has an umbrella up!  

This sparked a conversation as to what he might wear in summer - sunglasses perhaps. All I can say is, he's bound to take up the challenge. And also a lesson to us; they hear all and know our thoughts. Imagine what it’s like for the Masters; they walk with millions of people, and yet they still take time for humour with lightness of Being. Lessons abound in the simplest of actions. 

There are seven new Ascended Master crystal portals available. These are LOVE portals. The Masters have no mission with them; they are there for the Masters’ love and healing to flow through to those who hold them. They are all rather beautiful polished quartz and can sit easily in the receiving hand or can be placed flat on a chakra for healing. 


19th July, 2012 

Healing day yesterday. It was a 7th ray healing day and the portal was a lovely violet. St. Germain and his team were the main healers. Change and change within were the themes.  

The Masters drop awareness and knowledge in through my 2nd crown chakra. A while back they were letting me know the 3rd eye sight is awakened through connection with the heart chakra. So for those of you who want this ability, cleanse the chakras of dross with Violet flame oil and and work on the connection between these two chakras.  


20th July, 2012 

See and experience the new Healing portal painting from Pallas Athena and the Deva of Healing. Pallas and the Deva have come together in this one portal to heal the client directly and work with the healer. This is a powerful portal. It took three months for the Masters to create via Verna and her 2nd crown chakra.


23rd July, 2012 

We have phenomena brewing in the portal. It first appeared as a huge, silver wave towering above the portal in the east and now it is more of a cloud or mass. The Masters El Morya, Melchizedek, St. John the Baptist, and Thomas Merton are standing with it - all 1st ray Masters (the 1st ray being God's will and power). Beside them are Serapis Bey and Amen Bey, 4th ray Masters (the ray of Harmony through conflict). The energy is building, making the cells in my body on the right side vibrate. Let’s see what unfolds. 

Eros is leading the world wide meditation in the portal tomorrow. Details on the home page. 

This testimonial for Ascended Master crystal portals came in from a lady in Switzerland

“To be an Ascended Master Crystal Portal Holder is the most Beautiful thing that happen to me in my life. Just to look at, and smile and feel the calmness, peacefulness, happiness.
Holding in my hands, after a while the Crystal became Hot and sparks of electric flow from my hand. I had a muscle pain on my side of back. I heard "put the Crystal on the pain" it was gone in an instant. For me it’s not the colour the size the shape of the crystal, IT’S THE DIVINE ENERGY LOVE CALMNESS THAT FLOWS OUT OF IT. I JUST CANT GET ENOUHG OF THE CRYSTAL PORTAL. ITS THE BEST INVESMENT I EVER MADE IN MY LIFE, TO BE A ASCENDED MASTER  CRYSTAL PORTAL HOLDER” - Switzerland


24th July, 2012 

Thanks to all of you who expressed concern about the huge wave/mass in the portal. Don't worry, nothing negative can get past the Masters. This is of their creation and they are brewing up something phenomenal. The mass is now red which is an aspect of the 1st ray; this explains all the 1st Ray Masters around it. Some of you might remember reading a few months ago of a man who was bought into the portal by the Masters and had all his past lives cleared for him. He's been called to the portal and we feel this creation is for him. Let’s see what unfolds. We are getting excited. 

Master Jesus is back to his fun ways. Waireti lost a rose quartz earring the other day. After hunting for it for several days, Jesus appeared before her with the earring perched on his finger tip. To anyone else, the earring would have been suspended in mid-air, but Waireti could see Jesus with her dimensional sight. Adding to this, the other day I lost my watch. The clasp is loose and it has fallen off a few times. When I take it off, I put it on my dresser in a specific place, so I looked there first and then in normal places I might take it off. Nothing. After searching for a while, I came back to my dresser and there it was, shining brightly where I could find it. Thanks Jesus.  

And the crocus are up in the portal - a lovely creamy yellow!  


25th July, 2012 

Today is a Love day in the portal. It is healing day and the portal swirls with every pink we can think of, as well as some never seen in this dimension. The 3rd ray Masters of Unconditional Love are healing - Dom Ignacio, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, Ma'at, Vesta, and Mary Magdalene. They are joined by St. Germain. 

In the theme of Love, Paul Venetian (Chohan of the 3rd ray of Unconditional Love) reminds those of you seeking to have a closer connection with the Masters. Open your heart to them, for in that simple act they can come in closer to you.  

I'm reminded too that several of you have expressed concern about not hearing the Ascended Masters in the way you want. Some of you have unrealistic expectations. Know that the Masters rarely speak much - a sentence here or there, a concept. Sanat Kumara only ever asks questions. Don't expect them to talk to you. The communication is a gift. Waireti, who sees through all dimensions, has had Jesus walk with her every day of her life and for much of that time he has been silent. Not because she can't hear him, just that the Masters have other methods. And when they speak, she knows to listen. It is a gift. 

Know an entity chatters. Masters rarely speak. 

Above, I've relayed a message from Paul the Venetian about opening the heart. This message was relayed in this way: I saw him, I got the impression of my heart expanding and opening, all those asking to know their Master dropped into my awareness, and then my knowingness connected the dots. So the message got through with sight, feeling, awareness, and knowingness of the meaning. There was no auditory element at all. So be aware, the Master might be communicating, just not in the way you want or expect. 


26th July, 2012

What a lovely day. Maha Chohan, Chohan of the 8th ray, is here in the portal. Masters on the 8th ray are known by their rainbows. His aura is silver, gold, and bronze with flashes of rainbows. He has been away a long time overshadowing a priest. It is so nice to have him here. He has a delightful sense of humour. 

Amen Bey was here last night filling the portal and land with bamboo! Don't ask me, I have no idea what it meant, but he was using a length of bamboo like a martial staff. He is one of the warrior and protector Masters.  

Healing day yesterday was a little different. As I wrote yesterday, it was a love day and all the Masters of the 3rd ray of unconditional love were healing. Most weeks, each person gets 15-20 minutes of healing in the healing temple and then they are gone from the portal, but yesterday, they had everyone floating in the energy. Beautiful! 

Remember, one of our free services is to tell you which Ascended Master is with you. All we need is a photo of you with some space above the head. Also, this is sacred information of a sacred relationship, so we do ask each person asks us themselves. If you are asking on behalf of someone else, get their permission. Children are okay until about 14, then we ask they too give permission. 


30th July, 2012 

( To put the following into context, this post relates how the first 5th initiation occurred here at the portal with the help of the Masters. I now know they wanted it to happen this way so I could understand the process of the initiation, and recognise it in others when it occurred. Waireti, AmayahGrace and I were at this stage approaching the 5th initiation). 

We had the most beautiful and exciting adventure here at the portal this weekend. Regular readers will remember me mentioning several months ago that the Masters had cleared all the past lives of a young man and the Masters manifested a crystal in the portal for him to work with. And then, quite unrelated, I mentioned last week that a red mass was gathering in the east of the portal. This young man got in contact with us last week to say all the teachings from the crystal portal were complete and he was to come to the portal for his new body. I then knew the red mass and he were related. 

So on Saturday, Waireti, AmayahGrace, and myself stood as witness to the events that were to unfold over 24 hours; Waireti, with her dimensional sight, AmayahGrace as a completely independent witness, and myself to serve the Masters. 

The young man arrived, knowing on some level what was to occur. The Masters present were El Morya, Melchizedek, St. John the Baptist, Osiris, Thomas Merton, Ra-mun, St. Germain, and Mother Mary. 

I had no idea of what was about to unfold, but I knew change was to occur on some level and I wanted it recorded. So Waireti and I noted everyone's rays, placing, and health of the chakras, also noting what the corestar, soul seat, and earth star were like. My intention was to look again at the end and know if change, if any, had occurred and to record it. 

The Masters told me there would be four parts, or stations, each occurring in a different quadrant - west, south, east, and finally north. The young man started in the west of the portal; here the Masters gave him an idea of what was to occur. Then after some time had passed, he went to the south part of the portal. Here the Master Ra-mun presided along with the Cosmic Master Alpha and the Mother Earth Papatuanuku. Ra-mun is the master of initiation and Alpha is the Cosmic Father energy. The ceremony in the south was an initiation into the brotherhood of light. His connections to the Mother Earth were released. He ascended. Papatuanuku also gave blessings to us three witnesses present. 

Later he returned to the west of the portal and entered by answering a series of questions from the Masters. His responses released the codes of the red mass. As he answered the questions, a blue orb formed around him. Upon entering the red mass, the two forces joined in what can only be described as cosmic goo and the red mass dividing like when an egg is fertilised. He received a new body and a new connection into the Mother earth. He also received a double crown chakra.  

Then he was standing in the centre of the portal and Mother Mary stepped forward. She showered him in pure forgiveness and humility, washing all sins that remained. She showed the young master that no sin exists, there is only life. Freed of sin, four. Masters stood at each portal corner; Osiris in the west, El Morya in the south, St. John the Baptist in the east, and the young master’s Higher Self in the north. All four masters opened their hearts and shared love into the young man’s heart. The love was returned until all hearts were beating as one heart. Soon afterward the Higher Self merged into the new physical energy body, or lower self of the young master.  Sacred union completed. 

Later he returned to the north part of the portal for the gifts of the Master - the many links into the One. 

The three of us this weekend were witness to the Masters initiating him at the 5th initiation. 

The Masters tell me this is the first of many initiations and ascensions here at the portal. 

Now, the adept has asked that we not say his name. As Serapis Bey said to him yesterday, “This is day one, take it easy.” So he is back to work and back in his life today, but with the sight and knowledge of all. He has expressed that his service to humanity will be hidden and silent. He does not want followers. He is here to serve. 

As we all gathered to go our separate ways, the chakras etc. were revisited. His chakras were perfect! The colour, brilliance, and radiance was all perfection! A way to identify an ascended Master is by the white band at the edge of their aura - hence the meaning of the term White Brotherhood. But for the new inititiate, his aura colours have a silver band around every individual colour. 

Blessings were also bestowed on those of us present over the weekend by the Ascended Masters; our chakras were greatly assisted and dramatic change occurred. My chakras are all in perfection except for my throat chakra, but it is greatly improved from what it was. Our heart chakras are pink, showing we are in a state of unconditional love. My soul seat has changed from blue to lavender - a gift from Ra-mun. I can feel my soul seat radiating from shoulder to shoulder. I know this is all to do with my own impending initiation. The Masters work is ever growing as we here at the portal continue to ascend and come more into our power - letting us serve the Masters, and through them, serve humanity. 

Today the portal is gold.  


1st August, 2012

These are the times of ascension. So many of us on the spiritual path work on ourselves endlessly, clearing dross and karma in our attempts to end our cycles of rebirth and ascend. Ascension isn't for the few, it is for the many. We have come to a time and place in which this is made possible. In their endless service, the Ascended Masters have come closer to help us, their brothers and sisters of the heart, ascend. To this end, they have built the Ascended Masters’ portal and created oils to assist you in this ascension. It sounds so 3D for them to make oils, but they are working with what we understand. These oils are a miracle of creation. Each oil has been crafted by the Masters for you and your ascension. We all ascend in different ways and we all have issues that need addressing. The Masters are here to help. Their hands are reaching out, all you need to do is take their hand and open your heart.  

The young adept I spoke about recently did just that about four years ago. He worked with the Ascended Master oils and the Masters via their crystal portals. The Masters took him on a great adventure as he worked with them in service to humanity. Now he has passed the 5th initiation and left the cycle of rebirth. For him a new adventure begins. 

The following note was sent to me by the portals first recipient of the 5th initiation, which gives an insight into the days after his initiation last week. Remember, these are the days of ascension. Ascension is not for the one, but for the many. 

He wrote “On a personal note, been sleeping a lot and slowly re-grounding myself.  Still surreal. I walk around wondering if people know, but life is still normal, although, I am to watch what my energy does to my workplace. My energy has been changing this place already but I can see it will accelerate things. Nothing can stay in the dark. I don’t have any worry, which is new, just a desire to love. May not be entirely true, my lower self still holds small anxieties which are more annoying than concerning. The future, although curious, seems distant and uninteresting. Only this moment is what is alive.”


4th August, 2012

Sorry for the delay in telling you who the healing Masters were this week. The two main healers were Dom Ignacio (physical body healing) and Hilarion (general healing). It is lovely to see the swirling of greens and pinks together through the portal. The full moon saw the return of the Cosmic Being Alpha, the personification of divine father. His presence was a blessing on all.

I'm always looking for ways to describe the Ascended Masters’ portal. This was given to me by Papatuanuku (Mother Earth):

Portals or vortex's around the planet are of her birthing, or her creation, whereas the Ascended Masters’ portal is of the Father. The Ascended Masters’ portal has come down to earth, and with her blessing is joined with her in this one sacred spot. Perfect. 

With the ascension of the new initiate last weekend, Waireti got to see what perfected chakras look like and now her knowledge has increased. With this new knowledge, Waireti is adding Radiance to the chakra readings. Radiance means how far the light of the chakra radiates out. We will draw the extent of the radiance of each chakra. Waireti will also add Vibrance, which is the amount of light in the chakra. This is marked on a scale of 0 to 10. The opposite of Vibrance is lack of Light - the dross and karma that is still to be cleared from your chakras. These two new factors will be a great indicator of where you are on your ascension path, along with the entire chakra reading. Knowing this will give you an idea of the areas that need attentionHere is the link to the chakra reading. 


5th August, 2012

We have an angel in the portal with one wing - the right sided wing. Dom Ignacio is giving him/her healing. When the Masters show us what they are doing, there is always something to take note of. I asked if this was a fallen angel and am told there are angels who choose to give up a wing and descend into the cycle of rebirth, not for themselves, but to teach angels who don't descend what ‘life’ is like. For the most part, angels don't experience the pain and suffering of our world and they don't know what it is like. These one-winged angels are teacher to the angels. Angels descend in twin flame pairs - one with the left wing and one with the right wing. So together, they become one.

This angel is here for healing in the portal on a physical body level. I am told this descended angel is about to be reborn in Wales in the United Kingdom.


7th August, 2012

Gautama Buddha is leading the world meditation today in the portal.

I was asked a question yesterday and the Masters came in through my second crown chakra making my aura glow gold. Regardless of the question, the message was, “Be kind to yourself.” We can be so harsh and place unreal expectations on ourselves. Remember we are spiritual beings but are in a physical body that is bound and limited by hormones, health, genetics, and all other factors of the human body. In being kind to ourselves, we can begin to love ourselves in the truth and knowledge of our being.


9th August, 2012

Yesterday’s healing in the Ascended Masters’ portal was a 1st ray day. El Morya, Melchizedek, St. John the Baptist, Thomas Merton, and Osiris presided (all 1st ray Masters). All of these Masters have blue auras. We see them clearly, placing them firmly on the blue ray. The portal was filled with those receiving healing. The Masters were focusing blue arrows of energy to each person being healed. El Morya told me the focused energy was to break up constricted energy flow and to target specific areas in the chakras that were long overdue for release and clearing.

Today Mother Mary stands in the portal connecting with all those she walks with and is heart connected with. Standing in the portal brings her closer to them in this dimension. Her message of love is radiating out and also calling them into her. Mother Theresa is a good example of someone who had Mother Mary as their teacher. If she is your teacher, open your heart to her.


14th August, 2012

Today is Meditation day in the portal and the Cosmic Master Shang Ti is presiding. Wow, these are major Beings of Light. The power that emanates from him is like a strong wind. We all have different experiences with the Masters. For me today it was a bit of an ordeal.

I stepped into the Ascension temple to meditate with him (as you can - see the front page for the technique.) and I felt like I was laid bare. All in my chakras was there for him to see. My body still holds memory of past lives and these were revealed. I felt the physical pain of the cellular memory, and yet I knew I was safe just by being in his energy field. It was a bit like being in front of a stern father who wants you to be the best you can. I only lasted five minutes. I'll try again later. I put Violet Flame oil on my chakras and the sore parts of my body.

Sometimes with release, there is pain. Don't feel that all release will be effortless for us just because it is hastened by the Masters. We have to take some responsibility for the dross and karma in our chakras and the stored memory in our cells. So I give thanks. I was shown the areas in my body that still retain dross and I will work on them. Ascension is all about clearing the dross from the cells and chakras. 

Which brings me to beliefs. We all have our own beliefs. Some of them are still bound in superstition and old thinking patterns which hold us back and place limitations on our ascension. Here is a pretend scenario for example: A healer puts a Lady Nada print up on his healing wall, and while healing, the print falls off. The healer took it to mean he wasn't to work with Lady Nada anymore. The client thought she was meant to work with Lady Nada and an observer just thought he hadn't put enough bluetac adhesive on the print. We all see the world and how it unfolds through our own belief systems.

I can see some of you who receive pain in a session while meditation or healing (like I did with Sang Ti this morning) might think it is wrong and reject the Master through fear. That's okay because that's your belief. It is all part of the learning. We all get there in the end. Just like the healer who would have stopped working with Lady Nada and worked with someone else - the client would have started working with Lady Nada and the observer would have picked the print up and put it back on the wall.


16th August, 2012

Healing day yesterday was a goddess day - White Tara, Pallas Athena, Isis, Hathor, Ma'at, Lady Nada, Kuan Yin, and Mary Magdalene gave healing, to name a few. They are all aspects of the goddess and were healing issues around personal power and inner strength, They also cleared issues around self-love and honouring of the goddess in ourselves and others.

Many are ordering the chakra readings. We have so much fun doing these. For us this means a chance to see what patterns are emerging and learn about the chakras in today's times of ascension.

Some of our findings that differ from the mainstream beliefs are that many have a turquoise blue throat chakra - not the normal mid blue which is the traditional chakra color.

We have also found that if one chakra is out of alignment, another chakra is also out of alignment. We feel the chakras react to this mis-alignment and create balance. We have also realised the Earth Star comes in all different shapes and colours from person to person, as does the core star and the soul seat. 

We are having lots of fun with the ascension readings. Now that we have introduced the radiance and vibrancy percentages (how much light in the chakras), a whole new dimension of each person’s knowledge of their chakras has been added. This indicates clearly the areas that need work.


23rd August 2012

The flutter of angel wings heralded the beginning of healing day. A host of 4th ray white angels appeared to support Serapis Bey, Amen Bey, and the other 4th ray Ascended Masters who stepped forward for this week’s healing. It was a much needed healing day. 24 hours have passed, and they are just completing giving 15-20 minutes of healing to all the people on the list. There is something magical about angels. Have you ever felt the inside of the seed pod of a swan plant? Waireti says that’s what she feels an angel’s wing must feel like - so soft. Hundreds of them stood in the portal wingtip to wingtip. I can feel the softness all around. 

The 4th ray represents harmony through conflict, much of which is the conflict which wars within us.

I have a lot to write about and it’s all there in my head jostling for position to get out. First, Waireti (who lives here at the Ascended Masters’ portal) has given into my pleading for her to share some of what she sees, knows, and experiences via her wonderful dimensional sight. Her first sharing was about the Master Jesus. He was the first person she saw when she was born and she continues to see him every day of her life. He is the Master of her heart. She has related to me that the Jesus she knows is a very different Being to the one most Christians know. So that is coming once I make sense of my handwriting.

In the January 24th diary entry, after a teaching from El Morya, I spoke about the soul pool of the Earth and how we are bound in this soul pool, always being reborn and drawn back into life here till we ascend. Until our ascension, we are of Papatuanuku, the Mother Earth. I realised this had been demonstrated to us and I was witness to this at the adept’s ascension. I wrote on August the 1st, ‘The ceremony in the south was an initiation into the brotherhood of light. His connections to the Mother Earth were released. He ascended into the Father/Alpha.’ Nothing like an actual demonstration to make a concept real, for I saw Papatuanuku herself sever the connection below his feet, and in that act, he ascended into the Father/Alpha. For him to remain here in body, the connection to the earth had to be recreated, but this time from the Father - a connection on the Earth not of the Earth.

Slowly the puzzle is put together.


27th August, 2012

Waireti, lives here at the Ascended Masters’ portal in New Zealand. Since birth she has had the unique gift of dimensional sight. She has graciously agreed to share some of her knowledge gathered from her unique view of the worlds she walks in. Her first sharing is of Master Jesus – the Master she knows, not the Master the Christian world knows. This piece is a collaboration between Waireti and Verna Maruata. Verna’s questions are in italic.

So what is Jesus like?

Jesus is like your very best friend times 100. He is the Master, the Teacher who walks with me, holding my hand. It’s hard to put into words. 

He was there when I took my first breath. I didn’t know he wasn’t real till I was about two years old, just as I didn’t know Holly, my Great Grand Mother who passed over before I was born, wasn’t real either. Jesus is always there, always with me... as he is with millions of people. 

Most have no idea how close the Masters are.

Jesus has been made into a character the world expects him to be. He is not what they make him out to be...the person who died on a cross for our sins, the Son of God...not true. It’s all a fabrication...something he has been made into. He didn’t know his life and death would be so enduring. He didn’t know what would happen. He was just living his life. He just was. He lived his life doing what he did. Just like any one of us today. We have no idea the impact of us being who we are will have on future generations.

I feel people reject him as a Master and teacher without knowing him - those that have been raised Christian, those that haven’t, and then by those who are Jews – total rejection as a Master and teacher. They are rejecting a persona, not the true Jesus. 

He doesn't expect people to give their life for him.  He doesn’t judge. He is a gentle man. A kind man.

I got kicked out of Sunday school at the age of four for being disruptive and for disagreeing with the Sunday school teacher. She said Judas Iscariot was bad – he wasn’t, he was set up. But that is what is being taught. A lot of what is taught is wrong. 

How did you know what was being taught was wrong?  

From Jesus mostly. Also, from my inner knowing.

I see Jesus at bus stops a lot, sitting there, laying his hands on people. An unexpected place, but there he is.

I see him with old people in a caring way - healing. He is The Healer, definitely. I see him in hospitals with the sick. 

I often see him in gardens too. He likes roses. 

I’ve seen Jesus do some crazy things. Like stop time so people didn’t get hurt. I’ve seen him perform miracles – like giving a boy his hearing back. The Shepherd is a more accurate description of him - the nurturer, taking care of his flock.

So, what does he look like?  

5’10” – sandals – he always wears sandals – clothes? He wears anything, normally a white robe, but he can wear jeans and a T-shirt or a yellow track suit. He has melting, dark brown eyes. 

Why doesn’t the world figure it out…historically he can’t be white, he must have brown skin. That just shows the fabrication around him. The blonde version just isn’t how it is.  He has dark hair. He never has a beard (perhaps a couple of days growth) or he’s clean shaven. His cheeks are hollow.

Is there something Jesus wants to say here?

The message is Love.

He teaches through singing; he loves to sing. He’ll sing any song. We sing together. The messages from the Masters aren’t from the voice. It isn’t what they say; it’s in what’s around them, like a song on the radio. This morning Jesus was singing, “You can’t be a beacon if your Light don’t shine,” He has a sense of humour. There is a lot of Joy in him.  


28th August, 2012

I've had an interesting morning and from that a teaching came from Ra-mun, an ancient 7th ray Master.

We have all had those moments in time when we are verbally abused. And for the most part, the response is either ignore and walk away or stand there and give it back. Today was a walk away moment. I wondered what the lesson was as this rarely happens to me.

Ra-mun, is in his wisdom, showed me to stay in love, have no thoughts around the attacker, and to stay in my own Being, for there the power lies. Respect all living Beings - know they have their own path. Be not a part of the drama they create around them and move on, sending love to all, respecting all.

Respect. The Deva of Respect is Blue. Which makes sense to me as the blue ray is the first ray of God's Will and Power – God’s Will instead of our own personal will and power.

Verbal attack from any source does not hold respect, but rather demonstrates the desire of personal will and power over another. 

Respect all. Love all.  

Respect must make a quieter, gentler, more accepting world, in which ego takes a back seat.


31st August, 2012

These two testimonials came in today. It is so lovely to hear these accounts. I know the Ascended Masters’ portal cards and prints are a blessing for humanity, but it’s so nice to hear that others feel the same. 

I've been sleeping with Jesus' portal card on my heart and have had some very powerful healing. Not sure how the card doesn't get bent and battered in the night, but it's always good as new in the morning!  :) 

A friend came to stay and told me she never gets a good night sleep because of irritable legs, and aches and pains all over. She looked exhausted. I gave her three of my portal cards that she felt especially drawn to and explained what they were for. I heard from her the other day - apparently, she places the cards on her chakras every night and sends her love to the Masters. She says it's like a miracle - her legs are peaceful, she feels calm and relaxed in bed at night, and is sleeping soundly for the first time in ages. 

Healing, love, and support flow through these cards 24/7. Place one on a chakra point to have the Master’s energy flow directly into you. Click here to see them all.


7th September, 2012

We are having lots of fun here at the portal at the moment.

Tuesday saw the portal colours as beautiful lavender overlaid with gold. The energy was stunning as Amen Bey led the meditation for 24 hours. Mother Mary was the lead healer on Wednesday and welcomed each person into the healing temple as I presented them. Very beautiful.

And then on Thursday we answered the call to Auckland. Waireti knew a crystal was calling, that it was a big one, and that it was going to be expensive. We knew the Masters needed it for the portal.

When we arrived at the crystal warehouse, Waireti was propelled upstairs by some outside force and was presented a huge Cathedral quartz. If I say it weighs 30 kilos, you get an idea. We were told it is an ancient, ancient quartz, which has been used in previous times before Lemuria. We certainly got the sense of ancient and that the crystal held something the Masters would unlock. 

With it securely belted into the back seat, we drove the couple of hours home with our crown chakras nearly lifting off. There was a host of white angels in the west as we left Auckland.

Once home, we managed to get it inside. I cleared it with eight drops of Violet Flame oil, giving it the cleanse it very much needed. I used eight drops because of its size and the depth of clearing needed. As the Masters came around the crystal and started to work on it, I woke in the night, aware of this beautiful, clear energy and also aware of it being woven into the fabric of the portal. Because Waireti and I are of the portal, we were included in the weaving. By morning, the crystal was toning, or rather crystal singing.

With aching backs, we carried it into the portal heart and placed it exactly where indicated. The host of white angels were present, the lady Masters were in an inner circle, and the male Masters in an outer circle. There was also a Being above we did not know. He looked human, but he was not of this dimension. He was calling the crystal into awakening once more.

So now we wait and watch. 


11th September, 2012

The Elohim Peace is in the portal for meditation day today. This is a vast and gentle Being who is filling the portal with the most beautiful gentle energy, and yet the power resides there as well. The Elohim rarely come this close to humanity, so take the opportunity today to meditate with this beautiful Being.


12th September, 2012

It’s healing day again. Lao Tze is receiving all who have stepped forward for healing. The theme of today’s healing is Joy. So many need more joy in their lives. Lao Tze is the happiest of Masters, he is always laughing and giggling. He is very much like the Dalai Lama. When I present the babies to him, he takes them in his arms with such love and compassion. It is another beautiful healing day.

If you want to be on the healing list, just email me a photo of yourself. If you are thinking of healing for someone else, ask them for their permission first. It is the act of stepping forward which helps facilitate the healing.


17th September, 2012 

We had a very beautiful Sunday here at the Ascended Masters’ portal. One of the great Buddhas sat in the portal; he is so vast, we felt like our heads would explode with the continuous energy. We meditated in short bursts through the day - not connecting to him, but at his feet. We were aware he was here to work with humanity. It was a blessing. Just as an aside, this was not Gautama Buddha (the Buddha common associated with Buddhism), but one of the great Ones. 

We also had a busy Saturday. With the help of friends, we built ten raised gardens for the portal garden, so we will be growing much more beautiful food. Waireti sees the vibration of the food grown here and the vibration of food bought in supermarkets and ours is full of light. We like to give those who visit some of our high vibration food to take away with them. 

Some of you know that some of my chakras are perfected, one of them being my heart chakra. My heart chakra radiates its light at 100% and its vibrancy (light within it) is 100%. It is also Mother Mary soul colour pink, not the usual green. Many people have a pink heart chakra. One of my techniques (which anyone can do) is to just sit in the sacred heart space, be in Love, and send love to the world. This is often my meditation. I also send this love to my guides and the team around me and I always feel the love returned. Try sending it to the Masters; the returning wave can be like a tsunami. When you open your heart to the guides and Masters around you, the closer they can come and the more effective they can be.

Tomorrow (Tuesday 18th) the Master meditating in the portal is Amaterasu, Japanese goddess of the sun.


19th September, 2012

Another healing day. This is one of my favourite days in the week, as I get to work with the Masters for 24 hours straight, witness their beautiful work, and be in their beautiful energy when it’s in work mode. Today in the healing temple of the portal, St. John the Baptist stood to receive those I presented for healing. As I connected with each person via their heart chakra and presented them to the Master, he took a minute to honour each person. Then he led them into the temple where they were received by more blue ray Masters and their healing teams.

St. John the Baptist has a huge group of people he walks with as teacher. In fact, he has the largest number of chelas amongst all the Masters. He walks with many of the young ones returning today.

Over the last week, I have been sitting with the 6th ray goddesses receiving teachings about their chelas as part of the 5 ray readings.  Waireti sees the 5 rays of each person and it is my job to write it up and talk about the rays and their aspects, so I'm slowly receiving teachings from the Masters on the various rays. The 6th ray is the most diverse as it has three distinct colours (gold, ruby, and purple), with Masters like Pallas Athena and Lady Nada who have chelas on each aspect of the ray. 

Each time I sit with them, I see a little more or they explain something else. This time Isis explained that the torque she wears around her neck is a symbol of her lineage and also part of the current office she holds within the lineage group. She herself personifies the goddess. She also showed me gold armlets around her wrist about 4" long with hieroglyphics in the centre. 

Lady Nada, for the first time, had this beautiful scent around her. Her hair is dark, but there is so much light around her that the top of her hair looks blonde. Hathor presented herself in a very regal form; I felt a little intimidated and then started to laugh. She is all faces of the mother.

Hathor said those who have her as teacher have a soul purpose around ‘Self’. They are to bring all aspects of the lower self into harmony, so they can eventually embody all aspects of the higher goddess within their heart.


28th September, 2012

Hilarion was leading the healing on Wednesday. He floated past the window announcing his arrival for the healing. Who knew he had a sense of whimsy! 

We had a group of ladies visit the portal yesterday. You may or may not know that we have a forcefield across our gate which collects all energies that are not needed when someone enters the portal grounds - dross, feelings, entities, etc. While the person is here, they ascend a little. When the person leaves, the gate returns what they need and keeps what no longer serves their higher good. Yesterday’s group were here for longer than the usual hour and I took them through a meditation using the torus technique to connect with an Ascended Master as they held a crystal portal of the Master. When they left, so much was left behind in the gate that it took hours for it to be processed and cleared by the gate. Which is just perfect. It’s great to know being here and meditating with the crystal portal helped them so much. Thank you Masters for the gift of the Gate!

My ascension process continues. The topic of surrender has come up again! God's will, not my will! We’ve all had many lives as monks, nuns, priests, and acolytes of any religion or belief system. In stepping forward into that life choice, we surrendered. We surrendered our home for that of the convent or temple and we gave up our possessions, family, and friends for a new life of service and devotion. In doing that, we were fed, clothed, and protected. It was a safe life for the most part, though history sometimes has other ideas. Now those on the path of ascension are asked to surrender to God's will over our free will - and there is the dilemma. For in that surrender, there is not the usual support framework - we are not fed, we are not clothed, and we still have bills to pay. We have families who depend on us, and yet ascension is eventually leaving behind all we know and love in favour of God's will over our will. For that is the final question, ‘Are you willing?’ And it will be asked again and again, for ascension is leaving Papatuanuku (the earth) and all she holds. Are you willing? Can you let go? That question is all about standing on the cliff edge and stepping off in surrender. Let go. 


11th October, 2012

The Masters tell me daily of things they want written up and I forget! 

4th rays - The lesson of harmony through conflict. From Serapis Bey: let go of the drama. Many of you are addicted to the feeling that comes with conflict, so much so that when you aren't in conflict, you have to go out and create it just to get the drama fix. Stop. Look at the pattern. The lesson is harmony, both internal and external. What can you do in the process that brings harmony into the situation? Not just for you, but for others.

Fear - So many of you live in fear of the dark side. For many, your belief in the dark side is greater than your belief in the light. Live in the Light and the dark will bother you not. Live in fear of the dark and that is what you will attract.

Countries we post to - We have now added many more countries to our store checkout due to requests for this. Hopefully your country is included. If not, and you want to buy from us, we would love to hear from you.

Crystals - New ones are ready, we’re just waiting on the photos. We have a lemon quartz crystal portal of Ganesh, another lemon quartz portal of Jesus, and a quartz love portal of Archangel Michael.

Healing day - Yesterday was a 3rd ray day (unconditional love), along with St. John the Baptist bringing balance. 

Teachings - El Morya wakes me most nights in the early morning to give me a personal teaching. I have a crystal portal of him which allows us to connect on a deeper level. We have been exploring the sacred place beyond the sacred heart, its holy centre, and the holy place within each chakra point. And from there, the sacred channels in the head are opening. Drunvalo Melchizedek mentions them, as does the adept. Drunvalo says there are eight channels, but to me these are actually four rods of power; from side to side above the ears, crown to throat chakra, bridge of nose to back of head, and then from the medulla (top of the spine in the head, also known as the mouth of God and the link to comsic consciousness) to the forehead at about the hairline. It appears to me these rods never actually touch each other. Another step forward on the ascension journey. 


12th October, 2012

For those of you who are new to this diary, the Masters have given me a 2nd crown chakra for them to utilise. Sometimes the collective consciousness of the Masters come through and writes, so I can't say it’s a single Master unless they identify themselves, but I know this is one of those times because my head threatens to explode.

Many of you are spiritual teachers, helping and guiding the emerging souls into their ascension. This is a beautiful service many of you perform. Don't mistake lack of knowledge for a soul’s place on the ascension ladder or feel your plethora of knowledge sets you above others - for knowledge is not of the heart. A supposed newbie may not consciously know all that a teacher knows, when in reality, they are just touching base with one of their many teachers as they awaken to their full divine potential. So, if you are one of these teachers, please don't feel hurt as they move on, but give thanks that you could serve these beautiful beings of light as they race towards their true selves. Your turn will come. And those of you who are racing from teacher to teacher, give thanks to each of them for the service they perform for you and don't think less of them for the path they choose. There are many ways to ascension. Love and respect all. Ascension is not a competition. 

I see this scenario time and time again. We too are collective, just as the Masters are. We too are here to help all. The Masters ever walk backwards, holding their hand out to those who come after them. We can only live by their example.


18th October, 2012

And so, we continue…another healing day, a yellow ray day. Jesus stood at the door of the healing temple, accepted each person as I presented them, and passed them over to the healing teams within.

The teaching at 3.33 am each morning continues. I am writing one of these teachings as an article on the Earth Star. Waireti reports on each person’s Earth Star in the ascension chakra reading, so we are getting to see and know the many types and colours. We have seen, blue, green, yellow, and silver to name a few. Most earth stars are a triangle shape of one colour, though some can be two colours. Some are round, and some have been rectangular. We have no idea what this all means!

Part of the teaching I received from the Masters and Papatuanuku (Mother Earth) was that the Earth Star is created by the Mother Earth. We have one Earth Star - from our first life right through to when we leave the cycle of rebirth. When we die, the earth star goes into stasis and drops further into the body of the Mother Earth. When we are reborn, it awakens and is with the returning soul until death once more. The Mother Earth knows each one of us, as we are of her body and part of her body. I'll post when the article is in the blog section.


22nd October, 2012

The article I promised on your Earth Star is here for you to read.

Earth Star Article link.


29th October, 2012

Sorry for the late posting. Last week's healing day had Serapis Bey stepping forward as the lead healer.

Through the week we’ve had Osiris here at the portal. He is working with more and more advanced souls.

This week has been seriously 3D, amid gems from the Masters.

"Knowing the story doesn't make you the Storyteller." Know when to be silent. For in your silence, others can step into their power.

"Be inclusive not exclusive." Many light workers work alone, feel their way is the only way, and/or have no room in their ideology for new ideas. Be open to all. Be inclusive. A united group will get greater results than a single practitioner. 

"Respect." Respect puts many issues into perspective and creates balance. 

I practice a lovely little ‘Love’ technique from the Masters. I send unconditional love from my Sacred heart to the Sacred heart of another and wait for their love to return to me. With my kids, the response is instant, but it can take a while to elicit a response from those I'm having less than harmonious relations with. But I keep on sending the love. When the love is returned, you know balance is being created between you. Great for any ongoing strife in the workplace or home.

Another topic of conversation this week has been Ascended Master protection grids. These unique grids are created by Archangel Michael, Amen Bey, and Ptah in the Ascended Masters’ portal for light workers. They are especially necessary for those light workers who have missions. Many missions never reach fruition because of the negative dimensional forces at play. It can be as subtle as misdirection or as destructive as a loss of time. Waireti would lose hours in a day and find herself in places she had no memory of arriving in or of what occurred in that time, with her energy levels drained. Attack isn't just bolts of negative energy coming at you. In a group, it can be the sowing of discord. The negative dimensional forces can be subtle. With my protection grid in place, I no longer have to direct time and energy into protection. That time and energy I now redirect to my work with the Masters. I feel more relaxed too, as some aspect of me was always on alert. 


3rd November, 2012

Healing on Wednesday here at the Ascended Masters’ portal was presided over by the Lady Masters White Tara, Lady Nada, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, and Mother Mary. A loving healing day.

The protection grids from the Masters are bringing much relief to Light Workers. Here is some feedback:

"I feel amazing since the energy grid has been put in place. A great weight has been removed. I feel energised, uplifted, and want to sing. It is like everything is back in focus and anything is possible. I am so very grateful! This is a huge and precious opportunity so have a major obstacle removed."

A note from Jesus: "Stay off the astral, it is a playground for the ego.”


4th November, 2012

Here is some feedback I received recently on our healings.

“Wow!!! A healing with Serapis Bey is not for the faint hearted, yet I believe it very necessary when on the ascension path. It’s like being purged!!! Anyway, I will live. I am just glad I am home this week so I can relax after. Thanks Again for offering this service...it was amazing, didn't sleep much but it felt like he was working with the core...powerful diamond white energy...you know I am still buzzing so he must have done some activations as well...amazing just amazing thanks again.” - Canada

The 24 hours healings give the Masters a chance to work on the layers of an issue. 


8th November, 2012

Healing day sees the return of the 2nd ray Masters for this healing session - Lord Lanto, Jesus, Lao Tze, and Kuthumi. 

Feedback week - here is another one. This is about the Ascended Master protection grid and an Ascended Master crystal portal all arriving together:

"I wanted to let you know the portal pendant arrived yesterday, and it's amazing. Just wearing it for the day that I have, I feel more like myself than I have in over 10 years. And with the protection grid around me I feel completely safe and free in a way I haven't felt in a very long time. The protection grid feels like a calm, warm hug that's always around me, and the Mary Magdalene portal pendant feels like I have my best friend constantly with me, helping me truly be myself and feel comfortable with who I am. I have never experienced anything quite like this, and I wanted to thank you for helping to make this possible for me." - Hawaii

Those of you who know Mary Magdalene know this is so true. We call her Mags here at the portal (a term of affection), just because she’s like one of the girls and a best friend. She shares the best friend quality with Jesus. They are just likeable (and loveable). Many try to put the Masters on a pedestal, but in reality, they are walking beside us, holding our hand, never judging, and always loving. You can see, a Mary Magdalene crystal portal worn close will always be a comfort and a blessing. 


9th November, 2012

An update on what's new.

We have two new crystal portals. The Cosmic Master Ganesh has made a healing portal for a healer. Master Ganesh is stepping forward as one of the major healing Masters. He is a Cosmic Master, so his power is great, yet he is gentle and so filled with love for humanity. His crystal portal is a beautiful lemon quartz. My photo doesn't do it justice at all. 

Archangel Michael has made a portal for someone who already works with him. Time to take the work to the next level. "Time to fly," he says. He will give strength, purpose, and focus to assist in this person's work. 

On a healing level, I introduce to you AmayahGrace. AmayahGrace has worked with us here at the portal since we began. Waireti and I both acknowledge her as a highly evolved soul and a wonderful healer. The Masters gave AmayahGrace a unique healing technique several years ago she calls ‘Forgive and Release’. This technique has been honed over time and practiced till now, when we feel it is time for her to share this practice via the Ascended Masters’ website, with the blessings and support of the Masters. 

‘Forgive and Release’ is a profound process intended to free you from the core, cause, and effect of deep-seated beliefs and patterns of behaviour that no longer serve your highest good. 

This healing is a phone or Skype session. AmayahGrace will work with her Ascended Master healing team and yours. Her main healing Masters are Hilarion, Dom Ignacio, and Kuan Yin - though Jesus and Ganesh are letting me know they can be present from time to time too. 


13th November, 2012

The Ganesh crystal portal was snapped up by a beautiful healer. Great healing days ahead. 

Meditation day today and the Cosmic Master stepping forward is Zeus. Just from mythology? Not so. He is a wonderful healer and works on all those past life issues we hold in a cellular memory. He is like a young grandfather, wise and caring with enough energy to be fun. Spend some time in meditation with him. He is sitting in meditation here in the portal all day Tuesday (NZ time). I've meditated twice with him already and its only 10am. Too nice to miss.


16th November, 2012

Healing day this week was with Hilarion, Ganesh, Ptah, and the 5th ray Masters, though the main part of the portal was every colour other than green. 

I received a lovely email from a lady in Australia accompanied by a photo showing me what she and her meditation group have done with the Ascended Masters’ portal prints. As you can see, the group created a mini, portable portal for their meditations. I'm also told they practice sitting in the centre, sending the love and higher energies out to the world. Just beautiful. A person sitting in the centre would also receive a very nice healing. 
The Masters cards and prints are there for you to use. The same effect can be achieved by putting the Masters’ pictures up in your healing room or bedroom. 

The Masters are definitely present and working just because the portal prints are present. They must be where their portals are by the very nature of the portal print they created.

Have some fun with the portal prints and portal cards.


21st November, 2012

The Ascended Masters are here for one reason and one reason only - to help us in our ascension process. They might heal and teach, but all of their actions are towards assisting the goal of each person’s individual ascension - either in this life time or another.

Ascension in its smallest form is the raising of our vibration and so the raising of our consciousness. 

So where does the Higher Self come in this process? At the time of ascension, if staying in body, we join permanently with our Higher Selves. The Higher and lower self co-exist together. While still in body, an adept (or un-ascended master) will still have their personality, they will still have physical body desires like chocolate (phew), and they will still get tired, but into this lower body mix they will have permanent union with their Higher Selves. 

The Masters likened the Higher Self and ascension to wearing a hat permanently. Until the ascension, the hat (Higher Self) floats above the head. You can touch it with your hand, but you can't stay too long because your arm gets tired, and sometimes you forget it’s there. You can try bringing the hat closer by pulling it down, but it bounces back up. As you ascend, you get closer and closer to the hat, until such time when it is firmly on the head and just won't budge. A pretty simple analogy, but then who said ascension was hard to understand.

Some of you have wondered how to cope with the greater energies coming at you at this time, both from the Ascended Masters and the universal and cosmic energies. Jesus gave me this easy technique many years ago. When energy is too big, we can often try and put up barriers to deflect it. Instead, he suggests you see every cell in your body, knowing your cells also have etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual body counterparts. See them moving apart so the energy flows through the gaps in the cells. I do this mainly to prevent the influx of energy making me feel as if the plug has been pulled.

The Ascended Masters’ portal here in New Zealand is for the Masters to work in. It is a vast, multi-dimensional portal where they can work with humanity in the 3rd dimension without manifesting a body. For those of you who are serious about ascension and know you have a higher soul purpose to perform, we are happy for you to come and sit in meditation with the Masters in this closer and clearer environment. The portal is totally protected from outside energies. Of course, you can connect with the masters away from the portal and this we totally support as well. Here at the portal, the Masters are closer to you and you are closer to them as a lot of the barriers have been removed. If you feel you are called to visit the portal, just email me and we can set up a day and time. Though we do limit the first visit to an hour as the energies can be intense.

Today is healing day and Melchizedek is leading the healing session along with many 1st ray Masters; they are lined up in order of their shade of blue from dark to light. 

Next Tuesday is another world-wide meditation day here at the portal and Maitreya is stepping forward. That will be an interesting meditation day. If you want to join in, see the home page for technique links. 


22nd November, 2012

My philosophy is, life is meant to be easy. If life is hard, something is wrong. The Masters point out to me quite gently that not everyone wants to take the comfortable path. Many choose the hard path for their life's lessons. Over time, I have come to respect the life and personal choices each person makes. The rescuer in me has taken a back seat. It is part of many of us, to want to point out to someone the error of their ways, when in reality, their way is just perfect for them. We must respect the life and soul choices of those around us. 

And the same occurs on the ascension path. There are many, many paths to ascension, each one valid. We just need to look at the variety of Ascended Masters to get an idea of the pathways. Some choose to fly to their ascension, others crawl, and others detour to side paths - all are valid and perfect.


29th November, 2012

You might remember I wrote on August 5th about an angel in the portal with one wing receiving healing, and how the Masters said these angels choose to fall, falling in twin flame pairs. And so, the investigation on the part of Waireti and myself continues after prompting from someone who received a chakra reading. 

We have been looking at a few twin flames; we have noted that in those who are twin flame fallen angels, one has a wing on the left side and the other a wing on the right, together making a single set of wings.

Healing day is once more complete. Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Vesta, and Ma'at were present with their healing teams for the healing sessions. 


30th November, 2012

Ascended Master Jesus has made a portal into a lemon quartz crystal. Via this portal, the Master is as close as he can possibly be to you without creating a body. Through this crystal portal, the Master is here for you and with you, holding you close in his heart. He is here to teach you, heal you, and support you -for he knows you, sees you, and loves you better than you can know, see, or love yourself.

This is truly a beautiful and powerful connection with the Master. It's like being within their physical aura, held firmly with love. Daily I sit with one of the Master’s portal crystals. We have 88 of them here at the portal for visitors to use. Daily I am in awe of the power of the experience.

We continue to be protected in amazing ways here at the portal. As the Light increases around the world, so does the efforts of the dark side to divert us from our path. The Masters have given us a multi-dimensional wolf which now prowls the perimeter of the portal property, so we have further protection all the way around the property. White Tara has also given us energy pacmen who eat negative energy left by people while visiting the portal. When entering the portal, people pass through the energy gate. The gate grabs all entities and any dross that won't serve them while they are within the portal, but often more dross comes up for release while here. Emotional issues are presented for release also. When the person leaves, this energy stays here within the portal, so White Tara has created energy pacmen that eat negative energy within the portal. They float around for the most part, but last night we had an attempted dimensional entry and it was great to see all the resources provided by the Masters go to work on our behalf. Our focus can now stay on our work with the Masters. Perfect!

I keep getting asked if we are doing anything for 12.12.12. No, we aren't. The Masters haven't mentioned anything. 21.12.12 as well, has no input from them as yet. 


1st December, 2012

The 21 day count down begins. So many theories, so much uncertainty, and then so much sure belief. We watch and wait. 

Sorry, the Jesus crystal portal I listed yesterday is sold.


7th December, 2012

We had crazy storms here yesterday as our ‘Healing Through Art’ mini workshop occurred for grief and anger. Waireti said the rain was for grief and the thunder for anger. Personally, I think the Gods say, ‘Verna is having a workshop, let’s make it rain.’ Those who have attended before know what I'm talking about! I'm tempted to test the theory by having a painting workshop in the desert! Just kidding.

The rain and the humidity were just what the veggie garden ordered for a growth spurt.

I'm making up the Ascended Master Meditation lists for next year. Every Tuesday, one of the Masters sits in meditation for 24 hours in the portal’s Ascension Temple and invites anyone in the world to connect with them for meditation. It is a powerful meditation.

I have the Masters list of who has stepped forward for 2013, but they are all about easy, so if any of you have favourites you want to revisit, just let me know and we'll look at including them in the early part of the year. 

Healing day this Wednesday was presided over by Mother Mary - a Master of great compassion and unconditional love.

Ascended Master Thomas Merton was sitting in the portal the other day, we think it was Sunday, with a lady who is still in body. It looks as if she will be ascending in this life. She was tall, with a peaches and cream complexion, and long, dark hair pulled into a braid down her back. We have been given her 5 rays of incarnation, so we will recognise her by her colours if she were to contact us or visit the portal. 


11th December, 2012

More on twin flames. Through our lives, many of us have felt that empty space inside that can only be filled by a twin flame.

God created us with the purpose that we would move away from the point of creation, to learn and grow and evolve into our divinity, returning to our point of origin as perfected Beings. At this initial point of creation, each single consciousness (Monad) contains the seeds of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine (Alpha and Omega/Yin and Yang), opposite poles of the one reality. At the initial descent into third dimensional reality, these two aspects of the one were divided, and the Twin Flames were created - one the Alpha flame the other the Omega flame. Both Flames incarnate to lead separated lives, always aware, on some level, of a loss of an aspect of themselves.

For those of you who seek this union, you will know on a conscious level you are always seeking. We suggest you try the torus technique to link with your twin flame. Instead of connecting to your Ascended Master, try connecting with your twin. For many, this will bring great comfort and connection.

As you know, we have been exploring the topic of angels - fallen angles and those in body who have fallen. Waireti, for those of you who don't know, has total dimensional sight, so she sees all that is with you and of you. Together we are trying to clarify much of the mystery that surrounds the Ascended Masters, and also increase our knowledge and share it with all of you. 

Waireti has noted some fallen angles here in body have no wings. Most of us in body who are fallen angles (Waireti and me included) have one wing, with our twin flame having the opposite wing; so when together, the twins make one set of angel wings. 

So, we looked at those fallen angels with no wings and pondered, why did they lose both wings? Does this mean their twin has two wings? Does this mean their twin flame didn't fall with them?

I remember reading something from Elizabeth Prophet who said Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael were twin flames. This didn't fit into my knowledge base, so I discarded it as being wrong. Archangels and Ascended Masters as twin flames was too much of a stretch for me, but with some prompting, I asked Waireti if Mother Mary had been a fallen angel. She looked and said yes, she was. So, my next question was, did she have one wing or had both wings been removed? Both had been removed.

I now make room in my awareness that perhaps Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael are twin flames. So why, when most twin flame angels fall together, do some angels choose to fall alone? And we aren't just talking Mother Mary, there are other fallen angels out there with no wings. I find this incredibly sad, as these people will never have a physical life with their twin flame. An angel has to fall to have a physical life. 

The investigations continue. It would be so nice if the Masters would talk on this topic, but no. When the time is right, they will fill in the blank spaces, but until then they like us to look, ponder, and join some of the dots ourselves. Perhaps what we learn this way becomes more real. Waireti's dimensional sight is surely a gift to us all. 

The Masters have just added - Mother Mary is not the only one among them who was once of angelic origin. Haha, another carrot to follow.


18th December, 2012

Today is meditation day here at the portal. The Master in the Ascension temple for mediation is Chananda. He Ascended in India a long time ago. As I sat in meditation today, he sat giving me blessings in Hindi. He is a very powerful Master. Get to know this little-known Master. 

Note, this is the only meditation between the 12th December and the 21st of December with the Masters - so note this Master is the one who stepped forward for this time.

Many of you will have heard of the Sacred Heart within you and may even meditate within this sacred space. Chananda will meet you there in meditation if you so choose. Or if you are advanced in your ascension and have found the way to you Holy Heart (the truly sacred space beyond the sacred heart), then he will meet you there also.

There is a rise in vibration coming on a planetary level on the 21st. This rise in consciousness will get progressively stronger over three days from the 21st. I seriously suggest a 24 hour healing from the Masters before then, as part of your personal preparations for this time. Many have chosen to have a 7 Master healing as part of their preparation. You will know what is right for you.


23rd December, 2012

We traveled up to Auckland today. As usual, we looked to see if there were a host of angels at Ramarama and yes there were - pink ray angels. And they were very much needed today, as we passed three accidents in a twenty minute stretch. Thankfully we could see no one was hurt in any of them. Thank you, angels.

All of you who read this diary will know of 12/12 and 21/12. There was so much written about it and I have purposely stayed away from the topic. The Ascended Masters never gave us any indication for or against any of the wide range of ideas put forth. All we knew is that there would be a rise in vibration.

After the event, Waireti (who has dimensional sight) says the colours she sees have more light - and she means planetary colours, not people colours. So far, the vibrations of humanity haven't risen in general, but she continues to watch. The Masters themselves went about their normal activities with the portal. There was no change. No influx of angels or Masters. No change in the portal energy itself. Business as usual.

We were amused by Jesus this week. In the 7 Master healings, each Master of the 7 steps forward to let me know they will be present as part of the team (the teams change for each person). Recently, I'd get to the 7th Master and there would be a blank space. I had to ask Waireti and she’d tell me it was Jesus. On the third time, I said, “Don't tell me it’s Jesus” to which he said to Waireti, "It’s supposed to be Verna that's been lost and now found - not me!"

We are taking a week off, starting back January 1st. My kindle and its unread books beckon, plus there is a very nice shaded spot under the apple trees that will be cool and just perfect for reading.

We wish you all a very safe, joy-filled, and love filled holiday season. 

Happy birthday Jesus. 


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