Verna Maruata lady in white dressNamaste.
I bow to your Higher Self.
I bow to you the lower self.
I see you.
I hear you.
I respect you.
I hold you in my heart.
My love and compassion surrounds you.
Blessings upon you.

See me.
Verna is my birth name and Maruata Atahu, my ancient Maori name, remembered and returned to me by 13 Grandmothers in Spirit. A Kaumatua (Holy Man) says Maruata means the apricot colour of sunrise, or dawn’s fire.

El Morya, Sanat Kumara and Gautauma Buddha to name a few, started to teach me from childhood, much of which was practical exercises and techniques. Techniques I would need to assist them with the portal they have created here in New Zealand. I was gifted by the Masters two crown chakras, one for me and the other for them to utilize to work through me in the portal.

Since the Ascended Masters portal was completed I have passed the 7th initiation. My rays are now 2-2-2-2-2. I am no longer tied to repeating physical incarnations. The two crown chakras were removed at the 7th initiation (read more in the article on the 7th initiation as to what happens to the chakras) and replaced by a vortex the Masters utilise. Our working relationship continues.
For me, my work with the Masters and their portal is a position of sacred trust.

Waireti and I together work with the Masters as they help humanity in their ascension process - this is our focus.

About Waireti

Waireti is an integral person, here at the Ascended Masters portal. Since birth she has had the wonderful gift of dimensional sight, seeing through all dimensions. Dimensional sight is a term I made up in an attempt to label Waireti's rare gift. She sees the Masters, Angels, Elohim, Devas, all dimensions, all the bodies, all colours around people she sees, she sees between. She sees the past and the future. Her sight is never off, she sees like this 24/7. She has little TV like screens around her vision seeing into other worlds. My attempt to describe her sight is limited at best. In her life time Waireti has only met one other person who sees so totally as she does.

Waireti works here at the Ascended Masters portal in service to the Masters, helping the Masters as they work with humanity.

Waireti was given her name at birth by her Maori grandmother. It is her spiritual name and means the violet colour of sunset. She has passed the 7th initiation. Her rays are 6-6-6-6-6. She is no longer tied to repeat physical incarnations.

Waireti does not give workshops, teach, or heal outside of her work with the Ascended Masters here at the portal.

Together, with her seeing and my understanding, we make a powerful team to work with the Masters in this sacred way.

Our Mission Statement

Love all. Respect all.