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11th January 2018 

Here we are, back again after a break and ready to get back into another year of assisting you with your ascension. 

A break from work in the portal always has us coming back clearer and renewed. This means that the Masters come in closer with things to say and to show us. Add that to the backlog of work and the holiday becomes a dim memory, but we are excited and joyous to be working with all of you again. 

Archangel Ariel stepped forward to participate in a recent healing (she is a 5th ray archangel). I have always seen her colours as orange, but now I see a bright red overlaying the orange, which makes her colours look like fire. Gorgeous! 

Thomas Merton has returned from an extended break away. He has been passing his own initiations and working on his own ascension. It is a joy to be working with him again. 

The ascension tally continues to rise - 120 have passed the 4th initiation, 70 have passed the 5th initiation, 68 have passed the 6th initiation, and now 9 have passed the 7th initiation. We are so blessed to have the Ascended Master’s portal here at this time. 

I asked the Masters what energy starts this year and the response was ‘JOY’. I have put the graphic of the Deva of joy print with this post. Feel the energy of Joy radiate out to you and accept the offering of Joy from the Deva. In turn, pass on Joy to those you meet today. Service to humanity can occur in many ways. 

The Healing Masters this week are White Tara, Isis, and Lady Nada. Those on the free healing list received a session from each of the Masters - first from White Tara who attended to the larger general issues, then Isis who fine-tuned the healing, and finally Lady Nada who attended to the inner cause of issues. 

Thank you to the Masters for the selfless service they perform each week. 


18th January 2018

I have Mary Magdalene's portal painting for today's graphic. I was reminded that it was at the start of 2008 when I painted the first Master portal painting, ten years ago this month. Who knew this is where I would end up.

Another Wednesday, another healing day. I never know who will be waiting in the portal to start the healing day until I step into the portal. This week it was Ares (god of War), Ganesh (god of internal conflict), Susan'oo (god of the summer storm), and the goddess Isis (representing the divinity of the goddess and the Mother). There’s a bit of a theme happening here: problems and solutions. The Masters are looking at the storms, wars, and conflicts that are within you and around you; their healing is bringing them to the surface, letting the peace and mothering of the goddess heal and lay them to rest. 

If you aren't on the healing list, but identify with the internal and external conflict and storms within your world, call on Ganesh and Isis to help resolve issues in your life.

War, battle, and conflict (internal and external) exist for all of us in our lives and on a world platform. We can't be expected to solve the big issues, but we can start with ourselves and our personal world. 

How do we do this? And only we can do this. We have no say over the actions of others. It is only ever about us.

Forgiveness pops up first. We can forgive self and others.
Respect. Respect self and others.
Let go. Let go of the conflict, the drama, the story, and the blame. Sometimes this means letting go of people too. 
Heal. Heal self. We each need to heal ourselves to move forward.
Love. Love self and others. All of the above leads to love.


25th January 2018

Dom Ignacio was this week's healer for the free ascension healing. Dom Ignacio is the Master who works with physical body pain and suffering. He had a lifetime of physical suffering in his last life as St. Ignatius Loyola, so he understands pain and suffering. You can read more about him on the Meet the Masters page.

He is our go-to Master for all pain and ailments. Waireti says everyone needs a Dom Ignacio portal card in their first aid kit. Many have been known to tie his portal card onto an area of pain. He helps that much! His energy flows from the portal card to heal and comfort.

Dom Ignacio is also a Master of compassion. While we can attribute compassion to the pink ray (the third ray of unconditional love), compassion is something we all must attain as we ascend, regardless of the colour of our ascension ray. We can't pass the 5th initiation and leave the cycle of rebirth if we haven't moved into a state of compassion. 

If you want to start the process of compassion or want assistance with compassion, I suggest 
Mother Mary’s oil - Love. Not only will this help you move into a state of love for all and for self, but it will also help move you into a state of compassion for all and for self.
We often forget that we need to have compassion for ourselves as we move through the trials, pain, and suffering that is part of our human existence.


1st February 2018

Hi everyone, Namaste.

Melchizedek was the healer for this week’s free healing list and he wanted to bring to the fore things that have been put to the side to deal with later. Sometimes we just have to stop and address our issues before we can move forward. Not addressing an issue can mean we just sit still. He gave healing this week to help this occur with personal strength and courage.

Waireti and I have devoted our lives and our ascension to working with the Ascended Masters here at the portal. We have been blessed beyond measure for our service to the Masters. We trust 100 percent in the healings they give, the products they make for humanity in the portal, and their service to humanity. This trust didn't come lightly. With Waireti's dimensional sight (a term I made up to bring her vast gift into a manageable explanation) and my second crown chakra, we tested and checked everything that was given to us. We had tests and trials to prove to ourselves that what we received was authentic and real on every level. We both know that pretender Ascended Masters are prevalent, and we didn't want to be another victim of ego. Ten years later, we are still here, still working with the Masters, and still devoted to helping them in their quest to help humanity Ascend.

I am often asked to recommend a specific Master for a specific area or issue. Here are a few:

To change your life: St. Germain
Personal power: Archangel Michael
Creating harmony in a life issue: Serapis Bey
Conceiving: Mary Magdalene and Lady Nada
Meditation: St. John the Baptist
Compassion and love: Mother Mary
Warrior in life: Pallas Athena
Joy and lightness within: Lao Tze
Too much in the mind: Kuthumi
Focus (i.e. study or a project): El Morya
Loving Self: Eros
A happy home: Vesta
Abundance: Lakshmi
Inner issues and scars: Ganesh
Physical healing: Dom Ignacio
Emotional healing: Kuan Yin
Mental healing: Serapis Bey and Kuthumi
Protection: Archangel Michael
General healing: Jesus and Hilarion
Inner peace: Kuan Yin
Inner child: Lady Nada

You can read more about these Ascended Masters here.
Look at their Ascended Master oils here.
Their Ascended Master portals (cards and prints) are here.

They are here to help you in life and ascension.

Blessings on your week ahead, Verna


8th February 2018

This week we have El Morya and Melchizedek in the portal giving healing to those on the free healing list. 
Both Masters are 1st ray Masters (the blue, red, and silver ray of god's will and power). It is the warrior ray. The warrior often comes out in first rays in their personalities and they can be focused, determined, wilful, and personally powerful. This can translate in them by pushing their will onto others and expecting things to happen as they want. It can also mean that they walk over others to get their way. So, this healing is about toning down first ray traits in some and lifting up these traits in others who are not on the first ray. It is good to be focused and determined and to stand in your power, but it is not good to disrespect and disregard others.

We Ascend in life.

The obstacles we face in life, in our personalities and the personalities of others help us to understand, forgive, and embrace the imperfections in our self and others. Taking ourselves out of circulation and away from humanity does little to help our ascension if all the old issues remain when we’re tested as we return to mainstream life. And you can be sure that our family, friends, and workmates are the source of our tests.

Here is a reprint from a previous diary entry on meditation I was asked about today. I had to share it.

I'm sure many of you experience that early morning awake time before sleep claims you again. Last night, Paul the Venetian claimed this time for some conscious teaching. St. John was present as he is the Master of Meditation, but it was Paul who gave the teaching.

This is an aspect of it.

He took me to a grey place, but it was light, and it looked like deep space. Within this vast space was a drop of water suspended. It was very peaceful and silent. I wasn't aware of even my heartbeat, it was like a null place. It was only afterward that I realized I was observing, yet there was no thought.

He said, "Silence is a place... it’s that place where a drop of water is suspended before it falls, like that drop of water you see. It’s the place between the in-breath and the out-breath. And in this silence, there is no thought, no sound. That is the place you strive to achieve in meditation."

Concentrate on the breath. At that point when your lungs are full and before you exhale, feel and experience the place between breaths. Now hold that place as you exhale. Hold that place between breaths and inhale while still holding the place. Keep holding the place between breaths as you slowly breathe in and out, renewing your place in the silence.

How long did it take before a thought came in? Embrace the place of silence in meditation, for it is there you achieve great balance, and in the balance, Oneness.

Paul the Venetian is the Chohan of the 3rd ray of Unconditional Love. He focuses the Christ Consciousness of the ray on humanity. He was a painter in Venice in his last life, hence the name. He has very few students, choosing to work with spiritual artists.


15th February 2018

This week’s healing Masters for the free ascension healing session were St. John the Baptist and Serapis Bey. St. John is a Master of meditation and balance and Serapis Bey is a Master of harmony through conflict. The topic they focused on this week was stability within self - mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual and physical stability. Balance and harmony are both parts of stability. I come into contact with people who are out of balance and aren't in harmony with themselves on a weekly (and more often daily) basis. This occurs for various reasons, both internal and external, depending on the person. Personal balance, harmony, and stability are things we all can practice within ourselves. 

Here is a little exercise the Masters gave me for this.

Sit quietly and go on into a meditative state if you want to.
Create an egg shape around your physical body, about 18 inches out.
Feel your energy. How much is outside of the egg? See or feel your energy outside of the shell; is it even? Wispy? Tendrils? Solid? Is there more on one side than another? Is it gathered in one area?
Now they want you to pull all of your energy into the egg. Some of it might be miles away with another person, pull it all back and pull it into the shell. It might feel tight, pull it all in. 
Now feel or see a line running through the centre, dividing your left and right sides.
Pull the energy that is meant to be on the left side back from the right side and pull the energy that is meant to be on the right side back from the left, so the left side energy is contained and the right side energy is contained.
Feel both left and right energy sides against each other on that central line. Tighten and straighten the energy so you feel the left side and right side in balance.
Sit in this energy for a while.
Do you feel stronger?
Do you feel more in your power?
Do you feel balanced?
Do you feel stable?
Now go to your heart chakra or your sacred heart and feel love.
See the love spread to the left and right sides of your energy within the egg.
Do you feel in harmony with self?


23rd February 2018 

Melchizedek was the lone Master in the healing temple this Wednesday. He alone gave healing to all those on the free ascension healing list. In this week’s session, Melchizedek was working on opening these people to higher awareness and higher understanding, working on their crown chakras.

The free Ascension Healing is an introduction to how the Master's work. Call it a teaser in the deeper and higher work they do via the portal. If you are interested, send your recent photo to [email protected] requesting the 12-week course of healing from the Masters.

I have just posted the new ascension tally to the website:

122 people passed the 4th initiation with us.

72 have passed the 5th initiation with us.

70 have passed the 6th initiation with us.

9 have passed the 7th initiation with us.

These numbers only include those who have had Ascension Readings, used both our healings and products and have had ongoing monitoring of their ascension. The numbers are likely to be higher, but we only post those numbers we can be sure of. This is not to take the credit. Every one of these people worked hard and focused to Ascend, but they utilized the helping hand that the Masters were extending to them.


8th March - 2018

Last week’s healing masters were Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary. For this week’s free ascension healing sessions, we have Serapis Bey. Today he is healing issues around the yin and yang that exist within all of us. 

We are human. We are the lower selves to our Higher Self. Our nature is always to have the internal battle of light and dark; our thoughts and our mind betray our good intentions and we create karma daily. No one is ever all good or all bad, that isn't the nature of the physical universe. We are part of that eternal battle that exists for those in this physical universe. 

Serapis Bey is here to help heal those issues that arise from these two sides.

We have another crystal portal to sell. Picture above.

One of those who have passed the 6th initiation is slowly selling off her Ascended Master treasures as she nears the end of her time here on Mother Earth. Letting go is a huge part of the process after the 6th initiation. This week she lets go of her crystal portal for the Ascended Master Ma'at and has asked me to find a home for her. Ma'at has returned to the greater Ascended Master’s portal and has re-calibrated her crystal portal for her new holder. You can read more about the 3rd ray master (the pink ray of unconditional love) on the Meet the Master's page.

The crystal is a very light, smoky quartz, 10.5 x 4.5cm.

Now for a little sharing on how the Master's work.

The Masters will never tell you the end result. They will never come to you and say, ‘I want you to go to Africa and work with the sick’ or ‘I want you to open a sanctuary for animals’ or ‘I want you to start a magazine’. There is never an end result and there is never an ‘I want...’. The Masters do not direct your lives and they do not tell you to do anything.

There are always many little steps along the way. Suddenly, you are at the end doing something, but you were never asked to do anything that was huge, ego creating, or mind-blowing. The Masters never work in huge, only in baby steps. 

They will never be the source of ego and what you do with them will never be a source of ego.

They work with you. You don't work for them, but rather you work as a team. If you are ever commanded, then you know it isn't an Ascended Master because they don't work that way.

When Mary Magdalene came to me and asked me to paint, it was after a year of me feeling the desire to learn how to paint. I went through a year of teaching and guidance from some of the Masters. Then, when I was ready, Mary Magdalene asked me if I would paint her portal with her. No commands, no telling, just a simple request for which I knew I had the option to say no. If you feel you have no option, then it isn't a Master asking. And even then, I was discerning. I asked Waireti to check the portal that was created. Was it a portal? Did it link to Mary Magdalene? Was it authentic? Did her energy flow from it? The answer was yes, but each time something appears, I become discerning. I question and I doubt. 

There are many tricksters out there trying to push lightworkers off their path. Ego is an easy way to do this.

If something arrives for you to do and you feel unattached with no sense of pride or ego, and even have a sense of disinterest though you feel it is right for you to do, then you are likely to be working with the Masters. 


15th March 2018

The healing Masters who stepped forward for this week's free Ascension Healing were St. John the Baptist and Dom Ignacio. We had a lovely day of toning and singing as they worked with people, balancing their energies with their physical bodies. Email us with your recent photo if you want to go on the 12-week free healing list.

I want to share an experience I had recently.

To put it into context, about 15-20 years ago I was privileged to witness the greater powers we exist within at work. I was taking a shortcut through a service alley between two big buildings and two major roads. As I was walking, a car passed me, and time slowed. I saw a curtain of light appear at the top of the alley. The car passed through the curtain and instead of turning right into the one-way traffic system, it turned left into the oncoming traffic and there was a head-on collision. I firmly believe this was destiny at work; this curse of events was meant to occur just in this way and the curtain was the influence that made these events transpire.

Recently, I was shown again how the bigger picture is created, but this time in regard to karma. We all create karma daily with our thoughts, words, and actions. The lords of karma or ‘powers that be’ determine how we do this- it may be a cut, a knock, a headache, or something more severe.

In my recent experience, the world slowed again. I had turned quickly, and as the world slowed, I could see my hand was going to get hit on the edge of the fridge. But as I watched, the speed of my arm kept adjusting as it hit a series of energy barriers between it and the fridge, and by the time my hand reached the fridge, there was only there tiniest of taps. The potential for karma payment was re-calibrated and no harm came to me. 

This made me wonder about the vast system of planning and calibrating that occurs with destiny and karma. Amazing forces are at work around each one of us. So, the next time you cut your finger, think of the karma that is being paid and what was happening behind the scenes to assist you in your ascension.

Past life reading - We have been asked by several people over the last 18 months to bring back the Past Life reading. We are going to do this with changes. It is now the Past Life Pattern reading as we are an ascension site. The importance of clearing patterns of behaviour and patterns of thinking are so important and many of these patterns are derived from Past Lives. 

We are bringing back the full reading and introducing a half reading on past life patterns. The half-reading does not outline the five lives that influence this current life the most, but concentrates on the first half of the full reading which is about percentages and numbers. For example, the total number of human lives, lives off planet, spiritual lives, religious lives, death methods, young deaths, poverty and wealth, male and female, and much more. Waireti reads these like a bar code as they reside in the soul seat.

The readings are here for a short time. They take a lot of energy and burnout comes quickly as Waireti and I both travel back in time to these five lives.

Healing shawls - We have some new healing shawls in the store that are oversize and patterned. They are cotton and modal. Take a look, some of them are a bit wild.

Crystal Ascended Masters portal - Ma'at's crystal portal is still with us. I spoke about her in last week’s diary. She is now online in our store. Ma'at is a 3rd ray Master, a master of Love.

Blessings on your week.


21 March 2018

Hi everyone, welcome back.

This week we had Serapis Bey and St. John the Baptist stepping forward to conduct the free Ascension Healing sessions. St John was here last week and Serapis Bey the week before. Together they are working on clearing some of the dross from the crown chakras of those on the healing list. The crown chakra is about higher guidance and higher communication. It’s always good to have the channels clearer, though karma still remains in the chakras.

While doing an Ascension Reading today, I’ve been writing about the ways we can make karma and don't even know it.

We all have patterns of behaviour, some good and some bad. Some of these are tied into our personality and others we have learned from our parents, family, friends, and even the media. The eye roll is a classic example. The eye-roll is about judgment and judgment creates karma. Finger and hand gestures are about anger and judgment; they too create karma. Judgment in all its forms creates karma. 

Karma is subtle and a lot of the time people aren’t even aware they are creating karma. The fleeting thought is a good example of this, forgotten before it is even complete, or something as subtle as noting the vegetables at the supermarket aren't fresh. The unspoken judgment (sometimes the un-thought judgement) and feelings that go with this create karma. I know this seems crazy, but that is how subtle karma can be. It seems like an entire day is just a set up for creating karma, and it is.

The end awareness is this: while we are in body, we will continually be making karma and we will continually be paying it. That is why it is so difficult to leave the cycle of rebirth. You can see why people go and hide away in remote places to minimize temptation, but that isn't how it works. We need to exist in life to pay karma. 

This brings us back to my mantra for ascension - heart-based thoughts, heart-based actions, heart-based speech. 


30th March 2018

Sorry for the delay in posting, the past life readings have formed a mound around us and I have also been doing new portal paintings. But here I am, present for this blog posting.

Melchizedek was all by himself for this week's free healing session. Each person got 15- 20 minutes from him on what he felt they needed the most, a mini personalized session. Nice.

Some of the Masters who walk with people as Ascension Master, but who don't have a portal painting and therefore a portal card or print, have asked to paint their portal paintings through me to create portals. This is not a channel in the true sense of the word. Many years ago, the Masters gifted me with two crown chakras, one of which they utilize in times like this so they can come through in complete purity without interference from me. This allows for a pure channel.

Portia's portal is above.

There are many layers to the painting, layer upon layer building in the portal. When it is complete, I ask Waireti to look at Portia, her energy, and the portal to see if all are the same. Discernment in all things. I always ask Waireti to check. I have learned that to be scared of the response is ego. To work at the highest, I need to be able to stop, check, and be open to the realization that it may not be as I expect. 

To get it right, I have to be open to what she says.

Blessings on your week.


5th April 2018

This was one of those weeks. Waireti presented everyone on the free healing list to the Masters on Wednesday, then I got all my days confused and thought Thursday was Wednesday and presented everyone again! So, everyone got a double dose this week. Hilarion and Ganesh stepped forward on Wednesday to help clear issues and blockages around the mind and thinking and Jesus and Serapis Bey stepped forward on Thursday. They didn't alert me! Their session was on joy from the heart. 

We have some new sprays coming from the Masters. It is very exciting. Waireti kept getting told sprays were coming, something to do with anger and another to do with depression. One day I sat down in the portal and the Masters presented five bottles to me and explained each one. The names are yet to be determined for each bottle, but this is what they are working on:

Spray 1. Helps anger issues

Spray 2. Speaking your truth, speaking up, communicating, communication issues

Spray 3. Lightness of being, lighten up, expansion of the energy field

Spray 4. Accepting and receiving love, giving love, opening the heart

Spray 5. For depression and grief and for all those hard days that come with ascension

With all of the Master’s new products, we ask for volunteers to give us feedback on how the new products affect them. They are powerful. They do facilitate clearing, which in some cases isn't pleasant, so perseverance is needed. If one of these five sprays fits you (not someone you know) and you agree to give me feedback, then send me an email. I do ask we know you and you have bought products from us before. 


12th April 2018

This week I want to talk about old souls. This topic keeps coming up since we rekindled the Past Life readings.

An old soul is a person who has had more than the average number of lives. Let's look at it in terms of ascension. The average person starts to consciously partake in spiritual life (relationship with a higher being, including Mother Earth) at about 10,000 lives and they start to leave the cycle of rebirth at about 15,000 lives. An old soul is still here on the cycle of rebirth at about 20,000 lives. This means they have probably lived through every life scenario possible. Their past life experience is in their eyes and their energy and this is why they are seen as old souls. To me, if someone leaves the cycle of rebirth between 10,000 and 14,000 lives, they are pretty much a rock star. They got it and they got it right. To still be on the cycle of rebirth at 20,000 lives means they are stuck in old patterns and never quite paid their karmic debt. Old souls, like everyone else, still have to leave the cycle of rebirth. Everyone on the planet is born with this life purpose, life after life.

In our past life reading, we look at total lives, total spiritual lives, total religious lives (which are quite different), and many other patterns that emerge as part of each individual’s ascension journey.

I have some new shawls up on the website. These are very fine, light, soft, and high quality healing shawls. Most have a high percentage of wool with some silk. Take a look. 

The company that provides the platform (framework) for this website is owned by Adobe. Adobe has decided to cease operations with this particular branch of their company which leaves me and thousands of others who use this platform with the unenviable task of having to build a new website from scratch with a new platform. To all of you who come back each week, I would love to hear from you about what works on this site and what doesn't, and what we don't have and could. You have my email. 

Blessings on your week ahead.


18th April 2018 

I am struggling this week to be grounded. Waireti says she has never seen me so ungrounded and that is saying something. I am flying all over the place. Grounding oil is helping, but if I miss an application, I just am not present. It is like all the filaments of every reality are just sitting there, one dimension intersecting with another. Which dimension is mine? It can be scary. Every cell of my body feels as if it will just fly apart. Shifts are felt in the cells. This makes me sound plain crazy, but that is what happens when we are not grounded at these higher initiations.

Being grounded means we are present, focused, and solid. 

Ungrounded means we are loose in our thoughts and speech and we become unfocused and unbalanced. The higher we Ascend, the greater the need for being grounded. Especially after the 6th initiation, as we have no earth-star to ground us in the Mother Earth. 

Being grounded means we interact effectively and we see and connect with the opportunities the universe presents to us. The Masters know what we are Ascending into, and I for one am so grateful for their grounding oil. 

The Angels have been singing daily in the portal last week and this week. Waireti calls it choir practice. 

The Masters want to talk a little this week about karma, specifically karma related to self. When we are critical of self, when we judge self, and when we berate self, we create karma in our solar plexus (self), throat chakra (communication), heart chakra (love), sacral chakra (relationships), and base chakra (security). Yes, we create karma for self, about self.

How we treat ourselves has many sources. How we treat self is a pattern - patterns of action, speech, and thought. These patterns can be learned, can be ancestral, can be part of the lessons of the rays, and can come from past lives, personality, or astrological birth. Knowing we are created from so many influences means we have much to overcome to start the journey of treating ourselves with respect, compassion, kindness, and eventually love. 

We can be so hard on self. When you read this today, look at self in kindness and know you are worthy of your love for you. That may be a step too far for some of you. If so, start with forgiveness of self. Forgiveness is a good first step in mending any relationship. 

The healing Master this week for the free weekly healing session is the Ascended Master Paul the Venetian. He is a Master of the ray of unconditional love. He is giving healing this week on the blockages in the third eye, especially those that limit intuition. Intuition is a wonderful guide when it is unencumbered, and we listen to it.

Blessings on your week ahead. 


27th April 2018

"The world has greater potential when we step forward in authenticity." - Pallas Athena

"Not stepping forward as the authentic self ensures many doors never open." - Pallas Athena

A lot of potential is unrealized because we didn't trust in self and believe in self enough to present as the authentic self. Most people don't like themselves. They judge themselves and believe others will feel about their authentic self the same way they do, so instead, they invent a persona. They lie about themselves by misrepresenting themselves. What opportunities did they miss by not stepping out as the authentic self? Pallas Athena isn't just talking about life, she is talking about ascension. How can you Ascend (paying more karma than you make) when the daily persona you present to the world isn't based in truth?

This week's free Ascension Healing sessions were conducted by Melchizedek and Serapis Bey. ‘Trust in self’ is their healing focus for this week.

For those of you looking for ways to help your ascension, I urge you all to create your personal torus many times a day. This will link your divine mind, sacred heart, and soul so you are operating in your life from your highest aspects. Here is the link to learn how to create your own personal torus.

We have stopped the Past Life readings again as burnout comes quickly. We both travel back in time to the lives we are reading and connect with a person’s five main past lives. We feel and observe what is happening for them and what patterns from that life are affecting them in their current life. 

Blessings on your week ahead.


4th May 2018

Sorry for the delay! This week was a Master delay. Sometimes the diary needs to be written in their time, not mine.

This week Ptah was the Ascended Master giving the free Ascension Healing in the portal. This is his new portal painting. Ptah is a 5th ray Master, the green and orange ray of healing and knowledge. Ptah is also a warrior Master for the 5th ray. He works mostly with Amen Bey, White Tara, and Archangel Michael, who are also warriors of their rays. You can read more about him in Meet the Masters.

We live in a society where some can pay for what they want so their life can be how they want it. Some might pay for a cleaner, a gardener, a nice car, or food at their favourite restaurant, and so they may feel they are entitled to pay for ascension, but it doesn't work that way. We can provide the tools to ease your path, but ascension requires everyone to walk the ascension path in their bare feet. Each person is responsible for the karma they make. No one makes your karma but you and no one pays your karma but you. You can't Ascend without actually doing the work. This means reducing your daily karma, which can only be done by ensuring your thoughts are heart-based, your actions are heart-based, and your thoughts are heart-based. 

There comes a time when we have to look to Self for solutions, not to an external provider.

Ptah gave healing this week to bring people into an awareness of themselves in their world. We ascend in truth, self-truth. Looking at self and seeing the truth...yes you are rude to people, yes you do have an anger problem, yes your ego does you no good, yes you could be nicer to your parent, yes you were judgmental today, yes you did manipulate a situation. Self-truth is the hardest truth of all.

We have to be our personal warrior, for the inner journey is the hardest journey we will ever walk. We Ascend within ourselves. This requires personal honesty, personal truth, and in that truth, loving self regardless. And in loving self, loving others knowing they have yet to walk this path. No judgment then arises for self or others. Most of you are a long way off from this place. The Masters can't do it for you. Eventually, the path is only about you; for you and by you.

Blessings on your week ahead. 


10th May 2018 

This week Waireti presented everyone on the free healing list to the Masters in the portal. The Ascended Masters Cha Ara and Kuan Yin were there to accept all of those she presented. Cha Ara is a 5th ray Master (healing and knowledge) alternating between wearing a white robe with a red furze, or jeans and a leather jacket. He always presents as a young man. Kuan Yin is a 3rd ray Master (the ray of unconditional love). She often appears in work mode with a long plait/braid down her back and loose pants. This week they gave healing to those on the healing list around the issues of balancing the divine masculine and divine feminine. We’ve all had many lives as male or female; the ratio between the two can be unbalanced and cause an imbalance within the divine masculine and feminine. They were addressing this. 

The graphic is of Cha Ara's aura colours.

I was reminded yesterday of the joys of working with the Ascended Master portal cards. A lovely young woman who has passed the 6th initiation and nears the 7th initiation told me she gets the 22 Ascended Master portal cards and lays them in a circle on the floor. She then lays within the circle and receives healing from the Masters. She also selects a few portal cards as she lies there and puts these on her chakras for deeper healing.

Putting the portal cards on the chakras is like the Master’s hand is on your chakras. What a blessing to be able to receive healing from the Masters in this way. 

The 22 Masters who created these portal cards work in harmony as a group. When they know you are lying within their portal circle, they will create an energy torus around you. This simple act on your part will help you on all levels as the masters come in close. This also applies to the prints when put up in a room. They are great for working healers and their clients.

Here is the link to the 22 Ascended Masters healing portal cards. I feel at NZ$80 (approx. US$55) this is quite a nice investment for ongoing healing with the Masters. And here is another link to just their individual portal cards.


17th May 2018

We’ve had an interesting week here at the Ascended Master’s portal. Sanat Kumara has been in the portal since Sunday. Waireti suggests he is setting up camp. He certainly doesn't look like he is leaving any time soon. From time to time he will sing in a deep voice, reminiscent of Tibetan throat singing. He has been participating in quite a few healing sessions too. Preparations have started for the new website; decisions are being made and the contributors are stepping forward. He is definitely supporting us with his energy. 

This week’s free healing session was quite large. We had eight Masters present, each a representative of the 8 rays. All of those on the free healing list were put into their respective ascension ray line in front of the Master of their ray. Each of those on the free healing list received 15-20 minutes of healing from one of these masters - St John the Baptist (1st ray), Jesus (2nd ray), Mother Mary (3rd ray), Serapis Bey (4th ray), Hilarion (5th ray), Pallas Athena (6th ray), St. Germain (7th ray), and White Tara (8th ray).

The general theme that is coming through in emails this week is: I'm stuck... I don't know my soul purpose... I can't find my perfect path...I'm at a standstill. This theme came through in many emails. 

A source of personal dissatisfaction for many on the spiritual path is the belief that they have a soul purpose; they are here for a reason, but they don't know what it is, where it is, or what it entails. This gets tied into personal dissatisfaction with life, job, relationships, and location. Not knowing which way is up, where to turn, and what decisions to make, usually results in a grinding halt and the feeling of turning in circles while utterly bemused and often depressed. 

If this is you, then try this technique- the perfect path technique 

All of the confusion is part of the journey. We all go through this process as we Ascend. For many, this moment of being stuck and confused correlates with a past habit of clearing energies and patterns within self, soul searching, workshops, reading, courses, etc, until they come to a stop. It is in this time of personal confusion and bewilderment as to where the path is, that the path can be revealed. This is the darkness before the dawn. If this is you, do try the perfect path technique. It will help point you in the right direction. If, when, and how you proceed is up to you, but at least the direction is correct. 

To change the subject, we have introduced a new See'er service. This is a minor reading for those who have already had our Ascension Reading followed by the Ascension Update Reading and then the Radiance, Vibrancy and Karma Reading. By this stage, they have passed the 4th initiation and just need to know their light and karma readings. If you have passed the 4th initiation with us, then this reading is for you.  It is a table only reading of radiance, vibrancy, and karma. There are no suggestions or comparisons, just the quick information you want to know. With our readings now having a waiting list of 4-6 weeks, this table can be quickly shared. Click here to read more about the Radiance, Vibrancy, and karma only table reading.


27th May 2018

Sorry for the delay in posting, technical issues.

The last free healing session was given by the Ascended Masters Hilarion, Melchizedek, and El Morya. They gave healing to the thinking mind in each person. Some people have tight energy connected to the mind which can be a deterrent and inhibitor of ascension.

I want to share an experience a man in England had with the Melchizedek portal card:

I have used the Melchizedek portal card on my solar plexus for quite some time over the past week. It has helped me move from the state of fear I was in … into a state of understanding the higher truth surrounding issues of power... I must be in a state of unconditional love that cannot be swayed by the conditions of outer life...or ego i.e. fear. How wonderful to be taught by a Master in this way...I am beginning to understand just how powerful the Master's products are...!!

And so it is. The Master's portal cards are doorways for the Masters to connect, teach, and heal. There are 22 portal cards of the Masters, each a doorway and a potential for teaching and healing.

Look also at Vesta, the goddess of the home. She came through for healing around mothers going to work and leaving their child in day-care. So young working mums, look to Vesta for healing for any issues you may have around being a working mother. Vesta's portal print is free to print on our free page.


7th June 2018

Welcome to our new website.

We are so thrilled it is here and so quickly too. A big thank you to Sheila from Limitlessly in the States who was the web developer who made it all happen. And thanks to Geoff at Aline graphics for the Banners. I hope you like the new product graphics, I had fun creating them.

Bear with me as I learn the new system and we discover any broken links that happened in the transition. But most of all, enjoy the energy!

We have added a new page "Ascension Techniques". We have brought all of the techniques the Masters have shared with me over the years and some knowledge into one place. This is all free to use. 

Try our new ‘search’ feature on the website. This is my favourite aspect of the whole site. When clicked on, the search fills a whole page. Search results come back as store or content, so if your search ‘Trust’, it comes up with 2 items in the store and 18 items in the content of the website. I'm easily pleased!

St. Germain gave the free weekly healing last week and this week we had St. John the Baptist and Jesus. St. Germain gave healing around change and St. John and Jesus gave healing around tempering your will with wisdom. Our will serves ourselves first and wisdom helps us to see the bigger picture and include the welfare of others in the expression of will. 

An example might be, a mother wants her child to be safe, and so she places limitations on the child's participation with friends away from the home. Yet, after a dose of wisdom and seeing the bigger picture, her will pulls back for the greater good of the child. She sees he needs these experiences away from her protective umbrella to grow in his personal power. 

Will tempered by wisdom is a great lesson and the Master’s healing contributed to allowing this for those on the free healing list. 


13th June 2018

Hello, I hope you are enjoying the new website.

Have you noticed the currency can be changed in the store from the default New Zealand to the currency of the US, Euro, Canadian, and UK? Just look in the upper left-hand corner to do this.

St. John the Baptist met me in the portal this morning to present all those on the free Ascension Healing list. I had a busy day, so instead of entering at the usual time of 9am, I walked over at 7am. I asked St. John if he was the only Master for the day and his response had me laughing, "Well, you aren't usually this early, the others haven't arrived yet". Why do I assume the Masters will be available on my timetable? LOL. St. John was joined by Melchizedek and they accepted all of the people I presented. If that was you, don't worry. They do start on their time, not mine.

Waireti has taken on the House Blessings and Clearing sessions. She said she enjoys seeing the energy clear and change in people's homes. It gives her a feeling of satisfaction. 

If you are a return customer and have issues logging in with this new website, I can do a reset, which I couldn't before. Upgrades are wonderful!

We have two original Ascended Master portal paintings for sale. Mother Mary (as shown above with the graphic) and St. Germain. The previous holder of these portals is an artist herself and has asked that they find new homes for personal reasons. I suspect Mother Mary and St. Germain were pushing her towards this and want to go somewhere where they can contribute to the healing of humanity. 

The portal paintings (available as cards and prints) were painted by the Masters via me, Verna Maruata, by utilizing my double crown chakra. This allowed Verna to stand aside and the Masters to step in to create these portals. Four identical portal paintings were created by each of the 22 Masters. There are no more. These portal paintings are spread around the world. 

If you are interested in being a holder for the Master’s portal, email me. These will be excellent for healers and places of healing and change.

Blessings on your week ahead.


20th June 2018 

I hope you are enjoying the new website. 

This week's free Ascension Healing was given by Thomas Merton (a first ray Master) and St. John the Baptist (another 1st ray Master). This week, the healing was about bringing turmoil into balance, taking the chaos and bringing it into balance through our actions. 

When things go wrong in life, it is very easy to become the victim and play the ‘poor me’ card. But the first ray is a ray of personal power. Thomas Merton and St. John are saying, look at what is happening, take responsibility for your part in it, own it, and bring your part into balance. You can't make it right for someone else, but you can take responsibility for your part. 

Waireti found Thomas Merton sitting in the vegetable garden (as one does). She said hi and asked him how he was doing. His response was a blink of both eyes. I'm guessing he was fine. I often wonder if he sees the vegetable garden as it is, or if he is actually in another place and Waireti just encountered him there. The mysteries of sight. 

One topic that has come up a lot this week in the support group we have for those at the 4th initiation and higher, is the torus Technique. This is a technique given to me by Sanat Kumara many years ago. It is free and can be found on our free Ascension Techniques page and in the articles section. This technique is an integral part of higher Ascension. It connects the higher mind, sacred heart, and soul. When done 10 to 20 times a day (it takes seconds), this higher state of being begins to last longer and longer until you perpetually manifest from this higher state. This is also a way of connecting with the Masters and groups for higher communication and work. The 9 of us now at the 6th and 7th initiation use this technique to work with the Masters in service to humanity. We have recordings talking you through the technique for self and for groups. This is a great gift Sanat Kumara has given us. Click here to read more about the Torus Technique.

There won't be a diary entry next week as I'm visiting my children and grandchild. Time for some quality toddler cuddles!


5th July 2018

Waireti and I are back at the portal. It is always good to be home.

The free Ascension Healing this week was given by St. Germain. Everyone on the free 12-week program received about 15 minutes of healing each. St. Germain gave healing to the crown and third eye and their connection around receiving higher communication.

We have brought back the Deva prints (260mmx 210mm). They retail for NZ$15 and are grouped with the Deva portal cards. We now include the portal of the Deva of Forgiveness. Demand has been building for them to be put up in places of work, stores, schools, and in the home. The devas can help animate their qualities in those they encounter. 

Waireti and I were in Hawaii over the last week, a place where we feel very much at home. We had the privilege of a helicopter ride over the lava flows. Waireti saw angels lining the flow of the lava, protecting and holding the path. About thirty masters were around the lava erupting from the Mother Earth.

Prior to this, I had an encounter with Pele. The Masters explained she was working as a bridge between the devas of the Volcano, the Mother Earth, and the Masters; she seemed to be part of all three. This is a unique role for any Master. Her energy was bright and wild, and her hair was yellow and orange. She appeared to be riding and taming a vast energy. We came away with a better understanding of how the Masters work with Papatuanuku, our Mother Earth.


11th July 218

The Masters stepping forward to give the weekly free Ascension Healing with us were Jesus and Pallas Athena. Jesus is laughing and Pallas Athena is in warrior mode looking very serious, though there may be a small smile. The two sides of ascension; it is serious business, but we definitely need a sense of humour and lightness of being to ascend. Balancing the focused attention of ascension and the need to live and enjoy life can be difficult. I can get tied up in the seriousness of ascension, even now as I move through all the testing of the process between the 7th and 8th initiation. Humour and lightness-of-being brings balance to the constant testing.

Our new sprays are going online this week. Watch out for them and I will write more about them next week. One of them is ‘Lighten’, a must for all those who are too serious in their ascension process. It is one I am using.

We have two houses here at the portal. Well, one within the portal and one at the edge. Owners of the portal have mostly lived in the secondary house, as well as some friends. This house now stands empty. At the Master's suggestion, we are telling those of you who read the diary and who are Ascending with us that this house is available for rent. It has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a pool. Pets are okay. It may be rented by a family or someone wanting to live close to the portal or even on a share basis. The condition of the house is okay, though we need to do some external work. If you are serious about a move to Hamilton, email me for further information. 


19th July 2018

 This week's healing team in the Ascended Masters portal for the free Ascension Healing is Ganesh and Amaryllis, the goddess of spring. Amaryllis shows me a tender young bud on a tree, it is so delicate. Then she shows me those being healed. To her, they are all tender young buds that need to be nurtured and cared for. She shows me a tree and reminds me of how the plant nurtures and sustains its tender buds. And then she shows me people and how they aren't nurturing themselves, but rather they treat themselves negatively and harshly. I can feel her compassion. Nature has much to teach us.

The 2014 diary extract below was recently bought to my attention. It needs to be shared again as it fits in with this week's healing theme.

God created our physical body as our vehicle for living. Our soul returns life, after life, into a new body created just for us.

He/she is our vehicle to live and enjoy life. The body was made so we can enjoy living; we can smell, see, breathe, walk, talk and taste. With this vehicle, we can enjoy Papatuanuku (our Mother Earth) who sustains us through this life experience.

Know this vehicle was created to house your beautiful soul while in body. For that alone, honour the body and respect it as the Holy receptacle he/she is.

But know most of all that the body is a gift for us to LIVE.

How many of you consciously live your life in your body? Or do you just exist in him/her?

When we exist in our body, our body knows. When we dislike our body, our body knows. When we leave our body and are ungrounded, our body knows. When we disrespect our body, our body knows.

If you can't give your body what it needs, why should he/she give you what you need?

Respect, honour, and cherish your body - he/she will know. 

The new sprays are now online. They need to be used daily to create change, not just when you feel the need for support.

  • Lighten - to bring lightness of being, and joy into your life. Great for those who feel burdened.
  • Speak - for those who are fearful and anxious about speaking up and worry about the ramifications of speaking.
  • Harmony - for those with physical, emotional and mental conflict in their life
  • Love - for those wanting to open up to receiving and giving love. Good for relationships.
  • Rescue - for those who feel depressed, overwhelmed and nervous

You can find them in our store to read more.

We have added a new person to our team - Tara. She is helping us with the content of the website, administration, and answering some of our emails.


Hello diary readers! I am honoured to be a part of the team. I’ve been using the Ascended Masters’ products and healings for about five years now and my life has transformed in so many wonderful ways - this new role being just one of them. I look forward to all of our future co-creations! P.S. I tested the Speak spray for Verna and WOW is it powerful. It has really helped me release the unnecessary filters I had placed on myself. I highly recommend it. 


26th July 2018

Heart hello,

This week we had Metatron and the goddess Vesta here at the portal. They appeared to give healing to those on the free Ascension Healing list. Vesta is an ancient goddess of the home, specifically bringing love into the home. This week they concentrated on mother /father healing. They gave healing around the parent's people have, the parents people are, and the parents people could be, coupled with the balancing of the divine masculine and divine feminine. The image shown is Metatron's portal painting. His energy flows through this 24/7.

This week has been life eventful. Amidst life, we continue to work at the portal, work on our own ascension and assist others in their ascension. The spiritual and life are one. 

Light bulb moments. We all have them. They come out of nowhere, and suddenly something becomes clear. I found myself recognising these moments in myself and then others this week. To add to it, this example below came to me as I continue to read the 2014 diary.

When away from the portal I admit to missing the peaceful energy of daily life here. Outside the portal, the frantic energies of the city can be a bit daunting. I admit to closing down in an attempt to cope - an old pattern of behaviour and one I now know has to be abandoned. As I stood in Starbucks, Mother Mary made herself known to me as she stood with the lady in front of me in the queue. Then Ganesh stood behind the counter with the man taking orders and St. Germain waved…Thomas Merton, Pallas Athena, and the list goes on. It was one of those light bulb moments - I was amongst my portal family and had been all along. They walk with all of you, so as I walk down the street, I am walking with them too. When I pass you in the street, I pass them too.

This is another example of spiritual life and everyday life blending into one. They can't be separated. 


1st August 2018

This week, the Ascended Master Paul the Venetian has been close. He is talking about creating. He is a Master of the 3rd Ray. He is a Master of ascension in beauty. He is talking about creating in beauty. Artists create. They can create things that look beautiful. Creating in beauty is very different because this requires love. People who cook with love are creating in beauty, just as women who sew for their children are creating with love. Beauty is subjective, but love is not. Anything created with love must be beautiful, by Paul the Venetians definition. That is the path of those with Paul the Venetian. May we all have Paul the Venetian standing by us as we create, so we are reminded to always manifest from a place of love.

This week we had Pallas Athena preside over the free Ascension Healing. She is a complex Master. She sat on her white horse with her sword and she gave sweeping movements with her sword over each person receiving healing. She was cutting through to the heart of the matter, clearing away the unnecessary to reveal the truth. Each person had various levels and types of truth, but everyone needed the truth revealed on some level.

We have new shawls up this week. They are very fine and soft. Have a look here.

Waireti has been sharing some of her observations in the portal. The Masters have choir practice regularly here. It is either led by Dom Ignacio, White Tara or Archangel Michael. There are some Masters who attend regularly who are singers and some Masters never appear. St Germain shows up and joins in, but he is not a singer, he gets looks of sympathy Waireti tells me. Such a St. Germain thing to do. Kuan Yin and Mother Mary sing together. All the first ray Masters attend and have very deep voices. Hilarion, Jesus and Lao Tze attend. Wouldn’t it be lovely to listen and watch them at play? 


9th August 2018

St. Germain and Melchizedek were waiting for me in the Ascended Masters portal today. The portal was half violet and half dark blue. The 7th ray and 1st ray were represented by each Master; the Masters bring the magic of change from the 7th ray and the focus and determination from the 1st ray to the healing experience. This makes for a powerful ascension healing session.

Our website is discovered weekly by those looking for a foothold on their ascension ladder. With the realisation and excitement comes a plethora of questions. This site is vast, and it can be hard to find the answer to the one burning question. Please use our search facility; it will help guide you. Most of all start reading. You will understand more and hopefully, the blinkers fall away, and you will begin to see the bigger picture and your place in it.

Here are some of this week’s questions. They are questions that address misconceptions that many have about ascension.

Doesn't being anchored in love, my higher frequency and brighter light deter dark forces? Why do I need a protection grid?

This is a common misconception. I am light; therefore, I am protected. The error in thinking here is that the dark forces and entities are afraid of the light. They don't fear the light. They don't fear. They have no souls. They have no feelings. Their mission is to dim the light within humanity. Your light is a beacon to them, like a neon sign in the darkness. With their mission in mind, they come closer to attempt to sway you from the path. Their mission is to dull your light, increase your negative thinking and actions, and increase your judgements. They want you to create more karma and they want to slow your ascension or reverse it in many cases. The Masters' protection grid gives you a chance and gives you a breather from what is happening in and to the entire world. The grid provides a chance to ascend unhindered. This is a very simple explanation of a complex issue. You can read more about the Protection grid here.

Do the oils accelerate your spiritual evolution and ascension more than working with the heart and with your Higher Self?

The oils are created by the Ascended Masters in the Ascended Masters' portal. Each one of these oils is a little miracle, for it has been manifested by the Masters into a base oil that has been prepared through alchemy for the Masters' energy. The oils create change, supported by your efforts to be heart centred. Everything we provide here is to support change and to support you in your ascension process on your personal path. Here is a link to see all the oils.

The one error in thinking here is that the Higher Self is involved. Each Higher Self has many dimensional lives experiencing life at the same time. Anywhere between 12 and 18 dimensional lives can be active at once. The Higher Self creates the life, the lessons, and the opportunities, but once your first breath is taken your life choices are yours. There is no interference. Guidance comes from your guides and the Masters. The Higher Self only becomes involved with an individual’s life at the 6th initiation. The belief and practice of connecting to a Higher Self before the 6th initiation opens the door for pretenders from the dark side to step forward. Humanity has ego, and ego provides an open door for gullibility.

This leads me to another topic that the Masters have been pressing me to mention. I talk about it every year and nothing changes. I feel like a lone voice in the crowd.

The topic of fake news is very evident at the moment. The spiritual community thrives on fake news, fake channels, and fake beliefs, always believing them to be true. Not only does the spiritual community thrive on it, but it is also built on it. As I said the dark side only has one mission: to dim the light. False information is a wonderful way to turn people away from the path.

Here is an excellent example.

Do you believe you are a star seed? Do you believe your home planet is elsewhere? Then for 99.9% of you, your path has been altered. 99.9% of the people alive today on this planet today have Earth as their home planet. This isn’t to say that many haven’t had lives on other planets, but the belief of a different planet of origin other than Earth has achieved a disconnect from the Mother Earth. Your love and focus have been shifted to an external planet, not the one that feeds you and nurtures your Earth Star and into which your Higher Self birthed your Earth Star. This is a subtle way to dim your light. The ego is always eager to support someone’s belief they are special and the dark side fosters this.

How can the Masters fight these erroneous belief systems, created by false Ascended Masters and Archangels pretending to be who they aren’t? These fake beliefs received from channels are then spread by newsletters, Facebook, conversation, mediation groups, the internet, and books. Once it’s printed it must be true? Lies are spread and believed as fact by the many, more than ever before. 

A good example from the last American election was that St Germain was overseeing Mr. Trump. Not true. But how many spiritual people voted and still place their faith in him based on an erroneous channel that spread quickly through the spiritual community. How do we put out the wildfires that are affecting everyone in the spiritual community? Especially when they don’t even know they are the victim of entity driven fake information.

Discernment in all things.

Note this, the Masters rarely say more than a few words or sentences. An entity or fake Master is verbose, they talk and talk.  


16th August 2018

This healing day in the Ascended Masters' portal was a singing day - Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel and Melchizedek all lifted their voices in devotion. As they sang their devotion, they pulled all those on the healing list into their circle of sound. I see dross falling away in little pieces. The beauty of this is without words. Devotion is a major part of ascension.

The Masters all have a specific focus. Melchizedek's focus? He smooths away the rough edges of an energy field. As I have ascended, I know exactly what that is. When a person's energy is discordant, it is sharp in note and feeling and it can be unpleasant. Melchizedek helps to smooth these energetic discords. As we ascend, we can become very attuned to the nuances in everyone's energy field. Some discords you will learn are self-created, some are reactions to events, and some are just part of the person's past life and ancestral memories. As the dross fell away in today's free healing, Melchizedek was smoothing any discordant and rough edges in each person’s energy field.

Everyone's energy field has discords, regardless of the initiation. Waireti and I have discords in our energy field. All of those who pass the 6th initiation have discords in their energy field, perhaps a more refined discord, but still a discord. Don't assume when we pass the 5th initiation that we are perfect. LOL, that is far from the truth. Our humanity ensures we have feelings, we suffer, we get hurt, we react... all things that create discords. No pedestals allowed here. See us in truth, not as fictional modes of perfection. 

We now have 15 people who have passed the 7th initiation with us. This is so wonderful to see and is a testament to their focus, hard work, and commitment to ascension.  

It is 3 years this week since Waireti and I passed the 7th initiation. We have now passed the halfway mark towards the 8th initiation. We are striving for ascension every minute of every day. At the 7th initiation, the Higher Self comes completely into the person's Holy Heart. Our Higher Self begins to serve humanity in a greater way. The devotion the Archangels and Melchizedek sang about today is something we give to our Higher Selves daily. What is devotion? Love with supplication. We bow to our Higher Selves. We don't tell, order or expect anything of our Higher Selves. We ask with humble devotion. It is a relationship of lower to Higher. We have learned to leave ego at the door of the Holy Heart. 

Waireti and I are away from the portal for September. Some product orders will still be shipped, but depending on your order, some product orders will have to wait till we get back at the start of October. We will still be working while away, so healing orders will be booked in. I will answer emails and Wednesday healings will continue, but there might not be any feedback. The diary will be less frequent.

The Masters are sending a group of us to the United Kingdom to work with some of their ancient gates. It appears only those who have passed the 7th initiation have the vibration to interact with them. It will be an interesting adventure.  


23rd August 2018

This week when I went into the portal to start the free ascension healing this week, Serapis Bey was there. Then Jesus popped out from behind him and St. Germain popped out the other way. They do like to have fun. Please don't think of them as serious; they find joy in the small things and it certainly puts a smile on my face.

As part of ascension, people are striving to make this their last life on Earth, and so leave the cycle of rebirth. They are striving to pay all of their karma and ascend. Yet, amidst this process, life can get focused and heavy. 

Please look at ascension in another light. If this is to be your last life on Earth, make it so when you look back you have experienced life to the full, with love and Joy. It is very easy to walk with our heads down when we could be looking up and out. Make your last life the very best you can. 

As I was working today with Mary Magdalene, she reminded me that those she stands with would benefit from Archangel Michael's oil.His oil is called Warrior - meaning the internal warrior. He will help you work through issues that will bring you into your personal power. Being in our power greatly assists in the ascension process.

Those who have Serapis Bey with them on any of their rays will benefit from Lady Nada's oil - Inner Child. Those with Serapis Bey usually have something to heal and address with their Inner Child. Serapis Bey is on the ray of harmony through conflict. The growing child will have had many knocks, hurts, and hardships, which affected their Inner Child. There will have been conflict as a child and not much harmony. Lady Nada and her oil will help heal the Inner Child. 

After which, Kuan Yin's oil - "Inner Peace" will help bring the adult you into a place of greater personal harmony and serenity. 

Have you seen our new page on Ascension Techniques? We have searched throughout the diary and website to bring you all of the Master’s free techniques all into one place. It makes for interesting reading.

Waireti and I will be away from the portal for all of September. I will have my laptop and will still be working while we are away. Healing sessions can still be booked for after September. Product orders will be mailed less frequently, and some items won't be shipped till we return. You will be reminded of this at the store checkout just in case you forget. 


30th August 2018

This diary entry is my last before Waireti and I go away on our adventure with the Masters to their portal gates in the United Kingdom. I will tell you all about it when we come back in October. Apologies for this downtime over the next month. You can follow our adventures on my Instagram account and the Ascended Masters portal Facebook page. These links are on the website footer on the home page too.

In the meantime, Waireti had a new Master presented to her on healing day. She had no idea who it was. His aura is dark green with a silver edge. She left me to find out who it is!  Hilarion, Ptah, Ganesh, and this unknown 5th ray Master gave this week's healing around speaking your truth and being the authentic self.  "You are better than anyone you pretend to be." 

How many times do we try and be the person we think someone wants us to be? How exhausting is that? In reality, all we only ever need to be is ourselves. When we are ourselves, we meet and interact with those people who are there to help us on our perfect path. How can we be on our perfect path when we aren't being the authentic self?

How many moan that life is hard when they aren't being true to themselves? 

As Pallas Athena says, "The world has greater potential when we step forward in authenticity." "Not stepping forward as the authentic self ensures many doors never open."

This was a wonderful healing to receive this week.

I had fun learning who this unknown Master was. He was big in energy and big in form. He seemed like a gentle giant type. He had a sense of humour. He showed me his aura, I have painted it for you to see. The centre was dark green, and then a fine line of white, followed by a burnish gold band and then a final edge of silver. I asked for his name and got some V and Y letters - Vwymus!  Welcome to our portal family and thanks to Hilarion, Ptah, and Ganesh for the introduction. 

It is nice to form relationships with the Masters. When we open our hearts to them, it helps them to come closer.


26th September 2018

A quick hello from the UK before we head home to the Ascended Masters portal.

We have had such an amazing time visiting the Ascended Master gates and stone circles and discovering the beings with them. Many of you who have visited the popular stone circles in Britain and surrounding countries have felt the beings with the stones and realised each stone feels different because of the different beings with the stones. This is common when the stones circles are awake and active. Many inactive stone circles are unloved and not visited and so the beings with them have fallen into a hibernation. The Masters gave four of us who have passed the 7th initiation (Waireti, AmayahGrace, Kay and me) the ongoing task of linking all of the stone circle beings into an awake and viable network. 

We started at the Hurlers in Cornwall. Here we were all gifted a tool of healing and identification (like a security ID) for our future work. I previously received a silver glove here last year and this was upgraded to a gold gauntlet that extended up my arm to my neck. We couldn't do the work we did without these gifts from the Masters, call the gifts keys and identification. We visited both known and obscure stone circles over the next 12 days, carrying with us messages in our aura from the previous group of beings to the next. Many of the beings were in hibernation and needed to be woken. In most of the circles, the stones had been removed and are being used as gate posts, signposts, in houses and even as a bridge. We found ourselves sitting by a stone in a local pub; the stone was part of the wall. We have no idea which stone circle was that it came from. The Beings stay at the circle site when separated from the stones. So, there are many beings we will never find as the stones from the circles have been completely removed by the locals over time. We will be continuing this work in the months ahead with the Master's help but from a distance.

We are back at the portal early next week and are straight back to work.

I will write a bigger entry next week. Blessings on your week. 


4th October 2018

We are now back at the Ascended Masters portal after a month away. It is lovely to be back among the peaceful energies of the portal. Spring has erupted while we were away, and we feel spring's uplifting energies all around us. El Morya was the healer for this week's free ascension healing. He gave healing on acceptance. Often, we want to be right, we want our own way, our ego steps to the fore, but sometimes healing, balance, and humility come with acceptance. Acceptance isn't giving in; it is allowing for something to be as it is. 

I recently had the chance to revisit a house clearing and blessing we did a while back. In a sea of dark energy, the house and land stood out within a vast area as a beacon of light. What a refuge the house must now be for it' owners. The Masters did great work clearing the house and land to a cellular level. While in the United Kingdom last month, Waireti and I were made aware once more of the layers of time and humanity in the homes, roads, pathways, farms, pubs and at the stone circles. Hundreds and even thousands of years of humanity in one place, each generation leaving their energy behind. We don't get this same layering of energy in New Zealand, so it always comes as a surprise when we are in it. It is easy to get drawn into the cycles of time, as snippets of the past would appear with a building or area. 

Blessings on your week ahead.


10th October 2018

This week Waireti presented those on the free healing list to the Ascended Masters in the portal. Jesus and Serapis Bey welcomed her back. For this week’s session, those on the healing list are getting a stirring up from Serapis Bey. How many of us put issues to one side, pretend they don't exist or try to bury them? That isn't going to do you any good! Serapis Bey is bringing back some issues for clearing and Jesus is there to support you in the healing process.

A few things have come up this week which I want to share with you. I had an early morning group meditation this week. I got up early and had a shower in preparation, but ended up running late, so I got back into bed for the session. As I went into the process, the sleep energy of the night before came up to claim me, even though I had been up for a while. The Masters took this opportunity to show me the reverse. The energy of sleep patterns stay with the bed. If you have a pattern of not sleeping well or wake during the night at the same time, that is the energy of the sleep exerting itself. This is why our Good Night Sleep spray is sprayed onto the bed; it removes poor sleep patterns and introduces good ones. The Masters love to teach within life.

Amaryllis the goddess of Spring is back in the portal. She appears every spring. It is a real delight to have her lovely energy with us.

The ascension numbers continue to rise for those ascending with the Ascended Masters here at their portal. The tally to date is - 130 have passed the 4th initiation, 89 have passed the 5th initiation, 86 have passed the 6th initiation and 15 have passed the 7th initiation. 

To celebrate and share these beautiful beings of light with humanity we have started a second website called The Ascending Initiates www.theascendinginitiates.com

Here you can meet those high initiates who have stepped forward. You can read their stories and contact them for healing, teaching, coaching and other services. They will be contributing to blogs and sharing their wisdom, knowledge, and love on the website.

The current blogs are "Star Travellers" by AmayahGrace, "Your Authentic Confidence" by Matt Andrews and "Walking with a Master" by Sheila Franzen. I also have a page on ascension. Come have a look and enjoy the energy.


18th October 2018

We had Kuan Yin, El Morya, and Serapis Bey perform this week’s free Wednesday ascension healing. The healing recipients were divided into three groups and each Master took a group for personalized healing.

Healing is one of those topics that has great depth and breadth. Like cooking, it is something everyone can do in their fashion, but to have the knowledge of how everything works and interacts requires years of practice and study. I want to share a few facts that come from my lifetime of practice. I did my first public healing when I was three years old. Over the ensuing years, I have read widely trying to understand the nuances of why things happen with energy and why they don't.

These simple pointers and facts are for those who are just starting or who might need to look at healing in a different light.

1. The healer is the conduit for the healing energies which come from a higher source.

2. Before you heal, connect with the recipient, if not physically then energetically. The healing energy needs a path to follow.

3. Healing does not destruct. It supports, builds, and repairs. This is why healing will not cure cancer, as cancers are a living thing. Healing energy will never kill or remove energy; that is a different gift completely.

4. The physical body is fed by the etheric body, which is fed by the emotional body, which is fed by the mental body, which is fed by the astral body. So, if you have an issue in the astral body, it will affect the mental body, which will affect the emotional body, which will affect the etheric body. Most illness in the physical body has its cause from the etheric body. If your etheric body has pitting, you are about to get a serious illness or already have one. To attend to your physical body, attend to your other bodies too.

Look at our astral, mental, emotional and etheric body healings. Keeping these four bodies clear is an essential part of life and ascension. So much attention is given to the physical, but most are not even aware these other bodies exist.

I finally sent out my first newsletter of the year. I hope you received your copy. Check your spam folder if you didn't and put us on your save list. If you haven't signed up, there are places on our Home page to do sign up. If you haven't already guessed, you won't be flooded with emailed form me.

If you want to be on our free Wednesday ascension healing list and/or find out who your Ascension Master is (another free service), contact Tara at [email protected]


31st October 2018 

The Masters who stepped forward for last week's free healing were El Morya, St. Germain, and Hilarion. They gave healing to each person as a group regarding a life that impacts their current life. Each person received about 20 minutes each from the Masters. 

This week's healing session was led by Thomas Merton, Melchizedek, and St. John the Baptist. All those on the free healing list are in a row in the portal. The Masters are organizing them so there is balance in the row, ensuring all arms are in and everyone is facing forward. A bit like being on a roller coaster before it takes off. Enjoy the ride, there is going to be some shattering. They tell me they are breaking some of the old self-imposed life barriers, the 'I can't', 'I should not', 'I must not'.

I have added two new pages to the website "Who is my Ascended Master?" and "How to connect to the Ascended Masters."

I was writing an email today, and I wrote "Look at how you are talking to yourself. Always treat yourself with kindness, compassion, and forgiveness." I write this a lot. We are hardest on ourselves. Remember we can create karma by how we treat ourselves. Loving self requires kindness, compassion, and forgiveness. Try it. 

I was asked to explain the cycle of rebirth. Reincarnation is a common concept in ascension. The cycle of rebirth is also the cycle of reincarnation. The premise being, each life leads onto the next life, and we are reborn again and again due to our karma. To accept reincarnation as an inner truth is part of ascension. To leave the cycle of rebirth means all karma is paid and there is no next life. When this happens, we call it the 5th initiation. This means a person's chakras are all light and no karma.

After that, while still in body, a person can go onto the higher initiations.

In the last few days, three more people have entered into the 7th initiation. The initiation will take 2 to 8 weeks for them. Once they are out of the initiation, their Higher Selves will be fully present in body. 

This must all seem strange. We have beginners look at this website not understanding reincarnation, and in the next breath, I am talking at an advanced level about those passing the 7th initiation.

New healing shawls are going online this week, and we are introducing ray shawls slowly over the next month. For those who have had a 5 ray reading, or know your ascension ray and ascension master, these shawls will help bring the perfection and clarity of the ray into your energy system. The ray shawls are made by the Ascended Masters, Cosmic Masters, Archangels, and Devas of each ray. 

On our sister website, we have introduced a new page called  "In Service". Here we tell you of some of the high service work the Initiates are involved in. 


8th November 2018 

St. John the Baptist, Ganesh, and Jesus addressed ascension issues for those on the free healing list this week. They looked at clearing past life death memories. 

Death is not a topic we associate with ascension, so I rarely mention it. Holding the premise that we have had thousands of past lives before we get to the stage of ascension, then each of us must have had thousands of deaths and births too. 

So, what happens at death (and birth)?

Everyone on Earth in a body who hasn't passed the 5th initiation has an Earth Star and a Soul Seat. The Earth Star sits in the body of the Mother Earth about six inches beneath our feet, and the Soul Seat sits just below the collar bone on the chakra line. These are both the receptacles for our past lives. When we die, all the information of our past lives, our current life, and our karma is downloaded into the Earth Star from our Soul Seat. It sits there in the Mother Earth waiting for the rebirth. When we are reborn, everything uploads from the Earth Star back into our Soul Seat, and from there some go to the chakras.

When we die, the soul goes back to our Higher Self, and when we are bornthe soul returns to the body to reside in the Soul Seat with all the data from the Earth Star. So, Soul goes to the Higher Self and data goes to the Earth Star. The death memories from our past lives have been moving back and forth from Soul Seat to Earth Star with each life and death experience, waiting to be cleared. 

The Higher Self decides when we are coming back into body, who we are being born to, what lessons we will be encountering, and what karma will be paid. Higher Self is the personal god of the Soul.

We live on a freewill planet. So here on Earth, we (the lower self) get to decide quite a bit here on Earth. We are not totally confined to just our lessons and karma.

This brings me to suicide. Because this is a freewill planet, we can choose to end our life. This means the person is more or less saying to their Higher Self, this life is too hard, I am too depressed, I can't find my way, and so I want to die. Higher Self allows for this choice, knowing there are always more lives before we finally leave the cycle of rebirth.

But suicide isn't just between a single person and their Higher Self. Suicide produces ripples of pain and suffering to those who remain behind. This ripple effect creates karma for the person who just killed themselves, for their act of suicide has a negative impact on so many. So, when the Soul returns for their next life (unaware once in body of what has happened before in countless past lives), they return with more karma than before they killed themselves. They return with a lower vibration. The next life has become so much harder because of their greater karma. 

The less karma you have, the higher your vibration. 

The new Ray shawls are now online.

I have written the first in a series of articles on the Archangels. The first is about Archangel Michael. 


15th November 2018 

Serapis Bey and St. Germain painted the portal violet and white for this week's healing session. Waireti presented everyone on the free ascension healing list to the Masters. I can feel a sense of glee coming from St. Germain. He showed me a rose in full bloom. It was beautiful. He explained the rose has to go through growth and change to become so beautiful. Today they were giving healing to support the change and growth that comes with ascension.

We can't ascend and stay the same. It isn't possible. We have to let go of so much. If we hold onto old ways of being, thinking, acting, and even reacting, then nothing changes, and ascension is still something that is in the future. Once we accept change, then we start to grow as people and become more heart-based in everything we say, think, and do. 

Don't think there is an end to change as we ascend higher and higher; it is amazing how much continues to rise up for clearing. Patterns of behaviour and patterns of thinking show themselves again and again till the light bulb goes off. Ego often prevents us from seeing what is right in front of us. 

It takes great courage to look at self in truth and accept change needs to happen.

So how can the Ascended Masters help you get to this place of accepting change and actively engaged in the process of change?

We suggest the following:

  • St. Germain oil for change
  • Deva of courage oil
  • Deva of letting go oil

These oils can all be found in our store.

For those of you who are anti-oil, the energy of the oil is absorbed into the chakras 10 seconds after being applied, so the residual oil can be wiped away. 

I have to confess; I am obsessed with my 2nd ray shawl. In the last few days, I have taken to wearing it all the time. It's like I can't get enough of it. This is because the shawl holds the purity of the ray giving me clarity and focus. I just feel right wearing it. This is the same for all the various ray shawls.

If you know your ascension ray (provided in our free ascension ray and Master reading or via your 5 ray reading) then definitely look at our ray shawls. If you know all your rays and are not sure which is best for you, we suggest both the life ray and ascension ray shawls as they can be worn together. If you only want one, then decide which area you want the greatest clarity - ascension or life.


22nd November 2018 

The Masters who stepped forward for last week's free healing were Jesus, Serapis Bey, and St. John the Baptist. Jesus and St. John gave healing together to one group. The healing was for things that are happening in their life now. Serapis Bey gave helping for ascension to another group. Each person received about 20 minutes each from the Masters. 

Healing continues to come up as a source of an ongoing conversation. 

When you go to a healer of a lower vibration than you, you become the healer. What they bring up in healing then is often related to themselves. Healers can only heal to the level of their own ascension, so if they get a client of a higher vibration than them, the roles are reversed. This becomes a major anchor for many who are ascending as they get caught into the healer cycle, thinking they have all these new issues to clear. The story then becomes important to them, and it isn't even their story! 

We are discussing the idea of introducing certificates of ascension to those who pass the various initiations with the Ascended Masters here at the portal. We want those ascending with us to have verification of their initiation status.

I am pretty sheltered here at the portal as most of the people I communicate with and associate with are consciously ascending and are compassionate people. It came as a reality shock to me this week when I spent several days with a group of people unrelated to ascension. No one had compassion. Their speech, views, and actions were devoid of compassion. Waireti reminded me that compassion needs to be taught by the age of three for someone to be compassionate in life. Compassion is a necessary trait for those ascending. Compassion is when we selflessly care for others. We look outside of self and care about others’ well-being. Mother Mary has stepped forward to help manifest compassion in humanity. Here is a link to her oil - she calls it Love.

I get ascension headaches every day. Partly from working within the portal and its energies, but mostly from ascension. Waireti asked the Masters to make me something for my ascension headaches. I rubbed it onto my headache, and it went away instantly and didn't return for three days. I continue to have wonderful relief. Waireti wants to know how many of you get ascension headaches. She doesn't and wonders if I'm in a small minority or a majority. If you get ascension headaches, please let Tara knowand she will pass the information onto Waireti. 

We have added more colours to the Ray shawls. Have a look here.


29th November 2018 


The Ascended Master Hilarion, Chohan of the 5th ray, stepped forward for this week's free ascension healing session. He took everyone on the healing list into his arms, held them close, and sent love and healing. 

The message on my social media this week has been 'Ascension is an inner journey.' And it is. We ascend by paying our karma and clearing our dross and our negative patterns, so we can humbly start the true inner journey into the Sacred Heart and the Holy Heart. To stand in our own Holy of Holy's in devotion to our personal higher being, our Higher Self. 

But in preparation for this inner journey, we often need external help from the Masters and others to begin to clear lifetimes of dross. And that was what Hilarion was saying; the inner journey is for those consciously ascending as they pass the Higher Initiations. But long before passing those higher initiations, they needed someone to stand with them, hold their hand, and guide them along the path. And that is what the Masters, guides, and the world's healers are doing. They are here to help you through to the stage when you can stand alone (and have to stand alone) to proceed on your inner journey. Heart hugs to you all from Ascended Master Hilarion. Open your heart and receive his love-filled hug.

New healing shawls made by Ascended Masters St. Germain, Mother Mary, and Dom Ignacio are online. Come and have a look.


6th December 2018 

The Ascended Masters Jesus, Melchizedek, and St. John the Baptist stood in the portal this Wednesday to receive those on the free healing list. It was a sacred moment as they stood there waiting. I experienced their serenity and stillness. Ascension healing from the Masters is a sacred gift to humanity. Gratitude rose up in me. They quietly accepted each person as I bought them into the portal for the healing session. The healing they gave was for stillness. In this frenetic world, it is rare to embrace the stillness of a moment and the stillness within. 

Experience the stillness for yourself. It is in the experience that you will come to understanding.

I have many moments of stillness in the day. Some created by me, some come upon me. Each one is a sacred moment in my day.

Blessings upon you.


13th December 2018

On this healing day, the Ascended Masters portal was the softest of blue, green and white, all swirling in a soft pillow-like energy. Lay in the energy of the Masters, for they will comfort you. Serapis Bey, St. John the Baptist, and Ptah gave this soft energy to those on the free healing list and beyond. Rest in us and we will soothe you. 

Tara found this diary entry from 2012 and sent it to me. I have to re-post it. Dom Ignacio was the founder of the Jesuit order. He had a great love of God and spent many hours a day in devotion to God. He would go through his day looking for God. I don't use the word 'God', I tend to replace it with terms that reflect ascension, like divinity, Higher Self, Love, and Universe. Regardless, the sentiment is the same. 

Dom Ignacio says:

"A smile from a stranger is God smiling at you, the catch of light on a fading sun is God saying, ‘I provide for you.’ Be in gratitude for all the signs of God around you, and in your gratitude, let your heart expand to include all of life's experiences. For they are there to teach you to be in God, for you to be the smiling stranger, for you to lend a helping hand. How can you serve your fellow beings and help them to see God through their day? 


20th December 2018

White Tara stepped forward for this week's free ascension healing. She wrapped ribbon-like energy from the 7 rays around each person, giving them support from the 7 rays. Her love and compassion were encompassing energy. It was a colorful session.

The ascensions continue. We end 2018 with 141 people who passed the 4th initiation with us, 99 passed the 5th initiation, 97 passed the 6th initiation, and 18 passed the 7th initiation.

Be careful over the next few weeks as there has been an energy shift across the world, and a lot is happening to unbalance those of the light. Send love, peace, and harmony to the world or even just your local community, every little bit helps. Shine your light. 

This is my last diary entry of the year and I will be taking a three-week break over the holiday period. I will return on Monday 14th January. During my break orders will still be posted, and I will respond to healing orders. The free ascension healing will be on hold till the 16th of January. General emails won't get a response till January 14th. Tara will be available though. 

Waireti and I send our love and blessings to you all.

We hope to connect with you again in 2019 as it promises to be an interesting year.  



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