Ascension Healing & Recalibration - Ascended Master - distant


This Ascension healing is the most powerful session the Masters give. We ask you not order it till you have had several healings with the Masters prior to this.

This distance healing occurs in the Healing Temple within the Ascended Masters portal. It is a channelled session. Seven Ascended Masters step forward to be your healing team. 

Verna Maruata connects with you and brings you energetically into the Healing Temple of the Ascended Masters portal. Seven Ascended Master step forward to be your healing team. Every team is different. In this session the Masters recalibrate your entire energy field, raising and speeding up the vibration - which in turn will raise your consciousness. Ascension is the raising of your vibration and therefore your consciousness. The Masters call this healing a helping hand.

A healing team will be with you for few days after the session. It is common to feel delicate or not quite yourself for a few days after the session.

When you order your healing, email Verna a photo. She will email back with a possible day and times according to your time zone for the healing session. 


And after the healing she will email you with the names of the 7 Ascended Master healing team and relate what occurred in the healing session.

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