Etheric Body Healing - Ascended Masters -distant


This is a 60 minute healing session in which Ascended Masters Lady Nada, El Morya, Mary Magdalene and St John the Baptist will step forward to repair your etheric body. When illness or disease manifests in the physical body it is usually a manifestation of what is occurring in the other bodies. When someone has a physical illness or disease, the etheric body is pitted. The physical manifestation of illness occurs as a result of the pitted etheric body. The pitting in the etheric occurring from what is happening in the emotional, mental and astral bodies.

 These distant healing sessions occur in the high vibration of the Ascended Masters portal and are about 60 minutes long. Verna Maruata will bring you energetically into the portal for this session with the Masters.

Therefore we suggest before you have this session you have in this order - an Astral Body clearing then a Mental Body clearing, followed by an Emotional Body clearing before the Etheric body healing. You will only need an Etheric body healing if your etheric body is pitted or you are physically ill.

After your purchase of this service, send a full length recent photo of yourself using our Contact page. We ask for recent photos with - space above the head, include the feet and facing the camera. 

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