Emotional Body clearing crystal


After the success of the astral body clearing crystal, we went to St Germain, the principle Master in our emotional body healings and asked him if it was possible to create an emotional body crystal to clear the emotional body while you sleep. Happily his response was affirmative.

So how does it work? The emotional body holds onto dross created by our emotions, for example grief, hurt, anger. This dross can then solidify into unmovable blockages that prevents rhythmic flow of the energy field. It is these blockages that can cause illness and attract entities and prevent change.  So once you have an emotional body healing and the Masters have cleared the emotional body of blockages and returned it to its pristine form, the emotional body clearing crystal placed on your bedside table will cleanse the emotional body as you sleep.

The emotional body crystal is calibrated in the Ascended Masters portal to match your vibration by St Germain. Once an order is received the calibration takes 3-5 days.



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