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2nd January 2020

I hope everyone has managed to get some rest and relaxation over the holiday season. Waireti and I are taking some time off and will be back at work on the 14th of January.

This year begins with the power and strength of the divine feminine aspect of the masculine First Ray, creating a powerful and balanced stepping stone from the old energies to the new year ahead.

It can be assumed the divine feminine is about women, but men and women all contain the yin and yang of the divine feminine and the divine masculine. So, embrace the female warrior within and look to the challenges of the year ahead and allow the First Ray to empower you to achieve your dreams.

Learn more about the First Ray here

Blessings on your year ahead,

Verna and Waireti


14th January 2020

I am honored to present to you a book compiled by Carol Anne Halstead called Modern Ascension: Stories From the Spiritual Paths of High Initiates.

Thirteen people who have ascended with the Masters via the Ascended Masters’ portal beyond the 6th and 7th initiations have contributed their personal stories of ascension to this book, including me. I started to read the book for the first time last night. Carol Anne carefully explains ascension and shares her ascension story in the first chapter. I knew I had to go to sleep, but I just had to read the next story by Elizabeth Tackenberg. By the end of her story, I was truly excited and inspired. Carol Anne and the Initiates have produced a beautiful and inspiring book for these current times of ascension. I could have continued to read well into the night. It is rare I find a book I can't put down. Even now as I’m writing this, I want to go and continue reading, just to read each person's personal journey. No paths are the same, except they all found us here at Alpha Imaging.

The book is available in print (hardback and paperback) and as an e-book. Amazon has all versions, click here for the Amazon link. The book is also available online (in print and as an e-book) on all major platforms including Barnes Noble, Kobo.com, Google play, and Apple Books, to name a few. Shop around as I see the price differs. 

Learn more about the book and each of the storytellers at www.modernascension.com


22nd January 2020


Last week I told you all about the newly published book Modern Ascension: Stories From the Spiritual Paths of High Initiatescomprising a collection of personal ascension stories from thirteen high initiates. This week, I have to tell you a paragraph in my story was unintentionally omitted. This is being rectified in the eBooks and printed format hopefully in the next month or so. I will do a big promotion in my newsletter and this diary when I get the green light.

For those of you who have already bought a copy and as a sneak peek for everyone else, here is the missed paragraph untouched by editing:

Up until I was married, the Ascended Masters weren’t clearly evident in my life. They hovered around the edge of my energy as lovely, comfortable support. When they finally did step forward, it seemed very normal and familiar for the Ascended Masters to be around me. El Morya led the way as a familiar energy in my life, then Gautama Buddha appeared and taught me how to meditate when I needed retraining, and then Sanat Kumara stepped forward and gave me lessons in controlling my mind, energy, and self. I was also given warrior lessons in fighting the dark side by El Morya. These lessons pitted me against a single entity and then legions of entities and other dark forms. I was learning trust - trust in myself and the Light. Fear never existed in these lessons or battles. Many First Rays will understand the joy of the battle call. I was having fun.

We have a new series of Roll-on products available online. These are to assist with pain, headache, and sleep. These are not a cure; they are for relief and support.

The Masters have created these products in the Ascended Masters’ portal as a way to help those ascending. Pain, headaches, and sleep deprivation are all part of the ongoing ascension process. I can attest to all three. 


30th January 2020


The Masters have been looking at respect as a topic recently. Do you know the old saying, 'Respect needs to be earned'? The Masters disagree. For those of us actively ascending, respect needs to be given to every person and every living thing in creation just because they breathe. If something is worthy of creation, then it is worthy of our respect. Respect is given with our speech, our feelings, our actions, and harder still with our personal thoughts. It is easy enough to fake speech and actions that denote respect, but what happens in the privacy of our own thoughts is something else.

That brings us to authenticity. If we fake or lie, we aren't being authentic. We are creating karma. So how do we authentically come to a state of respect? How do we feel respect, so everything else we think, do, and say reflects this respect? We start by living in our heart. Respect is a love manifestation. When someone starts to live in their heart, their heart chakra starts to change from green to pink. They start to consciously embody unconditional love and compassion. Look at Mother Mary's oil – Love, she will help you move into a state of love and compassion.

The graphic shown is the Deva of having respect for all. Open your heart and let her energy flow into you.

We received a lovely online review of the new Roll-on products we introduced last week. "I can highly recommend all three products, believe me when I say, they are amazing." While we are promoting these Roll-ons for pain, headache, and sleep to help with ascension, they are to help with life as well. We ascend in life.

This week has been a tough one for me as I struggle with life and higher ascension. My cells seem to be shaking. Also, attacks from dark forces momentarily increased for Waireti and me. We are quite safe within our protection grids, but it doesn't stop us from feeling the attack. I have got to the stage where I just tune them out and get on with life, but the shaking cells are harder to handle. I have found the greatest relief comes from my healing shawl. I wrap it around my body like a sarong, and it helps to settle my ascending body into a manageable state.

Vibrating cells is one of the uncomfortable side effects of ascension. Others are the energy headaches, pain as the cells release their negative memory, discombobulated feeling in the cells, and of course the sleeplessness or waking at the same time every night. I have heard many speak of 4 am as their waking hour. Other ascension symptoms are pressure on the crown chakra and tiredness. Try the Masters’ latest Roll-ons to assist with Ascension symptoms. There are many ascension symptoms; some increase as we ascend and some decrease. And everyone is different, ascension symptoms are different for everyone. Just be sure you recognize ascension symptoms for what they are and don't attribute them to another cause. Or vice versa, be sure to check out physical symptoms to make sure they aren't an ascension symptom. Discernment is needed.

Blessings to you. 


6th February 2020


I feel it's time I introduce you to my Higher Self now that we are approaching the 8th initiation.

Funny story, about 20 years ago, I went to a workshop around getting to know your Higher Self. I'm sure some of you have been to something similar. At that time, I had passed the 2nd initiation, meaning I still had about 50-60% of my karma to pay. We went into a directed meditation, and our Higher Self was to be walking towards us. A warrior woman rode in on a white horse and had a purple cloak. I erroneously thought for the next 15 years or so that my Higher Self was female. Once I passed the 6th initiation, it came as quite a shock to learn my Higher Self is male. Who I thought was my Higher Self was actually Pallas Athena coming to lend me her strength through some tough times.

Up until the sixth initiation, we have a team of Ascended Masters around us. They walk with us and support and guide us in place of our Higher Selves. Our Higher Selves give us into their keeping. Then at the 6th initiation, we are given into the care of our Higher Selves and the Ascended Masters retreat. Our Higher Selves have between 15 and 27 souls they oversee - these are our dimensional life brothers and sisters. The Higher Self’s role as the creator of these souls is to oversee rebirth placements, death, rays, life lessons, karma, and ascension. Our Higher Self respects the Ascended Master boundary and doesn't come close to an individual soul until the 6th initiation. Many of you aren't at the 6th initiation and still feel you know your Higher Self. All I ask is that at the 6th initiation, keep an open mind to other possibilities.

After four years of moving from the 7th to 8th initiation, my Higher Self has now been a Master in body for four years. He has acclimatized himself to this dense world and now works independently of me. He resides in my Holy Heart, but I know he is also walking with some of you. When you email me to say you feel me close, that is my Higher Self. He is now a Master in body. And this isn't just me, forty people have now passed the 7th initiation. Their Higher Selves are Masters in body. And there are another thirteen or so people who will pass the 7th initiation in the next few weeks and months.

I had the hardest time knowing my Higher Self's name. First, I just started calling him Bob, then I included “My Higher Self" to bring him closer, and now we have settled on Maru. Maruata means the dawn of Maru. His actual name has no words - it is light, colour, sound, and symbols. To bring his name down to this reality is impossible. And the same applies to all of the Ascended Masters, their names are merely a means of identification in this reality. They are so much more than the limits we seek to place on them.

If Maru appears to you in his aura form, his aura is a pale yellow centre leading into a pale pink, and at the rim is a pink copper. If you see him in physical form, he presents at about 5'10". His hair is brown, long to the neck, and his eyes are brown. He has high cheekbones and a firm jaw. Sometimes he wears a white T-shirt with the sacred heart image on it. He also has bare feet. In personality, he is a cross between Hilarion and Jesus. He is warm, comforting, and yet serious. He is also on the warrior aspect of the yellow Second Ray, so he can swing a protective sword if asked. He fits in well with Archangel Michael, Ptah, and Amen Bey as warriors.

He and the other newbie Masters are working as a group to help humanity.

Before I go, I must share we have upgraded the website so you can submit product and healing reviews. To do this, you must be logged in to your account and have purchased the product you are reviewing. The review section is on the full page for the product at the bottom of the page. If you have previously sent us a product or healing review, we can't load these on your behalf, so it would be lovely if you could spend some time to resubmit your reviews in this format.


13th February 2020


To those of you who are new to this blog and our website about Ascension and the Ascended Masters, welcome with love. Let us introduce ourselves so you know us a little better.

I am Verna Maruata, and I work with my twin flame Waireti. Together, we are guardians of the Ascended Masters’ portal in New Zealand. Over a period of three years, the Masters brought the portal down to anchor it into this dimension. This portal is not a natural occurrence like those that emerge from the Mother Earth; more it is a doorway for the Ascended Masters and other Beings of Light to send their energy into this reality to work with humanity in a deeper and closer way.

So why us? We're not sure. Waireti was born with many gifts, among them is her dimensional sight, a term I made up to explain her higher abilities. She sees all. She says she has something like TV screens around the edge of her vision so she can see into different realities and times. I was born with the gifts of healing, clairsentience, claircognisance, some foresight, and the ability to determine the darkness in people. After I met Waireti, the Ascended Masters gifted me a second crown chakra. I learned this was for them to work through me in purity, unhindered by my lower energy. Through this second crown chakra, the Masters would download explanations for things Waireti sees. For example, Waireti can see the Earth Star, and the Masters downloaded to me the in-depth explanation of what an Earth Star is and how it's used now in relation to our soul and past lives. You can read the Earth Star article here.

Together, Waireti and I are a team. The Ascended Masters created the portal to help humanity ascend, and we, in turn, are assisting the Ascended Masters in their efforts in our small way.

Waireti and I have both passed the 7th initiation, and the 8th initiation is upon us. This means we have ascension experience and are glad to help you understand the process as this occurs for you too. If you are new to our site and new to ascension, all I can say is, read this website. It can be a little overwhelming at first, but you will soon know if this is a path for you in this lifetime. If you want to know what to do next, then you need to meet the other person on our team, our assistant Tara. She too has passed the 7th initiation. You can read more about Waireti and I here, and you can read more about Tara here. If you have any questions about what we do and how to start consciously ascending yourself, please email Tara using our contact form.

Blessings on your week ahead,

Verna Maruata


20th February 2020

Welcome back to my weekly diary entry. Welcome with love.

Big announcement - I have passed the 8th initiation. It sounds huge, but it slipped by without too much fanfare. Unlike all the other initiations, I can't give a definitive step by step account of what happened and why, only that a threshold was passed. The visible signs of change are the 7th, 8th, and 9th chakras are crystal clear having passed four years of ongoing testing via the Rays, and the 11th chakra is now a swirling rainbow. Life goes on. I definitely feel more the observer, the observer of myself. I am more aware of what is happening in my own energy field, and this is helped by my Higher Self.

From the very beginning of the journey when we start to consciously ascend, self-observation is an ongoing part of ascension. In the beginning, self-observation leads to the ongoing clearing of our issues and baggage. Releasing begins. We feel we have purpose and self-healing is at the forefront.

Then time passes and we move onto the next turn of the cycle of ascension. We start to look at our beliefs. These are bought into question, and we have to decide whether they fit into our changing paradigm. Letting go gets added to our repertoire of tools.

As ascension continues, we start to self monitor our interactions with others to look at our self in truth. Seeing our self in truth isn't easy. As we begin to do this, our past rises up in a more confrontational way, and we come to the stage of forgiveness of ourselves and others.

Then we move onto our patterns. Patterns of how we think, act or react, talk, and feel. These patterns are both learned and inherited from our ancestral memory and our past life memory. And so, letting go returns in a deeper way.

And so, the cycle of clearing continues. We are continually self-observing and letting go of beliefs and parts of ourselves that no longer fit into our ascending reality. We strive to be a higher and more loving version of ourselves. This makes it hard for those around us. They want us to stay the same, they don't want us to change.

Here am I at the 8th initiation, and I find I am back at the turn of the cycle, observing from a different perspective. What more is there to be cleared? What beliefs need to go that no longer serve my greater knowing and awareness? I find the person I have become is so different from the person who first started to consciously ascend. So, as you consciously ascend, know that I see you and know change is okay. Change is a continual part of the ascension process. Sometimes the first thing we need to let go of is the fear of change, not just in the beginning, but at every turn of the ascension cycle.

We can call each turn of the ascension cycle Initiations, and in doing so, we can find stability in this ascension reality of change.


27th February 2020

Welcome back,

This week I have written an article about Archangel Chamuel. He was one of the Archangels to manifest his crystal portal here at the Ascended Masters’ portal. I remember Waireti walking into the portal and coming out with this gorgeous pink quartz crystal. The energy is still lovely ten years later. You can read more about him, what he looks like, what he wears on his head, his wings, and why he carries a staff in the article. Click here to be taken to Archangel Chamuel's article.

I can hear angels singing in the Ascended Masters’ portal at the moment. The Ascended Masters’ portal is a hub and inter-connection zone for many Realms, Kingdoms, and worlds to come together and work to help humanity. The Devas and angels all exist apart from the Ascended Masters reality, and so the portal provides a place to connect on common ground. Some days the Ascended Masters’ portal can appear like an airport. There are arrivals of beings we have never seen, and then after a while, they leave again. We are none the wiser as to who they were. The Ascended Masters’ portal exists across many dimensions, realities, time, and space. It is a place of thousands of interconnects.

Yesterday I had a migraine start. Those annoying zig-zag lines started, and the headache threatened. I usually take an array of drugs at various intervals to halt the migraine before it takes hold and has me out of action for days, but yesterday I used the Ascended Masters’ Headache Roll-On. I rolled it on my forehead, temples, the base of my skull, through my hair in the relevant places, and finally on my receiving hand. It lessened, but 20 minutes later I used it again. And then it went. Later in the day, a normal headache threatened, and again I used the Headache Roll-on and went on working. Hours later, I realised I had forgotten the headache; it must have gone immediately. I am glad for one day I didn't need the drugs. I'm not saying I won't need them, but it was nice not to have to use drugs. A win for my body.

For those of you who are confused between the Sleep Spray and the Sleep Roll-On, let me explain. The Masters never create two products the same. The Sleep Spray is a pre-sleep preparation of your bed. The Roll-On is for people like me who forget the spray, and then wake up in the early hours and can't get back to sleep. The Roll-On is an easy application to the forehead and temples.

You can find all our sprays and roll-ons at this link.


5th March 2020


I often get people making suggestions about what to write in the diary. Things they feel others need to hear, things I haven't addressed, and things they want to know more about. So, this is a blog addressing some of those requests.

What is ascension?

Ascension is the journey from our own darkness into our own light. The darkness is our karma. As we pay our karma, our light increases. When our light increases, our vibration and consciousness rise. Hence the term ascension.

Ray shawls 

In the store, we have Ray Shawls. We all incarnate with five rays in our energy field. These rays guide us, hold our lessons, and imbue us with the qualities of the ray, both positive and negative. With each of these rays comes a specific Master, so five rays mean five Ascended Masters. These Masters might not walk with you all the time, but they appear when needed. The Masters of the rays have made ray shawls. These ray shawls hold the pure light of the ray. They will help you learn your lessons, pass the trials of life, and support and comfort you when needed. So how do you know which shawl is right for you? The best way is to learn your five Rays. The two most important rays are the Ascension Ray and the Life Ray. The lesser three rays support the life ray - these are the mental, emotional, and physical body rays. We have a 5 Ray reading that tells you your five rays and the Ascended Masters who walk with you. And in the Ascension reading, we tell you your Ascension Ascended Master. I have my Second Ray shawl tied to my desk chair so the energy fills me whenever I'm at my desk. It's good to be in their energy for some part of the day. If you want to learn more about the Rays we have information on the website.

Ascension Counter 

It has been suggested I am slow to update the ascension counter. True. Apologies. I updated the ascension counter yesterday, but I admit it is already out of date. So, the tally of ascensions with the Ascended Masters via us at the portal to date is: 188 have passed the 4th initiation, 130 have passed the 5th initiation, 128 have passed the 6th initiation, and 45 have passed the 7th initiation. The numbers are probably greater, but these are only the people who have come back for reading updates and continue with us at each stage. Many have a solo path to walk.

Oil - Can I go outside your recommendations and how much do I use? 

Even though I include instructions with the orders, there is always doubt and insecurity. I make small and initial suggestions for oils in the ascension reading. I always have more suggestions than I give, but I don’t want to overwhelm people. I am happy to make further suggestions for your life and ascension, but you need to ask for those. Or just follow your inner knowing and get what you feel is right for you. How much to use? A drop or smear on each chakra once a day is enough. Remember to wait 5 minutes between different oils, this gives them a chance to work. One bottle of every oil is enough (except for Violet Flame, three bottles of Violet Flame oil from the 3rd to 5th initiation is enough). Many feel they need more, but if you feel that is the case, then we need to look at introducing a different oil. Issues are always multi-layered.

After the Sixth initiation: I thought the 6th initiation would be different...I feel no joy...I thought my life would be perfect and it's not...I thought my body would be perfect, etc.

There is so much misinformation out there. Ascension doesn't make life better. Ascension highlights all our issues, lessons, and problems. Ascension means our light burns brighter, but greater light also means imperfections stand out even more. All that is not of the purest intent and all that needs repair, change, or letting go of is made visible in a confrontational way. It isn't pretty. Ascension means we have to work on making ourselves the best light-filled version of our self. It doesn't happen with a wave of a wand, we have to do the work.  Those consciously ascending are always working on themselves, it doesn't stop at the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th initiations. Layer upon layer emerges, pattern after pattern arises. But the result is worth it. Compassion and love for all are part of our being. 

As you ascend, your light will help humanity in great ways. That is something to strive for.

And confession time from me, I overdosed on sleep roll-on. During the week, I woke in the night and couldn't sleep. I liberally applied the sleep roll-on to my forehead and over my head and back of the neck. I had to be dragged awake and I was drowsy all day; I couldn’t function. It took a while for me to click as to why. So small doses now. I forget how strong the Masters' products are.


12th March 2020

Welcome back to my weekly diary.

I was asked this week to explain our distant healings with the Masters. I don't think I've ever talked about this before.

The Master's work with us in a different way than ordinary distant healing. The Masters are in the Ascended Masters’ portal in their healing temple. Waireti or I come to the reception area of the portal and connect with the recipient at a deep level. We then bring the recipient energetically to the portal and hand them to the Masters for the healing. The Masters then take the person into their healing temple. Waireti and I step back, but we continue to hold the person in the portal. Waireti and I are the bridge between the physical and the Masters. We aren’t bringing the Masters into our world, we are taking the recipient into the Masters’ world. This makes these healings different and more powerful than anywhere else in the world. Magic.

All the person needs to do is be relaxed (lying down or in a meditative state) and then enjoy the session. Each person experiences the sessions in a way unique to them, but the consensus is the sessions are powerful. Don’t be anxious, the Masters are kind and caring. Be open to experiencing their love.

We have added some seconds healing shawls to the store, we are calling it Pot-Luck. These are healing shawls we have discovered have a flaw or a mark. Most of the issues aren't easily seen. The healing in the shawl is still at 100%. We will choose the shawl for each person and will try and match the shawl to your energy the best we can. There is a limited number of them. If you are looking at the shawls and don't know which is right for you, look at the shawl and see if you can feel an energetic pull. A pull suggests that's the one.

I was reminded today about the Ascended Master teaching schools. The Masters have set up teaching schools for those who are between the 4th and 5th initiations. Some are general and some are on specific topics. You will visit these in your sleep. A sign you are visiting these schools is when you wake up tired in the morning. Ask in meditation to be shown where you go and what is being taught. It can be fun to be more aware of what is happening.

Blessings on your week ahead.



19th March 2020

Namaste and welcome back.

Let's start the diary this week with the Covid-19. A virus is a living thing. It isn't good or bad, it just exists. How it started and if it was intentionally created is up for debate. Regardless of this, humanity now is being confronted with change. Change is a topic I have talked about a lot lately, but this is change in a way we have never experienced in our lifetime. Please stay in your hearts as the tests come to each of you. Please send your prayers to those who may be experiencing increased domestic violence, poverty, uncertainty, grief, fear, and illness.

For those of you who are sending healing, please don't send healing to the virus itself. All living things thrive on energy, so healing will give the virus strength. Energy sent from light and love does not kill, remove, or deter. So instead, please send healing to the issues associated with the virus.

We can look for the greater why, but really at the end of the day, that is the mind wanting a focus. Stay in your heart, love those around you, and be kind to everyone. This is an easy time to shut down emotionally as the virus increases and the restrictions to life increase, but don't let this happen. Make a conscious effort to stay in your heart and consciously choose light over darkness because dark days are coming for many.

As I write this, I look out the window and Waireti is playing with a bubble maker. Bubbles are everywhere. Simple things can bring a smile, make us laugh, and lighten the mood. My turn!

It never ceases to amaze me how a new concept soon evolves into the norm. When I was first starting this website, I remember googling ‘Rays of Incarnation’ and it came up with zero results. Now eleven years later, I put the same search into google and there were eleven million results. The rays of incarnation are one of the foundation stones for our website and ascension. We differ from the norm in that instead of calling them the Seven Rays of Incarnation, we are now calling them the Eight Rays of incarnation. This is because we are seeing many people with the Eighth Rainbow Ray as their ascension ray. The Eighth Ray is no longer a hidden ray, it is a ray of these times.

We have some new healing shawls slowly being added to the website. These are for physical, emotional, and mental healing. The healing energy is put into the shawls by St. Germain, Mother Mary, and Dom Ignacio. Check them out, we have quite a few different blues and greens coming online in the next few days.

We have added a dark purple Sixth Ray shawl to the store for those of you on the Sixth Ray. The Ray shawls help focus the ray, bringing greater clarity to life and ascension lessons. They bring the balance of the ray. Check out all our Ray Shawls here.


26 March 2020

Namaste, blessings, and love to you in these very unusual times.

Waireti, Tara, and I are still working. Waireti and I continue to do healings and readings. We don't have access to a mail service at the moment as NZ Post stores are considered not an essential service. We have moved all our products to pre-order status. We will post your orders when home isolation is lifted and NZ Post is back in business.

Despite the continued spread of the virus, deaths, restrictions, concerns about income, and all the related issues, we are getting reports of a change in the pollution levels around the world as humanity changes the way it lives. Our Mother Earth, Papatuanuku, must be breathing in relief at the respite. This is a great joy in these sad and difficult times.

We have introduced Certificates of Ascension for each initiation passed and for those who have Protection Grids. These are really for healers to display in their healing rooms as confirmation of their level of ascension. You probably all realise the higher the ascension level of a healer, the greater their healing abilities. You definitely want to go to a healer who has been ascension certified. These certificates are available to those healers who have had ascension readings with us and we have confirmed they passed various initiations. The certificates are also available to those healers who have a Protection Grid and want to display this reassurance to clients in their healing rooms. There is no charge for these certificates and they come in PDF format for you to print yourself. If you are interested, contact Tara through our website contact form.

Below is a reprint of one of my previous diary entries. Tara bought it to my attention and I think it is worth reading again.

Let's talk first about spiritual Missions. Many of you have a higher purpose, a mission that you are here to fulfil. You will know, suspect, or still be waiting for the awareness to arrive. It isn't enough to wait for the mission to arrive, there needs to be preparation on your part. For Waireti and myself, our preparation meant getting to a certain level of ascension for our energies to be clear enough for the Masters to begin to work with us. We had to work on both being grounded and yet able to take off into other realms at a moment's notice. Being grounded means opportunities aren't missed, signs are seen, connections are made, and people are met and recognised. I wish the protection grids had been around back then, life would have been so much easier. Instead, we both had numerous battles with the dark side trying to stop us, both in the physical and on other levels. It’s also important to not let your ego get in the way of your spiritual mission.

So how can the Masters help you? How can they make your preparations for your mission easier? Here are a few examples:

Protection grid - This will keep any psychic and dimensional attacks away. The dark side does not want anyone of the light to succeed, so it’s important to be protected.

Grounding oil - To keep you present and in your body.

El Morya - An excellent Master to keep you focused. So many people lose track of their mission.

Astral, mental and emotional body healings - The clearer your energies are, the clearer your guidance will be from all levels.

Violet Flame oil - To help clear the dross from the chakras so karma can be released and so your vibration rises.

The Masters will never tell you the end result. They will never come to you and say, ‘I want you to go to Africa and work with the sick’ or ‘I want you to open a sanctuary for animals’ or ‘I want you to start a magazine’. There is never an end result and there is never an ‘I want...’. The Masters do not direct your lives, and they do not tell you to do anything.

There are always many little steps along the way. Suddenly, you are at the end doing something, but you were never asked to do anything that was huge, ego creating, or mind-blowing. The Masters never work in huge, only in baby steps.

They will never be the source of ego. What you do with them will never be a source of ego.

They work with you. You don't work for them, but rather you work as a team. If you are ever commanded, then you know it isn't an Ascended Master because they don't work that way.

When Mary Magdalene came to me and asked me to paint, it was after a year of me feeling the desire to learn how to paint. I went through a year of teaching and guidance from some of the Masters. Then, when I was ready, Mary Magdalene asked me if I would paint her portal with her. No commands, no telling, just a simple request for which I knew I had the option to say no. If you feel you have no option, then it isn't a Master asking. And even then, I was discerning. I asked Waireti to check the portal that was created. Was it a portal? Did it link to Mary Magdalene? Was it authentic? Did her energy flow from it? The answer was yes, but each time something appears, I become discerning. I question and I doubt.

There are many tricksters out there trying to push lightworkers off their path. Ego is an easy way to do this.

If something arrives for you to do and you feel unattached with no sense of pride or ego, and even have a sense of disinterest, though you feel it is right for you to do, then you are likely to be working with the Masters. 


2nd April 2020

Welcome back.

Waireti and I have a mystery to share with you. A week ago we noticed a change at a cellular level to all living things on the planet, our solar system, and beyond. Waireti woke one morning and observed that everything she looked at looked energetically different. She could only describe that it was at a cellular level. I looked at the cells of various things and people and can only say the energy of the nucleus of the cells is more intense in energy. A few days later, there was another change; the cells of all living things began radiating that intensity. And now there has been another change, the radiation of intensity has increased. I have been talking to the Masters about this and what it means. The Masters are clear this wasn't done to us. This wasn't done by anyone. It seems to be a natural event that has occurred in our part of the universe as part of a cosmic wave of energy. This wave has happened three times. During the first wave, there was an awakening in the nucleus of each cell. The nucleus holds the DNA. The second wave created a transmission of energy, and the third wave increased this transmission. I don't know how this affects us now or in the future. We can only observe.


9th April 2020

Hi, I hope you and yours are all safe and well as we move through these days of life with Covid-19.

I wrote these words many years ago:

“When you cease to desire abundance, when you forget about it, when you live in the moment, and when you truly trust and have faith that all your needs will be met – then abundance will arrive.”

This mindset is so needed in these times. I am a firm believer in this way of living. I found myself alone at 50 with no means of income other than a fledgling website and a belief in the Masters. I trusted in myself and my abilities, and never once in all those years since, did I ever doubt they wouldn't make sure I had enough. I have always had enough money to pay every bill and just a little spare. It's not about money, it's about living without fear. This didn't mean I sat back and did nothing and waited for a miracle, that was never going to happen, but I trusted the efforts I was making would be assisted. When my first huge and unexpected bill arrived for several thousand dollars related to worker’s health protection, I nearly died of fright. I phoned the agency up and they looked at my classification and changed it, and the bill decreased somewhat. Then I asked the Masters for help, and before the due date, enough money had arrived to pay the bill. I never doubted the money wouldn’t arrive, but I did my part too. Together all was well.

Trust, faith, and the belief in this way of living requires surrendering your fears -  surrendering them to any higher power you believe in. And then know to the core of your being with faith and trust that your endeavours will be supported and your needs will be met. Fear will always put limits on your potential and your well-being.

I finally have the new healing shawls online, they make a lovely colour pallet. I keep ordering these larger shawls because they are soft, large, easily washed, and can take some serious use. Permanent healing is imbued into them by Mother Mary, St. Germain, and Dom Ignacio. The healing is for emotional, mental, and physical issues. The healing shawls are comforting, supportive, and healing. Children can have their own healing shawl if they are having issues you feel might be helped by the shawl.


17th April 2020

Hello, I hope you are well in these difficult times. Our love goes to all of you.

It is with great joy that I introduce to you today a group of new Masters. We have created a new page on the website just for them where you can read about them, see what their auras are like, and generally get to know them as the beautiful beings they are. They are all wonderful. It was the highlight of my day to connect with them on a deep level and create their aura paintings with them. Some had me laughing, others I just wanted to sit in their love, but all felt like family. The aura paintings are not portals, but there is enough of the Master’s energy in them for you to get a sense of their energy, connect with them, and for them to say hi to you. You will see Maru-ata (my Higher Self) there and some of those he is ascending with. All of these new Masters are the Higher Self of someone who has passed the seventh initiation via the Ascended Masters’ portal. There are more new Masters to be added to the page over the next week or so, so keep coming back to see who has been added. Come and visit with them here.

Karma within ascension is a common topic that keeps coming back. The question usually asked is, “After I pass an initiation, can I make enough karma to descend?” First, some base knowledge. When we pay sufficient karma, then we pass a specific initiation. For example, when we have paid 60% of our karma, then we pass the 3rd initiation. Don't think just because the initiation has been reached that we can't then make sufficient karma to drop us below the threshold again. Of course we can. Everyone see-saws up and down in their karma every day. So the answer is yes, you can make enough karma to descend.

Also, please don't think because someone has passed the 5th initiation and left the cycle of rebirth that they can't create enough karma to drop below the threshold. They can. We never stop creating karma with our thoughts, words, and actions because it is part of the human condition. But as we ascend and come into a state of unconditional love, we make less and less karma daily. This is because we judge less and love humanity more. As I always say, strive to have heart-based thoughts, words, and actions.

Another topic that has arisen this week is physical healing. If you are physically ill or have issues with your physical body, please don't berate your body for letting you down or judge it for being less than perfect. Rather, thank your body for being the vehicle for your karma to be paid. It is your past life and current life karma that is creating the illness, condition, or limitation in the body. Send love to the cells of your body so your body knows it is loved. Let it know you will support it through the manifestation of your karma within it. Your body truly is a gift. Accept it as such.

Blessings on your week ahead


30th April 2020 


This is a good news week. New Zealand has moved from lockdown to level three. This means we are back to mailing your orders worldwide. You can check your order status by logging into your account. The only orders not posted are those received in the last two days and those which have astral body crystals because our supply chain for quartz spheres is caught up in the delays of shipping too. When we have them, they will be made into astral body clearing crystals asap in the Ascended Masters’ portal.

We have six new Masters to add to our new page on Newbie Masters. Come and meet Angelique, Henry Silver, Kaiya, Christian, Anaiyah, and Sam. The last two are Eighth Ray Masters. Christian would be right at home in the gym, Angelique is just beautiful on every level, Henry Silver has a divine sense of humour, and Kaiya is a lady warrior. They are all rather wonderful. Look at all the new Master's auras and get a sense of who they are, for they are active with humanity, helping to ease the workload for the 42 Masters who stand with all humanity as teachers.

Blessings on your week ahead.


6th May 2020


We are thrilled to announce the return of the Ancient Grief healing. Grief catches us unexpectedly, and for the most part, we cope. But there is that ancient and deep grief that has no foundation in our current lives, a grief we struggle to understand and yet is part of our very being. This may be linked to your original home. For many, there is the awareness of a connection to your origins (angelic, reptilian, or faerie) or a far-off planet. This ancient grief may manifest as low-level grief that is always there, a deep yearning that accompanies the grief, or even unexplained physical pain. This healing session will be conducted by four Ascended Masters and Waireti. This is not a channelled session. Waireti will bring you into the Ascended Masters’ portal and hand you over to the Ascended Masters who will conduct the healing session within the portal. This is a deep session.

Waireti is now working with us in a closer way; she is taking on more of the healing sessions. She continues her astral healings and has taken on the mental body sessions and now the Ancient Grief healing sessions.

We are working on bringing the diary archives to you in different formats so you can download them to read on different devices in your own time. This means we are re-reading a lot of the old entries. The topic of Ascended Masters in body arose again. The following is what I wrote in 2010 with current updates and additions. This helps to describe the difference between the new Masters emerging and the incarnation of a known Ascended Master.

How can you tell if a person in body is a Master?

First off, let’s just give a base of reference for the two terms. An Ascended Master is a Being who has lived lives in a physical body and has, through their own efforts, raised their vibration and therefore their consciousness to a level beyond the 5th initiation and no longer needs to be reborn in body. They have no more karma, desires, and attachments pulling them back into physical life. An Ascended Master in body is exactly the same, but they have chosen to come back to this dimension in a body to ‘walk among the people’.

So how can you tell? Well, that's the hard part. All Ascended Masters have a white band at the edge of their aura. So, if you see auras, you will know them by their white band. This is where the term ‘Great White Brotherhood’ came from. You can also rely on your inner knowing. But for the most part, most Ascended Masters here in body are going about their business in a very quiet manner, and they aren't out there saying ‘look at me’.

October 2017: As of yet, I haven't seen or heard of an Ascended Master in body. Many have made claims, but the dullness of their aura and the karma in their chakras shows us they are pretenders or just misguided. The higher I ascend, I feel it is virtually impossible for a Master to lower their vibration to this denseness as to manifest a body in this dimension.

May 2020: I still haven’t seen a Master in body as described above. I am now aware though, through observation of the continued ascension of Waireti, myself, and those who have passed the 6th and 7th initiations with us, that new Masters can emerge. I’m not talking about the person who is ascending, but rather the Higher Self of the person who is ascending. As part of the ascension process, the 6th initiation starts a long and slow process of the Higher Self descending into the Holy Heart of the initiate. At the 7th initiation, the Higher Self of that person is then a Master in the Holy Heart of that person and can manifest their energy through them. These Higher Self Masters are new Masters. To explain more, Jesus the Master is actually the Higher Self of Jesus the man. The Higher Self has just taken on the name of the lower self of one of that soul's lives. And the same principle applies to all Ascended Masters. These times of ascension sees these Higher Selves able to descend into the Holy Heart of the Lower Self.

13th May 2020


We are back to full service again. Mail is moving once more.

We are still working on the diary archives. Waireti wrote the following in our 2014 diary:

I would have loved to give everyone I know a healing shawl. The whole world needs a healing shawl because when anyone puts on the healing shawl, healing happens, and it happens on all levels. Plus, things in the auric field that need to go get zapped, people’s colours get brighter, blockages are cleared, and energy lifts. Look at the healing shawls; these are a must for every man, woman, and child.

I think we need to add this to the healing shawl descriptions!

I want to introduce you to another New Master. This one is called Nova Glow. She is so different from all the other Masters we have introduced you to and whom you already know. Nova comes as the light in the darkness; she may appear to you in meditation as a lit candle or a soft glow of light. If she were to present in human form, she will show her golden hair illuminated by candlelight. But her favourite form is to appear as a dragon! She is green but with a bronze shimmer of light. She is a Second Ray Master, but she also has two sub-rays, the Fifth Ray and the Third Ray. As I sat with her, I had tears streaming down my face from the depth of love she sent to me. Read more about her in the new Masters section and learn how she can help you. I highly recommend you meditate in the Ascension temple with her and get to experience her beauty.

If you haven't been to the Ascension temple before, it is a side temple to the Ascended Masters’ portal. It is where the Masters will meet to work with you if you choose to. You can read how to access it at this link. 


21st May 2020


As we ascend, we learn to self-monitor. And as we grow and change, we can look back on our past with remorse and regret. Some have the innate ability to let it go, and others berate themselves, judge themselves, and generally give themselves a hard time for what they did in the past.

If this is you, compare the person you are now with who you were then. So much change has happened. You didn't know then what you do now. You were in a completely different place in terms of growth, self, and ascension. We can't judge our past selves based on our present selves. Think of your past self as an ascension child and give yourself forgiveness, just as you would a child who didn't know better. Compassion.

We change for the better as we ascend, and that is a blessing.

Crystal portals have been coming to the fore again. When you choose to have a crystal portal (regardless of which Master crystal portal you choose), it isn't just a tool. It is a sacred trust. These portals are made by the Masters first to assist you in your ascension and in your life, but also to help humanity and those in your environment. The energy from a portal can fill an entire house, so all who enter the energy field are walking in the Master’s energy.

The crystal portals can be used to heal yourself and others. Holding the portal in a healing session in the receiving hand is enough. The Masters work through the portal to help you in your ascension, teaching, and life. You commit to them when you have a crystal portal, and they commit to you too.

The crystal portals are sacred. They need to be respected as this is a doorway the Masters have created. Holding a portal is like holding the Master’s hand; they are present. To help the Master work, you can take the crystal portal to work, the mall, hospitals, or any area where the Master can work in a close way.

The crystal needs to be cleansed periodically with Violet Flame spray. I suggest Violet Flame spray for cleansing all crystals, not just crystal portals. The spray cleanses crystals in seconds. Note that we have rearranged the store a bit and the Violet Flame spray is now with the Ascension Flame oils.

Read more about crystal portals here.


26th May 2020


In these times of Covid-19 and lockdown for over five weeks here in New Zealand, it was interesting to see the change in nature. The traffic noise was minimal, the bird song seemed louder, the night sky was brighter due to reduced pollution. With this change, I found my experience of the world around me became more intimate.

The Masters then reminded me, if we reduce the internal noise and internal pollution, then we come into the beauty of silence and the gifts that offers us.

Seek the silence within and see where it leads you.


3rd June 2020


After watching the news this past week, the Masters shared, "You know humanity kills a lot of things just because they exist." They may do this out of fear, annoyance, hatred, or even righteousness. How many of you have killed ants, spiders, or cockroaches just because you are afraid, hate them or just don't want them in your space? People hunt to kill wildlife for fun. Or they kill to protect. I remember the culling of the wild horses here in New Zealand; the talk was because it was to protect the flora and fauna. Everyone has a reason; everyone makes what they do justifiable. But at the end of the day, taking any life has a karmic accountability. At what stage on the ascension path do we start saying no to our base humanity? When do we stop acting out of fear? At what stage do we start to respect all life? When do we stop reacting and start acting from a place of love? That choice is up to each of us.

When we look at the events around the world, I see in the media the concept of blame. The mindset is - this happened to us, therefore blame needs to be attributed and retribution sought. That is not the way of love. The dark side only ever wants to divide, blame, react, seek retribution, and kill. This darkness exists within each of us until we choose to say no and begin that personal change within. The Light only ever comes from a place of unity, support, forgiveness, and letting go. With the Light, there is no us and them, there is only love for all. 

Waireti has bought back the Anger healing. She will be conducted these distant healing sessions with four Ascended Masters. Anger can come from past life sources, ancestral sources, learned patterns, and life.

Blessings on your week ahead


11th June 2020

Here we are back again.

I can't believe I have been writing this diary for 11 years. That weekly commitment certainly gives our work with the Masters longevity.

Last week I was meditating on a torus, and the Masters brought up the topic of their personal crystal portals. The Masters create portals in crystals for their energy to flow out to humanity so they can work with humanity in a closer way. The Masters have made some of these portals for Waireti and me and these have been featured on our Instagram and Facebook page for you to enjoy. The Masters also make portals for those of you who step forward to be a Holder/Guardian of their personal portals. These portals are now all over the world.

The individual Masters showed me their portals linking around the world in a private network. So, all those with Jesus portals, your Jesus portal is linked to all the other Jesus portals around the world. This applies to all the Masters. The Masters showed me the wonderful energy networks that exist between their portals. These portal connections act as transmitters of the Master’s energy out to humanity. These portal networks allow the Masters to work with humanity on a deeper level. Of course, they work with the guardian/holder of the portal too, giving support, guidance, teaching, and healing.

If you feel you want to own a crystal portal and be part of this network serving humanity while still benefiting personally from having the Master's energy in your home, then read more here and send us your expression of interest.

The Masters are helping humanity in a huge way, in ways most people never envision. Is it time for you to help them help humanity?


18 June 2020


As a follow up from last week’s diary, the Masters are on the move.

We have two portal paintings that have come available - Hilarion and Pallas Athena. The Holders feel it is time for the portals to find new homes. We are selling these on behalf of someone else. Message Tara if you are interested.

Some of the 108 Masters who helped create the portal have indicated the crystal portals we have of them need to leave the portal and go out into the world. If any of these pre-made portals call to you, contact Tara in the first instance with your photo. Waireti will then ask the Master if the Master is willing to go to you to be part of their greater network. This is a sacred relationship and the energies must be compatible for all.

Here is the list:


Amaryllis goddess of spring

Elohim of the 8th Ray


Pallas Athena


St. John the Baptist

Paul the Venetian

White Tara



Aloha Elohim of the 6th Ray

Lumina Elohim of the 2nd Ray

Heros Elohim of the 3rd Ray

Deva of Light



Dom Ignacio

Archangel Zadkiel

Archangel Michael



30th June 2020

Hello again,

The Masters are wanting me to talk about them in terms of their rays and what they bring to humanity with their ray energy. Generally, people see the Masters as beings of light and think they are quite homogeneous in terms of how they work, the difference being how they look or their auras. This isn't the case. The Masters all bring a unique vibration to their work, and together, they become a symphony. In my next diary, we will begin with the wonderful First Ray Masters.

This week I have a few things to share.

The annual archive of the weekly Diary is now available in download form for you to read on your tablet or e-reader. Downloadable files are PDF which all devices can open, MOBI is for kindle, and EPUB is for E-readers. Each year of the diary is now a mini-book. This format makes it easy for you to read past years in your own time. We have 2010 to 2019 available for download. Click here to access the downloads of these Diary mini books. To find them later, they are in the 'More' dropdown menu.

We received this wonderful review of our Roll-on for pain:

“I just couldn't be without this product. My partner who has CTE due to hundreds of concussions from his rugby days just loves it as well as it takes the pain away that he gets in his head and nothing else has ever done that.“

One of the new 8th Ray Masters, Sam, is sharing his abilities. He is using his singing voice and instrumentals to create the vibration those he steps forward to help will need. He is also being assisted in his work by the angels. His music is so immense, it fills the sky. Call on Sam to help you through music. Just beautiful. You can find more on Sam here.

I am also asked by the Masters to share some of the work of the Higher Initiates. Brad, Sheila, Tammy, and Courtney have joined forces with the Ascended Masters to help Lightworkers and their business. They call it Business Light Expansion. Many lightworkers find it hard to break into the industry. Maybe they just get stuck; they know they need to start but just don't know how, or maybe it's all become a bit ho-hum. This group of high Initiates can help on every level. They will clear, infuse, and transform your business. They can help not only shift the energy of your business, but also your energy. Their package includes readings for you and your business, healings, and clearings. Take a look at their website.


9th July 2020

Hello again,

Looking at the world in terms of Rays is probably something many of you have never heard of. There are 8 rays, and they contain frequencies and energies. We all incarnate with 5 rays, and these 5 rays support our lessons in terms of life and ascension. We all have 5 Ascended Masters standing with us, one Master for each of our rays. Over the next 8 weeks, the Masters want to step forward in the energy of their Ray so you can begin to identify them within the parameters of their ray. Knowing this will help you know yourself, them, and how they support you through life and ascension.

This week we are looking at the First Ray. The First Ray is the ray of God's will and power. All rays have positive and negative qualities. The higher we ascend, the more we embody the positive aspects, and the lower we are on the ascension ladder, the more we embody the negative aspects.

Qualities of the First Ray

Positive - honouring free will, respect, personal power, clarity, focus, drive, natural leadership, warrior, protector, inner strength, belief in self

Negative - abrupt, judgmental, officious, not a team player, my way, irrelevance, ego, self-importance, power over others, dominance


This is the blue, red, and silver ray. So, people on this ray will have blue, red or silver as one of their ray colours in their aura. The Masters on this ray also have various shades of blue, red or silver in their aura.


St. John the Baptist, El Morya, Melchizedek, Thomas Merton, Chananda

New Masters working with humanity - Alexander and Amangatha

Angels - Michael, Charity, Uzziel (his aura is many blues)

Cosmic Masters - Metatron, Osiris, Sitatapatra, Vishnu, Mahakala

Elohim - Hercules and Amazonia

How they can help

You can call on the Masters to help in certain circumstances.

St. John the Baptist - balance and meditation

El Morya – focus and study

Melchizedek – wisdom (wisdom is a Second Ray trait, but on the First Ray, it is tempered with balance, clarity and directness; this is no-nonsense wisdom)

Archangel Michael - protection, personal power, warrior


First Ray people are natural leaders. They can have focus, they see the plan, they know how to achieve it and work at making it happen. This gives them power. Because they have this clarity, focus, and drive, they can appear abrupt, rude, officious, and definitely not a team player. Their thinking becomes, "I know what has to be done, this is what you have to do." The leader and worker scenario can occur. Their focus closes them to other options and other points of view. Dissent and difference aren’t easily understood by them.

The lesson of the ray is God's will and power. Translate this into individual life, and the lesson becomes My will and My way. Which is fine if there is a focused goal, but my will and my way can be transferred to all parts of their lives, which isn't good. Dissent from others can bring up anger, annoyance, and disrespect within the First Ray person.

First Ray people have the lessons of respect for others, and realising power is not power over others, but personal power. Their lessons teach, there are other ways to achieve the same goal, and they will come to realise other viewpoints and beliefs are valid. Respect for all, regardless of who they are, how they act, and what they believe is paramount.

The First Ray is a masculine warrior ray. They aren't afraid to go into battle, but they have to believe in what they are fighting for, and then they will plan what needs to be done. Most First Ray people are men. A woman on the First Ray has lessons of personal power, how they relate to power, and how they use power. They also have lessons on how they relate to non-first ray women. All of this is tempered by their other rays, karma, past life patterns and lessons, ancestral memory, education, beliefs, society, religion, life events, etc.

How can the Masters help you help yourself through their products?

Through their portal cards. Put these portal cards on a chakra and the Master’s energy flows directly into your chakra. These are direct links to the Master.

St. John the Baptist oil for Mediation and balance. We need to be in balance to meditate effectively. This oil will take you into a meditative state. Use it before meditating.

Archangel Michael oil for those of you seeking personal power to come into your own warrior energy

Blue Flame oil - this is the oil of the ray. This is only to be used after first using a bottle of the Violet Flame oil. The Violet Flame oil will help clear dross from the chakras and creates a foundation to use the Blue Flame oil for personal power, belief in self, and inner strength.

First Ray shawls - these shawls bring in the perfect energy of the ray to help you move through your limitations on the ray.

If you want to know your 5 rays and Masters, then look at our 5 Ray reading.


17th July 2020

This is a quick entry this week. Next week will be Second Ray week. St. Germain wants me to give him a quick promotion. He is overseeing a new website I mentioned a few weeks ago 'Business Light Expansion'. They requested if they could use St. Germain's portal for their website. The response was no, but St. Germain said he wanted to create a new portal painting just for them. So, this last week I have been working with St. Germain as he created his new portal painting through me utilizing what I call my second crown chakra, but has now morphed into something unexplainable. But that's a side issue. This portal painting is the first to be created using only computer graphics. The portal painting isn't mine to share, but I can direct you to their website, so you can see and feel this new portal painting. He has added some 7th ray whimsey into this one which I find delightful. It makes me smile every time I see it. Go and have a look on their home page and feel his loving energy flow into you. He is fully behind this new website and the services they offer with him. The Masters are helping lightworkers in a practical way. These are all 6th and 7th initiates, so their light is just amazing. Take a look at the video with St. Germain explaining how he and the Masters will be helping Lightworkers.

I feel the end of the year will see the end of this diary. 11 years of writing about the Masters each week is enough I feel. 


22nd July 2020


This week we continue our series on the rays with insight into the Second Ray. The Second Ray is the yellow ray of Wisdom, Joy, and Lightness of Being. This is the happiness ray.

Qualities of the Second Ray

Positive – humour, patience, joy, kindness, easy-going, innate wisdom, perception, fun, care-free

Negative – ego, lazy, careless, mind focused, depression


The Second Ray is yellow and includes all variations of yellow - from green tinged yellows through to orange yellows and all variables in between. Each Master has a unique version of yellow in their aura. Lao Tze has a bright joyous yellow, and Ares has a pale yellow.


Kuthumi, Jesus, Lord Lanto, Lao Tze, Hera

New Masters working with humanity - Maru-ata

Angels Archangel Jophiel and Archeia Christine

Cosmic Masters - Amaterasu, Krishna, Ares, Helios, Manjushri

Elohim - Apollo and Lumina

How they can help

The Masters can help in many ways, but I suggest you call on these Second Ray Masters for the following:

Jesus – healing, lightness of being

Kuthumi – animal healing

Lao Tze – Joy, upliftment, lightness of being

Ares – warrior

Lord Lanto - understanding


The Second Ray has many lessons. Lessons of being in balance with head and heart, lessons of thinking from the heart not from the head, lessons of realising true wisdom comes from the heart not from the mind, lessons of feeling versus thinking. Wise thoughts might erupt, but the lesson is expression. The lesson is sharing wisdom, perhaps verbally or written. This can then bring up issues of ego.

When the head and heart aren't in balance, the mind can take over and the heart is shut down. This takes the person away from the basis of the Second Ray - Lightness of Being. This can also lead to mental illness for some on the Second Ray. As Kuthumi said, he had to go out of his mind (literally) to come into his heart.

Second Ray people feel. They feel joy, they feel light, they feel heavy, they feel burdened, they feel wise. The lesson is to turn feelings into an outward expression and so share their experience. Feeling joy might be expressed as simply as a smile, a giggle, a laugh, or more overtly as humour. Their feelings might take a negative turn. When emotionally hurt, they feel deeply. They are susceptible to depression, and they can feel the highs and lows when not in balance. Some of the greatest comedians suffer from depression.

All of this is tempered by their other rays, karma, past life patterns and lessons, ancestral memory, education, beliefs, society, religion, life events, etc.

How can the Second Ray Masters help you help yourself through their products?

Some of them have made portal paintings which are available via their portal cards and prints. Put these portal cards on a chakra, and the Master’s energy flows directly into your chakra. These are direct links to the Master. The Masters with portal cards are Jesus, Kuthumi, Lord Lanto, and Lao Tze.

Deva of Joy oil - to help manifest joy within you.

Lighten Spray- to promote Lightness of Being.

Yellow Flame oil - this is the oil of the ray. The yellow Flame contains the Second Ray energies of Wisdom and Humility. This is the last oil in the seven flame series.

Second Ray shawls - these shawls bring in the perfect energy of the ray to help you move through your limitations on the ray.

If you want to know your 5 rays and Masters, then look at our 5 Ray reading.


28th July 2020

Hello again,

Next week we look at the Third Ray, the ray of unconditional love, but this week I'll be sharing some questions asked and my responses.

I saw the most amazing Hyacinth blue mass of colour at the bottom of my bed. Which Ascended Master is it?

Surprisingly, this is likely to be El Morya. His aura is dark blue, and his portal is dark blue, but he can appear as this stunning blue.

Thank you for my Five Ray reading. You have said my ascension ray and soul ray are the same. Does this mean I’ve had the same soul ray and ascension ray in every past life?

No, your five rays change with every life. With every new life, you are born with five rays to help you with your life lessons. Your 5 rays don't normally change, but they can change. We have seen it occur with children quite a bit. St. John the Baptist usually stands with babies and then this changes somewhere around one or two years of age. But the rays can also change at age 14 when the Masters deem the child to be an adult. We have seen rays change in adults. This is usually a gradual process as one ray is phased out and another phased in. We surmise this happens when old lessons are learned, and new lessons appear from a different ray.

I saw blue aura around a person. What does it mean?

Well, the etheric body is blue, and it appears as a thin band around the physical body. The emotional body swirls and spins and changes; it is muti-coloured, and these colours change all the time. There are many colours - colours that are permanent and colours that are fleeting or temporary. Thoughts have different colours. We are thinking all the time, so the mental body is ever-changing. When different colours appear in different bodies, in different places, and for different lengths of time, they have different meanings. One colour doesn’t mean one thing. Colour in the aura is complex and multi-layered.

Everyone’s bodies are a mixture of different colours, position, brightness, movement, flow, layers, and interconnections. The rays, chakras, and other energy centres usually all stay the same colour. So, some parts of the aura have permanent colour, and amidst that, the bodies change. But then, all of this occurs in different energetic compartments. It’s like looking through a window at one body and then through another at another body. This is why people see one colour and think the aura is only one colour, when in reality, an aura is a multi-layered, multi-coloured image.

How are new souls made?

This is a really good question. A person's Higher Self is the creator of their soul. A single Higher Self will create up to 27 souls. These souls all exist in different dimensions. It is these souls that form the foundation for the ascension of the Higher Self. So, you can consider your Higher Self as your divine parent and the Being you give devotion to. The Higher Self is, in turn, created by the Christ Light. And the Christ light was created by the One God of all. 


6th August 2020

Welcome back,

This is Third Ray week. But before I start talking about the Third Ray, I want to announce Healing Shawl seconds are back with a limited supply. As usual, Pot Luck on which one you get, but they are a great price.

Now we continue with our ray series. The Third Ray is the pink ray of unconditional love, the Mother, and creativity.

Qualities of the Third Ray

Positive – loving, compassionate, nurturing, creative, sensitive, empathetic, faithful, trusting, inner strength-based in love, kind, caring

Negative – blind to what is happening around them, gullible, easily hurt, inattentive, thoughtless, careless


The colours of the ray range from soft light pink through to pinky bronze, with all versions of pink in-between. Paul the Venetian has a coppery pink and Mother Mary a soft pink.


Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Paul the Venetian, Ma’at, Vesta, and Dom Ignacio

New Masters working with humanity – Henry Silver

Angels – Archangel Chamuel, Archeia Faith, and Archeia Hope

Cosmic Masters - Lakshmi

Elohim – Heros and Amora

How they can help

The Masters can help in many ways, but I suggest you call on these Second Ray Masters for the following:

Mary Magdalene – working through issues

Mother Mary – love, mothering, healing

Kuan Yin – personal power

Paul the Venetian – creativity in any form


Those on the Third Ray are usually kind and compassionate and have the lessons this brings. Don't think those on this ray are weak, because this is the ray of the Divine Mother. There is a warrior fierceness underlying those with Mother Mary and Kuan Yin. They can be the protectors of those in need. Third Rays are likely to be those leading the charge for a good cause. They have the power of the Divine Mother in them. Those with Mother Mary can be focused and determined and yet still have gentle compassion.

This is also the ray of the Home. Third Rays are likely to do everything they can to make where they live home. It is also the creative ray, so combine home, love, and creation, and the Third Ray home becomes very inviting. Those with Paul the Venetian are on the creative and beauty aspect of the ray. They are artistsThey create in all forms, whether it is through food, paint, sculpture, cloth, or yarn. They will strive to bring beauty into the world.

Third Rays see the beauty in life. They appreciate nature, they appreciate people, they have gratitude. You will find them saying thank you in the most unexpected ways and times.

Third Rays are observers. They remember what they see. They feel what they see. They care about what they see. They care about everything. The Divine Mother is awake in them. Caring. Gratitude. Kindness. Compassion. Love. Creativity.

The downside is they can care too much. They get easily hurt. Their caring, for one thing, might come at the expense of another, so if something isn't in their current focus, it doesn't exist at that moment. This inattention to things outside of their focus can lead to some serious repercussions in their lives. They can be seen as absent-minded, careless, thoughtless, and inattentive.

All rays need balance. The Third Ray traits are tempered by their other rays, karma, past life patterns and lessons, personality, ancestral memory, education, beliefs, society, religion, life events, etc.

How can the Third Ray Masters help you help yourself through their products?

Some of them have made portal paintings which are available via their portal cards and prints. Put these portal cards on a chakra, and the Master’s energy flows directly into your chakra. These are direct links to the Master. The Masters with portal cards are Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Dom Ignacio, and Paul the Venetian.

Love Spray – To bring love to you, your home, and work environment

Mother Mary Oil – Love

Kuan Kin oil – Inner Peace

Cherish oil- To help those with issues of self-love, self-acceptance, self-respect, self-worth etc.

Third Ray Shawls – These shawls bring in the perfect energy of the ray to help you move through your limitations on the ray.

If you want to know your 5 rays and Masters, then look at our 5 Ray reading.


13th August 2020


This week we are looking at misconceptions about ascension, especially concerning the third eye. Next week we will look at the Fourth Ray of Harmony through conflict.

Sometimes I feel like a little voice in the wilderness; I'm talking really loud, but the wind keeps taking my words away. This is what it feels like when I try and address the misconceptions of the spiritual journey. Waireti and I have passed the 8th initiation, and we see these misconceptions so clearly. Misinformation is a tool of the dark side. The foundation of misconception is so solid, we get tired of trying to chip away at it, but all we can do is speak our truth and trust some will hear us.

When we consciously step onto the ascension path, we come with knowledge baggage. These are the things we have read, things we assume, and what we have been taught. Most often, 90% of this is irrelevant and inhibits our ascension. An example of this is the assumption the third eye is an important part of ascension. Why? The sixth chakra is commonly called the third eye or the Anja chakra. It is located between the eyebrows. Many people, in their meditations, concentrate on this one chakra and ignore the other six. Many link the third eye with ‘sight’ and seeing clairvoyantly - seeing auras, spirit, guides, Masters, angels etc. Not so. These gifts of sight are connected to the pineal gland which resides within the centre of the head. The third eye is the chakra of inspiration, intuition, inner knowing, and spiritual vision (such as receiving in meditation). Higher communication and higher knowledge are associated with the crown chakra.

The third eye is no more important than any of the other chakras. The base, heart, and crown chakras are the stability chakras. These three chakras are meant to hold space for the more volatile other four chakras, of which the third eye is one. When we concentrate on one chakra, we throw the chakra system out of balance, and this slows ascension. A speedy ascension will see all chakras balanced in terms of light, both individually and collectively. This means we want to see the same amount of light in each chakra, and the chakra radiating that light in balance. We ascend in life, not by ignoring life and focusing on what are perceived as the spiritual centres.

Knowledge baggage affects our perceptions. One example is wanting the third eye to be open. In the average person, all chakras are open. What people really mean, is they want the gifts they perceive go with the third eye. So, let’s get the terminology sorted. An open chakra means it's a normal size. We would be more inclined to reference a smaller chakra as closed. When a chakra is smaller in size, it is working at reduced capacity. This is not common. If any chakra is likely to be working at a reduced capacity, it is the throat chakra, not the third eye. Sometimes a chakra is large. This means the chakra is trying to compensate for two chakras that are out of alignment. This is usually the heart chakra that is oversize. Another misconception is chakras jump in and out of alignment. We don't see this; it takes months for a chakra to move out and back into alignment, and this is always due to life issues coupled with karma. The chakras don't come back into alignment until the life issue has been dealt with.

The other misconception many people carry is that the Higher Self is reached via external means like a guide or Ascended Master. The true Higher Self is found via the internal Sacred Heart and Holy Heart route. So much is written about the importance of the Higher Self by others, but in truth, the Higher Self doesn’t start to come near until you pass the 5th initiation and then definitely after the 6th initiation. Prior to that, the Higher Self passes you into the keeping of the Ascended Masters, and then at the 6th initiation, the Masters hand you back to the Higher Self and the Masters leave. So, if you want to ascend easily, go not to the Higher Self but to the Ascended Masters in your 5 ray team. That is their purpose - to help you in life, so you can ascend in life.

Books, newsletters, channelings, and the internet all bring a confusing amount of contradictory information. All I can say to you is, as you sit and wonder about your own misconceptions, be discerning. Follow your inner guidance. Be open to change and don't feed your ego.


20th August 2020

This week we are looking at the Fourth Ray. The Fourth Ray is the ray of Harmony through conflict. The Fourth Ray is not a common ray for ascension; it appears more in the life, mental, emotional and physical body rays. All rays have positive and negative qualities. The higher we ascend, the more we embody the positive aspects, and the lower we are on the ascension ladder, the more we embody the negative aspects.

Qualities of the Fourth Ray

Positive – kind, inner harmony, harmony with others, balanced, personal power

Negative – poor me, negative thinking, few friends, depression, judgmental


White is the colour of the Fourth Ray.


Serapis Bey, Amen Bey

Angels – Archangel Gabriel

Cosmic Masters - Inanna

Elohim - Purity

How they can help

You can call on the Masters to help in certain circumstances. I suggest you call on these Fourth Ray Masters for the following: conflict, indecision, decision making, and relationship issues.


The Fourth Ray is a difficult ray as the lesson of the ray is “harmony through conflict”. This conflict appears in internal forms (mind, emotions, body) and external forms (relationships, work, family, life).

People on the Fourth Ray often feel they attract conflict - and they do. It is their life purpose to create harmony in the conflict and be a mirror and teacher for all the other rays. The sad part of this ray is the Fourth Ray soul often goes into victim mode. They can find it hard to let go of the pain and suffering they themselves incur from the conflict. But once they know this is their purpose, and they realise it isn't them and that they are merely the means for other people’s lessons, then they can begin to find their own personal power and strength and detach themselves from the situation.

Conflict is part of their life. In turn, they want to feel safe and secure. Money and security are important, but they struggle with this too. They want harmony but struggle to find it. They are good at helping others find harmony and resolution within themselves, but still struggle within their own self and world. Those with Fourth Ray personalities often need to work with their hurt inner child. Lady Nada (a 6th Ray Master) works closely with the Fourth Ray, stepping forward in her role of healer of the Inner Child.

How can the Masters help you help yourself through their products?

Through their portal cards. Put these portal cards on a chakra and the Master’s energy will flow directly into your chakra. These portal cards are direct links to the Master.

Harmony Spray

Lighten Spray

Lady Nada’s oil – Inner Child

Fourth Ray shawls - These shawls bring in the perfect energy of the ray to help you move through your limitations on the ray.


25th August 2020

Question week.

Questions about the Ascended Masters and Ascension are always present for all of us. As we ascend, we question what we know against what we read and are told, and this, in turn, requires verification from a trusted source. I hope you see us as a trusted source. Waireti and I are the biggest non-believers. We question much of what is shared on the internet and social media, and don't get me started on the conspiracy theories. The spiritual community is a prime target for these because we already see the world in a wider sense. For many, the line between reality and conspiracy can become blurred. All I can say is, be discerning and don't be gullible. I have people question me about the reality of ascension and the Ascended Masters, and that is fine, that is people trying to make sense of my reality. They are asking questions. But I, in turn, need to ask questions about new topics that come into my awareness and not just believe them because they appeared on Facebook and were shared by a friend. Be discerning, and fact check from quality sources. I fact checked something today, and it kind of looked okay, but when I looked at the author, the magazine he supposedly worked for didn't exist. Red flag. So, check not only the facts, check the source as well. Misinformation is an industry. Misinformation creates chaos. In light of my blog last week on the Fourth Ray (the ray of harmony through conflict), we can see conflict is being created all around us in the most subtle of ways. But now onto the questions.

There's so much pressure on my head. I feel so much confusion...so unmotivated...I feel like a zombie.

The pressure on your head is an ascension symptom. It means your vibration is higher than your environment, both internally and externally. When we unconsciously ascend, we aren't aware of our light increasing. This means we aren't aware of our energetic bodies and the dross (rubbish) and blockages in them, and so we aren't clearing them. When the bodies aren't cleared, it is like wearing a heavy coat. The weight and the pressure can be felt. So, I suggest you get all your bodies cleared. Look at our healings - we suggest (in order) the Astral body healing, mental body healing, emotional body healing, and then etheric body healing. This order is suggested because each body lies under the other, so when the outer body is cleared, the Masters can get to the next body easily. Here is the link to our healings.

I haven't seen my Ascension Master in meditation, though I see other Masters.

This is a tough one because it requires action. Are you ready to ascend? The Ascension Master appears when a person is ready to ascend - when you are ready to lay aside all other paths and only focus on ascension. In these days of information and practitioners, we can confuse a modality for a path. When someone visits many different healers and goes to many workshops, they can think they are actively ascending, when in reality, they are running around without direction. It shows ascension isn't understood. Ascension is an inner journey. It means laying down all the confusion and choosing to ascend, choosing to make this your last life, choosing to take the inner journey. Many might say they’ve done that, but in reality, they haven't let go of the support system of multiple modalities. They haven't determined they are solely responsible for their ascension. They aren’t saying this is my ascension, my path, and my inner journey. And when this realisation comes and this decision is made, you will see the Master. You know the saying, “When the student is ready, the Master appears”? It should be, "When you are ready to ascend, your ascension Ascended Master will make themselves known." The Master has always been there.

My kundalini rose, does this mean I am enlightened?

The kundalini awakens for the first time between the second and third initiation. It arises with a sense of bliss, usually in mediation. A feeling of oneness with all can occur about the same time. This leads people to believe they have attained enlightenment, and so they feel they are further ahead on the ascension path than they really are. Ego steps in and it all becomes a journey of misdirection for some. I urge anyone who has experienced this to leave the kundalini alone. When you reach the 5th initiation, the kundalini rises of its own volition to the 8th chakra. This occurs without fanfare and without bliss. This is because the chakras and the channels are clear. This is a bit of a let-down for those who have experienced bliss and continue to seek the bliss. Ascension in the Higher Initiations is about letting go, and this means letting go of the desire for bliss.

I will try and keep these question segments going each month until my blog ends in December for good. Then I hope to start on a book about all these interesting spiritual topics. 


2nd September 2020

This week we continue the series on the Rays with the 5th Ray and the Masters of that ray. Before we get started, I put up a diary post mid-week. A group in Canada have a Chananda portal. Their work with the Master is complete, and they want to on-sell the Master’s portal for the next group or person who wants to work with him. Chananda is a First Ray Master. Look at the last diary entry for more details.

The Fifth Ray is a vast Ray. It is the Ray of the Self and the World. For those on the ray, it is about understanding themselves and understanding the world they live in. This can all be brought down to Truth. Truth though is subjective.

Qualities of the Fifth Ray

Positive – inquiring minds, truth seekers, travelers, explorers, self-healing for all issues of self

Negative – the question is greater than the answer, inaction, delaying action, indecisive, not very discerning, can have trouble discerning the truth as they believe all information is a truth


Green and orange – all shades


Ascended Masters – Hilarion, Ptah, Anubis, Cha Ara

Cosmic Masters – Ganesh, Susan’oo, Amaryllis Goddess of Spring

Elohim – Cyclopea and Virginia

Archangels – Uriel and Aurora

How they can help

Ptah is a warrior of the Fifth Ray. He will help fight battles of any kind, but the battle for truth is paramount. Ganesh and Hilarion are wonderful healers. Ganesh helps with those inner hidden issues that need healing.


Fifth Ray people ask questions constantly. If you have a Fifth Ray child, they will be asking why, whatand how all the time. The lesson for the Fifth Ray person is to find these answers for themselves, and they do so through reading, watching documentaries, going to lectures, and any other source of knowledge they can find. Fifth Ray people know a lot. This doesn't make them good teachers though, as the question is always there. Sharing their knowledge isn't part of who they are. They gather knowledge for themselves.

The Fifth Ray is also the healing ray. This isn't healing of others, but more about healing themselves. Fifth Ray people innately know healing is about personal truth. They know that looking at themselves in truth will help them heal. Those with Ganesh often have deep inner scars that need deep healing, though they hide this part of themselves from the world.

Fifth Ray people can be travelers too. They can go out to seek knowledge from all sources, wherever that is in the world. I can imagine the great explorers being on the Fifth Ray. They want to know, what is around this corner? What’s on the other side of this ocean? Those on the orange aspect of the ray take this exploration internally - they want to understand themselves. And on a spiritual level, they find another level of consciousness opening up that they just have to explore.

The negative side of the Fifth Ray can be that the questions become more important than the answers. The questions can become lists of questions. They don't think about what the answers might be as the answers are less important than the questions. Some can use the questions as a means of social interaction, not aware that these continuous questions can alienate people.

The Fifth Ray traits are tempered by their other rays, karma, past life patterns and lessons, personality, ancestral memory, education, beliefs, society, religion, life events, etc.

How can the Masters help you help yourself through their products?

Through their portal cards. Put these portal cards on a chakra and the Master’s energy will flow directly into your chakra. These portal cards are direct links to the Master.

Cherish oil – This is for those who have issues with self and need healing for self i.e. self-worth, self-esteem, self-love, etc.

Fifth Ray shawls – These shawls bring in the perfect energy of the ray to help you move through your limitations on the ray.


17th September 2020

Here we are back again. Waireti and I took some time off last week for some R and R. The photo is of Mt. Taranaki in the North Island. We stopped to walk along the beach, and there it was, looking magnificent. I just had to share the image with you all.

You will all be pleased to know NZ Post is finally adding tracking to their parcel post. Tara will be emailing you your tracking information for all orders place from next week. Unfortunately, NZ Post see the need to increase their prices by NZ$5 to support this. Our set rate for shipping will mirror this increase.

We have a new 8th Ray Master loaded to the website - Yukon. You can read more about her and her work at the link, just scroll to the bottom of the page. Her aura is geometric, which is unusual. It makes for a stunning graphic too. It is the most complicated one I have created yet. She invites you all to enter her aura.

These are hard times for us all. I have low level anxiety all the time. I can see the battle between light and dark, and this battle rolls over into our friends, family, and loved ones. But as a wise woman said to me today, "We just have to keep lighting up the world." It doesn't get more clear than that. As hard as these times are, we need to shine our light so that light spreads and helps to raise the vibration of these times.

I've been answering a few questions lately and one we get periodically is, "What products do Waireti and I use?" What we use now since the 8th initiation is much different from what we used pre-5th initiation. We don't use products now to ascend but to make our lives easier. I was surprised when comparing our lists that they were nearly identical.

At the top of our lists are healing shawls. We have been using them since their inception. I am loading a new group over the next few days. They are still oversize but a softer weave.

Then we both agree we wouldn't be without our astral and emotional body clearing crystals. They keep the respective bodies clear and that makes life easier.

We also use Violet Flame spray and Violet Flame cream to clear energy and the cellular memory. The Violet Flame cream is great for pain. And we use Violet Flame spray on the crystal portals, in a room, after a healing session, and in our aura. Pre-5th initiation we used Violet Flame oil on the chakras to clear the dross.

We both use the roll-on for pain and headaches. And our own Personalised oil from the Masters. 

The difference is that I use my Ray shawl daily, I use the sleep roll-on and spray, and I wouldn't be without my daily dose of Grounding oil, and Rescue spray. So, you can see we fully believe in the benefits of using the products the Masters created in the Ascended Masters’ portal, we wouldn't be without them.



24th September 2020

Today I want to honour two of those who have been Ascending with us and who sadly this week left this earth plane. One was months away from reaching the 7th initiation and the other was months from reaching the 5th initiation. Their beautiful Light will be sadly missed in the world. May we honour all those of the Light, known and unknown, living or not, for their Light and service strives to make this a better world for all. The Ascended Masters are gathered in the portal as I write, singing their Light to your Light. "I see you, I know you, I honour you, I love you."

The Ancestral healing has returned in a slightly different version. I will be giving these healings with four Ascended Masters. The Masters each stand with one of your four grandparents, they identify what ancestral memory you carry from each grandparent that doesn't serve your highest good, and they clear it from your energy field.


1st October 2020

This is a downloaded teaching on death from the Ascended Masters. It is my wording.

When people die who haven't reached the 5th initiation and are still on the cycle of rebirth, they go back into the rebirth pool. This might be called heaven in Christian terms. This happens because their Earth Star still remains within the body of the Mother Earth.

Someone who dies who has passed the 5th initiation (but hasn’t yet reached the 6th initiation) doesn’t have an Earth Star but rather a celestial star within the body of the Mother Earth. This means they aren't yet released from the pull of the earth. Their soul goes into the keeping of the Ascended Masters in a place where they are kept until such time as their Higher Self has ascended to the point to call them home to Higher Self, then their celestial star is released from the Mother Earth. This happens when the Higher Self has reached the 6th initiation.

When someone passes the 6th initiation, the Ascended Masters step back, and the Higher Self steps forward as most of you know, and the descent of the Higher Self into the Holy Heart begins. The person no longer has a celestial star within the body of the Mother Earth. When they die, the descent of the Higher Self is reversed, and the Higher Self ascends, taking the soul of the person with them into their Sacred Heart. It is here in this higher state of consciousness that the person exists with their other dimensional soul family that is part of the Higher Self. The soul is no longer who they were in their last life but all of their consciousness from all their lives. They are one within the greater Higher Self.

When someone passes the 7th initiation here on Earth, their soul is taken into the Higher Self as part of the initiation, and they function on earth at the Will of the Higher Self. We are both part of and separate from our Higher Self. When someone dies after passing the 7th and 8th initiations, their soul doesn't depart because it is already home in the Higher Self. Rather the Higher Self departs, and we, the lower self, are part of that greater consciousness within the greater cosmic consciousness.


14th October 2020

Namaste, I hope you are well.

Recently I have been introducing some new Ascended Masters. These are the Higher Selves of those who have passed the 7th and 8th initiations. The lower self (the person in body) and the Higher Self (the Master) are ascending together. The higher we ascend, the more work the Higher Self can do as a Master. My Higher Self, Maru-ata, is now functioning as an Ascended Master. He is walking with people in need, overseeing all my healings with the Masters here at the portal, and is becoming a member of the Master teams. He is now stepping out on his own to offer healings by himself. These healings won't occur in the Ascended Masters’ portal. He will come to you and bring you into his energy field. With me, Verna, connecting to you, he then has an anchor to create great change. Then he travels back in time to where he is needed in your life.

He is offering healing for your wounded child (womb - age 13), your wounded teen (age 14-20), and your wounded young adult (age 21-30). In all the sessions, he first looks at two of your past lives that now impact on that age group the most. He identifies to me the influence and gives healing to those two lives. Then he moves to the earliest age of the healing session, and week by week, starts to clear the blockages related to the age. These sessions can take 2-4 hours as he slowly moves through time. I am there for about 30 minutes, and then he signals he has connected enough for me to step back. When the session is complete, I will share by email some of what I saw and was told. Because the session is so long, we ask the session occurs just before sleep or during sleep, your choice. The sessions are not for public viewing on the website as this is an ascension site, but we have links here that will take you to a hidden part of the site so you can order in the normal way. 

Healing your wounded child

Healing your wounded teenager

Healing your wounded young adult


22nd October 2020

The Sixth Ray is the ray of the goddess and devotion. In many past lives, each of us have honoured and worshiped the goddess in one of her many forms. Those on the ruby aspect of the ray embrace the divine feminine. They usually feel comfortable in their own skin. They will have a sensual awareness of themselves and the world around them. They will understand themselves in an intimate way. The ruby ray truly is the feminine ray. But note all the rays contain the divine feminine. The Sixth Ray, influenced by goddess energy, embraces it.

Qualities of the Sixth Ray

Positive – self-appreciation, confident within self, love of self, likes self, sexually confident, compassionate, protector of women and their rights

Negative – vain, self-absorbed, self-centred, selfish, hedonist


Purple, Ruby and gold – all shades


Ascended Masters – Lady Nada,Pallas AthenaIsisAnubisErosQuetzalcoatl, and Portia

Cosmic Masters – Hathor

Elohim – Peace and Aloha

Archangels – Archangel Uriel and Archeia Aurora

How they can help

Lady Nada works with those who have trouble conceiving. She works with those who need help with their inner child. She works with children and their issues and she helps Serapis Bey in issues of conflict.

Eros helps in all areas of love.

Pallas Athena helps with personal power, women’s issues around power and finding the inner warrior.

Isis works with those who seek a closer relationship with their own inner goddess.

They all help with issues of self-love, self-respect, self-worth and anything that focuses on the wellbeing of the Self.


Sixth Ray people usually feel comfortable in their own skin. They will have a sensual awareness of themselves and the world around them. They will understand themselves in an intimate way. The ruby ray aspect embraces this. The purple aspect of this ray is the external form of the ray. Those who are on the purple ray are the warriors of the ray. They fight for truth and for the rights of women, and they aren't afraid to fight for what they believe in. They are the female protectors. Their soul lessons come to them from the external world.

Those on the gold aspect of the ray are rare. They understand the divinity of the goddess. They understand devotion is the truth of the ray, devotion not to an external goddess, but rather devotion to the inner goddess.

The goddess ray embraces physical beauty and spiritual beauty. The Sixth Ray is the ray of sex for pleasure rather than procreation. The goddess embraces all forms of pleasure. But like every ray, there are lessons to be learned. Sixth Ray people can be self-centred and selfish. While caring for their own well-being, they can forget to care for others. Hedonists are on the Sixth Ray. Sixth Ray people are drawn to each other. This is often a past life memory of their past lives as devotees to ancient goddesses. The memory of female sisterhood draws them to the recognition of the goddess energy in others.

The Sixth Ray traits are tempered by their other rays, karma, past life patterns and lessons, personality, ancestral memory, education, beliefs, society, religion, life events, etc.

How can the Masters help you help yourself through their products?

Through their portal cards. Put these portal cards on a chakra and the Master’s energy will flow directly into your chakra. These portal cards are direct links to the Master.

Lady Nada oil – Inner Child

Cherish oil- this is an oil for those who have issues with themselves, like lack of self-love, self-worth, self-confidence etc.

Sixth Ray Shawls– These shawls bring in the perfect energy of the ray to help you move through your limitations on the ray.


29th October 2020

We witnessed a lovely visit in the Ascended Masters’ portal from the Ascended Master St. Anthony of Padua. He hasn't been around for maybe 10 years, so it was a surprise to us when he returned to work in the portal. Around him were wild animals - wolves, panthers, leopards and eagles. He sang and sent out energy to the wild animals of the planets. He is a Fifth Ray Master. He usually appears as an overweight monk in a brown robe with a rope belt. The Masters help those of the Mother Earth in so many ways.

Here is the answer to a question I was asked this week. Does the ascension Ascended Master ever change?

The ascension master and ray can change in three ways.

1. St. John the Baptist usually stands with all children until the Ascension Masters steps forward, anywhere between 6 months and 2 years.

2. Some people come into this life with two sets of lessons, one for the first part of their life and another for the second part. When the first group of lessons are learned, then one masters steps back and another steps forward. This probably happens with 1 in every 500 people. The process is slow. Maybe over a year or so one Master will come in and the other leave. That way it isn’t a jolt to the system.

3. When we pass the 6th initiation, all of our 5 rays are removed, and those 5 rays are replaced with the ray of our Higher Self. The Masters then step back and leave our energy field, and the Higher Self steps forward as the sole teacher. Again, this is gradual, but it occurs over a couple of months.

On another note, I want to introduce you to Tara's website. Tara is the third member of our team. She lives in Thailand and has stepped onto the path of her Higher Self by helping people remove hidden blockages, find their personal power, and live their ideal life. She has had many successes with clients and now she has her own website. Go and meet her at TaraJolly.com. She is a beautiful soul. 





5th November 2020

Namaste, I hope all is well with you.

Sometimes we need to come back to our basics. For us at the portal, that is and will always be the Ascended Masters. They are around us so much they are part of our reality, but most people don't even know who they are or that they are standing beside them sending love and support. Every single person on this planet has a team of Masters walking with them and supporting them throughout their life. I have been bought back to this core truth recently with the wounded child, teen, and adult healings the new Master Maru-ata has been giving. I have watched a person’s team of five Ascended Masters gather around to support the session and to support Maru-ata, often their voices joining in song as they send their support. As the world battles away both externally and within themselves, I find myself wishing everyone knew the Masters were there with them, along with their angels and guides. It is a gift to yourself to know your team of Ascended Masters, for when you open your heart to them, they can give you even greater support. Here is the link to the Five Ray Reading which will tell you your 5 Rays of Incarnation and the 5 Masters walking with you.

The Wounded healing sessions have been a huge success, and I am now booked until the end of January for these sessions only. My other healings have places available in November and December. For the wounded sessions, Maru-ata takes me back in time to two of the person's past lives which affect the wounded child, teen, or young adult the most. I am usually looking at the person and their world and have access to their feelings and pain. It’s a bit like a TV with sound, thoughts, and feelings. It is pretty intense. These sessions aren't available through the store, you can only access them via the diary entry on October 14th

Most of all, know the Masters are supporting you and everyone to move towards your own light.


12 November 2020

Namaste. I bow to the Higher Being within you, a being of Light.

Yes, we all have a higher being of Light that is part of us, who holds us close, and watches over us. This is our Higher Self.

Today I want to put the dark side into a context that makes them unimportant. There is a dark reality occurring on the astral plane, that is true. Are they important? No. They really are an annoying side issue, rather like a mosquito, “full of sound and fury and signifying nothing”.

A true Lightworker has no fear of the dark side. They see it as a tiny annoying mosquito. Their true mission is not to fight these mosquitos but to help humanity fight their own inner darkness (karma). Humanity only has two sides - karma and light. We create karma each day with our negative thoughts, words, and actions. A light worker strives to help humanity move from their own darkness into their own light. That is nothing to fear. That inner battle rages within everyone until they see themselves as beings of light and acknowledge their Higher Self as a greater being of Light to which they belong. The Ascended Masters are here to help but only until the union of the lower self and Higher Self begins at the 6th initiation.

Here at the portal, we strive to help the Masters and help humanity move out of their own darkness into their own light. We are here to help you all ascend.




26th November 2020


This week we want to address the feeling of hate. Many are having intense negative feelings, regardless of where they are in their ascension process. For those of you who see yourselves as lightworkers but are experiencing these intense feelings, it is time to look at yourself, not the issue or the focus of your negative feelings.

Hate means you have joined the ranks of division - the Us and Them way of thinking. The Light is all about unity and oneness. How can you seek to be one with All, when division and hate are in your heart?

You may say, but Mr. X is evil and so I hate him for who he is or what he is doing. This isn't the way of the Light. The Light accepts no one is perfect and loves them regardless of who they are and what they have done. Hating puts you in the same group as Mr. X.

Look at yourself in truth and be aware ascension is the journey from your own darkness into your own light.

Love all and respect all is the way of the Light.


3rd December 2020


We have loaded new healing shawls and a lovely soft pink Third Ray shawl in the store. Come and have a look.

This week we conclude our series on the rays with the Seventh Ray. The Seventh Ray is the ray of change. It is the ray of surprise and the unexpected. It is the ray of magic and transmutation. It is the violet ray and the ray of the Violet Flame.

Qualities of the Seventh Ray

Positive – observers, whimsy, unexpected, different, courageous, trusting, open to change

Negative – off-balance, changeable

Colours of the Ray



Ascended Masters – St. GermainKaiya

Cosmic Masters – Omri-Tas, Ra-mun

Elohim – Arcturus and Victoria

Archangels – Archeia Amethyst

How they can help

St. Germain – He will help with change within yourself.

Kaiya – She will help you fight for change, external change.

Omri-Tas – He is connected to mystical mystery and magic.

Ra-mun – He is the Master of initiations.


Expect the unexpected with Seventh Ray people. They like to see the world from different perspectives, viewpoints, and even places. They aren't explorers in the true sense, they are more observers of the world and of people.

They have courage. They have the courage to change and the courage to leap into the unknown. A leap of faith occurs quite naturally to them. They are quite serious people, with a touch of whimsy. Expect the unexpected even here.

They are open to change, both in their external world and internal self. They don't have rigid thinking or beliefs. Their motto might be, ‘Just because you knew me yesterday, don't think you know me today.” On the negative side, they can be off-balance within themselves, never quite managing to find a stable foundation. Their lesson is to find balance, internally and externally, while leaping from one tight rope to the next, just to see what the world is like from that perspective.

The Seventh Ray traits are tempered by their other rays, karma, past life patterns and lessons, personality, ancestral memory, education, beliefs, society, religion, life events, etc.

How can the Masters help you help yourself through their products?

Through their portal cards. Put these portal cards on a chakra and the Master’s energy will flow directly into your chakra. These portal cards are direct links to the Master.

St Germain oil – for change and transmutation

Violet Flame oil – to help with clearing dross in your chakras, and so assists with easier payment of karma.

Seventh Ray Shawls - These shawls bring in the perfect energy of the ray to help you move through your limitations on the ray.


10th December 2020


Compassion is unconditional love with understanding. Have you experienced unconditional love or compassion within yourself?

Look at the portal of the Deva of Love and the portal of the Deva of Compassion (above). Sit in the energy and experience them for yourself. Be open and allow yourself to experience their energy. Allow those energies to manifest in you.

The Ascended Masters ask you to have compassion for...

... for all those who feel less than those around them

... for those who struggle daily to be part of society

... for those who have no friends or family

... for those who are disrespected because of their differences

... for those who look in the mirror and dislike what they see

... for those who dislike themselves

... for those who are depressed

... for those who struggle with things others find easy

... for those who are ridiculed

... for those who are lost and alone

Did one of these resonate with you? Did you recognise yourself in one of them?

Ascension may be a solo journey but coming into your heart is part of the process. When we come into our heart, compassion and unconditional love for ourselves and others becomes natural. Accept the energy of the Devas so you may ascend with compassion for all.




17th December 2020


The world always seems better when the sun is shining, and it is today!

Some questions came in over the last few weeks which I want to share. I’ll also share some reviews of our healings.

Can you tell me more about Horus?

Horus isn't one of the Masters we work with other than he was part of the 108 Ascended Masters who created the Ascended Masters’ portal here in New Zealand. Horus is an Eighth Ray Master (the rainbow ray), and he usually appears in sparkling light. His aura looks like many rainbows. The Ascended Master Ra-mun and Horus can be confused with each other. Both are depicted wearing a bird's head. Ra-mun is a Seventh Ray Master and is the Master of Initiations. Ra-mun is likely to be encountered more often than Horus because he is always there if you are going through an initiation. Ra-mun also works with Reiki practitioners a lot.

A question came in this week about visiting healers.

I can't comment on any other healer's work or modality, but I can speak in general terms so you can see those who will help you most. The general thought is ‘healing is healing’, but we all know some healers are better than others. This is due to their degree of karma versus Light. A healer can only heal to the level of their ascension, meaning they can only access the light or healing energy they have ascended to. Looking at it another way, most healers have karma, this is their own personal darkness. If they have 40% karma in their chakras, then they only have access to 60% light. Their karma is their limitation. So, you want to go to a healer who has more light than you, or also less karma. You can read more about these percentages here. Ideally, you want to see someone who has no karma and is 100% light. These are healers who have passed the 5th, 6th,7th, 8th initiations. Waireti and I have passed the 8th initiation. You can find other healers who have passed these higher initiations at this link.

How do we use the Ascended Master oils?

All of the oils are posted with instructions and we highlight areas you need to attend to. We also put stickers on the box asking you to read the instructions because it is really important to read the instructions. The Masters’ oils are in a league of their own. They must be used with care as they don't work like other oils, and they are very powerful. The main point to know is you must wait 5 minutes between the application of different oils, sprays, creams, and roll-ons. This allows the energy to go where it is needed and start to work. You also need to use most of the products consistently and not just once in a while to assist you in your ascension and well-being.

What’s going to happen to me between the 4th and 5th initiation?

This is hard to answer because everyone is different, so I stay away from putting too much information out there. Everyone experiences ascension in a way that fits in with their beliefs, personality, karma, lessons, rays, lifestyle, health, and so much more. Some may breeze through and be unaware of what is happening, others may get caught in ill-health and ascension symptoms. Belief systems change for some and not others. It all depends on the person. So, accept that your ascension is yours and know we are here to help you get to the higher initiations. What happens for you is right for you.

Here are some reviews for three of our healings. Thank you to those who take the time to log in to their accounts and give us reviews online. Blessings to you.

Emotional Body Healing

It took me few days to realize how much benefit I received from this beautiful healing session. I noticed that I became much more friendly, showing my love to others and less protective of myself while doing that. I also noticed more control over tears that use to appear too often, that's very good news for me...I feel clean and new like sunshine after rain. Thank you so much Verna and ascended masters.”

Mental Body Healing

This healing affected me very deeply. I had a stroke a year ago. Since then, I experienced memory problems, started to talk slowly, and had a lot of pain in the lower back. Today, a week after the session, I can tell it’s all gone! What a relief. Thank you so much.”

I must say that the Mental Body Clearing has created such a profound clarity of thought for me. I have enjoyed the ability to focus more intently now on any subject that I am studying, fully as a result of this healing. I am very grateful for Verna and Waireti's services, including many others along with this one, and for their very powerful access to the field of grace and infinite divine love, which I have felt during every session. I have a deep abiding gratitude for their sacred gifts of service.”

Past Life Healing

Prior to my 1st past life healing, I suffered from constant insomnia (for decades) and various other symptoms related to complex post traumatic stress disorder. Trying to sleep and even just getting ready to go to sleep has always been a completely exhausting ordeal for me daily. Panic attacks, hyperventilation, vomiting, waking in the night screaming, and constant vivid nightmares reliving abuses of the past were my everyday experience. I had been working on this for 18 years with no relief. I have had a torn lung as well as a broken rib simply from the intensity of the episodes all with no outer physical cause. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on every therapy possible, trying to improve myself, ‘let go’, do shadow work, forgive those who harmed me, etc. I had the first past life healing a little over a week ago and I am still adjusting to even believe how dramatic the results are. All of this is completely gone!!! I was just hoping for the smallest bit of relief and didn’t even imagine this outcome as possible. It’s like my memories have been wiped out completely. I feel like I have been unplugged from a dark system. I am still integrating the fact that I have gone almost my entire life without getting proper rest I deserve to function. I feel so overwhelmingly blessed to connect with Verna, Waireti, The Masters and grateful to receive their loving support. I cannot thank them enough! I highly recommend this service, and all services from this site. If you are thinking about receiving healing from these beautiful souls, be assured you deserve it!”

I do need to point out we are ascension healers and not health healers. Any health benefit is due to clearing and repairing of one of the bodies, the cellular memory, ancestral or past life memory. Our healings are part of the ascension regime we suggest to all actively ascending with us. Here is the link to our healings.


24th December 2020

Namaste to all,

This is my final diary entry after eleven years of weekly entries. Next year I will be concentrating on monthly newsletters, social media, and completing a book. The book will be on all those interesting topics like, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Ascension, and that's just the A's.

Thank you to all who have read this weekly diary over the last eleven years. We appreciate your support and feel you are part of our ascension family. Blessings to those who choose to consciously ascend with the Ascended Masters. Ascension is always ongoing, and we look forward to working with many more of you on your ascension path in the years to come.

If you feel ascension is your path in this life, then we suggest you treat our website as a textbook. Read the pages on ascension, the articles, and the Diary archives in the More section. The diary can be downloaded. Most of what is on our website is original information that we received from the Ascended Masters directly. We are here to make ascension easy, relatable, and relative so you understand the process of your ascension. It is your ascension, and it helps to know what it all means. By doing this, you will be in your power as you ascend.

To those of you who have struggled this year, or lost someone, know you are in our hearts and know the Ascended Masters walk beside you.

To all of you, Waireti and I wish you all the best for 2021 and we look forward to helping you with your ascension.

Heart Hugs to you. 

P.S. remember to sign up for our newsletter (just scroll down) and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.



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