Past Life Healing - distant healing


We are all on the cycle of rebirth and we have all had thousands of lives. In our chakras, we store the pain, suffering, dross and karma from these lives. This baggage we carry keeps us from shining as the Beings of light we are. These Masters will help you clear some of the burdens you still carry, and in doing so, release you from many of the burdens you carry in this life.

We have three past life healings - the rescinding and nullification of past life vows and contracts, the clearing of past life dross from the chakras, and the clearing of ancient lives buried in the soul seat after you pass the 4th initiation. 

  • The 1st past life healing you order is to help you rescind and nullify all past life vows and contracts that no longer serve your highest good. These can be as minor as vows of love "I will love only you for all eternity", vows of poverty and chastity, and/or heavy, dark vows and contracts made in dark lives to dark beings. El Morya, Dom Ignacio, Jesus and Hilarion preside over this session.
  • The 2nd past life healing you order will be to clear the dross (rubbish) held onto from past lives. The Ascended Masters Lao Tze, Paul the Venetian, Serapis Bey and St. John the Baptist will step forward in the Ascended Masters' portal to clear the dross from hundreds, if not thousands, of your past lives in this Past Life Healing session. 
  • The 3rd past life healing occurs after you pass the 4th initiation. This healing addresses all those ancient lives that don't affect this life in a major way, but lay buried in the Soul seat. This is a deep session.

These 30 minute distant healing sessions occur in the high vibration of the Ascended Masters' portal. Verna Maruata will bring you energetically into the portal for this session.

After your purchase of this service, send a full length recent photo of yourself using our Contact pageWe ask for recent photos facing the camera with space above the head and below the feet. 

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