Mental Body clearing - distant


The Mental body is the 4th body in the auric field, between the emotional and astral bodies. It has several functions. It is a protector body, protecting all the bodies between it and the physical body. It is also the energetic and mental processor of any stimulus. The mental body is where our patterns of being are stored - patterns of thinking, patterns of behaviour and patterns of energy flow  - blockages in the mental body affect our thinking, behaviour and energy flow. We all were born with a mental body pattern that is unique and perfect for us to complete our life lessons and karma.

The mental body is constructed in a pattern. Each pattern is unique and personal. When a mental body is healthy the pattern is complete, stable and constant. When a mental body is unhealthy it has blockages in the pattern that disrupt functioning within the structure of the pattern. Most of us have blockages in the mental body.

Kuthumi will lead each session. He is a second ray Master. He will be joined by Hilarion and two other Masters who will change with each session.

In the healing the Masters will clear the blockages and rebuild your natural mental body pattern. This will help you to feel clearer, help you process your thoughts in a clearer way, open you more to receiving from beyond the mental body, ie guides, and allow you more understanding of who you are why you are here.

The distant clearing and rebuilding session occurs in the high vibration of the Ascended Masters portal and is about 60 minutes long. Verna Maruata will bring you energetically into the portal for this session with the Masters.

After your purchase of this service, send a full length recent photo of yourself using our Contact page. We ask for recent photos with - space above the head, include the feet and facing the camera.

You will be emailed back with a suggested day and time for the session.

If ordering the emotional body clearing as well, the Masters always prefer the Mental body clearing to be first.




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