Emotional Body healing - Ascended Masters - distant


The emotional body is the 3rd body in your auric field and reflects your emotions via colour and vibration. It is the body that is constantly changing in colour and vibration. The emotional body holds onto dross created by our emotions, for example grief, hurt, anger. This dross can then solidify into unmovable blockages that prevents rhythmic flow of the energy field. It is these blockages that can cause illness and attract entities and prevent change.

In the healing the Masters will clear the dross from this field, remove the blockages and bring your emotional body into a state of health and balance.

St Germain will lead each session, as he is a Master of Change and Transmutation. He will be joined by two or three other Masters who will change with each session.

These distant healing sessions occur in the high vibration of the Ascended Masters portal and are about 60 minutes long. Verna Maruata will bring you energetically into the portal for this session with the Masters.

After your purchase of this service, send a full length recent photo of yourself using our Contact page. We ask for recent photos with - space above the head, include the feet and facing the camera.

The emotional body continually changes and dross accumulates, so you may need a clearing once every year or so. If you are ordering the Mental body clearing as well, the Masters ask the Mental body clearing always be first.


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