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Friday, 15th January, 2010 

The New Moon is tonight at 8:15pm here in New Zealand. The Ascended Masters’ portal is a beautiful colour, a cross between gold and pink. The sweeping angels have gone, having prepared the energy for what will unfold in the portal tonight. A quartz crystal has appeared in the portal, or rather quartz embedded in rock. Very interesting. Is it a gift from the Masters for us or someone else? Where did they bring it from? So exciting! Waireti and I will have to explore the energy of it.

I have had the Ascended Master Mary Magdalene with me all day. She is working closely with me to remove ancient blockages to my minor chakras of the face. She is asking me to surrender the process to her. I must admit, I find surrender a tough one. I'm told surrender is the precursor to allowance. We are often told Trust and Allow. Like surrender, I find allowance hard. My controlling issues perhaps.


Saturday, 16th January, 2010 

You never know what you will find when you enter the Ascended Masters’ portal. A quartz point has appeared. The appearance of crystals is always a lesson in expectation. This one is damaged with a huge chip apparent on one side. 

This crystal is for a specific person and is energized by the Ascended Masters especially for them. This person has an approaching ordeal they must go through. When the recipient received the quartz, they felt its amazing energy and knew why they had received it. The crystal was perfect; the chip encouraged holding it in a specific way. 

As the Masters say, "How many of you are perfect? Your inner Being is perfect, just like the inner Being of the crystal, but how many of you are damaged in ways that are both seen and unseen? All of you. So judge not the visual beauty of anything, but accept everyone and everything as a gift to the world." 

In another vein, a friend came home from work yesterday having caught a virus - temperature, off color, queasy - the precursor to an unpleasant few days. She took a portal card of Dom Ignacio to bed with her and woke up feeling perfect. He is certainly great for physical body healing. 

We also tried a little experiment with another friend I’ll call AA. I shut all my energy down. A clairvoyant friend asked AA to call in Mary Magdalene and ask the Master to place her hand on her heart chakra and send energy. We observed the energy flow. AA then asked The Magdalene to step back and she placed The Magdalene's portal card on her heart chakra. Her energy swelled with Magdalene energy in a greater way than asking the Magdalene to put her hand on her heart. This is because The Magdalene created her portal painting (available as a card and print) as a portal for her energy to cross the veil 24/7. The card was a portal for her energy to flow directly into the heart chakra without crossing the veil; whereas, calling her in meant she still had to contend with the veil to get her energy to the heart chakra. All the Masters’ portal cards and prints are a portal across the veil for their energy 24/7. (Please note, the portal cards and prints I refer to are those of the portal paintings the Masters each created utilising me, Verna Maruata, and my second crown chakra. The cards and prints are available through the Alpha Imaging store.)


Sunday, 17th January, 2010

For the last seven months, the portal has taken on the colour of the Ascension Flame being made in it. But at the moment, there is no flame being created and the colour is this lovely apricot, a combination of gold and pink, with a red sheath around it. I am once more reminded this is the Ascended Masters’ portal and it is for their use. The Masters are appearing daily to work in pairs. Yesterday it was the pairing of Ascended Master Melchizedek and Ascended Master Dom Ignacio. Both are very serious. And yet here they were, giving themselves a moment of downtime to race energy on a red racing track rather like the infinity symbol (a figure 8). They kindly asked me to stand in the energy and experience what was happening. Well, for a little while anyway. After a few minutes, I very much got the feeling of kind older brothers saying, ‘okay we let you play for a while, but now we want to really play and you're holding us back’. And while it appears to be play on one level, I know there is greater meaning and work occurring that is not apparent to me and my limited understanding.

Today the pairing is Ascended Master Hilarion and the Cosmic Master Sanat Kumara. Their time spent together is a much quieter pace and more strategic, rather like chess I suspect. Again, I was invited in to experience their energy. I must confess I fell asleep. So peaceful and quiet was their energy. 

There are crystal portals made by the Cosmic Masters. Some of these crystal portals were made before the Ascended Masters’ portal was built, so the Cosmic Masters invited those who had these earlier portals to return them for an upgrade. One was upgraded yesterday - a portal for the Deva of Light. When we looked at the original portal, it was so big and beautiful that we couldn't believe it could be improved upon. But we placed it in the portal overnight, not quite knowing what to expect in the morning. Words can't describe what we found - the Light, power, and beauty of the energy from the upgraded portal is beyond words.  


Monday, 18th January, 2010 

Exciting times. Today I met with the artist Glenn Lewis and Paul Safe from Soul Journeys to discuss the up and coming Ascended Masters Art exhibition. It will be at the St. Colombo Centre, Vermont Street, Ponsonby, Auckland, from 11am to 3pm on Sunday, 28th of February. Come and see all the Ascended Master and Cosmic Master portals available on this website. Feel their energy and have a heart centred experience. This will also be a chance to see Glenn Lewis' wonderful full-size Ascended Master paintings. This is Glenn’s first exhibition. You will love his work - I do! We are combining form and energy in one room. The room will be pumping.

Two people came to talk to me today. The first was regarding death and which Ascended Master to call on in times of grief. Ascended Master Mother Mary places her hand on the heart of all those grieving who call her in. She sends love, comfort, and support. The second visitor was having relationship issues and wanted to know what to use. Relationships are about balance - personal balance and relationship balance. Ascended Master St. John the Baptist supports all in attaining balance for any purpose. Relationships are also about acceptance of each other, self-value, the valuing of your partner, respect, and love to name a few - so I suggest an Ascended Master Mary Magdalene card and an Ascended Master Jesus card. These cards are portals for their energy directly to you across the veil. Both these Masters together lend balance to the yin and yang energies that exist in all relationship and to the issues of relationship dispute. I also suggest Violet Flame Ascension oil for both to help transmute the dross around the relationship. 

I've just realised the four Ascended Masters I've mentioned today all shared a life together. A biblical theme it seems.


Wednesday, 20th January, 2010

Today, I was asked a question about the Ascended Masters’ portal, "What form does the portal take?" 

The portal has many forms. In 3D, it is on a piece of rural land. The energetic shape of the portal in its most basic form is the Vesica Piscis - the shape that forms between two intersecting circles. Sanat Kumara told me long ago that a Vesica Piscis is a doorway, or rather a portal, between dimensions. So you can see form contributes to the portal. A common example containing many Vesica Piscis is the one-dimensional image of the Flower of Life. Of course, in reality the Flower of Life and the the Vesica Piscis are multi-dimensional. You can see all the doorways present in the Flower of Life image. There are many doorways present within the Ascended Masters’ portal itself. I have experienced four myself and can see more, one of which is a Cosmic corridor. Also, the portal has height, depth, and width, but if you layer that up, down, to the left and right, forward and back, layer upon layer, in every possible direction, you begin to get an idea of the complexity of the portal. So you can see the Ascended Masters’ portal has shape and form. Add colour and sound to shape and form and a bigger picture forms again. Add Purpose and Cosmic Beings of Light to the growing image and the scenario that is unfolding becomes beautiful indeed.


Sunday, 24th January, 2010 

The Ascended Master Melchizedek reminded me of this today and he asked I share it with you all. When I first started to imprint energy, the Ascended Masters had me test energy and how it related to the human energy field. More often than not, the auric energy would flair with the acknowledgment of energy within the aura, but the aura would then settle back into its original pattern. So a truth they taught me was, "Feeling energy doesn't always mean change is occurring."

Discernment in all things. Feeling an energy often isn't any more than the experience of feeling. As the imprinting progressed, I tested with clairvoyants how the Ascended Master and Deva products affected the aura. Discernment again - just because the Masters said they would help via their cards and prints didn't mean it was true. Discernment and integrity became my key words. I was prepared to stand forward as a representative; I trusted them, but they didn't want me to take them at face value, they wanted me to Know them and their portals.

We tested and tested. What happened to the aura when the cards entered a person’s aura? What happened when a Master’s card was placed on a chakra point? What happened when a person used deva oil twice daily? And each time we got success after success - change occurred in the aura. The Masters were delivering as they promised. 

Discernment is vital. We often believe what people tell us, especially if they say it from a place of authority. Those without clairvoyant abilities are often dependent upon the integrity of those who do speak from a place of clairvoyant sight. Integrity is essential in these times when so many are seeking. We are here to serve humanity in their Ascension process.


Monday, 25th January, 2010 

The portal is back to blue - a deep blue - a clear transparent blue. Blue is the colour I associate with all is welland an at rest colour. Master Melchizedek was working in the portal over the weekend and now his task is complete (no idea what it was) and he has departed. The energy in the portal today is like a soft breeze on a summer’s morning – fresh and full of sweet smells and light.


Wednesday, 27th January, 2010 

Sometimes when I talk about the portal, I'm seeing it from afar or I'm in it on another dimension, but today I'm physically at the portal. Yesterday, the Masters and the Devas completed the ‘Deva of Letting Go’ oil. Every cell of this oil contains two blue crossed blade swords. I'm reminded of Archangel Michael’s sword. The swords suggest there is a component of cutting ties with this oil of ‘Letting Go’. I know I hold on to a lot of old patterns (which in no way serve my higher good) and aspects of myself I'm not even aware of that are holding me back, so ‘Letting Go’ is perfect for moving forward.

Today the portal is a Forest Green colour. The Masters asked me to bring back to the portal three stones they manifested before making the Green Flame Ascension oil, and today the three Beings of the Green flame are present - Ascended Master Hilarion, the Japanese storm god Susano'o, and the Elohim Cyclopea. It looks to be an interesting day.


Thursday, 28th January, 2010 

The three Masters who were in the portal yesterday (Ascended Master Hilarion, the Japanese storm god Susano'o, and the Elohim Cyclopea) are still present. Yesterday they took on Eagle form in the portal. They tell me the eagle has great eyesight and sees all. They are sending the energy of the 5th ray and the Green Flame out into the world. The Green Flame represents Truth, the All Seeing Eye, and the Green Ray knowledge. These few days they are in the portal is for seeing within, with Truth, the All Seeing Eye will reveal all. Also, they are sending out 5th ray energy to help those scientists and researchers who seek the solution; 5th ray Eagle energy will assist them. It is a critical time for many. 

I used ‘Deva of Letting Go’ oil last night before meditation. I was taken within to many aspects of myself which needed to go; Letting Go oil helped me to acknowledge them and release them. Today I'm a bit emotional, but that’s one of the signs of Ascension. I look on ascension as a hot air balloon - as we release something, we rise higher and higher in consciousness.


Sunday, 31st January, 2010  

The 30th of January at 7:18pm here in New Zealand was the full moon. It’s interesting to note the Ascended Masters work between the first minute of New Moon and the last minute of Full Moon on their specific tasks. The back side of the full moon is often the planning stage to New Moon.

This January’s Full Moon was a Twin Flame Moon. All 44 Ascended Masters gathered in the portal in pairs - only four pairs of twin flames though. They were joined by two pairs of Cosmic Twins. Their energy was white, pink, and gold. 

We all have a Twin Flame. Twin Flames are two halves of a single unit. At creation, each single consciousness (Monad) contains the seeds of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine - Alpha and Omega, Yin and Yang - opposite poles of the one reality.

The Masters are clear to point out that when working together, one twin is always Alpha and one Omega. Alpha always takes the forward position and Omega stands to the side or behind. This is because of energy flow between the pair, rather like positive and negative charges with a battery. A Twin Flame working pair is a very powerful unit. They don't usually incarnate together, but when they do it is for a higher purpose. If you are interested in Twin Flames, I have an article on the Alpha Imaging website.


Tuesday, 2nd February, 2010 

We had another arrival in the portal today for a lovely healer. It is a beautiful piece of Aquamarine. This lovely lady asked to put the crystal in the portal to be energised by the Masters in any way they deemed right. They took the crystal away and have now returned it; it has been gone for some time.

I received this beautiful email yesterday from a Lady who recently bought a Seer of Time Portal Pendulum. 

“I took the Seer of Time portal with me to visit my widowed friend prior to the funeral. It was surreal because M was at the house in the open casket and I explained to J about the portal with the Seer of Time and she instantly knew to put it in M’s hand, which remained there for an hour or more. I did work on J with it and deep relaxation came upon her. I felt compelled to leave her the portal pendulum overnight for her to hold. Well, later next day after the funeral and back at her place, she relayed how she had held the pendulum for an hour setting the intention and M appeared to her in angelic form and gave her the words to say at the funeral. She was so thankful for the help.”

(Note: there were limited numbers of these portals created by the See’er of Time.)


Sunday, 7th February, 2010 

Yesterday a Kingfisher (Kotare in Maori) flew into a glass sliding door, impacting with its beak first. I found the poor thing flat on the deck, feet out behind him, beak out in front, wings splayed, not breathing. With some healing, he started to breathe again. I got a soft cloth, carried him to the portal, and asked Ascended Master Kuthumi (St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals) to help the wee Kingfisher. I was reminded by him that God knows when every sparrow falls and cares for each one. The unconditional love flowing in the portal for the Kingfisher was so beautiful. 

I left Master Kuthumi, his angelic helpers, and the Kingfisher in the portal energy to do their thing. The bird’s beak was open, and breathing was hard. Usually a bird would die from shock after an impact like that. Thirty minutes later I returned, expecting the bird to have passed over, but no, he was still with us. His beak was closed, and breathing was easy. Another 30 minutes later I returned, and he was sitting up. I learned a Kingfisher’s eyelid closes from bottom to top and is white when closed. Watching from afar, within another 30 minutes the bird had flown away. I gave thanks to Master Kuthumi for the wonderful work he performed and felt blessed to have witnessed a Master at work.


Friday, 12th February, 2010 

I was asked this week if the Seer of Time portal pendulum needs cleaning - yes it does. A wash in warm, salty, soapy water is sufficient. Cleansing is just a drop of Violet Flame oil. This applies to all crystal portals. The Being of the portal will tell you when. 

Also, for those of you using the Seer of Time portal pendulum, someone has passed on the tip of placing the crystal pendulum into water and the Seer will put in energy and balance it up. Perfect. I swear the water tastes better. 

The portal is humming along as usual. The Ascended Masters are getting ready for the New Moon on Sunday. There has been a definite increase in portal power over the last week. The portal has taken on the shape of the Seed of Life, the centre shape of the Flower of Life. It has the colours of purple and white - 6th ray and 4th ray colours.


Saturday, 20th February, 2010

So much has been happening and I haven't had a chance to write it all down.
The Ascended Masters’ portal art exhibition is next Sunday 28th February, St Colombo Centre, Vermont Street, Ponsonby, 11-3pm. I hope you can make it. It will certainly be a high energy day with 45 Ascended Master portals all in the same room. There will be cards, prints, oils, and crystals available. Plus, Glenn Lewis will be showing his Ascended Master paintings. 

I had visitors the other night, and one, an excellent clairvoyant, noticed the painting of the Deva of the 7th ray hanging on the wall. The 7th ray is the governing ray of these times. Devas are Beings of purity and her energy is the purity of the 7th ray. Ascended Master St. Germain is on the 7th ray. I explained the painting was a portal for the Deva’s energies. As we talked, she described how the Deva was sending through Unicorn energy, and how unicorns were coming from the painting for her. The Masters explained to me that another person might sit in front of the painting and receive a totally different energy. The Deva was supplying the energy needed by this lady at this time. Perfect! So, if you come to the exhibition, be sure to spend some time in front of the Deva of the 7th Ray.

At the Ascended Masters portal last new moon, there was an honouring of the various kingdoms of existence - Vegetable, Mineral, Animal, and Elemental. They also imprinted a blank canvas with Unconditional Love and Pink Flame energy. I was asked to pass it onto an artist friend I know to then paint. When she saw the blank canvas and felt its beautiful energy, she said she could see the painting was already in the canvas and it was her job it bring it out. As I was told later by someone else, this is what Leonardo da Vinci used to say. He didn't carve marble, he released the creation that was already within the marble. So, we will see. Hopefully it is ready for the exhibition. 

The other exciting aspect of last new Moon was the creation of a crystal portal by Archangel Michael. I don't know who it’s for. I was instructed to take a specific, beautiful clear quartz crystal to the portal for him to create a portal. It is flashing blue swords within the portal and emanates his vibration to about a half metre on either side. And this is just the beginning as it hasn't been activated to a specific person yet, so the range of its energy field will grow. I suspect it is the first of many as I'm sure Archangel portals will be in demand. Remember, if you want a specific portal of an Ascended Master or Archangel, just ask me - the Master can always say no, but they might also say yes. 


Wednesday, 24th February, 2010 

As it is, I get to the portal about once a week, but it’s become clear I need to spend more time at the portal and less time in the city. This full moon coming up will be the 13th full moon since the Masters began to build the portal - a full year has passed. At the moment all is quiet. Yesterday, I did my first healing from within the portal. The Elohim of the 6th ray, Aloha, came through, as did the Ascended Master Melchizedek. Early days yet. I'm still unsure where this will lead, but the report back is encouraging. It’s been two years since I worked with the international healing group Radiance Healers or did any healing at all, except on friends and family. Perhaps it’s time to return.

A question has arisen - if we have a gift, must we use it? 


Thursday, 25th February, 2010    

Today there was a single angel, Jonathan, working in the portal. His colours were white with a touch of blue, his wings white and his hair dark, though the Light around him made it appear lighter. The love emanating was beautiful. After his work was complete, he showed me he was working with the expansion of the crystalline grid in other dimensions. Now his work is complete and he is gone, and once more the portal is quiet. 


Friday, 26th February, 2010  

I was asked two questions today. Can someone with the ability, see the portal? Yes, but they must have the ability to see into the higher dimensions.

The Masters and Devas who are coming through - are they working with other people through the portal in the same or different ways also, or are they only working with you at this time? 

Remember, this is a portal for Ascended Masters, Devas, Cosmic Masters, Archangels, Elohim, and Angels to work on this dimension - it is for them, not for us. I helped them build this portal by collecting the crystals and items they requested and led me to. Plus, I painted the 44 Ascended and Cosmic Masters who laid the foundation for the portal, so they had an initial portal through to this dimension to create the greater portal. I continue to administer their requests from a 3D perspective, such as providing the bottles for the oil they manifest pure energy into. So while it might seem that I work in the portal, I'm actually serving the Masters and their requests. Remember, the creation of the portal and my input was only due to my double crown chakra, one of which they utilise in this dimension when I am in the portal. The portal took a year to build to the level it is at the moment; whether there is still more building needed I don't know. At the moment, visiting the portal is by invitation only. It is a gift from the Masters - as they are working. In time, I would like to see the portal open to all, but that isn't my call. 

Many around the world are called to various places with work to do. I know of people in the last year alone who felt they needed to be in Peru, Egypt, Glastonbury, France, and America. There were codes to download, crystals to bury, ceremonies to be done - all for the greater good of humanity. This is the reverse. The Masters are here in New Zealand working for the greater good of humanity doing wonderful, wonderful work. The angel Jonathan's contribution to the crystalline grid yesterday is an example. 


Tuesday, 2nd March, 2010

The Ascended Masters Art Exhibition was a huge success. I activated the 44 Ascended and Cosmic Master portals before the exhibition started. Those who were clairvoyant could see the Masters working with all those present, but many were unaware of this. Comments and feedback from those present were, "This is what we need, these portals are the now", "The energy is so amazing", "I didn't want to leave it was so special", "I could feel connections being created in me", and "I felt different when I walked out". After the exhibition, I went to the portal for Full Moon; there was a beautiful Golden Angel present presiding for a while. The most beautiful part was the creation of the crystal portals for those who ordered them at the exhibition. The Cosmic Masters put on a show. The Elohim of the 8th ray has filled her crystal portal with etheric rainbows. As an aside, all the Masters of the 8th ray have rainbows as their symbol - Maha Chohan, White Tara, and of course the Elohim of the 8th ray. St. John the Baptist also allowed a crystal portal to be made for a specific person. It feels and looks so beautiful. But then I'm a first ray fan. 


Wednesday 17th March, 2010

I've been living at the portal for just over a week now. Wow. There is no let up. I thought I might get a holiday, but no, the Masters had other ideas. I've been sent on little trips. One was to connect with a beautiful forest Being. The Being resided over a piece of ancient Sacred Land. The current use of the land showed a total unawareness of the sacred beauty of the energy. I did very little but connect the Being to the portal so the Masters could work with him to give support and hopefully create change.

Another little trip was with Lord Lanto. He showed me very clearly where I was to drive, an area totally unknown to me - a lot of left, right, and straight ahead directions. I was shown a long road - on the right and quite a way down was a long driveway and a ‘For Sale’ sign.

I had no idea why he wanted me to go on this trip, but I was to take his crystal portal along. So I set him on the dashboard and off we went. Sure enough, the road was exactly as he showed me. Driving down a specific road I hit an energy - or lack of - we were in a No Love zone. All the houses looked like they hadn't changed in sixty years; no love, no care, neglect, and some were derelict and abandoned. And yet prior to this, all the houses were expensive and cared for. We arrived at the house with the ‘For Sale’ sign up and I realised this house was the cause of all the energy in the street. Something had happened a long time ago to affect the connecting houses in the street and no one had moved on. The energy was stuck. It was such a contrast to the opposite side of the street. Lord Lanto blazed. His energy was working directly on these houses and the land. He was healing. It was truly amazing. I realised the Ascended Masters’ portal must pick up all the inconsistencies in the energy surrounding it and they, the Ascended Masters, are working to heal all in the wrongs in their vicinity. Two truly amazing experiences so close to home. 


Saturday 20th March, 2010  

The portal is emerald green today; the theme of green and gold since new moon continues. The Masters are working on various forms of Ascended Master healing. 

The latest is a healing canvas. Initially, someone requested a canvas with love vibration imprinted into it, so they could paint their own painting, but still have the vibration of love emanating. Sounds pretty simple, but of course nothing ever is. When I requested a canvas with love for a trial run, the Masters also imprinted pink flame with the love. I gave the canvas to a friend to try out, suspecting she would end up with a painting that emanated love. So it was quite a surprise to find all the love had gone in the completed painting. We discovered the love went into her as she painted, and she in return painted her pain about love and receiving onto the canvas. I put the completed painting in the Portal for a few hours. The Masters healed her via the painting and they also returned the painting to the original energy of unconditional love. So she received an Ascended Master healing and a completed painting which now emanates unconditional love. So nothing is ever simple with the Masters. They created a canvas for healing. What a joy it is to work with them. 

Wanting to follow the experience myself, I asked them to imprint a canvas for me. I have very little yellow in my aura, so asked for them to imprint ‘Joy, from Inner Peace’ - that quiet, consistent Joy that is evident in the Dalai Lama and that I know I don't have. What was in me that was preventing my progress in this direction? Yesterday I put the day aside to paint. As I looked at the canvas, I got an impression of yellows, blues, greens, and silver. I painted with no thought, allowing the colours to present themselves in their own form on the canvas. Painting was fast. Colours melded and new colours appeared. I asked Waireti to look at the painting and confirm there was no joy left in the canvas. I placed the canvas in the portal, still wet, and asked the Masters to complete the healing process. Waireti, acting as witness, checked my aura and the energy of the painting. It took about twelve hours for the healing to be complete, during which it became apparent the energy flow around the painting and me was identical. After the twelve hours, the painting had once more returned to the energy of Joy from Inner Peace and none of my energy or pain remains. In me, the energetic change is my heart and throat chakras are clearer and of higher vibration and I now have more yellow in my aura. Personally, I feel different. Stronger, more balanced, and yes, a quiet Joy underlies every moment.


Friday, 26th March, 2010

The portal has been active over the last few days. Yesterday a Eurasian man/Being sat with a pipe, teaching four Angels about humanity. Perhaps it might seem odd to think angels have anything to learn from us, but remember many angels have never had a human incarnation, so the suffering and life experience that exists in humanity is unknown to them.

Also, the portal was utilised yesterday by a healing team, introducing themselves to their incarnated team member. A change in direction for the Ascended Masters - they are beginning to connect with those people whose tools of their soul purpose are being created in the Ascended Masters’ portal. 

An example; one lady gives ‘Blessings’ in a new energy way and she asked if the Ascended Masters could create an oil specifically for her to use in her blessings. They did! Thousands of Ascended Masters stepped forward to help create her oil. Now when she gives a Blessing, one of those Masters steps forwards and blesses the person via the oil. How beautiful! It is becoming apparent that the Masters take our initial ideas and take them to a higher level of expression. 

For those of you who expressed interest about Lord Lanto and his healing of a street, you will be interested to know I returned there on Wednesday to see if there was any change. Yes! There is now a bubbling feeling of excitement and change. It’s quite delicious.

The final topic is that of Violet Flame Ascension Oil. I have had four people over the last few days mention the use of Violet Flame oil and animals. One is to use on a dog with cancer, another with a rabbit with attitude, a cat, and lastly an animal intuitive uses it on all her animals by just waving the bottle through their aura. So yes, it’s okay to use on animals by waving the open bottle through their aura. Try calling in Ascended Master Kuthumi to work with the animal too, as he was St. Francis of Assisi. (2015- We now have the Violet Flame spray which is excellent for use with animals.)

Also, it has also come up several times lately to use Violet Flame to clear the energies in a room, house, or work place, just by waving the open bottle around the room. And yes, it does work. I can attest to it myself. (2015 -Again the Violet Flame spray is excellent for clearing the energy in a room, office, car etc.)

I just remembered something else and will bring it up again later, but quickly - the Ascended Masters are producing personalised oils for individuals. These oils help the person as they Ascend in any way that is needed for now and the future. These oils are progressive in that as you Ascend, the vibration of the oil changes. Clairvoyantly, mine has three layers: emerald green (which I'm instructed to use on my throat chakra, my weakest one), yellow (wisdom and humility), and then a blue (my soul ray colour). So for me, vibrationally, I use the green first and then yellow. I have seen a bottle with six colours. The Masters are making another today for someone, so I will keep you updated on how it goes. The personalised oil is a support oil.
Feedback to date is that the oil is providing clarity - it is giving clarity to energy, to life, to the whole Being. As mine is working on the throat chakra at the moment, I find a lot of dross is leaving the chakra. I find I'm more compassionate and sensitive to others and that I have the perfect words for some situations. 

Enough for now, I'm off to Taupo. Blessings to you all.


Good Friday, April 2, 2010 

It was suggested to me today that Ascended Master Jesus relives his crucifixion every year on this day. I must admit to being aghast at the thought. We certainly relive it on his behalf. I had to know and seek clarification.

Jesus stands before me, dressed in white, face turned upward to the Light, and he says to me, "I had to die, so I could Live. So much more of me died that day than just the mortal man. We all come to the point in our ascension when we die to the small person within and are reborn to the greater Light that lies quiescent within us all. Everyone will have this day of death and rebirth. So don't feel sad for me, but rejoice in what is to come for you all."

Master Jesus always has a nice way of explaining things.


Easter Sunday, 4th April, 2010

I had an interesting email today. For those who are confused or unsure, ‘The Christ’ and the ‘Christ Light’ are two very different things. ‘The Christ’ is a Being who overshadowed Jesus during the lifetime he had 2000 years ago. The ‘Christ Light’ is a term which refers to the spark of God within us, our ‘I Am’ presence (not to be confused with the Higher Self).

Also, a nice thing happened in the portal today. The Masters have been asking for more ground covers to be planted. Being a fan of thyme, I bought many thyme plants. Waireti was working in the garden and happened to look over at the portal. Master Jesus was in the very centre singing, "If I only had time." We were a bit slow to connect the dots, but finally got the joke. It’s lovely to share the fun side of the Masters - they aren't serious all of the time!


Wednesday, 7th April, 2010

Ascended Master Lord Lanto has moved forward in his own Ascension. In light of his ascension, he has repainted his energy portal to reflect his rise in vibration. Ascended Master Lord Lanto is the Chohan of the 2nd Ray, the ray of wisdom and joy. He is here to help us with the process of ascension into our own Christ and to help raise the consciousness of humanity.

He said, “All who connect with the Masters’ paintings are reaching the stage where they no longer need to look outside of themselves for the answers - they are beginning to realise all they need resides within themselves. They are beginning their ascension - ascension into their own Christ.”

Ascended Master Lord Lanto is working at this time with the Deva of the Central Sun.

Ascended Master Lord Lanto has an egg shaped aura. The centre is white and then radiates out through soft yellow to mid yellow. 

His portal painting is available as a portal card or print. Instructions for use: place an Ascended Master Lord Lanto card on a chakra point and feel the Master’s energy flow into you.


Friday, 9th April, 2010

Yesterday something happened that has even me amazed and wonder filled. If you follow my diary, you know the Ascended Masters do some pretty amazing things in and around the Ascended Masters’ portal, but yesterday was a miracle day. I had been in Auckland on business, and Master Jesus asked I go and buy a specific crystal for him to make a portal of himself. This portal is the first crystal portal he has requested and will go to someone he is working with - unknown to me as yet, but they will appear. (P.S. Mother Mary has requested one too, as has Archangel Michael). Anyway, back at the portal I was relaxing at the end of a long day with a glass of red wine, the last glass in the bottle. I was showing the Jesus crystal portal to a friend and we were talking about the wine glass and the bottle being empty. When suddenly, the glass was refilled. I had to ask if I'd actually drunk the wine. All I could say was, “Thanks Master Jesus, it tasted lovely.” Amazing things happen here at the portal, but none as eye popping as that. What fun. 

Also, my new article on the aura colours of the Cosmic Masters is on the website.


Sunday, 11th April, 2010 

Karma came knocking to my family this week; my dear old Mum fell and broke her hip while out with my brother. It was interesting to have pointed out to me the appearance of karmic threads in the aura of several of the family members gathered around the hospital bedside. Once alone, I sat and looked at these threads; they all appeared in the same place on each person and the number of threads differed. It will be interesting to watch what happens to the threads as time passes. It appears the threads are present when karma is being played out. These threads are not to be confused with the cords of connection.

Across from my mother was an elderly man, who the nurses said was hallucinating. He was, in fact, near transition and was seeing those who had gathered to take him to the other side. This reminded me of a dream I had the previous night where I was in a hospital ward filled with men in beds, and around them were groups of people. It was lovely to feel the love and joy being sent to each person. Seeing the old man nearing his time of passing brought home to me what a beautiful time death can be for those passing over. There is nothing to fear, only reunions to be anticipated and enjoyed. The sadness is for those left behind.


Monday, 12th April, 2010 

This question was asked recently on Twin Flames and the Vesica Piscis and I thought I would share my response. 

I was reading a poem about twin flames and in it they had mentioned “Our Vesica Piscus is almost complete, our growing together, with experiences replete.” The term Vesica Piscus - what does that have to do with twin flames?

I can see what they might have meant by “Our Vesica Piscis is almost complete, Our growing together, with experiences replete”, but of course I can only respond within the framework of my own reality and knowledge base.

When Twin Flames separate into two halves of the one, they descend to this 3D world and become two separate units, each unit having its own unique experiences, each unit immersed in the illusion. But the purpose of the descent is to return to total union as perfected, aware Beings - something they weren’t before the descent. In this case, the Vesica Piscis may be a graphic representation of the union in the process stage - not fully merged into a complete single unit. To return to source as perfected Beings, the union continues across all planes and dimensions, the Vesica Piscis being the doorway to these possibilities. The full union at this level is only possible when each half has ascended to their Christ Lights and have balanced their realities to create the birth of a new consciousness.


Friday, 16th April, 2010 

The new moon was yesterday. In the Ascended Masters’ Portal, several new higher dimensions were opened in this creation aspect of the moon’s cycle. The portal has now doubled in size.

Several Masters have stepped forward to have crystal portals made. As usual, these are made by the Masters with a connection to a specific person in order for the Master to work with them. Those Masters who will make a crystal portal are: Master Jesus, Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, and Metatron.


Sunday, 18th April, 2010

Sitting in the portal yesterday, several Masters stepped forward to ask me to relay things in this Diary.

Ascended Master Lao Tze appeared with a medium sized dog, the sort that will jump up to say hello. I must admit to getting a bit of a surprise. He will be talking more in the days ahead but stepped back for Mother Mary to speak. (Note: In April of 2015, exactly five years later, Meg, our golden spoodle joined our family. She is a 2nd ray dog, as Lao Tze is a 2nd ray Master. Like Lao Tze, she personifies Joy. She doesn’t walk, she bounces.) Mother Mary tells me she was already an Ascended Master at the time of her life with Jesus, as was St. John, the Baptist. She stepped forward as the Mother Mary we all recognise to let me know it was her and then transformed herself to the body form she had when she became an Ascended Master. She feels it is very important we realise what her Ascension experience was like.

She tells me she was a woman living a nomadic desert life with her tribe. Remember, this was more than 2000 years ago, prior to her life with Jesus. Still, she was dressed in blue and there were tiny silver ornaments dangling from her veil. Her eyes were black and piercing. They looked wild and a little crazy. I was surprised by her eyes. She said, "Like Kuthumi, I had to go out of my mind to come into my heart." She related how her father tried several times to marry her off, but on seeing her eyes, the prospective bridegroom departed. After the last failed attempt, she left her family and tribe and wandered through the desert, slowly leaving the mind behind and becoming more heart centred. After a long period, she remembered an area with steep cliffs that contained caves. She remained in the caves till her ascension as an old lady. Through her lifetime, word got out there was a holy woman living in the caves and seekers on the path would seek her out for tuition and guidance. At the end, she had a small group of followers who lived in the caves with her, but much of her life was lived in solitude and prayer, becoming so heart centred that she took the entire world into her heart to love as the Mother. Her energy was very different to the energy of the Mother we know today. Most of you will agree she has a very soft, gentle, non-intrusive energy. Yet in her Ascension life, her energy was one of great inner strength and fortitude - qualities she took forward into her life with Master Jesus. 

Ascended Master Melchizedek asked me to explain what a portal is. Some people are getting confused he tells me. A portal is a doorway between realities, dimensions, or planes that cross all veils and limitations created by time and space. 

The Ascended Masters’ portal that is being constructed here in New Zealand was initially created by 22 Ascended Masters and 22 Cosmic Masters. Later, other great Beings of Light built on their work to create a portal, or doorway, into multiple dimensions, planes, worlds, and realms. This portal is for all these great Beings of Light to manifest their energy into this dimension and to assist humanity in the way they feel is right. This portal being grounded in this dimension allows them to work more closely on this dimension than if the portal wasn't in existence. This portal also connects to a network, or highway, of interconnecting portals. This means the flow of energy is not one way. We can put items in the portal and the Masters can take them and deliver items into the portal. The Masters can create in the portal, as seen by the crystal portals and oils they make. The Ascended Masters’ portal is different to those portals of the Mother, which come from her body and appear naturally all over the world. This portal was created by the Masters and bought down to be anchored in the body of the Mother Earth.


Monday, 19th April 2010

I have a new blog written for Holistic Living, which I am reprinting here.

‘Judas comes in from the cold and St. John the Baptist gets a bad rap’

After 2000 years of bad press, public opinion is slowly changing towards Judas Iscariot.
Articles and books are being written to suggest Judas was following Jesus’ orders and others are suggesting it was someone else who was the real betrayer. When we see how Mary Magdalene is now gathering a huge fan base of followers who now believe she was misrepresented in the bible, it isn’t too far a stretch to imagine Judas too might have been misjudged. So what forces are in play to bring about these changes in attitudes?  

The Masters tell me that when a person is preparing to become an Ascended Master, they live in a heart centred way in the life times preceding their ascension, till the life time when they radiate love continually to the world and become a beacon of Light and Love. Their continual outpouring of love to the world helps to raise the vibration of humanity. In turn, this love filled energy evokes recognition of the truth in humanity towards the newly ascending master. Misconceptions are corrected through all their lifetimes if a judgement was evoked on the part of humanity as a group. Judas Iscariot is not yet an Ascended Master, but we can see a change of opinion is occurring towards him, so we can conclude he is working towards his ascension.
In contrast, I want to highlight a change in public opinion to one who is already an Ascended Master - St. John the Baptist, another player in the lifetime of Jesus. There is a growing belief that St. John was a misogynist in his life time with Jesus.

So we seem to have an about face: Judas is in, John is out. I wanted to know why this was happening, because I know from the Masters that St. John the Baptist was already an Ascended Master in Jesus’ lifetime, as was Mother Mary. So why is there a negative swing towards such a beautiful Being? 

St. John the Baptist is here at this time to help heal humanity back into balance on all levels. He is assisted in this work by the Cosmic Master Ma’at. Remember the story? The ancient Egyptians believed at death, that in order to pass onto eternal life, a person’s heart was to be weighed against Ma’at’s feather. So what forces are at play to discredit this beautiful Being and his work with a Cosmic Master?

It is a powerful force that forms in group judgement; the energy is persuasive and enticing. The group forms on the energy of inclusion. So has it been for 2000 years for Judas and the Magdalene, till their heart energy worked to change opinions. I asked St. John the Baptist to explain this group judgement. He said, “I am here to bring Balance to humanity, so there must be a group which resists change, a group which prefers chaos over balance, a group which prefers drama over tranquillity. Do not worry about the details, but love All, with no exceptions. Unconditional love cannot occur in someone who has judgement in any form, for they are mutually exclusive. Therefore, judge not. My Love goes to All.” 

How many of us can get through the day without making judgements on any level?


Sunday, 25th April, 2010

I've been asked a question concerning Mother Mary's crystal portal and its purpose. As I've said before, the Ascended Masters make the portals attuned to a specific person’s vibration, and each portal is to work with a person in a specific area - whether it is personal growth, service work, or both. Mother Mary’s crystal portal is, on one level, to help the person it is meant for to come more into the heart and radiate their sacred heart energy. It is also about personal power. But these portals have greater purpose as well, and that is between the Master and the holder.

The Masters have made two more crystal portals, plus a third yet to come. The first new portal is for Sanat Kumara, a large Lemurian seed crystal. This portal is of immense power already and has not been activated by the person it is meant for. This person must be a person of great power to be able to cope with the energy of Sanat Kumara's portal. He has created this portal for great Earth work. The second crystal portal is for Archangel Zadkiel and an Angelic Host. There are about 140 angels in the Host, of which Archangel Zadkiel is the leader. Archangel Zadkiel works with the violet flame, and yet the angelic host represent all the rays. I'm told this portal is being made for a group of women who are working with the archangel and the Host. I don't know who they are but trust they will turn up eventually. I don't know who the other portals are for either.


Tuesday, 27th April, 2010

I continue the topic of the Ascended Master crystal portals. The Archangel Zadkiel crystal portal took about 36 hours to be made. I'm sure it was finished sooner, but no one wanted to interrupt the beautiful symphony of energy that was created in its making. 96 ascended Masters stood in a circle around the edge of their portal; at the centre stood Archangel Zadkiel and behind him the 140 angels of his Host. There were moments of silence, and I was aware of three energies at this time - devotion, supplication, and adoration. Nothing else but silence was possible in this energy. Other times I was aware of the angels singing. Everyone here at the portal was called forward by the angels for some one-on-one time with them. This is a special crystal portal.


Friday, 30th April, 2010 

I wrote an article with a long list of Ascended Masters. There are about 100, I haven't counted them all. But it seems to fit in with the expansion of the portal to now include the entire house. Sleeping in the portal means the work never ends. They had me at the portal hub for the 12.16am full moon on Thursday. Prior to this night, I noticed there were 96 Ascended Masters all standing in a circle, and I wondered if they matched those in the article. Later I was aware the Masters all turned and walked away from the portal centre, taking the portal with them, like stretching the portal. Hence, the sudden expansion of the portal beyond what it has been. 

The Master Jesus crystal portal won't make it to the New Spirit Festival as he already found the person his portal was made for. I see big work ahead for them together as a team. The Archangel Raphael portal is just perfect. I haven't had anything to do with him up until now, but what a beautiful Being. He combines the energy of seriousness with kindness and love. He is the Archangel of the 5th ray, the Green Ray. The 5th ray is the ray of Healing and Knowledge.


Friday, 7th May, 2010

There are only two Ascended Master portal paintings left - El Morya and Pallas Athena.


Sunday, 8th May, 2010 

Yesterday, four Ascended Masters stepped into the portal – Sanat Kumara, El Morya, Ra-mun, and Pallas Athena. They then brought in four people – these four were people in body. The three woman and one man were receiving the 3rd initiation. What an honour it was to know that such an important initiation was occurring for these four advanced people. 


Monday, 9th May, 2010  

Yesterday we were expecting guests to visit the portal, and about an hour before they arrived, the Council of Twelve appeared in the portal. Their entrance was such that the portal vibrated with intensity and all the cells in my body vibrated frantically. Needless to say, the guests had beautiful experiences in the Ascended Masters’ Portal. The portal colours are now pink and gold. The Council are still there. It appears they are having a meeting or connecting.

Have you looked at the front page of the website? We have announced a ‘Healing through Art’ workshop. The Masters overseeing the workshop are the Pink Ray (third ray/love ray) Masters – Paul the Venetian and Archangel Chamuel. Paul the Venetian achieved his Ascension in a life when he was a painter in Venice. He will help with releasing through colour. Archangel Chamuel will fill everyone with his love and support. 


Friday, 14th May, 2010  

The portal has ascended in vibration once more, this time I was a witness and assistant. The Masters had let me know they wanted the two large pieces of Fuchsite removed from the portal. I then got on with other things, and 24 hours went by before I was reminded, rather dramatically, to do it. The portal began to spin in a strong vortex, making me vibrate strongly. Once I had removed the Fuchsite, the portal stabilised and became very soft in vibration. I was aware then of a rising of vibration; visually I saw it as layers being released and other levels being achieved. The visuals helped my understanding of what was happening. And this is what happens for us in our ascension process: what no longer serves our higher purpose drops away and we ascend in vibration. This is why we work so hard with the Violet Flame Ascension oil and the Masters’ other retinue of tools to release all our dross, old patterns of behaviour, old beliefs, and lower vibrations. 

The removal of the Fuchsite from the Ascended Masters’ portal also made me look at myself and the crystals I wear. Was there a crystal that no longer served the higher vibrations I was trying to achieve? 


Monday, 17th May, 2010 

In the last three days, the colour of the portal went from green and gold, to blue and green, and today blue and gold. At the new moon last Friday, Amaryllis, the goddess of spring, was the Cosmic Master to the forefront. Her energy is both solid and wispy, if that’s possible. She has the softest of green and gold energy, gold moving towards apricot. She is working across the world. She is a 5thray Master, the green and orange ray of healing, knowledge, and truth. 


Friday, 21st May, 2010 

The portal has now increased in intensity. Great headache material as I struggle to adjust once more to an increase in energy. Phew. The Beings in there today are very big, and this adjustment allows them to come closer to this dimension than before. It appears to be like an observation bubble for them. From there they are emanating their higher vibration to humanity. All I can say is, my poor head. 

I'm getting great feedback on the Seer of Time portal pendulums. Healers are using them on their clients as part of their healing regime and are getting exciting results. Clients are coming back for more. Healers are becoming so attached to their own portal pendulums, they have a second one to use with clients. 

I tuned into the future - July 4th for the first day of the ‘Healing Through Art’ workshop. I was blown away by the high vibration of the energy and the beauty of it. The Masters are really creating a beautiful event. 

Here’s a suggestion for the Ascended Master cards: place what cards you have in a circle and put a photo of someone you want to receive healing in the centre. Ask the Masters to send healing to this person. The person’s handwriting also contains their vibration and can be used. 


Wednesday, 26th May, 2010 

At the moment, the portal is an apple green, bright and clear, continuing the 5th ray use of the portal. I wrote on the 17th about the goddess of spring, Amaryllis. Since then we have noticed the vibrations of spring around. It seems her energy is here three months too soon.


Sunday, 30thMay, 2010  

Full Moon was last Friday. I was in Auckland and had no way of getting to the Ascended Masters’ portal in time for the Full Moon. Plus I was suddenly hit with a virus. There was no way I was going to fulfil my obligations to the Masters. Today I am much better and went into the portal to work with the Masters. I apologised for not being present, and it was suggested I go back in Time to fulfil my part of the energy work. Luckily, I was being observed by Waireti, for it appears I disappeared for a while. Now I know why I didn't feel pressured to get back to the portal; I'd already done what I was meant to. 

The portal is purple with a golden sheen at present. These are the aura colours of Aloha, Elohim of the 6th Ray. She is present in the portal, along with a group of very short Beings - about three feet tall. They appear to be standing guard. Purple and gold are two of the colours of the 6th ray, along with ruby. So, this is a good time to be working with the 6th Ray masters - Pallas Athena, Lady Nada, Isis, and Lady Portia.


Tuesday, 1st June, 2010 

I've been asked by someone what to expect if they visit the portal. 

The portal of the Ascended Masters is a high vibration area; it’s a bubble of vibration separate to the area around it. It is a place of clarity. The further away from the portal I am, the more I become aware of the heavier vibration of 3D living. Returning to the portal is like returning to a sanctuary. Just by leaving the portal, I can understand to a tiny degree what it must be like for the Ascended Masters to descend and work in the heavy 3D energies. 

Remember, the portal is a working place for the Ascended Masters. There are three levels: at the centre is the power place, followed by a middle ring which is less strong, followed by a great third ring of lesser energy. All of the energy is contained. These rings move, expanding and pulling in according to the will of the Masters. I have been on the highway and felt the portal, rather like it was coming to meet me. 

So what to expect? Visitors may sit in the third outer ring and meditate. A visitor to the portal sat and meditated the other day and received some high vibrations and information. Others sit and receive and feel nothing. To move further into the portal is by invitation only, for this is where the Masters work. 


Wednesday, 2nd June, 2010 

The portal is now a brilliant white - a rare colour for the portal. There is also lots of activity, rather like cleaning house for a visitor.  

In the portal I received a teaching from Master Jesus. It is always a joy when one of these comes. He spoke about the Christ Light (the I Am presence, the god within). If you remember, his last teaching at Easter was also on this topic. He had me connect to my Christ Light and sit with it. He then asked me to look at the 96 Ascended Masters in the portal, all standing in quiet silence. He told me they were all one with their Christ Light and stood in devotion to this higher aspect of themselves. He then asked me to send love to the Christ Light of all the Masters. As I did, I felt the love returned and saw the unity of all these Christ Lights. Master Jesus then asked me to send love to the Christ Light of someone I wasn't particularly fond of, and it was very easy. He reminded me that every single person in creation has a Christ Light. Look not at the personality, but at the true Being behind the person in a body. Send your love not to the personality, but to the Christ Light, for then you will find you can love all very easily. 

He also told me that when he said Love each other as I have loved you - this is what he meant. 


Sunday, 6th June, 2010 

Today Jesus once more stood beside me and reiterated - Devotion, Devotion, Devotion to the Christ Light within myself and others. Daily life carries me along on its wave, and Devotion comes in bursts. (2015: having passed the 7th, I know now this is so very important. Devotion is the key to ascension.) 


Tuesday, 8th June, 2010 

My work in the portal continues with assisting the Masters and being their feet on the ground. It's like being at the bottom of a multi-dimensional sky scraper that disappears into the clouds. I imagine the lift going vertically and horizontally from every floor. I never know who's coming to visit and who's on each floor, some being too high for me to access. 

As some of you know, the Ascended Masters are healing via art. They imprint a blank canvas with healing energy, or the energy a person needs for their highest good at this time. The artist absorbs the energy as they paint and releases their dross energy into the painting for the Masters to transmute once the painting is returned to the portal. In the latest painting, the Masters imprinted Unconditional Love into the canvas. What was special was that Jesus, Mother Mary, and Kuthumi all stepped forward to be those that directed the love through the portal painting to the artist. Others will feel the love vibration but won't receive the multi-dimensional benefits like the artist. What an amazing portal to have hanging in your home. (2015: We no longer have the time to do these workshops.)


Friday, 11th June, 2010 

The Ascended Masters’ portal is packed. The 96 Ascended and Cosmic Masters stand around the edge; within is standing room only. Something big is happening. Perhaps it’s to do with the New Moon. My crown chakras are exploding with pain. Oh, the joys of being connected to a high vibration.


Sunday, 13th June, 2010 

All the Beings who were in the portal prior to the New Moon went to a higher dimension - another mass ascension. This New Moon had quite a heavy energy. So let’s see what transpires energy wise over the next few weeks. In the portal I felt like I had to rise above the 3D energy, and then I was off and away.

There is a new Master in the Portal - or at least one I don't know. He is tall, thin, with a number one haircut, a thin chiselled face, and Aquamarine eyes with a black rim. He is holding a rapier sword and wears a black coat that is pulled in at the waist, and the skirt part swings rather like a twirling dervish coat. All I need now is a name. (2015: It was Amen Bey, one of the Masters I now work with nearly every day. He is one of the warrior Masters.)


Tuesday, 15th June, 2010 

Mystery solved. The unknown Master in the portal is Amen Bey. He works with Serapis Bey. The waves of Love are intense from him, as is the love from all the Masters. He is here with a purpose. He is the first of the 52 to stand forward. What I mean by this is 44 Ascended and Cosmic Masters built the portal, and recently their numbers have swelled to 96 permanently holding the portal energy. Amen Bey is the first of the 52 to step forward. Behind him is Ptah, or rather Lord Ptah. Both hold swords. Amen Bey tells me he is here to help with the inner Being. We have internal conflict, internal barriers, past life bonds, and vows made which limit us. These can be such a part of our being that we no longer notice them. He is here to help us remove our unseen limitations. For when these are released, we come more into our power. Blessings, Blessings, Blessings from him to You - for you are a Being of Light. It doesn't matter how bright your Light shines - it shines and that is enough. 

So if you feel a connection to Amen Bey, call on him to help you in your ascension. His symbol is the crescent moon on its back as the base of a triangle. A bit like Serapis Bey’s portal painting.


Friday, 18th June, 2010

Recently a friend stayed with us here at the portal. Her bed was within the energy field of the portal. She told us she loves coming to stay to sleep in the portal energy; she says it’s like all the molecules are bigger, clearer, and brighter. I know what she means. It also gives the Masters a chance to get very close, for we are stepping into their space when in the portal. 

Work begins on the blank canvases for the Ascended Masters’ ‘Healing Through Art’ workshop. The first is complete, and wow it is powerful. The blank canvas goes into the portal and is connected to a participant in the workshop, and the Masters imprint the energy the person needs for healing. Later at the workshop, the healing energy is transferred into the person as the person paints, and their pain and dross are transferred to the painting. Then the painting is returned to the portal where more healing continues; the energy of the painting is transmuted to Love and channelled back to the person from source directly to the artist. The painting is then returned to the artist as a portal of Unconditional Love from source. It’s going to be an exciting workshop! 


Saturday, 19th June, 2010 

Let your actions be ruled by your heart, not by your mind.” – The goddess Lakshmi  

The goddess Lakshmi is the goddess of prosperity - success in all endeavours. Her aura is a deep rose at the centre graduating out to gold. She is a 3rd ray Master. She was working in the portal yesterday.


Friday, 25th June, 2010 

I have previously mentioned Soul Purpose crystals.  

A Soul Purpose crystal is a portal of immense power. The Masters connect to you and determine your soul’s purpose or purposes. Then, through the crystal, they create a portal to all the Beings who are here to help you with your soul purpose. Often this is several groups of Beings. The crystal is also encoded with all the information and knowledge you need for your soul purpose. Once the crystal is made, you then need to visit the portal for the crystal to be aligned with all your bodies, and for all your teams of Beings to be aligned with you via the crystal. This needs to occur in the portal. A soul crystal takes in excess of three days for the Masters to create. This crystal is for those who already have an idea of their soul purpose and are looking for a tool to help them on their epic journey.


Monday, 28th June, 2010 

A steady stream of angels has been passing through the portal since this last full moon. It appears they are receiving a blessing. When they reach the centre, they are rising a little, like a little jump. It’s all very peaceful and continuous. 

The term the ‘Great White Brotherhood’ has come up recently. I don't use it, preferring the more encompassing Ascended Masters. The term the ‘Great White Brotherhood’ refers to specific Ascended Masters working together. They use ‘White’ in the group name to refer to the band of white at the extremities of their aura. It is interesting to note this band of white changes as the Masters ascend. Mary Magdalene is a relatively new Master and her band is quite wide. As the Masters ascend and become more cosmic, the band lessens in width. Plus, the aura becomes less substantial. Most Cosmic Masters don't have the band of white.


Tuesday, 29th June, 2010 

The angels have gone, leaving behind a gorgeous blue spinning orb. It’s not on this dimension and is suspended about 10cm off the ground. I put my finger into it and could feel the fizz of energy. I stood over it and instantly felt grounded. Waireti stood over it and immediately was out of her body. 

The spinning orb reminds me of an exercise Gautama Buddha had me doing for many years. He would place a ball in the centre of my head, and I had to concentrate on that alone. As the years went by, I had to spin it, stop it, then see water dripping onto it while spinning - all to become Master of the mind. No other thoughts were allowed in. The scenario got complex as the years went by. It was all part of the training that assists me today.


Friday, 2nd July, 2010 

Pallas Athena came riding into the portal yesterday on her white horse. If you ever see a Master on a horse, it’s probably Pallas Athena. Yesterday she wore white; she often wears dark purple and gold (6th ray colours), but yesterday she wore white. On her forehead she had a glittering jewel cross; the arms of the cross were so short, it was almost a circle. The cross was amethysts and emeralds, with what I assume were diamonds at the edge. Pallas Athena stands for Truth. 

Also in the portal last night were Pelicans, not a bird I associate with spirituality. I never know what to expect in the portal. 

And today, two enormous angels are present - the Archangels of the 2nd ray, Christine and Jophiel. I never know what the purpose is of these Beings in the portal, but it is definitely a joy to see them.


Saturday, 3rd July, 2010 

The penny finally dropped last night regarding the pelicans. I was watching the news on the oil disaster in the Mexican Gulf and saw Pelicans covered in oil. It appears the Masters are helping the bird life affected by this disaster. 


Thursday, 8th July, 2010  

The Ascended Masters’ portal is a swirling energy of blue and white with a calm centre - one aspect taking away with the other bringing in. It has been this way since last Sunday when we held the first day of the ‘Healing Through Art’ workshop with the Ascended Masters. There is so much healing occurring on all levels. On the day of the workshop, the room was full of Ascended Masters. They accessed the people present in several ways - through their painted portals and by utilizing me and Glenn as channels. The vibration was high, and releasing began early on. 

The paintings are a unique link between the Masters and the artist. Now the paintings are back in the portal, and the Masters are continuing to heal the artists and transmute the painting into a portal of unconditional love. When complete, the paintings will see three Masters directing the Love to the artist. 

The paintings will be a permanent portal of Divine love just for the artist. They are a wonderful ascension tool. 

It’s a lot of fun for me to see the energy of the paintings change and the Masters with each painting step forward.


Tuesday, 13th July, 2010 

In the last few weeks, the Masters have gifted me a unique link to the portal; they have created a mini portal in the palm of one of my hands. This hand portal links to the main portal and the Ascended Masters. 

The portal energy at the moment is closed. The Masters have covered the portal in trillions of tiny faceted, multi-coloured gems. An upgrade is occurring, so all portal requests for crystal portals, healing, and paintings are on hold for the moment. Hopefully, we are talking days. 


Sunday, 18th July, 2010 

The portal is blue at the moment. Archangel Michael had full use of it. He was working in a major way with the earth. Waireti tells me all the plants in Hamilton have a blue luminescent glow in their aura. Very unusual. 


Tuesday, 20th July, 2010 

How can I get closer to the Ascended Masters? This is a lovely practice. If there is a Master you feel is close to you or whom you feel close to, then while in meditation, invite the Master into your heart. It is best if you do this daily. Also, if I feel my Master (El Morya) close, I send love to him and ask him to come into my heart. Other Masters also step forward to work with us in specific ways, and this heart connection keeps communications open. The more you are in your heart with them, the closer they can come. 

Blessings to you.


Monday, 26th July, 2010 

Today is the Full Moon. While in the portal for pre-Full Moon preparations, the 96 Ascended Masters were present. They all sent beams of light into my heart chakra. My major and minor chakras all became ignited with an identical vibration which had form. The energy was beautiful. Later, back in the portal for the Full Moon, the 96 Ascended Masters all stood in Devotion to God, their heart chakras shining a beautiful orange yellow. It was like they all had suns in their hearts. The portal has been this orange/yellow colour for days. 


Monday, 2nd August, 2010

The Ascended Masters’ portal has been on a roster it seems. Each day a new Master appears to work, and with them, the colour of the portal changes. The Seer of Time has been working, along with St. Germain of the 7th ray and the blue and green ray Masters. 


Wednesday, 25th August, 2010

It was full moon here in New Zealand at 5:05am. The Cosmic Master Vajrakilaya and Ascended Master Dom Ignacio were overseeing events. Dom Ignacio is assisting to bring Vajrakilaya's energies closer to the earth plane at this time. I don't know about you, but this last month has been very strange for me. My emotional body disappeared completely, as did those of others; it was returned overhauled and looking bright after several weeks away. I suspect the strange month was due to no emotional body, but I am glad we are moving onto a new cycle. I feel this full moon saw the tide turn, and a more positive time is ahead.

There has been a long list of Masters passing through the portal - Lao Tze sat and meditated, Moses, and Hilarion to name a few, plus a lady Master I have never seen with black skin and plaited hair.

Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity, has me painting a new portal with her.  It is all golds and pinks. It will be available soon on the free cards to print page.


Thursday, 26th August, 2010 

I'm a first ray soul. El Morya, Cohan of the 1st ray, has been my teacher for many years. He calls me ‘Chela of the flame’. So it was lovely to be called into the portal for some time with him this morning, along with Dom Ignacio. Dom Ignacio has been with the portal for several days. For those of you who don't know Dom Ignacio that well, he was Saint Ignatius Loyola in his last life, the founder of the Jesuit order. His most common teaching was to "Find God in all things". The Ascended Masters’ portal is for them to work in. It is very rare for them to work on me at all, so I must be needing it. Dom Ignacio works mostly with physical and etheric body healing.

Archangel Carolene is back once more in the portal. She is a first ray angel working with Archangel Michael.


Monday, 30th August, 2010

The Ascended Masters began construction on their portal in New Zealand about two and a half years ago. The goddess White Tara is part of the ongoing construction, but I must admit to not seeing her work in the portal too much like some of the other Masters do. She has been present for the last few days, both in the portal and close to me. Seeing a goddess in the lounge while watching TV is not the norm, even living here at the portal. She appeared in full attire. I said she had ornaments in her hair but was corrected - adornments. Adornments of gold. Her face is soft and beautiful, her expression loving. She is an 8th ray Master, along with the Maha Chohan. Her symbol is the rainbow.

At this time, she is working with the Cosmic Master Eros, the ancient god of Love. She is helping to bring his energies closer to this plane of existence to help us at this time. She is in the portal in all her glory, accepting and channeling Love from Eros down into her crystal portal., The crystal, being in the 3D, is then sending this love to all of humanity. 

It is wonderful to see the Masters use these portals for the good of all humanity. 

If any of you have White Tara's card or print, place it on your heart chakra and receive Love, not only from her, but from the Cosmic Master Eros as well. Enjoy. 


Friday, 3rd September, 2010

There are big goings on in the portal. As you know, 44 Masters worked together to create the portal. Then their numbers swelled to 96 to help further extend the portal’s reach to other dimensions and planes. These further 52 are now stepping forward for me to note who they are. Lakshmi is the first to ask for a portal painting. I hope this doesn't mean 52 more paintings!
You can see her painting on the free to print page. Her portal painting is available for you all to copy and use. Just place the print on a chakra and feel her energy flow to you. She is a Cosmic Master, best known as the goddess of Prosperity. 

Lakshmi's aura colors are golds and pinks to rose.


Monday, 6th September, 2010

The next 52 Masters are stepping forward in pairs. Lakshmi has paired with the Hindu god Ganesh, the god of new beginnings and the remover of obstacles. As a Cosmic Master, his energy is very focused and contained; this containment makes his energy feel very powerful.

Several of the Ascended Masters have had oils available for the last few years. These aren't available through the website. They sell very well, with many seeking the Masters’ help via the oils. Now there is a change, and several other Masters are seeking to be included.

Available soon will be - Mother Mary, Lady Nada, Kuan Yin, Archangel Michael, St John, the Baptist, and St. Germain. Geoff from A-line Graphics is designing the new labels.


Tuesday, 7th September, 2010

Ganesh is now standing firmly in the Ascended Masters’ portal. Ganesh is a Cosmic Master best known as the Hindu elephant god. In the portal, Ganesh showed me the elephant face is a mask; beneath he showed me a face burnt on the left side. He told me humanity doesn't like imperfection and they would rather create a mask than see the truth. Now that opened up so many thoughts, I'm still reeling. Beauty is not external. 

This Indian god is blonde and blue eyed. His aura has a centre of soft milky green/blue leading to white with a blue edge. He is a fifth ray Master. As we can see from the depiction below, images can be deceiving.


Sunday, 12th September, 2010

 St. Germain has been around a lot of late. He has made an oil. I asked him why he wants to make an oil when he already made the Violet Flame oil. His response: "I am not the Violet Flame, I am St. Germain." I've told a few people this and they all had the same guilty response. We all associated St. Germain with the Violet Flame so much that we ceased to see him as the vast Being he is.

His personal oil is about Self Transformation, and that is a perfect description of what his oil is about. Ascension is all about the inner change and mastery of self.


Wednesday, 15th September, 2010

About six months ago, a brand new Ascended Master appeared in the portal and told me his name was Thomas. He offered his services to help me with aspects I didn't understand. Thomas has now revealed himself as Thomas Merton. Thomas really is a new Ascended Master, only passing in 1968. Many of you might recognise his name. He was a trappist monk in the Abbey of Gethsemane in Kentucky, USA and wrote the acclaimed Seven Story Mountain. What excites me is Thomas’ father was a New Zealander, and his guardian after his parents’ death was also a New Zealander. A tenuous link, but still rather nice to know.

Thomas is working as one of the 96 Ascended Masters and is paired with Isolde (Isolt). Isolde appeared in the portal today with flashes of light. My 3rd eye and crown are feeling the impact. She stands with long, blonde hair plaited on either side of her head. She wears a garland of flowers in her hair. Her power is immense.

Thomas shows me himself as so much smaller than her - not in terms of height, but as a sign of humility to the beautiful Being she is.


Saturday, 18th September, 2010

I didn't connect the dots yesterday when Susan'oo, the Japanese storm god, stood in the portal in war attire, but as the mega storm hit last night, I realised he was there not only to let me know he was one of the 96, but also to ride the storm. He is one of the Masters who made the Green Flame Ascension oil.The Green Flame is the 3rd in the flame series. Having used the Violet Flame oil (transmutation) and Blue flame oil (personal power) prior to the Green Flame, one is then confronted with self truth, and an inner storm rages as we are confronted with our own self truths. The Green Flame is also the flame of the all seeing eye; nothing escapes our inner observations. It’s not a flame to use lightly and is one many of us want to skip over, or never even attempt. If you are wondering what Susan'oo looks like, he has almond shaped eyes and winged eyebrows, a feature in themselves. He looks like he is from another planet; his eyes don't quite fit into our parameters. But then many of the ancient gods of mythology were believed to be from elsewhere.

At the moment, St. Germain is standing in the portal with a group of six giving a teaching. These six are all in body and are asleep or meditating somewhere in the world. In their altered state, they are being brought here to the portal for a teaching. The topic is attachments and desires and their connection to the soul. Attachments hold us to the cycle of rebirth, desires spur us along our path, and the soul bears witness to it all. The part of the portal he has them in is full of vines with a vesica piscis shaped leaf and little white flowers. Very pretty.

It's lovely to know the portal is used for teachings by the Masters.


Friday, 24th September, 2010

Full moon last night. Cosmic Master Ma'at resided in the Ascended Masters’ portal for this event. The portal was blood red. Then another aspect of it was pure white, and this was resided over by angels. A full and powerful event. Prior to the full moon, another initiation took place; a woman in an Indian sari and gold jewelry received the 4th initiation from Ma'at. I often wonder what it means when different Masters reside at the initiations.

Another interesting event - we had a visitor on the deck during this process. A giant, 8-9 feet tall, was kneeling and waiting. He had honey gold coloured skin and a broad, unusual face. On his head, he wore a red gold turban; from the centre, the material was folded to form a pleated tower rising from the crown chakra. Very unusual.


Wednesday, 29th September, 2009

We have had a few people come to visit us at the portal recently. Each went away knowing the Ascended Masters working with them. If you are curious about your Ascended Masters, I'm more than happy to tell you who is working with you. I do need a photo though to put in the portal. You can email the photo and your request to me on the Contact Page.

Anubis is making the most of the portal at the moment. He is here in his young man form: no shirt, longish dark hair, interesting face. He is the only master I know not to be dressed head to toe - Egyptian times revisited. His aura is dark gold, medium gold, and light gold in three bands. His vibration changes when he appears with his jackal head, and his aura darkens. Anubis is known as the Egyptian god of the afterlife. He is also the god of truth, deciding on the fate of the soul at death. He equates with the Christian St. Peter at the gates of heaven.


Friday, 8th October

Twelve Ascended Masters have gathered in the Ascended Masters’ portal and are working as a unit to transmute negative energy around the planet. They appear to have created a magnet like energy field; as the energy is pulled in, it is transmuted. Wow. Now that’s service.

Yesterday we had the first person come to do a healing painting in the portal. To facilitate the healing process, the Masters had prepared the canvas with the energy the person required to release their pain and dross on all dimensions and through all bodies. Before painting, I took them on a journey through the dimensions of the portal to meet the various Archangels, Elohim, and Masters working with them. The Masters connected with them through me to participate in the healing process. It was a long day (six hours from start to finish), but the process and resulting painting was magical. And now the Masters have transmuted the painting (which after the session contained all their dross and pain) into a portal of unconditional love. A unique and enduring portal of focused love has been created. Working in the portal for that length of time with the Masters in their energy was truly beautiful. I admit to crying several times. (Note: These painting sessions are no longer available).


Thursday, 14th October, 2010

It’s been an interesting time this week as the 96 Ascended Masters step forward to be identified. The most recent is Vishnu. He first appeared to me looking rather like a spaceman dressed in silver; later he showed me his long, black hair and place as a Hindu deity. He showed me he had other world origins. His aura is a luminescent silver with blue edges.

Jesus is very prominent this week. He has asked for a repaint of his portal painting. The new one is a change of color and form. Only part way complete and it is very powerful.

Another person came to do a healing painting in the portal. It rained the day before and the day after. The day of the painting was sunny, but windy and cold. But we found a sheltered spot in the portal, so we had warmth and no wind. Perfect. Both people who have been here in the last ten days to paint have had no painting experience, and both bought through the most dazzling paintings. A few tears appeared each time with the beauty they bought forward. Paul the Venetian is there to assist in the painting process, and three Masters step forward to assist in the healing process.

Healing continues today in the portal, with the Masters sending healing to those I place in the portal asking for their help. Anorexia, sore shoulders, knees, hips, surgery - the list is long. 


Thursday 21st October, 2010

Lord Lanto has resided over the portal this week as I wrote the article on him. One aspect which was highlighted, and I repeat now, is the difference between him and Lao Tze.

It’s not easy to tell them apart as they are so similar. Both are second ray masters. Energy wise, Lanto has the softer energy and Lao Tze is more out there. Both have yellow auras; Lao Tze's is more shard like and Lord Lanto's is egg shaped with a white center. If you see them, they even look alike. Lao Tze often wears martial arts type clothes or pants and a tank top. Lord Lanto wears a Manchurian jacket and pants. Both have long hair pulled back; Lao Tze's is plaited and balding on top, and Lord Lanto's is in a pony tail and he wears a black skull cap.


Friday, 22nd October, 2010

Announcing new powerful and beautiful Ascended Master oils:

St. Germain, Archangel Michael, Mother Mary, Lady Nada, St. John, and Kuan Yin.

To learn more go straight to the store.


Monday, 25th October, 2010

For those of you using the Ascension flame oils, when you have completed the series with the yellow flame, the next step is to combine the pink, blue, and yellow Ascension Flame oils to create the 3-fold flame. Use this on the heart chakra. A deep experience. 


Thursday, 28th October, 2010

Many of you know me from the past as the front person for the International Radiance Healers group. In the spirit of service, which was the foundation of the Radiance Healers group, I am putting names forward each Wednesday to the Masters for healing. Each Wednesday a group of Masters step forward to heal.

So, if you want to be included, I need a photo with a name to put into the portal. I have no connection with the healing process other than placing the photos in the portal, so there is no feedback. Healing is over to the Masters. Here is our email for this free service: Contact Page. (This service has now evolved to just ascension healing, and we bring each person into the portal for their session.)

Of course, if you want a deeper healing connection, we have more intense healing with the Masters in the portal for one-on-one healings. A powerful experience to say the least.

There is also the Universal Healing Portal if you want to be a facilitator in your own healing experience. It is on the free card page.


Monday, 1st November, 2010

It was a full on weekend in the portal. Master Jesus has been asking for pongas to be planted. Ponga is a native New Zealand fern which grows to between 3-6 metres. We went hunting and found small ones elsewhere on the property we could transplant. They now enclose the south side of the portal.

We also removed several plants and added others. It is becoming a beautiful glade.

While working, we were talking about holidays. The Masters contribution, "There are no holidays on the path to Ascension."


Monday, 8th November, 2010

A week has passed, and I've been to Taupo and into the Pureora Native forest. What a joy! Here's a sample - I just have to share. One of our hidden treasures here in New Zealand. Needless to say, Master Jesus is wanting more pongas in the portal. He wants the addition of a black ponga. These are the tall ones often seen towering above all the others. It appears to be planting time in the portal. St. Germain, ever the alchemist, has provided a touch of colour with purple pansies appearing in the portal and even in the pot plants inside. 


Friday, 12th November, 2010

Wednesday is healing day in the portal, and the Masters did not disappoint. On a Wednesday, I go into the central vortex of the portal with the photographs and present each person one by one to the Masters. It is interesting to see the Masters come forward in ones, twos, and threes to take each person away. Some even come and look over my shoulder at the picture if I'm not being clear enough. The human side is always the weakest link. 

Ganesh and Susan'oo have been working in the portal for the last few days. They are both 5th ray/green ray masters. Ganesh is certainly stepping forward as one of the great healers of the ray. He is working with inner scarring. As you may have read in a previous diary entry, he is the only master to appear with a visible physical defect; he has a scarred face on the left side, hence the elephant mask. He tells me he is helping those with internal scarring, those deep emotional scars that linger on from life to life and restrict us in our lives on so many levels.

Call on Ganesh if you need him. He is blonde and blue eyed without his mask. His aura is a pale milky blue/green leading into white and then a mid blue edge.


Saturday, 13th November, 2010

Lord Lanto was sitting in the portal yesterday in his usual seat, quietly sending love to all. I sat beside him and did the same. And while he held focus, my mind strayed to the weeds popping up and other activities, and before I knew it, I was weeding. He called me back after a while, but it’s funny how 3D things seem so important.

Today Serapis Bey is there sending Love. We always know he is around when we experience double breathing.

I have learned Ascended Masters have symbols. Here is Paul, the Venetians symbolthat he gave yesterday. So what’s the point of a symbol? Well, it’s another form of recognition of him. Some people may find themselves drawing this symbol - then he is close. Note it’s an open circle. He says it’s one turn of the spiral. 


Monday, 15th November, 2010

A question has arisen. How can you tell if a person in body is a Master?

First off, let’s just give a base of reference for the two terms. An Ascended Master is a Being who has lived lives in a physical body and has, through their own efforts, raised their vibration and therefore their consciousness to a level beyond the 5th initiation, and so no longer needs to be reborn in body. They have no more desires and attachments pulling them back into a physical life. An Ascended Master in body is exactly the same, but they have chosen to come back to this dimension in a body to ‘walk among the people’. 

So how can you tell? Well that's the hard part. All Ascended Masters have a white band at the edge of their aura. So if you see auras, you will know them by their white band. This is where the term the ‘Great White Brotherhood’ came from. You can also rely on your inner knowing. But for the most part, most Ascended Masters here in body are going about their business in a very quiet manner, and they aren't out there saying ‘look at me’.

(October 2017: As of yet, I haven't seen or heard of an Ascended Master in body. Many have made claims, but the dullness of their aura and the karma in their chakras shows us they are pretenders, or just misguided. The higher I ascend, I feel it is virtually impossible for a Master to lower their vibration to this denseness as to manifest a body in this dimension.)


Friday, 19th November, 2010

Today Moses (Lord Ling) and Vesta are in the portal. I haven't met Vesta before. What a beautiful Being. I think of grandmothers and baking, warm hugs that smell of flowers, a warm fire burning in the kitchen, laughter, and love that totally surrounds. Now I know why she is called goddess of the home. I want to paint her energy, so every home can have her energy flowing into it! Just beautiful.

She is a third ray soul, the ray of unconditional love. Her aura is pink with a funnel of gold at her crown with a hint of white too. Her hair is black and tied back in the twisted Roman manner.
Moses bows to her and has great love and respect for her. He is a first ray soul; his aura is a pale/mid blue leading out to dark blue. They are working together today in the portal.


Tuesday 23rd November, 2010

Another Full Moon ticked off. This one was presided over by a mixed trio: Poseidon (Greek god of earthquakes and the sea), Ninguerre (a Tibetan creator goddess; her aura is yellow on the top and white at the bottom and she claims Amaterasu as her sister Ui Tango), and the last member and most active, Maha Cohan. It is always a delight to have this Master in the portal; it happens rarely as he is overshadowing a catholic priest in Italy at the moment. It was interesting to hear in the news yesterday that the pope has relaxed the ruling on the use of condoms around AIDS. A small step, but vital.

(October 2017: Maha Cohan is no longer over-shadowing and is back working with humanity.)


Thursday, 25th November, 2010

Another healing session by the Ascended Masters was completed yesterday. This is how it looks to me, or rather what I am permitted to see. When I enter the portal on a Wednesday with the intention of presenting the photos I've received, I'm taken to a healing dimension within the portal. All the masters who are stepping forward to give healing are gathered there. For the most part, all are in white. I present each person, one by one, and they are manifested into the portal. As each person is presented, the healers for that person step forward and take them away. If the person is not to receive healing, i.e. they have been presented several times before and their healing is complete, the Masters turn the person around and walk them back to me. I then seat them in the healing hall, so they can be in the energy while not receiving directed healing.

If you want to receive healing, send me an email by Wednesday of each week. New Zealand is about 12 hours ahead of the UK and 21 hours ahead of L.A., so remember most of my Wednesday may be Tuesday for you.


Sunday, 28th November, 2010

Remember I said Jesus wanted punga ferns planted in the portal? They have been easy to find at a price! So, I said to Master Jesus, they need to be cheaper, help us find good ones at a reasonable price. Yesterday a catalogue arrived from a place that didn't have any a few weeks ago with some at a very nice price. So Master Jesus is getting his ferns.

There is a Lion in the portal. What can I say. It’s there. Why? No idea. I can tell you our cats aren't going anywhere near the portal.


Sunday, 5th December, 2010

For those of you conversant with the mechanics of the Masters’ work in the portal, you will remember the original 22 Masters anchor the next 22 Cosmic Masters, and now the Masters have increased their numbers to 96. There has been a major reshuffle of who is working with whom and who is anchoring whom. I've been told the reshuffle for the first 44 and will put it online later on today or tomorrow for you to see which Masters are working together. I will also update it on the ‘About the Masters’ page on the website.


Sunday, 5th December, 2010

A list of the working pairs for Masters. Not that it will be of interest to many, but it’s interesting to note who your own personal Master is working with. I don't confess to understand the meaning and reasoning behind the groupings, but I know this is the third re-arrangement since the creation of the Ascended Masters’ portal here in New Zealand.



Thursday, 9th December, 2010

The Masters are back on the topic of grounding; their oil continues to be made for this. All seven Cohans are creating it for those of all the rays - all in one bottle, in each cell. So why is it important to be grounded? While moving and working in the 3D world, it is important to be Present. It is important that we live the lives we came to live. If not grounded and not present, then we miss opportunities, we miss lessons, we miss being where we are meant to be for others. Grounding means we are present 100%, though perhaps not grounded 100%.

I asked why we aren't grounded naturally. Why are we not in our bodies to the degree we need to be? The response was – it’s about escape. It’s about not wanting to participate and fear of living.

So this oil is meant to help us be present and grounded. Because the more grounded we are, the more we can achieve and the less likelihood there is of having to incarnate again to repeat this life’s lessons.

Painting starts today on Ganesh's portal painting. He is a 5th ray Cosmic Master and a Master Healer. Once complete, it will be on the free pagefor you to copy and print off for yourself. 


Saturday, 11th December, 2010

The grounding oil is again in test phase. This has taken months of work. The Masters always deliver more than we expect.

Yesterday the Grounding oil came out of the Ascended Masters’ portal. It is so strong, I had to hold it by the stopper, and I could feel myself coming into my body more!

This morning we tested it by putting one drop on the palm of the receiving hand. How is it possible to be spacey and grounded at the same time? We found there was no mind. Words came forth, but then there were periods when there were no thoughts. It was bizarre to witness within the self. There is also a sense of being in a bubble looking out. We all had the same experience. I came into my body to about 85%, and after about 90 minutes I was at 75%. So, I am applying it several times a day. I am more present.

Looking at the aura, the colours become clearer and more vibrant. There appears to be no impact on any specific chakra. It also appears that the oil is working to ground all aspects of self (spiritual, emotional, mental, and etheric) into the physical.

The premise being, to be fully in body is to be fully present. To be present is to live our life fully. To be partly in body is to miss some of the lessons and opportunities we set up for ourselves.

I'd also like to answer a question that came in earlier in the week. It is a good one.

To paraphrase: Can you ask the Masters to help those in Haiti? There is so much suffering.
My response: The Masters are onto it. They have such a clear eye on the world, they are continually sending their energies out to the world. They are there before we even know an event is about to occur, standing by each one of those who are on their ray, standing by each one of those for whom they are the Master. 

I remember having pelicans appear in the portal (which was strange), but it was the beginning of the oil spill in the gulf. Then I saw the birds covered in oil on television and made the connection. They are even there for the birds and animals of the planet.

But remember, sometimes for the balancing of karma, when a big group of people die or are in a terrible situation, they are paying their group karma, and these events will play out according to God’s will. Yet that doesn’t stop us or the Masters in our compassion, easing their pain and suffering in any way we can.


Tuesday, 14th December, 2010

I'm loving the new Grounding oilfrom the 8 Cohan Masters - Maha Cohan being the 8th. The Grounding oil is to be used to bring all aspects of self into body - etherically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually - so we can be fully present and fully active in this life. In doing so, we are fully engaged in this life. For many of us, we are not fully in our bodies and miss out on many of the opportunities, lessons, and connections we came to fulfill.

I am using the oil twice a day and am finding I am more than 90% in my body for most of the time. And with continual use, I know I will come into my body 100% - etherically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I have found being present makes me more alert, happier, less likely to react, more likely to act consciously, more engaged, and more talkative. Grounding oil is like face cream, it has to be applied daily, even twice daily. It doesn't make you permanently grounded.

The portal has had a period of being active and noisy. El Morya has been presiding; he was seen talking to a gnome recently. Apparently, they do exist! Today El Morya and Master Jesus are in meditation together.


Thursday, 16th December, 2010

The Ascended Masters’ portal has had an influx of Masters, and what an odd grouping. Chananda (the head of the Indian branch of the Great White Brotherhood - white because of the white band around their aura), Zeus (the Greek father of the gods), Paramahansa Yogananda, and Tatiana (the goddess of the fairy reality). Tatiana has the softest tendrils of energy that sparkle and laugh with Light; she is stunningly beautiful in her purity of Being. They are all working together as a unit, working with an intense ray of white light with gold filaments. I'm told they are working with the ley lines of the earth.

Grounding oil continues to be a must to the start of my day. I'm finding I use it twice a day. For the first time, I'm also becoming aware of those elements in my life that make me ungrounded - alcohol is one. I'm so used to being ungrounded I never noticed before.


Wednesday, 22nd December, 2010

Shiva presided in the Ascended Masters’ portal for full moon. For those of you who don’t know him, Shiva is the Hindu destroyer god. He was wearing loose white clothes and has long dark hair back off his face, dark eyes, and translucent skin.

Shiva is still in the portal standing like a ball of Light radiating out to the world. Open your heart to him and receive his love and blessings. 

All 96 Masters were present for the full moon, working in teams of four. It was interesting to note who was with whom. For example, one team was Isis, Eros, Lakshmi, and Shiva. We are truly blessed that these Beings of Love, filled beyond measure with Light, are here to help humanity.

Today is another healing day. I now have a necklace from the Masters, radiating with light, to wear when I present each person for healing. Another step in strengthening the connection between those being healed and the Masters. 

Yesterday and the previous day, White Tara, Pallas Athena, and Lady Nada worked in the portal. It appeared as if they were weaving, but in fact they were making Personalised oils. These are available on request for those who are seeking more personal assistance on a 3D level. The Masters make the oils specifically for a person, looking into their future and providing the supporting energies they will need. These oils are multi-layered, working across all time, space, dimensions, and realities. To see them with the 3rd eye is to see layers of colours, as the energies change. 


Monday, 27th December, 2010

At the moment the portal is a blazing, brilliant white with a soft pink centre. Ma'at is presiding. I'm trying to get a name for the male Ascended Master who has recently stepped forward. He is of the ruby ray, the 6th ray/goddess ray. His aura is white and ruby; his hair looks like it’s red, but really it’s dark and the red is the light of the ruby ray shinning around his crown. His hair is parted in the middle and shoulder length. He works with Serapis Bey also. It’s common for the 4th and 6th rays to work together. He wears a gold collar across his chest and shoulders; it is studded with turquoise. At first I thought he might be an American Master, but an Egyptian connection seems very clear. He is not tall, but sturdy.

Nature sprites were the biggest feature in the portal over the last few days.


Tuesday, 28th December, 2010

Ma'at still continues to preside in the portal. I am aware how similar in looks Ma'at, Hathor, and Isis are; release all those preconceived images of them from paintings and statues. 

Hathor has shoulder length straight black hair with fringe. She is dripping in jewels - bracelets, collar, hair adornment, and rings. Her dress is apricot. Her facial features are not like the statues we see of her. She has tidy, contained features, with no part of her face appearing as more pronounced than others.

Isis appears with straight black hair to her shoulder, with a fringe across the top of her eyes. She wears a gold floor length dress with a belt at the waist. Around her neck is an enameled fan shaped necklace of blue, green, yellow, and red. There is a refined, ethereal quality to her energy.

Ma’at has shoulder length straight black hair with a fringe. Jeweled ribbons hang at the front of her hair and she wears white all the time. 


Thursday, 30th December, 2010.

Another distant healing day is complete. What a beautiful service the Masters are performing.
Multitasking is possible due to the multi-dimensional nature of the portal. All the Masters have crystal portals they made; these are for use in the portal when they want to change or align energies, or just to come closer to humanity. Visitors to the portal are often given one of their Masters to hold while meditating in the portal.

Mary Magdalene's first crystal portal has disappeared. This is not uncommon as crystals come and go. A necklace that was made for me was put into the portal for energizing, and the Masters took it to use on another dimension. Charming! Mary was making a new crystal portal yesterday (still is), and Ganesh is also making his crystal portal. His crystal is a beautiful green apophilite, given to me by a visitor to the portal. She said she knew she had to bring this crystal for the portal; now we know why. Blessings to her for her gift to Ganesh. Ganesh is a healing Master. He is here to help heal the scars within.

The Masters also want me to communicate how they once walked the earth like us; they too experienced suffering and pain. They ask not to be put on pedestals, but rather to be perceived like a graduate by an undergraduate. They are here as tutors to help us ascend.

In this vein, they appeared yesterday in various ways to bring this point home. El Morya and St. Germain stood in the portal chatting and smoking cheroot's (long thin cigars). Jesus appeared in a yellow track suit! A couple of them were playing chess. "We are just like you." Well, not me. No smoking for me, my chess is mediocre, and a yellow tracksuit!? I don't think so. Mission achieved - no pedestal in sight.



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