Past Life Healing - distant healing


The Ascended Masters Lao Tze, Paul the Venetian, Serapis Bey and St John the Baptist will step forward in the Ascended Masters portal to clear and heal hundreds, if not thousands, of your past lives in this Past Life Healing session. 

We are all on the cycle of rebirth - we have all had thousands of lives. We store in our chakras the pain, suffering, dross and karma from these lives. This baggage we carry keeps us from shining as the Beings of light we are. These Masters will help you clear some of the dross you hold in the chakras from these lives, and in doing so release you from many of the burdens you carry in this life.

These distant healing sessions occur in the high vibration of the Ascended Masters portal and are 30 minutes long. You will probably need more than one session. Verna Maruata will bring you energetically into the portal for this session.

After you order the healing email a recent photo of yourself to

Verna will email back with a session day and time.


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