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17th January 2019


Blessings on your year ahead.

May your light continue to increase.

We are back, working with the Ascended Masters with focus. The focus isn't just ours, but theirs as well.

The Ascended Masters have given us a clear message to focus only on those serious about ascension. So Many want healing for reasons other than ascension. The message is clear from the Masters: healing for reasons other than ascension isn't for Waireti and I. There are thousands of healers in the world for you to call on for other issues other than ascension, we recommend the Ascending Initiates. They all have protection grids.

You may have noticed some changes. 

We have removed a few of the healings we offer - the ancestral healing, the personalized healings, the 24-hour healing, and the house blessing. This is so we can focus on ascension and not the side issues.

We have stopped the free ascension healing, hopefully the Ascending Initiates will pick that up. We will continue with the requests we have already received over the next twelve weeks, but I won't be posting what happens and who the Masters are.

Unified Field

Over the break, I was asked to explain the unified field (aka universal field) in relation to the Ascended Masters.

A unified field exists for all of creation that exists in the physical world.

This is also called a universal field.   

This is about the physical for down to its tiniest particle, atom, cell and so on.

It is all linked.

When we die, we cease to be part of this field as we leave the physical world.

But we also have physical dimensions, so the universal field exists within dimensions that exist in the physical sense. An example of this is dimensional lives.

So, we can also have a multi-dimensional universal field.

Then there is the field of God, let's call it a cosmic field. All that was, is, and will ever be exists within this field. This is what links the angels, Ascended Masters, Elohim, and all those beings of light. It also links all of the beings of darkness with the universal physical field. All that exists beyond the physical is part of a greater energetic field again.

Those who are passed the 7th initiation (and some people who haven’t) have the ability to access this cosmic field of God. 


24th January 2019 

Namaste. Here we are in the new phase of ascension with the Ascended Masters. They are providing direction on how the Higher Initiates can help humanity. This year starts with us helping the Masters address the entity issue that plagues the planet. We now have 19 people who have passed the 7th initiation. This is a lot of high energy committed to helping humanity.

I received an email the other day from a lady describing her experiences with the Blue Flame oil. With her permission I am sharing what she wrote and have placed this piece on the testimonial page:

Blue Flame Oil is magic because it is giving me inner power, strength, and voice to stand for myself. I have a clear image of my inner power NOW that I didn't have, couldn't feel and see before. And my voice was so silent. Not anymore. People who had a huge influence and power over me can't believe what is happening with me. 

Powerlessness is a common theme among women and men alike. Finding our power and voice seem to go together. 

These Flame oils were made by the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Elohim, and Devas in the Ascended Masters' portal.

The Masters Flame oils are meant to be used in sequential order. First Violet Flame oil clears the dross from the chakras and lays the foundation for change. When that bottle is complete, move onto the Blue flame oil. This is used to foster personal power, inner strength, and faith in self. Blue Flame lays the foundation for the Inner Truth of the Green Flame. This is a difficult flame to use as it sends us on an inner journey to look at self in truth. This though lays the foundation for loving self that is fostered by the Pink Flame. We can't love ourselves until we acknowledge ourselves in truth. After the Pink Flame comes the White Flame of Purity. The burning and purification of self to bring forth the beautiful pure essence within. This lays the foundation for the devotion and compassion that comes with the Ruby Flame. Compassion for humanity and devotion to the Higher Self. After which the Yellow Flame oil brings humility and wisdom. 

With the use of the Flame oils, the ascending Being emerges into a greater self.


7th February 2019


Are you finding your dreams have been weird? Are you having thoughts that just aren't yours? Are you suicidal and aren't sure why? Do you feel entities are attacking you more? Are you receiving a greater number of awful phone scamming phone calls, abusive emails? Are you feeling like the dark side is getting darker and the light has to work harder?

There is an explanation.

In phase one of their plan, the Ascended Masters have closed the gates, holes, and doorways between the astral plane and here. This means the entities that have made the astral plane their home are trapped on either the astral side or this side. The entities on this side are angry and creating havoc. They are attacking those of the light in greater force. But don't be too concerned, because phase two from the Ascended Masters has been implemented. They have created thousands of black holes attuned only to entities, and entities are being sucked out of our existence. They are being returned to the sender. It will take a while, but they are being removed. Waireti has seen entities suddenly disappearing out of our existence. 

The third phase is also underway. Many years ago, the Masters put an energy grid around our planet. This grid is now being filled in. And for phase four, there appears to be a layer being placed between the entities' astral plane and ours. The Masters are being helped in their work by the 19 who have passed the 7th initiation with them. We are all working to help humanity.

The issue that is probably present in everyone's mind though is the never-ending fake news, scams, extortion, and abusive emails. How many of you have received phone calls from people pretending to be your internet provider, email provider, bank or other utilities, trying to scam you out of your money? The elderly are usually affected the most as they don't live in a daily world of fraud and deceit. And these are very real people creating fear and chaos with these attacks. We can't blame entities; evil does exist in the world and it resides in humanity. It feels like the battle of light and dark is being fought within humanity, and as always, the dark side is being subtle and devious.

Humanity needs its lightworkers, more than ever, to shine their light out on the world. Humanity needs us to take the higher ground every time. It is easy to descend into the dark world of anger, verbal abuse, and retaliation. The dark side seeks to create chaos, so we need to maintain balance and light. Keep your thoughts, words, and actions at the highest vibration you can. 

If you need help look at our Harmony spray. This will help bring you into a start of Harmony and balance in a world of chaos. Harmony and Light go hand in hand.


15th February 2019

This is your time", says Dom Ignacio.

This is your time to be the Being.

This is your time to be a beacon of Light for the world.

This is your time to bring Love to all you meet.

This is your time to act with Love.

World change starts with you.

World Peace starts with you.

This is your time.

When do you begin?... Now.

The time is now.

When you are a beacon of Light, others start to wake, and they too become beacons. Help humanity by stepping forward now, and others will follow.


21st February 2019


I’ve had several enquiries this week about the role of the kundalini in ascension.

There is a mystique and fear around the kundalini. All you have heard, good and bad, is likely true, so let me bring some clarity to the conversation in light of these days of modern ascension.

Much of what is taught about the raising of the kundalini has its basis in ancient texts and ancient teachings. In those ancient days (and we are going back thousands of years), the vibration of the planet and the vibration of the people were low. The ancient sages taught that humanity goes through cycles, both upward and downward. One cycle is divided into four yugas down and four yugas up. They said these yugas lasted hundreds of thousands of years and so had little relevance on humanity. The teacher of the Ascended Master Paramahansa Yogananda was Sri Yukteswar. His soul purpose was to rectify the math involved with these Yugas. He determined the yugas we smaller than first thought. He claimed we have just come out of the dark ages of Kali Yuga in 1699AD and are now in the upward swing of the yugas in Dwapara yuga.

When we look at the recent dark ages and the advent of the raising of humanity’s vibration, we can see this is likely so. In this context, we can then see that the original Kundalini practices occurred in a time when the vibration of the earth and humanity was low, the Kali Yuga. Now we don’t need these harsh kundalini practices. In fact, they have become harmful to our well-being.

The kundalini can rise twice of its own volition. The first rising is pre-third initiation. This is a minor rising and is usually accompanied by an awakening and a realisation of greater things beyond the now. The person has an experience. The second rising occurs at the 5th initiation when the kundalini rises from its home in the base chakra to its new home in the 8th chakra. This automatic rising occurs when the person is karma free and the chakras are perfected.

For many, their first kundalini experience is so beautiful, they seek to replicate it, but any kundalini practice used to raise the kundalini outside of these natural occurrences can be detrimental to the physical and mental health of the person. If the kundalini is forced to rise, we know the chakras, major and minor, will be impure. The impure channels can then force the kundalini to divert to clearer, lesser channels. This usually burns out the minor chakras and nadis, which aren’t meant to take this type of power. The damage creates ongoing pain and suffering. It is very common for this false awakening to create mental illness. After this, any form of spiritual activity and even physical activity can be difficult for some. It all depends on the degree of karma residing in the chakras.

In these modern times, just as in old darker times, ascension doesn’t occur through meditation experiences, raising the kundalini, or gifts. Ascension, as always, only occurs as a person pays their karma and so raises their vibration. Each initiation is passed only when you have paid sufficient karma, the 5th initiation occurring when you are karma free. So, look not to ancient techniques, but rather to the universal practice of heart-based thoughts, heart-based actions, and heart-based speech. By doing this, you will make less karma, pay more karma, and eventually, you will leave the cycle of rebirth, where the kundalini will rise of its own volition in a way that you aren’t likely to even notice it, as it will have no karmic resistance in the chakras.


28th February 2019 

This week I present to you the newly completed portal painting of Thomas Merton. 

Thomas Merton was a mystic and an intellectual. He wrote many well received books during his lifetime as a Trappist monk at the Abbey of Gethsemane in Kentucky, America. The best known is the ‘Seven Story Mountain’. His books on spirituality and social justice drew in a wide range of supporters, one being the Dalai Lama. In his later years, he became a recluse in the monastery and gave more of his life in devotion to God. He died in 1968.

Thomas Merton is a first ray Master, the blue ray of Gods Will and Power. His aura is a light blue centre fading out to a mid-blue with a violet overlay on the outer blue. The power of the first ray is very evident in his energy. Thomas has taken on the role in the Ascended Masters portal as guide and doorkeeper. His innate inner power is needed in this position as he mixes with some of the vast Cosmic Beings who work in the portal.

This portal is not yet available in print.

At the moment, the Ascended Masters and many of those at the 7th initiation are sending huge energy to the Lightworkers of the world. 

This week the Masters want to address issues with some Lightworkers. Lightworkers are usually working on themselves. They are clearing issues past and present and looking at themselves and their place in their world. Many find issues they thought they had cleared just keep on coming back. Layer upon layer comes up for clearing, time and time again. This can be so disheartening. Try the Ascended Masters Violet flame oil, this will help.

Another issue they want to address is the wall spiritual people put up around them. This is a wall of isolation and a wall of protection. So many lightworkers work away quietly in solitude. They keep themselves safe from criticism and energetic harm. This wall though prevents these lightworkers from reaching their potential. If this is you, and you want to step into your potential and come out of hiding, then letting go needs to occur in many ways. We suggest Deva of Courage oil, Deva of Letting Go oil and St. Germain oil for change.

And then there are the damaged Lightworkers, those that have suffered in life. Often there are issues of abuse. Their light is strong, but the hurt and suffering are deep. Mary Magdalene steps forward for these Lightworkers. Placing her portal card on your base, sacral, solar plexus, heart, and throat chakras at varying times will help. The Deva of Letting go oil, Lady Nada oil - Inner Child, Deva of Forgiveness oil and Violet Flame oil will all help to move forward with your life.

The Masters oils create change without the story. 

Ascension numbers continue to rise with those ascending with the Ascended Masters via their portal. To date, the tally is:

144 have passed the 4th initiation

103 have passed the 5th initiation

101 have passed the 6th initiation

19 have passed the 7th initiation. Though in the next month or so we expect this number to rise to 28.


7th March 2019


Amen Bey has completed his portal painting. You can see it here. Feel his energy, he is a powerful Master. He is a 4th ray Master. The 4th ray is the white ray of harmony through conflict. Amen Bey is one of the Masters that works with Archangel Michael nearly every day. Like Archangel Michael, he is a warrior against the dark. He is tall and thin and has a number two haircut with a thin, chiselled face. His eyes are almond-shaped and aquamarine with a black rim. He carries a rapier sword and wears a black waisted coat that swings rather like a whirling dervish coat.

His aura is clear at the centre leading to white in the middle with an edge merging from soft apricot to burnt orange. His energy is very still and contained. 

Here at the Ascended Masters portal, we always have our focus on ascension.

Those who are ascending are continually working to bring balance and harmony to their lives, clearing dross, clearing issues, and changing and removing negative patterns of thought and behaviour. Those ascending in Light do a lot of work on themselves.

Keeping this in mind, I have been asked to give an idea of how the Masters healings and products can help with certain life issues that make ascension a low priority for some, even though they feel the pull to ascend. Some life issues can become all-consuming, and so ascension, while possible, becomes impossible. Ascension takes a back seat to life when really ascension will help them with life.

Every month I see people choose life issues over ascension when it doesn't need to be an either/or choice.

I have made a list of possible issues and suggestions.


The desire to have children can be at the core of our being, and yet for some, this never happens. The pain can be great. First, I suggest:

A protection grid. Entities can sit on the lower torso and work at preventing conception. They feed off the despair and monthly anguish. Your suffering is their food.

A past life healing. This may be a pattern that has repeated in countless past lives and is now being repeated.


We are ascension healers and not health healers. I'm sorry we can't help. Cancer is living and growing. Healing energy does not kill. Healing energy often feeds the growth of cancer. My only suggestion is to use Violet Flame oil. This will help clear the dross from your chakras and perhaps help you to then clear the life issues that may have contributed to the formation of cancer.


Abuse is a common deterrent to ascension, as it keeps people in fear and despair. Abuse has many layers for healing. I suggest these oils:

- Deva of courage oil

- Archangel Michael oil - personal power

- Protection grid - entities feed off fear and despair.

Self Worth and Self Esteem

It can be a common misconception to not feel worthy of ascension. Or some have others on a pedestal and feel they can never aspire to be like them. Everyone has the right and the ability to ascend in this lifetime if that is their choice. Ascension is a conscious choice. I suggest:

- Lady Nada oil - Inner Child

- Archangel Michael oil - Personal Power

Financial abundance

It is very common for people to say I'll work on my ascension when I am more abundant. Ascension doesn't work like that.

Follow the personal practice of Heart-based thoughts, Heart based actions, and Heart-based speech and you will slowly get there all by yourself.

And now to change the topic, we have new Healing shawls and Ray shawls online, come and have a look.

We have new Healing shawls online in plain colours and oversized. Great for wrapping yourself up in them or sleeping with. 

We also have some new colours in the Ray shawls - a lovely first ray cornflower blue and a fifth ray moss green. 


14th March 2019


Joy has been part of our social media posts recently. When Joy enters our lives, it can be fleeting. Little moments of light and sparkles in our day. One of those moments for Waireti was seeing St. Germain wearing a kilt with a Black Sabbath t-shirt. I confess to giggles and joy in the unexpected just hearing her relate the story. I hope the image of his unconventional dress code brings a moment of joy to your day too.

Archangel Jophiel...

I am writing an article on him at the moment as part of a series on the Archangels. As I sat with him in the portal today, he held his lyre and showed me how the second ray angels relate to God. While the first ray demonstrates the power of God, the second ray demonstrates the celebration of God's light. With the angelic music came openness, inclusiveness, and lightness of being. 

St. John the Baptist...

He has been very present this week. His presence brings balance, the energies quieten, the breath slows, centering and grounding occurs. I can see why he is a Master of Mediation. His oil does the same thing. It brings me into a meditative state, and from there, into balance. I am thankful for his presence. 

Healings shawls...

I have put more oversize shawls online. There are some lovely muted and earth colours. They are so soft! Come over to our store and have a look.


19th March 2019

The news of the tragic massacre in New Zealand has gone around the world. New Zealand weeps. My heart goes out to those who grieve and I'm sure you feel the same.

While the agenda of the attacker was to create mayhem and chaos and divide humanity, it appears, for the greater part, that the opposite has occurred. University students are holding a March for Love, support for the Muslim community in their time of grief is overwhelming, a sea of flowers is outside every mosque, and the Prime Minister of New Zealand is talking about inclusion, compassion, and oneness to a world stage. The light is prevailing and stepping forward in action. Out of this dark tragedy, we see the Light shining and taking centre stage here in New Zealand. 

From this tragic experience may all of humanity ...

... learn to be accepting of the differences in humanity

... be open to understanding these differences

... be inclusive, not exclusive

... forgive those who have wronged them

... have compassion for all those who suffer

... always act in love

... always lend a helping hand to those in need

The Ascended Masters see all. They see the dark side of humanity all the time. It fills my heart with joy when humanity stands united in the Light, and darkness finds it hard to get a foothold. 


28th March 2019

Last Saturday I woke with a sore throat and congestion in my chest and knew straight away I was getting sick. Did I want the experience of being sick? No. So I went within and said No! to the virus. And within minutes I was feeling better. I can't say my mastery of the body extends much beyond that, but it is a beginning. I came to the realisation many years ago that I wasn't a victim, and that I did have a say in my physical reality which extended to my own body. The first time I said No! to a cold bought me into a new sense of personal power. 

The idea of mastery of the body, even in that small way, opened up the world of Mastery to me. I looked at the mastery of the mind, mastery of emotions, and mastery over addictions and desires. Saying no to things that aren't in our best interest (such as alcohol, drugs, some foods, relationships and so on) is hard because they require mastery of the physical, emotional, and mental self all in one. 

But only we can learn to master ourselves. No one can do it for us. 

It begins with saying No. No is a hard word for many. My grandmother said to me, "It is okay to say no." I needed to hear that. I needed to know I could give myself permission to say no, and that was okay. I didn't need to accept the world that was presented to me.

So many people I connect with are damaged emotionally. They are damaged by relationships with parents, children, siblings, work colleagues, partners, and even by strangers online. Their fears, traumas, beliefs, and sense of self-worth all entwine to affect how they interact with the world. It is hard to find mastery of self when so much that defines self is damaged and painful. 

Mastery starts with a single step. Mine began many years ago by saying no to a cold with all my being for the first time. It wasn't a weak no, it wasn't a hopeful no, it was a No that held no room for anything but my will being obeyed. That No came from my place of power. My No demanded the virus go, and it went. That single battle against a virus in my body led the way to me saying no to a lot of things in my life. 

It wasn't my Will over others in my life, but my Will to make change within myself. I knew I couldn't change others, but I could change how I felt, how I thought, and how I acted. My growing mastery and a new sense of personal power required that my actions and thoughts be for my highest good, and how I felt came from my highest place. Little did I know, my active ascension had begun with saying No from my place of power.


4th April, 2019


My second article on the archangels is complete. This latest article is about Archangel Jophiel of the second ray and a little more about angels and how they function. 

It is a common debate as to whether angels have wings or not. I am always shown wings. Archangel Jophiel was very particular about showing me the intricacies of his wings. His are golden brown on the top and a soft white beneath. I believe in wings because those people of angelic descent usually have a single wing and a nub, or two nubs. At the 7th initiation, this single wing is removed and two new wings manifest. How many of you can feel a single wing? When I was young, I had a perpetual pain in my shoulder and arm. As most of you will agree, you know when pain is physical based and when it has an energetic cause. I couldn't figure out what the cause of this pain was. I went to many healers asking for help. Finally, I realised the origin was due to a missing wing. When those issues were self-healed, the pain went away.

The next article will be about Archangel Chamuel of the 3rd ray. 


11th April 2019 

Here we are again. 

I have discovered processed sugar has been contributing to my foggy mind and memory. Just after I passed the 6th initiation, my Higher Self told me not to have processed sugar. I knew this was right as my body reacted in a negative way to sugar. Six years later, sugar has gradually crept back into my life, I never quite connected how I felt physically with sugar; feeling foggy became normal. My blood tests came back normal at the doctor, and in fact, I seemed to be in great health except I knew my brain was foggy and my memory just ridiculous. Recently, for no reason other than I felt the need, I stopped all sugar for a week. I became alert, bright, energetic and I was remembering things! Yesterday the sugar crave hit, and today I'm back to foggy brain and useless memory. 

It would have been easy to consign my symptoms to ascension symptoms after the doctors all clear, when in reality, it was a single food. Ascension symptoms can be attributed to a lot of the unexplained, and in reality, that is true. Waireti and I had a discussion on ascension symptoms. We both agree, ascension symptoms are at the bottom of the list for us. Medical first, check it out with our herbalist, self-monitor, and then if there's still no conclusion, we look to ascension symptoms.

I am aware that ascension symptoms aren't covered here on my website. There is no article and not much written, probably because I feel everyone needs to self-monitor. It is very easy to look at a list, make a judgement call, and overlook the medical. This view is probably contrary to everything you read, but we need to be sensible with our health. Many people have an inner knowing as to what an ascension symptom is and what is medical, but if you don't, always look to medical first. A simple blood test can answer a lot of questions. I will write an article on ascension symptoms though; there is a gap in the website.

I have a group of people who I work with who are nearing the 7th initiation. The discussion has led to karma. 

We reach the 5th initiation by paying all of our karma. When we have zero karma, we pass the 5th initiation. Between the 4th and 5th initiations can be a hard time, especially for those who seek to help humanity. This is because their supposed kind actions are actually creating karma. Here are some examples -

Sending healing can create karma for the sender. Sending healing is a very common practice, and for the most part, this is fine. But let's say a healer knows two people who are in conflict, and the healer wants to smooth their relationship. By sending them healing, the healer is creating karma for themselves. Why? Because it is none of their business. The relationship and interactions between those two people are unfolding according to their personal karma and lessons. Their issues are being worked on. By sending healing, the healer, though with good intentions, is placing their will upon the situation. Placing your will over someone, for whatever reason, creates karma. 

Healing can only be sent with permission of the recipients. This creates karma if you don't have permission. I ask my children if I can send them healing. If someone is anti-healing, don't disregard their wishes and send it anyway. That will definitely create karma. 

Asking for forgiveness on behalf of someone else is a common practice. This creates karma. Their life lessons are none of your business. Everyone has their own path to walk. Interference creates karma. 

You can see, being kind and caring can get you into trouble karmically. So, before you act, ask yourself, "Am I placing my will on this person or situation?". If the answer is yes, then ask how you can contribute without making karma. Maybe all it needs is a heart-based conversation. 

And on another note, Waireti and I will be having a break for 5 weeks starting May 1st. The store will be open, and we will be accepting healing orders. Product orders will be sent in the second week of June. So, get your product orders in before May 1st, especially if you are running out of your oils.


24th April 2019

I started to write this weekly diary in 2010. You will find 9 years of diary in the Archive, click here.

Tara has been posting some past diary snippets on my social media. There really is a plethora of information in these past entries, and our search facility on the website helps to answer some of your questions. Recently, we have had a lot of newbies to the ascension path asking questions, so with respect, I am going to answer some questions here that reflect their expanding awareness of change. Part of ascension is allowing for the letting go of old belief systems, or at least the opening to alternate possibilities.

Ascension begins with our first lifeThe awareness of ascension doesn't come until we have had many thousands of lives. 

I have had many teachers, and none teach what you teach. Why is this?

I have two crown chakras; one is utilized by the Ascended Masters. This allows them to download pure information without it being filtered through my own thoughts and belief systems. I don't read new age literature online, in newsletters, or in books. That way I am ensuring there is no external influence. I am open only to what the Masters have to give me. Often what they share is different from mainstream awareness. They don't talk on DNA activations, planes of existence, ET influence, conspiracies, etc., and other topics I am asked to comment on.

All teachers teach from their own knowledge base and perspective. It is okay to have many teachers, as you will take from each what you feel is right for you. Respect all your teachers and give thanks to them for their service. There are many pathways to ascension – love and respect all.

I believe in simple, plain, and clear, and try to demystify ascension.

I am Jewish and you tell me Jesus is my Life ray Master, how is this possible?

This is a common query. Some believe they are Christian and so can only have Christian Masters and are confused when Kuan Yin and Ganesh walk with them.

The Masters are not a religion. They are not the people that walked the earth once upon a time. Jesus is the name attributed to the Higher Self of Jesus. Not because that is the Higher Self's name, but because it gives humanity a point of reference. Jesus is just one of many lives that assisted his Higher Self in its ascension. So, when we call a Master by a past life name, it is to give a point of reference, but a Master isn't one of their past lives, they are so much more.

Masters are assigned to you by the time you are about one year old. These Masters walk with you for your life and ascension lessons. They don't see you as a religion, but rather as a person who has had many lives, a person who has karma, a person who has many negative patterns of behaviour and thought, and a person that needs their specialized help.

Be thankful to the Masters, for they chose you.

What's the difference between Violet Flame oil and St. Germain oil? Aren't they the same thing?

Can you hear St. Germain? "I am not the Violet Flame, I am St. Germain."

St. Germain is a Master of the 7th ray. The Violet Flame is a Flame of the 7th ray. The Violet Flame transmutes energy. St. Germain can transmute energy with the Violet Flame and without it. The flame is something he utilizes, just as many others do as well.

We suggest you use the Violet Flame oil to transmute the dross (rubbish) in your chakras. This allows karma to come up for release in a clearer and easier way.

We suggest you use St. Germain oil for change within self. We all have negative aspects of self we want to change and let go of. St. Germain will help you create change within yourself.

Waireti and I are having a break for all of May. The store will be open, but orders must be in by the end of April to be mailed before the break. Any product orders that come in May will be mailed in the second week of June. We will take healings orders in May, but these will be booked for June. We will be putting the products on pre-order, so you can include them in your healing order.

This is my last diary entry until mid-June.

Blessings to you all.


13th June 2019 

Waireti and I are back from our break away. We definitely needed it. It is so nice to be home and in the energy of the portal.

We came back to a series of energetic upgrades for our work. I'm sure some of you find this too. You work hard energetically, need a time away, and then when you return an upgrade comes. It seems to me to be a general pattern of service.

Waireti and I were in San Francisco for a couple of days. The plight of the homeless there nearly broke our hearts. We learned one percent of the population is homeless. The compassion rolled from us in waves. We felt so helpless. And yet this is a state of being in every major and minor city in the world. It isn't a new phenomenon. In past lives we have all at some stage been so poor we needed to beg. At some time, that has been us.

Ascension means we experience everything. To be reading this page, you have been drawn here by the energy; ascension is in your awareness and a possibility for this life if you choose. To be here reading this, you will have had 12,000 to 25,000 lives. You too have had lives of extreme poverty and extreme wealth and every life experience in between. Whatever you see in life you will have done. You will have been a drug addict, an alcoholic, a priest, a nun, a monk, a murderer and murdered, you will have been raped and a rapist, the list goes on.

We can't judge others for the place they are in now. They may have thousands of lives left to live before they ascend. So, when you see someone and you feel judgment, stop - and say to yourself: in one of my past lives, that was me. Then allow the compassion to come for them and for who you have been in a past life. For you have walked in everyone's shoes.


18th June 2019 


In continuation of last week’s theme let’s look at this in another way.

Each person lives their life within a unique parameter of life experiences, ancestry, DNA, karma, chemical balance, Rays, star signs, relationships, thoughts, feelings, fears, expectations, personality, family, friends, career etc. The list goes on. No two people experience the world in the same way because of this.

We can't assume that because we have an experience everyone else having that same experience will have the same feelings, cause, reaction, thoughts, outcome etc. The world has seven billion individuals. So as not to judge, be compassionate, kind, and caring to all regardless of who they are, what they have done, what they have and how they act.

When we start to talk, label, group, and divide, we judge, and from there, we create karma.

The practice of no mind, living in the heart, and living in the moment, greatly contributes to no judgment and no karma. Act with compassion to all. Feel compassion to all.

The mind wants to talk, and the heart wants to act.

Remember, no two people are the same.


26th June 2019

Welcome back to my weekly diary.

I’ve had the most wonderful feedback about our Grounding oil.

Someone with limb amputation was having a terrible time with phantom limb pain. Her guides suggested our Grounding oil. She tells me she uses it several times a day and she is now pain-free.

Her energy was trying to connect to the Earth but couldn't. Now she is grounded thanks to the Masters Grounding oil, and her system doesn't need to work to make it happen. I am so thrilled she shared this information with me, for I had no idea the Grounding oil could work in this way.

This week’s Social Media post on our Facebook page and Instagram is about being your own Warrior.

Walking the path of ascension can be like walking on a sword edge. We need to stay balanced and discerning. It is easy to be side-tracked by drama, old thinking, old beliefs, and superstition.

As you ascend, the warrior in you will want to step forward.

For some this is easy, and others just don't feel comfortable in this role.

Being your own warrior is about you. It's about saying no when you need to, it's about having the courage to say yes when you need to. It isn't about fighting a battle, other than the battles that happen in you. The warrior in you will make you more balanced, stronger, and healthier.

Some of you will remember last year four of us when to the United Kingdom to awaken the Beings connected to the Stone Circles. Waireti and I had the chance for a fleeting visit to Avebury stone circle. We had been advised by the Guardian of Avebury that the energy of Avebury could be felt 25 miles away. We had to see if this was true, and it was. We approached from the avenue side. On a previous visit, the avenue was asleep, and there was no energy connecting it to the circles. This time, the avenue was awake and alive. Some of the Beings with the stones now have full auras of colour, not just a life aura. The avenue is again connected with the circle.

Last year we didn't get a chance to visit Avebury in person as the portal gate there was broken, but the four of us visited by multi-locating and did some work with the gate. The Guardian continued this work.

On this visit, we found the Beings at Avebury had created three new gates to replace the damaged gate. The damaged gate will never be one hundred percent viable as the stones have been removed, but it was much improved.

We came away wondering how all the other Stone Circles we worked with are doing. We can see, like Avebury, they are moving forward in their awakening.

The United Kingdom’s energy was much changed on this visit. It was lighter and brighter. The energy is in a state of renewal.

What next? These are exciting times. 


11th July 2019 

Apologies for not putting up a diary entry last week. All I can say is, last week was just a nightmare. I'm sure we all have full-on weeks, and despite our best intentions, some things just don't get done. But here I am, back on track.

I am pleased to share the latest Ascension tally figures of those ascending with the Masters via the portal.

154 have passed the 4th initiation.

109 have passed the 5th initiation and left the cycle of rebirth. They won't reincarnate again.

109 have passed the 6th initiation.

31 have passed the 7th initiation, with another nine passing in the next month or so.

My Higher Self said to me last week, "The world waits." They are waiting for those who will pass the 7th initiation, for they will serve humanity in great ways.

When someone passes the 7th initiation, it means their Higher Self has descended into the person’s Holy Heart, and the Higher Self has become a Master in body. The person then becomes a living portal of the new Ascended Master. You might know that Ascended Masters have a white rim around their aura; this white border is seen with those who have passed the 7th initiation. Another indication that their Higher Self is a Master.

It isn't the person who is an Ascended Master, for they will always be the lower self who is bound by their humanity, but rather it is the Higher Self who is the Ascended Master. Just as we may call Jesus an Ascended Master, but it is really the Higher Self of Jesus who is the Master. Jesus, the man, was only ever the lower self in form.

If you feel ascension is for you, and if you feel the world waits for the great work your Higher Self can do through you, then look at our Ascension reading. This reading will give you a good idea of how close you are to these initiation milestones, as well as a detailed report about the energetic you. You can read more about the Ascension reading here.


18th July 2019


The first ray has come up many times in the last few weeks. If you have a first ray Ascension ray or Life ray, then you will be interested in this diary entry. This is people who have El Morya, Melchizedek, St. John the Baptist, Thomas Merton, Osiris, Metatron or Sitatapatra walking with them.

The questions have been, how does the first ray affect my life? What are the lessons of the ray? And then wondering why people are the way they are.

First Ray people are natural leaders. They can have focus, they see the plan, they know how to achieve it, and work at making it happen. This gives them power. Because they have this clarity, focus, and drive, they can appear abrupt, rude, officious, and definitely not a team player. Their thinking becomes, "I know what has to be done, this is what you have to do." The leader and worker scenario can occur. Their focus closes them to other options and other points of view. Dissent and difference aren’t easily understood by them.

The lesson of the ray is God's will and power. Translate this into individual life, and the lesson becomes My will and my way. This is fine if there is a focused goal, but my will and my way can be transferred to all parts of their lives, which isn't good. Dissent from others can bring up anger, annoyance, and disrespect within the first ray person.

First Ray people have the lessons of respect for others, and realising power is not power over others, but personal power. Their lessons teach there are other ways to achieve the same goal, and they will come to realise other viewpoints and beliefs are valid. Respect for all, regardless of who they are, how they act, and what they believe is paramount.

The first ray is a masculine warrior ray. They aren't afraid to go into battle, but they have to believe in what they are fighting for, and then they will plan what needs to be done. Most first ray people are men. A woman on the first ray has lessons of personal power, how they relate to power, and how they use power. They also have lessons on how they relate to non-first ray women. All of this is tempered by their other rays, karma, past life patterns and lessons, ancestral memory, education, beliefs, society, religion, life events, etc.

Over the next few weeks, we can look at the other rays too.

If you want to know your 5 rays of incarnation and your 5 master team then look at our 5 ray reading.


25th July 2019 


This week has been momentous; seven women have started their 7th initiation. When they pass the initiation in the next week or so, that means thirty-eight people will have passed the 7th initiation with the Ascended Masters via their portal here in New Zealand. That means thirty-eight Higher Selves will be Masters in body. What great work they are doing and will continue to do with humanity.

Last week I wrote about the First Ray, and this week we will look at the Second Ray. Since passing the 6th initiation six years ago and the 7th initiation four years ago, all of my rays are now the Second Ray. The Second Ray is personal to me.

Those on the Second Ray are on the yellow ray. The shades of yellow cover the entire spectrum of yellow. Each Master and Higher Self on the Ray has a unique variation in colour. For example, Jesus has a sunny yellow and my Higher Self has a pale yellow. As the Masters say, you will know us by our colours.

If you are on the Second Ray, then you will have one of the Second Ray Ascended Masters with you - Jesus, Lao Tze, Kuthumi, Lord Lanto, Hera, Amaterasu, or Krishna. The Second Ray is the ray of Wisdom, Lightness of Being, and Joy. The Second Ray is the happiness ray. Our idea of Wisdom though is serious, and Joy is the opposite of serious. The Ascended Master Lao Tze is the best example of both these in action. He is known for wisdom, but to see him, he is always laughing and smiling. The Dalai Lama is another example of a second ray soul in action. Wisdom with Joy, with Lightness of Being, personifies the true Second Ray.

The Second Ray has many lessons. Lessons of being in balance with head and heart, lessons of thinking from the heart not from the head, lessons of realising true wisdom comes from the heart not from the mind, lessons of feeling versus thinking. Wise thoughts might erupt, but the lesson is expression. The lesson is sharing the wisdom, perhaps verbally or written. This can then bring up issues of ego.

When the head and heart aren't in balance, the mind can take over and the heart is shut down. This takes the person away from the basis of the Second Ray - Lightness of Being. This can also lead to mental illness for some on the Second Ray. As Kuthumi said, he had to go out of his mind (literally) to come into his heart.

Second Ray people feel. They feel joy, they feel light, they feel heavy, they feel burdened, they feel wise. The lesson is to turn feelings into an outward expression and so share their experience. Feeling joy might be expressed as simply as a smile, a giggle, a laugh, or more overtly as humour. Their feelings might take a negative turn. When emotionally hurt, they feel deeply. They are susceptible to depression, and they can feel the highs and lows when not in balance. Some of the greatest comedians suffer from depression.

All of this is tempered by their other rays, karma, past life patterns and lessons, ancestral memory, education, beliefs, society, religion, life events, etc.

Second Ray people often need the Masters' Deva of Joy oil and their Lighten spray to bring them back into balance with the Lightness of the ray.

If you want to know your five rays of incarnation and the five Masters with you, then I suggest our five ray reading.


1st August 2019


My second ray Higher Self has been finding his funny side this week. The higher initiates are writing a book at the moment, and we were asked to give an epigraph. My Higher Self gave the lyric by Bob Dylan, "There must be some way out of here..." from his “All Along the Watchtower” song. There were a few others just as funny, but this one appealed the most. We are locked into the cycle of rebirth, and it can seem prison-like. The question of ascension is, how do we escape the cycle of rebirth? How do we leave? This website is all about helping you to do that. There definitely is a way out of here.

Did you get our latest newsletter in the last day or so? We are clearing out our old readings. There are so many people who came to us between 2012 and 2015 who ordered an ascension reading, received our healings, and ordered the products, but didn't follow through with an ascension update reading to note the changes that occurred in their chakras and bodies since the first reading. If you ordered an Ascension reading and haven't followed through with an ascension update reading, then I seriously suggest you do.

To continue with our ray series, today we will look at the 3rd ray, the pink ray of unconditional love. If you are on the 3rd ray for your ascension or life ray, then you will have one of the third ray Masters with you - Kuan Yin, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Dom Ignacio, Ma'at or Paul the Venetian.

Those on the 3rd ray are usually kind and compassionate and have the lessons this brings. Don't think those on this ray are weak, because this is the ray of the Divine Mother. There is a warrior fierceness underlying those with Mother Mary and Kuan Yin. They can be the protectors of those in need. Third rays are likely to be those leading the charge for a good cause. They have the power of the Divine Mother in them. Those with Mother Mary can be focused and determined, and yet still have the gentle compassion of those she stands with.

This is also the ray of the Home. Third rays are likely to do everything they can to make where they live a home. It is also the creative ray, so combine home, love, and creation, and the third ray home becomes very inviting. Those with Paul the Venetian are on the creative and beauty aspect of the ray. They are the artists. They create in all forms; whether it is through food, paint, sculpture, cloth, or yarn, they will strive to bring beauty into the world.

Third rays see beauty in life. They appreciate nature, they appreciate people, they have gratitude. You will find them saying thank you in the most unexpected ways and times.

Third rays are observers. They remember what they see. They feel what they see. They care about what they see. They care about everything. The Divine Mother is awake in them. Caring. Gratitude. Kindness. Compassion. Love. Creativity.

The downside is they can care too much. They get easily hurt. Their caring for one thing might come at the expense of another, so if something isn't in their current focus, it doesn't exist at that moment. This inattention to things outside of their focus can lead to some serious repercussions in their lives. They can be seen as absent-minded, careless, thoughtless, and inattentive.

All rays need balance.

The third ray traits are tempered by their other rays, karma, past life patterns and lessons, personality, ancestral memory, education, beliefs, society, religion, life events, etc.

If you want to know your 5 Rays of ascension, I suggest our 5 Ray reading to learn your 5 Rays and the 5 Ascended Masters who stand with you on those rays.


8th August 2019


Several times this week, I have observed people thinking that ascension is clearing your energy and your issues. It is not in people’s awareness that ascension is about clearing karma. I hear time and time again how people pay lots of money for help with their issues, and then when they come to us for an ascension reading, they are devastated to learn they have only passed the 3rd initiation.

While issues come up, they shouldn't be the focus. Ascension occurs when you pay your karma. The darkness in your chakras is your karma. When you pay your karma, the light in your chakras increases, and you ascend. You pay your karma by having the philosophy of heart-based thoughts, heart-based speech, and heart-based actions.

Your patterns of behaviour and thought can be worked on, but they won't really be dealt with finally until after the 6th initiation. These are the issues you work on, and they keep coming back, and you say to yourself, "I thought I'd cleared that".

For your peace of mind and the health of your wallet, all you need to do to ascend is to have heart-based thoughts, heart-based words, and heart-based actions. The Ascended Masters can help you get there quicker, but if you have that philosophy, you will get there in this lifetime all by yourself.

The Ascended Masters are wanting people at the 6th initiation faster because time is running out. They need the vibration of humanity to rise at a faster rate than it is. There is work to be done to help humanity. We need you at the 6th initiation and beyond. The Ascended Masters’ portal isn't here forever, it has a limited time grounded here into the Earth. Let us help you, so you can help humanity.

If you came to us pre-2016 and had the Masters’ healings and used their oils and didn't get an update on your ascension reading, then I seriously suggest you do. You may be further along than you realise. You are needed in a conscious way.

This week, we continue our series on the Rays and look deeper into the Fourth Ray, the white ray of harmony through conflict.

If you are on the fourth ray, you will have one of the Fourth Ray Ascended Masters standing with you - Serapis Bey, Amen Bey, or Inanna.

This is one of the hardest rays to incarnate on. Fourth Ray people are at the nexus of all conflict. They create the conflict, they participate in the conflict, and with ascension, they end the conflict. The lesson of the ray is harmony through conflict. Harmony can't be achieved without conflict. For those on the Fourth Ray, this conflict appears in both internal (mind, emotions, body, soul) and external forms (relationships, work, family and life).

This ray is the ultimate teaching ray, for this ray provides life lessons for others. Those on the fourth ray are the facilitators of change. The seventh ray looks at change too, but that is subtle. Fourth ray change is loud, in your face, and painful.

Harmony through conflict occurs both externally and internally for those on the fourth ray. These are the tortured souls. They can go through great personal suffering, as they exist within their head. They are great worriers.

Another downside of the ray is that they lie. They lie to themselves to bring harmony within, and they lie to others to bring harmony. It is common for them to believe their own lies and create fantasies around these lies. The Fourth Ray is adept at becoming the victim; they claim 'poor me'. Anything to sidestep the very nature of their existence - which is to be the nexus of conflict.

They can become addicted to the drama. When life is harmonious, as it is supposed to be, they create drama, drawn by some force to embody their ray's directive.

Few find harmony in life. Few recognise their place as teachers and facilitators of change. Few realise it is their path to stand at the centre of conflict.

The Fourth Ray traits are tempered by their other rays, karma, past life patterns and lessons, personality, ancestral memory, education, beliefs, society, religion, life events, etc.

If you want to know your 5 Rays of ascension, I suggest our 5 ray reading to learn your 5 Rays and the 5 Ascended Masters who stand with you on those rays.


15th August 2019


I was asked this week what the difference is between healing and clearing. Don’t assume they are the same thing.

Here are some of the differences.

Healing is energy going in, clearing is energy coming out.

Healing happens to us. Clearing happens by us, as a by-product of healing or as a self-initiated event.

Both contribute to positive change, leading to wellness and balance.

And here I must reiterate, we are ascension healers here, not health healers. If you want health healing, look at the Ascending Initiates website, they give free healing once a month. But I do stress, attending to your own issues is part of your wellness. Relying on others to ‘fix’ things for you, means you are handing your power away. Working on yourself while supported by healing energies is the way to success. Healers can't change your life or change the patterns that contribute to your situation. You know the saying 'God helps those who help themselves'. Meaning, be in your power, look at the cause of your issues, make changes, and the healing energy will support you, helping you change and clear. If you depend on a healer to do it all for you and sit back and wait for a miracle, then you will be disappointed. Take the pressure off them to deliver and stand in your power.

AmayahGrace has written an excellent article on the Healer/Client Relationship for the Ascending Initiates website.

Which brings me to the next Ray in our series, the Fifth Ray. The Fifth Ray is the green and orange Ray of healing, truth, and knowledge. If you are on the Fifth Ray, then you have one of these Ascended Masters with you - Hilarion, Ptah, Ganesh, Amaryllis the goddess of Spring, or Susan'oo.

This is a vast Ray. It is the Ray of the Self and the World. For those on the ray, it is about understanding themselves and understanding the world they live in. This can all be brought down to Truth. Truth though is subjective.

Fifth Ray people ask questions constantly. If you have a fifth ray child, they will be asking why, what, and how all the time. The lesson for the Fifth Ray person is to find these answers for themselves, and they do so through reading, watching documentaries, going to lectures, and any other source of knowledge they can find. Fifth Ray people know a lot. This doesn't make them good teachers though, as the question is always there. Sharing their knowledge isn't part of who they are; they gather knowledge for themselves.

The Fifth ray is also the healing ray. This isn't healing of others, but more about healing themselves. Fifth Ray people innately know healing is about personal truth. They know that looking at themselves in truth will help them heal. Those with Ganesh often have deep inner scars that need deep healing, though they hide this part of themselves from the world.

Fifth Ray people can be travelers too. They can go out to seek knowledge from all sources, wherever that is in the world. I can imagine the great explorers being on the Fifth Ray. They want to know what is around this corner. What’s on the other side of this ocean? Those on the orange aspect of the Ray take this exploration internally. They want to understand themselves. And on a spiritual level, they find another level of consciousness opening up that they just have to explore.

The negative side of the Fifth Ray can be that the questions become more important than the answers. The questions can become lists of questions. They don't think about what the answers might be as the answers are less important than the questions. Some can use the questions as a means of social interaction, not aware that these continuous questions can alienate people.

The Fifth Ray traits are tempered by their other rays, karma, past life patterns and lessons, personality, ancestral memory, education, beliefs, society, religion, life events, etc.

If you want to know your 5 Rays of ascension, I suggest our 5 ray reading to learn your 5 Rays and the 5 Ascended Masters who stand with you on those rays.


22nd August 2019 


There can be a lot of confusion around experiences and ascension. Some believe they need to have experiences to show they are ascending, and if they don't have experiences, then they feel they are standing still.

I want to make it clear; ascension is not about the experience. Experiences are events and they can occur, or not, for many reasons. They can mark a milestone, like the kundalini rising between the 2nd and 3rd initiations, or growth in understanding, like the awareness of the unity of all living things, but they are not the cause of ascension.

Ascension only occurs when the karma in the chakras decreases. When the karma decreases, the light increases. Give thanks for your positive experiences, but don't let your ego make them out to be more than what they are.

Give clarity to your process. Release the dross of old thinking, and step into the system of manifesting all your thoughts, words, and actions from a place of love and you will ascend.

This week we move on with our Ray series to the Sixth Ray. This is the ray of the goddess and the ray of devotion. If you are on this ray, you will have one of these Masters standing with you - Lady Nada, Isis, Pallas Athena, Eros, Hathor, or Portia. Your ray colour will be either gold, ruby or purple.

Those on the ruby aspect embrace the divine feminine. They usually feel comfortable in their own skin. They will have a sensual awareness of themselves and the world around them. They will understand themselves in an intimate way. The ruby ray truly is the feminine ray.

The purple aspect of this ray is the external form of the ray. Those who are on the purple ray are the warriors of the ray. They fight for truth and for the rights of women, they aren't afraid to fight for what they believe in. They are the female protectors. Their soul lessons come to them from the external world.

Those on the gold aspect of the ray are rarer. These are the high priestess of the divine feminine. They understand the divinity of the goddess. They understand devotion is the truth of the ray, devotion not to an external goddess, but rather devotion to the inner goddess.

The goddess ray embraces physical beauty and spiritual beauty. The Sixth Ray is the ray of sex for pleasure rather than procreation. The goddess embraces all forms of pleasure.

But like every Ray, there are lessons to be learned. Sixth Ray people can be self-centred and selfish. While caring for their own well-being, they can forget to care for others. Hedonists are on the Sixth Ray.

Sixth Ray people are drawn to each other. This is often a past life memory of their past lives as devotees to ancient goddesses. The memory of female sisterhood draws them to the recognition of the goddess energy in others.

The Sixth Ray traits are tempered by their other rays, karma, past life patterns and lessons, personality, ancestral memory, education, beliefs, society, religion, life events, etc.

If you want to know your 5 Rays of ascension, I suggest our 5 ray reading to learn your 5 Rays and the 5 Ascended Masters who stand with you on those rays.


29th August 2019


A topic has appeared over the last few weeks. For some, it requires a change in thinking. I noticed Tara chose this topic too for social media.

How many of you think you need to meditate daily, go to workshops, learn all about spiritual things, use crystals, and have healings to ascend? How many of you think others can't ascend if they are gay, drink alcohol, love sex, and gamble?

Think again. None of these contribute to or inhibit ascension. I'm sure many of you are surprised. We ascend by paying our karma and not making more. Meditation, knowledge, and crystals don't pay karma. Being gay doesn't create karma. Drinking alcohol doesn't create karma. Gambling doesn't create karma. It is the side issues that create karma. Are you ignoring the needs of your family while you meditate? That creates karma. Are you ignoring the needs of your family while you gamble? That creates karma.

Do you need to change your understanding of ascension? Don't make karma with your thoughts, words, and actions. Pay the karma you have, and you will ascend.

Change is part of the Seventh Ray. The Seventh Ray is the ray of change. It is the ray of surprise and the unexpected. It is the ray of magic and transmutation.

Expect the unexpected with seventh ray people. They like to see the world from different perspectives, viewpoints, and even places. They aren't explorers in the true sense, they are more observers of the world and of people.

They have courage. They have the courage to change and the courage to leap into the unknown. A leap of faith occurs quite naturally to them. They are quite serious people, with a touch of whimsy. Expect the unexpected even here.

They are open to change, both in their external world and internal self. They don't have rigid thinking or beliefs. Their motto might be, ‘Just because you knew me yesterday, don't think you know me today.’

On the negative side, they can be off-balance within themselves, never quite managing to find a stable foundation. Their lesson is to find balance internally and externally while leaping from one tight rope to the next, just to see what the world is like from that perspective.

The Seventh Ray traits are tempered by their other rays, karma, past life patterns and lessons, personality, ancestral memory, education, beliefs, society, religion, life events, etc.

If you want to know your 5 Rays of ascension, I suggest our 5 ray reading to learn your 5 Rays and the 5 Ascended Masters who stand with you on those rays.


5th September 2019


The series on the Rays comes to an end today with this final segment about the Eighth Ray.

It is commonly thought there are only seven Rays and the Eighth Ray is a hidden Ray. But we can see this isn't the case, as there are many people with the Eighth Ray as one of their five Rays. It is a very active ray within life and ascension. The other misconception is that the Eighth Ray is special. It is just like all the other rays, not greater or lesser. It is different though.

The Eighth Ray is called the rainbow Ray. It contains within in it a part of the seven previous Rays - blue, red, silver, yellow, pink, copper, bronze, white, green, orange, purple, ruby, gold, and violet. A person who has the rainbow Ray for one of their five Rays will have a mix of these colours, for it is within those colours that their ascension and life lessons are contained. Their lessons come from everywhere, everyone, and every ray. It is a Ray of unity and oneness, for it is inclusive of all.

If you are on the rainbow ray, you won't have the defined lessons that we see in the other rays. There are so many lessons within each ray and then to define which apply to you can be difficult and challenging. It is only in living that the lessons are revealed.

This inclusiveness can be found in Eighth Ray people. Their major lesson then becomes about inclusion and acceptance of everyone.

We have some exciting new products coming soon from the Masters. Beta testers are giving us enthusiastic and positive feedback. They will be in the form of a roll-on, and are for Pain, Headache, and Sleep.

AmayahGrace has written a blog about her experience as a healer during the free healing sessions the Ascending initiates give once a month. It is a beautiful experience and gives a deeper insight into what happens in these torus healing sessions.


12th September 2019


The graphic says it all, ‘Just souls together’.

For a moment, picture two realities - in one group see all of humanity on this planet, and in the other group, see all of humanity who have left this life and are waiting to be reborn to do it all over again. Let’s call one group 'Life' and the other group "Waiting'.

You will have had many lives with people in both groups. Family and friends from this life will be in both realities. Now for a moment, expand your friends and family group to include all those people you’ve had past lives with - these are your past families and past life friends from thousands of lives. The number of souls you can connect with has grown to a huge number.

Now bring that reality into your life. Every person in body now follows that circular cycle of into body, out of body, and into body, with their own personal huge group of past and present family and friends.

Now think of all the people you might have loved in all those past lives, and here they are again in this life. Your souls recognise each other in an unexplained connection. This connection might just be a warm feeling, an instant liking (or dislike), or even an attraction. Who you were in the past is unknown, but the connection is there, bringing you back together again, lives touching, perhaps briefly, perhaps to form a longer connection.

The soul remembers. Even when we don't, the soul knows all that we have been and who we have connected with in past lives, both good and bad.

As the planet and humanity ascends, the lines between male and female are blurring, the song of the soul is becoming stronger. The rise of the soul in relationships is now being given expression and being voiced as such. Add into this the concept of gender fluidity, and we see the soul released from the binding of social convention into a reality of just soul recognition. The freedom to be in purity is starting to awaken across humanity.

The time of the soul is at hand.

Some may get caught into old belief systems, religious rhetoric, and old social conditioning around homosexuality and gender stereotypes, but many are open to knowing that some people listen to their soul and aren't afraid of where that song might take them. 


24th September 2019


I began writing this diary nine years ago in 2010.

The archives for the diary are full of information about the Masters and Ascension. Tara has taken to pulling something from the diary archives or from the website for my social media. This week she has focused on Ascension Techniques from my page on this topic. Have a look, these are all free and from the Masters. The page is definitely worth a read.

If you didn't get my latest newsletter, then you wouldn’t have seen St. John the Baptist’s latest share of a meditation technique for those who find meditation difficult.

I will be adding this to the Ascension technique page, but here it is here for you as well.

“Let's start with taking mediation into the body and away from the mind. The mind and thoughts are the biggest barrier to meditation for many. To start, sit at a table, feet on the floor, and folded arms on the table. Lean into the table and your arms so you can feel your ribs. Close your eyes. Take your attention to your lungs, feel them moving in and out as you breathe. In and out, in and out. Feel the lungs. Now sit up straight and continue to feel your lungs, in and out, in and out. Now, bring your attention up from the lungs to the heart chakra. You can still feel the lungs going in and out, but they feel distant. Just stay in that space. That is meditating in the heart. When you have had enough, take a deep breath in and out several times and open your eyes when you are ready.” - St. John the Baptist

I also find St. John the Baptist’s oil ‘Meditation’ works brilliantly. It takes the user into a deep meditative state with ease.

Tara has written an article herself for the Ascending Initiates website about Finding your Sacred Purpose. It is well worth a read.


1st October 2019 

St. Germain says, "Be open to the magic of change."

We can change in so many ways.

There is a topic that comes up periodically that is associated with the Five Ray reading. In this reading, we tell the five Ascended Masters walking with a person in relation to their five Rays. Sometimes one of these Masters isn't a Master the person is working with, connects with, or has a heart connection with, and that is perfectly fine. There are many Masters. We can connect to various Masters for many reasons, the main reason being that we have a heart connection with a Master from a past life, usually as a devotee. It is common for many to have a heart connection with Jesus, Mary Magdalene or Kuan Yin. Many have a relationship with St. Germain and Kuthumi based on channels they have attended. These are Masters the person is choosing to have a relationship with. The Ray Masters instead choose you - they are choosing to help you in your life and ascension. It is up to you to open your heart to them.

So change here is about opening your heart to the possibilities of other Masters having an association with you. When you open your heart to your Ray Masters, ease can enter your life. That brings in magic all its own. Be open to the magic of change. No one can change you, only you can do that.

St. Germain is the Chohan of the Seventh Ray, the violet ray of transmutation and change.

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10th October 2019


This is an exciting week for us. We are releasing a new product called "Blessing Oil".

This wonderful Blessing oil was created by Sanat Kumara in the Ascended Masters' portal for the purpose of bestowing his blessing. This oil is meant for healers, mediation groups, and people who just want to help the Master by bestowing his blessing on others.

Waireti has observed that the oil expands the aura, separates the bodies, and anchors the blessing in the heart for about 72 hours. To me, the bodies vibrate with the blessing and align with the heart. The energetic colour of the oil is pink. It is definitely a heart-based blessing.

I smeared the oil on the third eye of a friend and she immediately wanted a bottle just for herself. That's okay, but someone else needs to apply the blessing oil to the third eye. It is the act of selfless bestowing that is part of the ceremony.

This new oil is smeared onto the recipient's third eye. The vibration of the third eye releases the blessing. This is a wonderful thing for healers to do at the end of a session, for mediation groups, or any group that forms.

Last week I took a short flight. In confined spaces, I become aware of the Masters at work. The person beside me had Melchizedek with him, St. Germain and Jesus were with the people in front of me, Kuan Yin and El Morya were with the people behind me, and that's not including the angels and Archangels. It reminded me that the Masters walk with everyone now. Seven billion people all have a Master; that's some serious multi-locating for the Masters. But there has been a change. Now, regardless of who you are, what you have done, or whether you deem yourself worthy or not, one or more Masters is walking with you, and others are watching over you. If you want to know who is walking with you, look at our Master and Ray reading. It has always been a comfort to me to know which Masters walked beside me, so I knew who to call on when in need, and who to turn to when I have questions or concerns. It is okay to ask any Master, but the ones that choose you, deserve a special place in your heart and your awareness.


17th October 2019

Namaste, meaning, I bow to the god and goddess within each of you.

These continue to be times of change around the world. I see old patterns and old energies coming up to be looked at and re-accessed on a worldwide scale. I see these changes reflected in the people around me and who I come in contact with. This is hard when we rely on those old patterns to sustain our perceived well-being. It is time to look at the old patterns and re-access how we act in the world, how we see the world, and how we feel about the world. This takes courage. But it is better to do it now than to be left behind as the world moves towards a new paradigm.

I am happy to announce Waireti is bringing back the House Clearing and Blessing service. Archangel Michael and Ascended Masters White Tara, Ptah, and Amen Bey will clear your home or retail premises to a cellular level, clearing all negative energy, entities, and energy visitors. The Masters will then give a blessing on the property.

Waireti is also taking on the creation of Crystal Portals with the Ascended Masters. In the Ascended Masters’ portal, the Masters make crystal portals for their energy to flow throughout to humanity. They ask Waireti to find the perfect crystal for them to create their portal in, which she does. To own one of these Sacred portals is to hold a position of sacred trust with the Master. These are powerful tools for the Masters to work with humanity.

If you feel called to be a Holder of one of these Sacred crystal portals and to assist a Master in their work, sit in meditation to see which Master is calling to you. Then fill out our contact form with your request and send us your photo. Waireti will get back to you after she talks with the Master.


24th October 2019

Hi Everyone, 

A few topics came up this week from various sources that repeat a theme I want to talk about. First though, Tara, who does my social media, has changed our Instagram name to Ascension_Ascended_Masters if you are looking for us. If you were following us before, you still are, only the name has changed.

We have some new oversize healing shawls online. I hope those of you who have these oversize healing shawls are enjoying them as much as I am. I love their softness and the larger size means they can be used in multiple ways.

Twin Flames came up this week. You can read more in my article on Twin Flames. Being in a twin flame relationship myself, this topic is always being shown to me in various ways, but when I become the observer of others, it becomes less personal and more of a 'been there, done that’ moment.

For those of you who aren't too sure what a twin flame relationship is, let me explain it simply because it is quite complex. Every single person has a twin flame. At the creation of a single consciousness, the consciousness splits into two halves, one the divine feminine (Omega) and one the divine masculine (Alpha). The Higher Self of each person is a higher aspect of this relationship, and the Christ Lights are a Higher aspect again. Down here at the mere mortal level, the twin flame relationship is not the relationship of a soul mate. A soul mate is someone you’ve had many lives with and are in harmony and balance with. Twin Flames are always seeking this harmony and balance, for their twin reflects back to them their disharmony. Anything they need to work on within themselves is reflected back, and because we are humans and by definition imperfect, the relationship then reflects our personal imperfection. Most twin flame relationships don't survive this constant reflection, as it means constantly looking at self. It is like being constantly on Green Flame oil.

Green Flame oil is the third oil in the Flame series, it comes after Violet Flame (Clearing) and Blue Flame (Personal Power). Green Flame brings the person to a place of personal truth, as revealed by the personal All-Seeing Eye. It is a tough oil. How can we love ourselves if we don't acknowledge ourselves in Truth? Many can't cope with this oil and never make it to the fourth Pink Flame oil - Unconditional Love of Self. Now that's a very nice oil.

One of the truths that arise for many from the 4th initiation, and even in the higher initiations, is ego. The ego never goes away, it just gets less attention as we ascend. But the 4th to 5th initiation is the time when ego raises its head to be looked at and acknowledged in Truth. When you can look at yourself in truth and acknowledge your ego, then you know you are becoming Master of it.

Many changes start to happen after the Fourth Initiation, and many of these are realisations are around Truth. Many people move from the psychic experience-based reality to a spiritual reality, and others move from the New Age set of truths to the Ascension truths. When this happens, the person ceases to manifest from the solar plexus chakra (self) and starts to manifest from the heart chakra (love). When the experiences become unimportant and the goal of ascension becomes your focus, you are ascending. When you cease to worry about maybes and stay present in the moment, you are ascending.We can only live in the now, in this moment. All that has passed in time has ceased to exist. All that is yet to come has not been created. So, in every moment, BE.


1st November 2019

Namaste. My Higher Self bows to you and to your Higher Self.

When I ask my Higher Self his true name, he shows me only colour, the yellow and copper of his aura. Instead of communicating in sound, he communicates in colour. As the Masters say, "You will know us by our colours". Having passed the Seventh initiation, my Higher Self can be classed as a Master - not me, but my Higher Self. We know the Ascended Masters by name (Jesus, St. Germain, Hilarion and Lao Tze), but these were the lower selves’ last life, this wasn't the Higher Self. They choose to identify themselves by the name of their lower self’s last life, but these Masters, or these Higher Selves, have names we don't know.

But we do know their colours. I am slowly drawing the aura colours of the Masters and putting them up on the website, so if they appear to you in mediation as colour, then you can see who it was. Click here to see the Masters Aura colours.

We want to also talk about ascension in terms of the lower self. The lower self is you, the imperfect one with karma, issues, past lives, families and friends, and all the relationship issues that go with that. Ascension occurs within you in the chakras as you pay your karma, or descension occurs within you when you make karma. Ascension doesn't occur external to you. So, all the factors you may feel affect your life, such as the stars, lions gate, cosmic waves, etc. actually have no bearing on ascension. This is because we ascend in a personal and internal way.

Remember, just because you feel an energy, it doesn't mean positive change is occurring within you, it just means you are feeling the energy. It may mean these external factors are having an internal manifestation, like a headache, or feeling ungrounded, forgetful, out of sorts, etc., but this isn't ascension.

Don't be caught up in the misconceptions and misinformation of others.

Ascension is only about paying your karma and not making any more. This karma balance is stored within the chakras. To ascend, the chakras need to be 100% light and zero karma.

This means having a change of focus away from the external and what is happening outside of self to the internal. You know the drill - words, thoughts and actions based in love will help you pay karma at a quicker rate and help you make less karma daily.This means Love to yourself. We are hardest on ourselves. This means thinking, speaking, and acting towards ourselves with love, kindness, forgiveness, compassion, and respect. When you do, say or think something you aren't proud of, don't berate yourself. Just give yourself a hug and remind yourself you aren't perfect and are never likely to be. Remind yourself you are trying to be a source of love and next time you won't repeat those thoughts, words or actions. We make change by internally monitoring ourselves, and when we strive to be a source of love towards everyone and everything, then ascension becomes easy. Then you will realise all these external factors are very secondary to your life, and that ascension really is an internal journey.

We also have made a new page on the website just for the Ascension temple and how to get there yourself. You can read about the Ascension temple here.


7th November 2019 


Today I want to introduce the Ascended Master Serapis Bey to those of you who don't know him. I was first introduced to Serapis Bey when he came in close. I started to experience double breathing, or rather my breathing seemed to have a shadow or an echo. It was his way of saying, this is me, and I am here with you.

He’s had many past lives in Egypt. He often appears with a white headdress in the style of a Pharaoh (across the forehead, behind the ears, and across the shoulders). He wears a white robe. His hair is black. His eyes are black. His nose is hooked, and he looks Middle Eastern.

He is the Chohan of the Fourth Ray. This is the white Ray of harmony through conflict.

Today he is showing me a Sacred Temple; a place of prayer, devotion, contemplation, and stillness. Within the temple is a large, black chest. It is bound by metal bands and metal studs. As I look closer, I can see these bands and studs are a universe. I ask to see inside, but he tells me this box is found within the Sacred Heart of everyone. For within it, is the Holy Crystal of ascension. For those who are ready, the box is opened, and the crystal is revealed. Some already know and see their Holy Crystal. For others who have passed the 6th initiation, the crystal has received all of their past life records and moved in its new form out of their Sacred Heart and into the Celestial Star beneath their feet (that was created at the 5th initiation). The celestial star containing the crystal then migrates up through the chakra system to reside above the 12th chakra. The person is no longer part of the Earth but has moved into universal consciousness.

For those of you who are yet to find your Sacred Heart or your Holy Crystal, look at the torus page. There I write about finding the Sacred Heart behind your own heart chakra. The journey of ascension is an inner journey, and that glorious journey begins in the Sacred Heart.

Thank you to the Ascended Master Serapis Bey for bringing this topic to the fore this week.


15th November 2019


There is a book coming out in the next few weeks written by 13 people who have passed the 6th and 7th initiation. The book is about their ascension journeys within their normal lives. Every path is different and every story unique, the common thread is they have all ascended past the 6th and 7th initiations, and they have all connected with the Ascended Masters via their portal here in New Zealand at some stage in their ascension. I will let you know when copies are available, the various formats, and where you can buy it if you are interested. More on that in the weeks to come. It really is an amazing and inspiring read, and I am honored to share my story there.

Have you read my article on the 11:11 phenomenon as explained by the Ascended Masters? They explain it in light of the historical and future nature of the planet. They put a unique perspective on a world phenomenon.

Do you get that twisty feeling in your stomach when you know you have done something you aren't proud of, or when you remember something in your past you aren't proud of? We are often the creators of our own misfortune and so our own reality. We do this by not having thoughts, words, and actions based in love. The solution is easy.

Be Nice. Love might be a step too far for some but be nice. Be nice to those you encounter, be nice to yourself, and be nice about people even when they aren't around, and you will find your reality changes. Too easy.


27th November 2019


Last week was full-on with the birth of our second grandchild. It is a joy to see a new life starting. Yet when we look at the complete picture, this new life is just another life in this soul’s cycle of reincarnation. The cycle of rebirth continues.

To be reborn, all babies will have gone through a death. As we are rejoicing somewhere in the world, there is grief as this soul’s journey ended to be reborn again.

For some souls, the cycle is last breath out and first breath in. They have no rest and the change is sudden and traumatic. Others have a break between lives. Some people, especially the elderly and traumatized, need a rest.

The reason the Ascended Masters, their portal, Waireti, and I (Verna Maruata) are here is to help you leave the cycle of rebirth. We have the statistics to prove our success. Of those who have gone through our healings with the Masters, used the Master's oils, ,and have returned to us for updates on their readings, we can confirm 176 have passed the 4th initiation (31 in the last 6 months), 119 have passed the 5th and 6th initiation, and 39 have passed the 7th initiation.

In these times, I'm not happy with giving vague promises; I want you to know our success at helping people ascend and leave the cycle of rebirth. Some of these people can be seen on their independent website www.theascendinginitiates.com


12th December 2019


I am back at the Ascended Masters portal in New Zealand. 

Recently, Tara very interestingly called the Ascended Masters portal 'special'. Waireti and I had to sit back for a minute and take that in. We agree it is a special place. The portal is for the Masters to work in. It is their link to our reality. Does anyone think their workplace is special? To us and them it just is, but we have to agree with Tara that it is a special place and the work the Masters do in their portal is of the highest level. We are honoured they are here to help humanity. We are honoured it is on our land and we have been chosen as guardians of their portal. You can read more about the Ascended Masters portal here.

Someone said in an email recently they were working at being present and living in the moment. That is something we can all work on, though it does get easier the higher we ascend. I find I am in the moment most of the time and I am nearing the 8th initiation. As Ganesh says, "New beginnings start with every breath." By living in the moment, you are present for every breath and all possible pathways. I hate planning ahead because it means I have chosen a course for the future. What potential paths have I just said no to? Living in the present also means a loss of the past. How many of you are plagued with remorse by the things you have said and done in the past? The act of memory takes you away from the present moment back into the past. What are you missing in the now by not being present?

And the future…how many of you daydream about what might be? By living in the maybes of the future, you might miss the opportunities that are here and now.

By not living in the present, there are conversations missed, connections missed, and focus is diffused and clouded. Work at being present and staying in the now. When you daydream of the future, make a conscious effort to stop. You know where you want to be. And you know where you have been, you don't need to re-live it again and again. Forgive and let go.

Watch for your new beginnings and your opportunities, they are there.


19th December 2019


Here we are at that time of year when some parents are talking about Santa Clause and asking their children if they have been naughty or nice. But are they asking themselves the same question?

Over the last month, I have observed a series of people who think not being nice is okay. How much effort does it take to be nice? Though they wouldn't class their behaviour as bad. Because their patterns of behaviour are so ingrained in who they are, they don't see their behaviour as anything other than normal. It is just who they are.

This is part of the human condition. Our patterns of behaviour and patterns of thinking contribute to making us who we are. But as we ascend, we need to turn the spotlight on ourselves. We need to stop and look closely at our patterns of behaviour and thought. We have to look at those patterns that contribute to our daily karma.

A few examples of patterns of behaviour might be gossip, anger, swearing, demanding of others, subservience, smacking for discipline, putting someone down, and negative comments. Patterns of thought are usually ego based internal judgement about self and others.

Part of the human condition is that we aren't nice all the time. No one is perfect. We all slip up. So when you find yourself judging, saying something unkind, or smacking your child for something you don't like, stop and look at yourself. Then be kind to yourself and acknowledge you aren't perfect, but pledge to yourself that you will work at being kinder to others and yourself. Don't forget yourself as we can be hardest on ourselves.


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