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11th January 2017

A lot has happened since the last post in 2016. First, Waireti and I had a much needed break to recharge. Well, sort of a break. Now we are back and are barely catching our breath.

The Wednesday free healings continued over the holiday season. Here is a quick update on which Masters stepped forward each week.

Wednesday 21st December: Ganesh, Serapis Bey, and Melchizedek gave healing around energetic distress. Some serious energetic waves were hitting the planet on that day.

Wednesday 28th December: Melchizedek and Hilarion were balancing the energy fields as some people’s energy fields were all over the place.

Wednesday 4th January: El Morya, Melchizedek, and St. John the Baptist were the Masters who stepped forward, a 1st ray day. This session was about seeing beyond self – the idea that not everything is about you. That's a good one to receive healing for. I remember when my daughter was in her teens and we were driving somewhere; someone beeped a horn and she immediately thought it was at us. Many take on something as their own because they are on the periphery of an event. In reality, it isn't theirs at all. Getting caught in someone else's story all revolves around the drama.

And this week, Wednesday 11th January Amaterasu (a 2nd ray goddess) stepped forward for the free healing sessions. Her colour is light yellow with a hint of green. She is the Japanese goddess of the sun. Her healing was around awakenings within - the awakenings of compassion, pure joy, and self-love (self awakenings).

I spent a lot of time these last few weeks in the garden; meditating, reading and just relaxing. As Waireti said, the afternoon naps have come to an end. The Masters bought me back by taking me on a little journey with them.

They took me up above our lovely planet where they showed me humanity all over our mother earth. Then they revealed a dark layer over both humanity and the Mother Earth, blanketing even the oceans. As we watched, I saw bright lights shooting out of the darkness. The Masters told me these bright lights were the people who had passed the 6th initiation.

The Masters then showed me these same people above the planet sending their light back to remove the darkness. The Masters said this is possible because, when you pass the 6th initiation, your earth star leaves the body of the Mother Earth and you are no longer bound to the Mother. The Earth Star resides in the Mother Earth up until the 6th initiation at which time it has become a celestial star and moves to above the 12th chakra. This process begins at the 5th initiation.

The Masters are putting a real push on those who are ascending with them via the portal. We saw just four weeks between the 5th and 6th initiations this month. For those not ascending with the Masters, it takes years to pass from the 5th to 6th initiation! The Masters want as many people as possible passing the 6th initiation as there is work to be done. There is lots of service work is needed. This has already started with those in the Facebook group as they are working above the earth. They are healing in small and large groups.

If you’re reading this, look at your ascension. Where are you in the process? Let the Ascended Masters help you get to the 6th initiation and beyond, so when you’re united with others, your light has an impact that reaches all of humanity. If you are looking for the 144,000, this is them starting here. First, a few raindrops, then a shower and then a deluge. Be one of those that really make a difference and start actively working on your Ascension with the Ascended Masters.

To start, look at the Ascension reading to learn more about the energetic you. Read more here.


18th January 2017

The New year is starting in full swing. Here are the updated numbers for those Ascending with the Masters here at the portal: 5 have passed the 7th initiation, 48 have passed the 6th initiation, 50 have passed the 5th initiation and 99 have passed the 4th initiation. That number will continue to rise this year for sure.

For those of you just finding this website for the first time and reading this diary - welcome. Each week, we have free Ascension healing for beginners in the Ascended Master’s portal and I write about which Masters stepped forward for the healing and what general area they healed. This week was the goddess Hathor; her aura is gold spirals within white. She doesn't step forward to heal very often. She said this week she was helping those on the free healing list to speak from the heart, not from the head.  This is a lovely way for all of us to be. Her portal painting is the featured image. If you want to start your Ascension process quietly with us, these 12-week free sessions are a good introduction to see if you like us and the way the Masters work. If you’re interested, just email me your photo at [email protected]

For those of you who are near the 4th initiation or passed the 4th initiation, I can't stress enough the need to meditate in the Sacred Heart. The Sacred Heart is located just above the heart chakra and is an essential part of the Ascension process, for it is the pathway to the Holy Heart. The Holy Heart is a sacred inner temple and doorway and it is through the Holy Heart that the Higher Self descends into form.

For those of you who don't know where the Sacred Heart is, try these simple techniques:

Go into a meditative breath. Take your attention or awareness to your heart chakra. No preconceived ideas, just bring your awareness into this space. Raise your awareness to the space in your body just above your heart chakra. No preconceived ideas, no expectations - just be. Just sit in this space with awareness. This is the Sacred Heart.

If that doesn't work for you, try this technique:

Take your awareness to your pineal gland in the very centre of your head. Raise your awareness about 1cm above the pineal gland. This is the Divine Mind. Feel the energy of the divine mind. After a while, you might start to feel heavy. Follow the heaviness and you will be dropped into the Sacred Heart.

Go to the Sacred Heart daily to meditate. 

Some of you might see the Sacred Heart as a special and unique room or space. In each person, there is a sacred crystal that resides within the Sacred Heart. At the 6th initiation, this crystal drops into the Earth Star where it and moves with the Star as it leaves its place from below the feet and moves up above the 12th chakra.

In time, when you have passed the 4th initiation, allow your inner knowing to move you through the Sacred Heart to the Holy Heart (it may take some time to find). This is the pathway to higher initiations, the Higher Self, and the gateway beyond.

The Ascension journey is an inner journey.


25th January 2017


What an amazing team of Cosmic Masters have stepped forward for this week's free healing session. I was in awe standing in the Ascended Master’s portal presenting each person on this week's free healing list. These three Masters showed me they were awakening these people in a very gentle and delicate way to the next level of their Ascension, so they could start to step into their divinity. This was a gentle session filled with love and mindfulness.

If you want a one on one session with these Masters, or any others, we have the 24-hour healing where you don't just receive the 15 minutes, but 24 hours. It is a blessing to be placed in the portal with a Master for 24 hours.

The initial level of awakening can be scary; a whole new world opens up, your daily life can be affected, and you may start to see and experience the world in a different way. And the awakenings continue as there isn't just one awakening. The movement is from internal self to external service, back to self and back to external service. The spiral of Ascension turns as we climb higher and higher.

We all ascend in a way that is unique to us. The experiences are unique to us. Respect all, as nobody’s process is greater or lesser. Everyone will have different awakenings and different experiences and every experience is valid and sacred. Today in the portal, I could see these three Masters healing very gently and honoring the individual process of each person.

Respect all and love all.


2nd February 2017

Ascended Master St. John the Baptist was the healing master in this week’s free Ascension healing. He showed me everyone scattered all over the world, like little lights. Just now, as I am typing, he showed me the lights getting brighter. This is a continuation of last week’s session from Chananda, Vishnu, and Osiris. 

I have been thinking about a ‘starter pack’ of terms to help those who are stepping forward to consciously ascend. It’s very hard to explain a concept in a sentence, but here is my attempt to help others understand some Ascension terms.

Earth Star - The energy centre beneath your feet that resides in the Mother Earth. This energy centre keeps you grounded and in body. This is a basic level. At an advanced level, when you die, all of your records from this life and past lives are downloaded from your soul seat into your Earth Star where they reside until your soul enters your body for your next life. This information is then uploaded into the soul seat of the next body for your next life. The Earth Star then continues to be a huge part of the 5th and 6th initiations. The shape of the Earth Star is like an apex down pyramid.  
Read more here.

Soul Seat - This is the home of the soul while in body. The soul seat resides above the heart chakra and just below the clavicle meeting point (collar bones). It is also the repository for your past life records while in body. The soul seat can look like a pyramid and can be either apex up or apex down. In rare cases, it can be an orb, but this is usually a transitory phase. The soul seat is part of the higher initiations.

Core Star - The core star resides above the solar plexus and below the heart chakra. This energy centre is usually oval. The core star is the doorway to dimensional lives and is part of the higher initiations.

5th Initiation - This is the initiation when all your karma is paid and you leave the cycle of rebirth; no more coming back and no more lives.

Kundalini - The kundalini resides at the base of the spine and is a mysterious force of energy. I can't say I understand it completely, but it is a force that rises of it's own accord at the 5th initiation, leaving the body and moving to the 8th chakra. It appears to be part of the higher initiations. It can be extremely dangerous to awakening the kundalini before it is time. Blocked channels can divert the kundalini into the nadi pathways, burning them and causing either great pain or mental illness, in some cases. 

Higher Chakras - From my experiences with the higher initiations, I can see that chakras 1 to 12 play roles in the Ascension process. After the 5th initiation, the lower 7 chakras cease to function and the person then starts to manifest from chakras 8 to 12.

Ascension - Ascension is the raising of your vibration, and from there, your consciousness. This is done by decreasing your karma and increasing your light. When the chakras have no karma and are of 100% light, a person passes the 5th initiation and leaves the cycle of rebirth. The only way you can pass the 5th initiation and leave the cycle of rebirth is to pay your karma. There is no other way. 

Karma - We make karma each day with our thoughts, words, and actions. This karma goes into our chakras where it is stored. No one passes the day without making karma, no one. We are having a human experience; we have an ego and we are not perfect. The trick is to pay more karma than you make. This is done by consciously living your day with heart-based words, heart-based thoughts, and heart-based actions. 

9th February 2017

Listen with your heart. 

Listen with your heart. 

So often we listen with our minds, assuming we already know what someone else is saying and what they mean. When we listen with assumptions, we are not hearing what is actually being said. When we listen with our heart, we can hear the many layers of meaning, both spoken and unspoken. Responding from the heart opens up a whole new level of connection and communication. 

Try it and see where your heart leads you.

El Morya, Melchizedek, and Thomas Merton were in the portal for this week’s free healing session. They gave healing to those on the healing list around allowing ourselves to be different; giving ourselves permission to the be the person who doesn't fit into all of the molds society creates, and from that place of acceptance, loving ourselves because of our individuality. 


22nd February 2017

Sorry for the lack of a diary entry last week, I was away getting married to my twin flame. We had a wonderful celebration of our love with those closest to our hearts.

Love is an easy image to convey; the emoji heart says it for us so easily. We are becoming pictorial in our communications; smiley face, sad face, heart, and so on. It gives rise to imagining how the ancient Egyptians could express so much in an image. 

The pictorial is also seen in modalities of healing, like Reiki. Some see codes, like bar-codes, downloading into some. Then there are the pictorial energetic codes that some healers are being given to insert into auras.  Some of these healers are guided by the light, and some by astral pretenders (those who pretend to be of the light and are not). 

In these days of Ascension, it is becoming a minefield to determine which healers will serve our greatest good; a minefield we all must walk. All I can say is, follow your heart and choose a healer who you feel is of a higher vibration than you. Trust in yourself to choose what is best for you. If you can't decide, then do nothing and work with yourself. You are the master of your Ascension process.

Last Wednesday's free healing session was conducted by Jesus and Pallas Athena. The healing was around the see-saw that occurs within people before they come into balance.
This Wednesday's free session was with Melchizedek, Thomas Merton, and Charity (one of the archangels of the 3rd ray). They healed around issues of complexity.

We have some new 
Ascended Master crystal portals available - Archangel Michael, Mary Magdalene, St. Germain, and St. John the Baptist. The Masters are here to help you with your Ascension; healing self and others and working with humanity in general via their crystal portals. Holding a portal is like holding a Master’s hand; they are direct links to the Master. 


5th March 2017

I bow to the God within you.
I see you.
I hear you.
I respect you.
I hold you in my heart.
In my heart, my compassion and love surrounds you.

Blessings upon you.

Thank you for being here in this moment amongst the Ascended Masters; for they all speak, I speak, and my Higher Self Maru speaks.

Last Wednesday’s healing Master was El Morya. The session was about gathering all of you back into the moment and the present.


8th March 2017

Heart hello. 
I was in meditation this morning with 
Ma'at. What a lovely Master. If you don't know her, connect into her portal painting (the grey and blue image) and sit with her. Her energy is so balanced and calming. 

Ma'at is a third ray Ascended Master, the pink ray of unconditional love.
Ma’at is also known as an Egyptian goddess. She is here to help with balance - balance within ourselves. Once we are balanced on all levels and through all of our bodies, we can start to present ourselves in Truth on every level. In other words, we can start to be authentic.

Ma’at is here to help those who need help in this process, leading them to their inner truth and authentic self.

Ma'at has an aura of soft pink with a deep pink insertion at the top. Her straight black hair is shoulder length with a fringe. She has jeweled ribbons hanging at the front of her hair and she wears white all the time. 

Her portal painting is blue and silvers, like most of the Cosmic Masters. These portal paintings were created by the Masters here in New Zealand as they were creating the portal. The silver and blue colors reflect the implementation of the divine will, a First Ray energy.

Waireti took this week’s free healing sessions. The Masters who stepped forward were the second ray Masters - Jesus, Kuthumi, Lord Lanto, and Lao Tze. They showed me the energy of going deep within each person. The energy seemed to come down through the crown chakra and into their sacred heart. They tell me many are closed off and they were sending beams of light into the inner darkness.

Until next week - blessings of light to you.


15th March 2017

Hello and heart hugs.

This week, we had the first group gathering here at the Ascended Master’s portal with some of those who have passed the 6th and 7th initiations (and one 4th). The vibration was high. Some immediate Ascension occurred for some, but most of all, we got to mix and mingle in a safe and loving place. The Masters gathered among us. We meditated, laughed, shared, and ate glorious food. Hopefully, there will be more gatherings like this.

When we pass the 6th initiation, we involuntarily start to take on the karma of others. By doing this, we help others ascend. We only ascend by clearing all of our karma; we pass the 5th initiation and leave the cycle of rebirth when we have no karma left and our chakras are 100% light.

As part of their own Ascension process, those at the 6th initiation help clear the karma of others by involuntarily taking a little of the karma of others into their own higher vibration chakra system for clearing. After the 7th initiation, we get to choose whose karma we take on. I choose to take on a little of the karma of those who have passed the 4th initiation and are approaching the 5th initiation. By doing this, I know I am helping to speed up their Ascension. I passed the 7th initiation 18 months ago and this is one of my services to humanity.
We now have 53 people who have passed the 6th initiation and 5 people (nearly 6) who have passed the 7th initiation. What we can do is small when looking at humanity as a whole, but on an individual level, all of these people are making a difference.

So what can you do to clear your karma and help your Ascension process? Everyone makes karma every day with their thoughts, words, and actions. It is just part of the human condition. The trick is to reduce your amount of daily karma so the daily karma paid exceeds the daily karma made. You can do this by having heart-based thoughts, heart-based speech, and heart-based actions. This way of being, helps you to stop making karma with your thoughts, words, and actions.

When you find yourself thinking something negative: stop, forgive yourself, and continue to try and have more heart-based thoughts. The same with speech; try to speak from a place of love, kindness, and respect to everyone you encounter, whether it is someone you don't know, like a retail person, or to your co-workers, children, partner, etc. Do the same with your actions. 

If you do this, your heart chakra will start to change from green to pink. Everyone who passes the 5th initiation will have a pink heart chakra as this shows they have moved into a state of unconditional love.

The Ascended Masters have made 
Violet Flame oil in their portal. Violet Flame oil helps clear the dross in your chakras so the karma comes up for release in a gentle way. Paying karma is the other side of the picture. Heart-based thoughts, words, and actions don’t pay your karma, they just help limit what daily karma you do make. Karma made, must be paid. The Violet flame oil clears the story and dross, so when the karma comes up for release, it occurs quickly and gently. We have seen that the Violet Flame oil does help speed up the Ascension process.

And now to the free Ascension healing. The Master giving this week's free Ascension healing is Melchizedek. He said he is healing the microcosm within the macrocosm of those on the free Ascension healing list.


22nd March 2017


We have many people return each week just to read my diary. Thank you! My heart smiles each week. Heart hugs.

In light of this weekly support, coupled with the Master’s push for more to ascend and leave the cycle of rebirth this year, we are offering some free healing and services to say thank you. 

This what we are offering this week -

  • 1 Protection grid
  • 1 Ascension reading
  • 1 Five ray reading
  • 1 Past life healing
  • 1 Healing scarf/shawl

You can read more about these healings and services in the store if you are unsure about what they are exactly.

This offer is only here in this diary and won't be on Facebook, Instagram, or in a newsletter. The limitation is one choice per person. E-mail your name and your single choice to [email protected] and we will put you in the draw, which will occur next Tuesday 28th March (New Zealand time). We will email you if your name is drawn.

We know we have something to address when we keep getting the same type of emails. Some of you dream of Waireti or me, or we appear to you in meditation. If this happens, it is usually us working with the Masters and being the go-between, or pointer, for the Masters. This usually means to look to your Ascension with the Masters. Perhaps the Masters feel you need some help along the way or need to be reminded to be more focused in your Ascension. I can't begin to express how focused and serious the Masters are about humanity’s Ascension. So if we appear in your meditation or dreams, take note, as the Masters are giving you a wake-up call.

If the experience with us is more detailed, then we are usually working as our Higher Selves. Our healing and support continue through your Ascension process.

Jesus played with Waireti today, LOL. He provides such wonderful moments of lightness for us amongst the serious work. Waireti presented those on the free healing list today in the portal. St. John the Baptist and Kuan Yin stepped forward to receive the people Waireti presented to them. Waireti too was in serious mode, only to have Jesus step up and whisper in her ear, "Oh look, it’s John and Kuan". Needless to say, the serious moment erupted into giggles.

29th March 2017

Thank you to all of those who played with us this week. Waireti loves games and the lightness it creates in us.

Waireti drew the names and we made it a fun game just drawing them. We had an overwhelming response to the healing shawls, so instead of drawing one, we drew five names for the shawls. Those whose names have been drawn for the healing, readings, and shawls have been e-mailed.

I’ve had a full-on week this week. The Masters have pulled me back to the portal to re-focus my energies on working with them to help humanity reach the 5th initiation. So, of course, I was continually feeling pulled in other directions, despite the Masters wanting me to focus on them. This bought up issues for me of letting go, which in turn let me see other’s issues of letting go. What we recognize in others is often manifesting in ourselves, and visa versa.

Letting go? Or rather, why do we hold on? We have to be holding on to something to let it go. Usually, this is because the holding on feeds a need within us. (5-minute interlude while I face what I am holding onto…ouch! There’s nothing like looking at ourselves with the rose coloured glasses off, LOL.)

Here I am, telling you about my need to let go, while this too is mirrored in those around me. I could tell you my story here, but I won't as that will only perpetuate the energy I created. How come we know we need to let go, but feel the need to bring others into our drama of release? The story can get bigger and bigger, and the energy can grow and grow as more and more are bought into our drama. ‘How did that happen?’ may be asked by many, as they drop away from the story. Does support help in the release? Does telling others make us feel better about ourselves? As a whole, humanity loves a good story and a good drama, and even better if we are at the centre of it. Perhaps not.

I suspect letting go brings up issues of guilt, coupled with abandonment. I certainly feel guilty in my letting go. I feel it is an abandonment of others, in a sense. On the other hand, through my sharing, I am trying to justify to myself why I let go and get confirmation from others that it was okay. The web of social interaction is complex, especially when a story gets created.

But now, I have to put on my big girl shoes. We let go for lots of reasons - perhaps a situation is bad for us, a situation is beyond our ability, our love for something is so great we know we are helping them in the release on a path that is beneficial to them, or we have had enough and it is time for us to step back as we are needed elsewhere and must prioritize personal health and safety. There are so many reasons for letting go, but let go we all must do at some stage. Hence
, my big girl shoes.

Let go. No drama. No story. Own it. Accept it. Move on.

We suggest 
Letting go oil for those serious about Ascension because letting go is ongoing for those ascending. At the 6th, part of the Ascension process occurs according to our letting go; letting go of old patterns of behaviour, old thought patterns, foods that no longer suit our vibration, desires, and attachments - all those things that keep us out of balance. It is a good idea to start the practice of letting go at the 3rd initiation. That way, at the 6th initiation, you will recognize what you need to let go of and why, therefore speeding up the Ascension process. Wallowing in the story of letting go won't help us, or those we gather into our story, one little bit. Trust me.

This week's free Ascension healing was given by Hilarion and Ganesh. The portal was a wash of emerald green. They gave healing for the inner self this week.

5th April 2017


Ascension, just what is it? There are so many pathways. There are religion-based pathways and the many different religions, sects, and branches within each religion. Then there is the spiritual-based pathway in the new age, indigenous paths. We could go on and on. I was wondering over the last few days, what is the common denominator? What do all of these paths have in common?

The answer is Love and karma. Love is universal and love of all things is preached by all holy people. So, we need to move into the heart and manifest from the heart to ascend.

Then there is karma; think of karma as the measuring tool. We create karma when we have negative words, thoughts, and actions, even at the most subtle degree. It is only when the chakras are 100% clear of karma that we pass the 5th initiation and leave the cycle of rebirth. The only way we stop creating karma is by having thoughts based in love, compassion, and respect, words based in love, compassion and respect, and actions based in love, compassion, and respect.

We raise our vibration by not creating karma, paying our residual karma, and manifesting from the heart.

When we raise our vibration, we raise our consciousness. This is Ascension.

What is karma? Karma is created daily by any thoughts, words or actions that are based in negativity and judgement of others and self. Yes
, all those negative thoughts you have are creating karma. Most negative actions are accompanied by verbal and thought karma as well, so it is a triple hit. Karma picks up the most subtle of expressions; a fleeting, barely formed negative thought will still create karma as there is no grey area. You can see why it is so hard to ascend; most people will create more karma daily than they pay, so Ascension just doesn't happen. 

No one can ascend for you. You have to pay your karma yourself. You have to control your thoughts, words, and actions yourself. Ascension is a singular practice.

The Ascended Masters are here to help lighten your load by walking beside you and holding your hand as a support, but the karma and the path are all yours.

This week's free Ascension healing was given by Hilarion. The portal was a gorgeous emerald green. Hilarion gathered everyone on the free healing list into his arms like a huge group hug. He then ‘talked’ to the group, healing a throat chakra here and a third eye there, as his verbal vibration showed him the need arising in each person. Watching from outside, I can see this was a beautiful session.


12th April 2017

Namaste dear one,

Have you discovered the free portal prints on our website? We have the Deva of RESPECT, the Deva of HOPE, the Deva of FORGIVENESS, the Deva of PEACE, portals for the Ascended Masters VESTA, GANESH and LAKSHMI, and the UNIVERSAL HEALING portal.

The portal prints are created for free use and are on the website at 300dpi. Just print them off and place one on a chakra to feel the Masters of Devas energy flow into you. You can also pin them on a wall for their energy to flow out to your environment. They are great for home, work, or in areas of need. 

The ‘I am presence’, lower self, soul, spirit, higher self, Christ Light, monad, etc. are all terms for some of the same things. I am explaining here my use of the terminology so you can understand what I refer to throughout the website. You can then translate it back to your terminology and hopefully, we can find common ground.

Here is a graphic that easily explains the Lower Self (you/soul), Higher Self, and Christ Light. As you can see, there are three levels of beings. It can be confusing having so many different terms all meaning the Higher Self or Christ Light, like ‘I am Presence’ for example. I prefer to use the Lower Self, Higher Self, and Christ Light, as these are the terms the Masters have given me.

The Lower Self is you, the person who has had many past lives and is here once more in body having another life in this physical world. You have a soul. You have dimensional lives.

The Higher Self is the next level up. Higher Self oversees all of your lives (via your soul) and the lives of all your dimensional lives (each with their own soul). It is all of these lower selves of the Higher Self that are working towards the first level of Ascension (passing of the 5th initiation and leaving the cycle of rebirth). The Higher Self is the Ascended Master in waiting. Higher Self is waiting for you to do your part in the Ascension process before they can step forward for their own Ascension. The Higher Self is the higher part of you.

The Christ Light is the higher self to the Higher Self. The Higher Self is Ascending towards his/her Christ Light.

Perhaps this will help you clarify the terms you use and better understand the process of Ascension that I talk about throughout the website.

I realized I never really knew my Higher Self until I passed the 6th initiation. Before then, I thought my Higher self was a woman, so it was a shock to discover that my HS was male after the 6th initiation. Who I thought was my Higher Self ended up being the 
Ascended Master Pallas Athena, LOL. Pallas Athena was first encountered in a meditation when I was young; I was to ready to put a label on her and claim her for my own. Thanks to her for her love and support through my deluded years. What I am trying to say is, be open to change when it comes to Ascension because not everything is as it seems.

This week’s Ascended Master healing team in the Ascended Master’s portal is Mother Mary and Dom Ignacio. They are giving 15-20 minutes of healing to all those on the free healing list. They are receiving healing toward the cause of physical body issues.


20th April 2017

I had written a list of topics for this week and now I can't find it! It looks like the Masters have tossed my ideas, so let's see what they bring forward, LOL. 

We now have six people who have passed the 7th initiation. It is one of those magical times in Ascension. The 7th initiation is like emerging from a cocoon. The Higher Self is now 100% within your Holy Heart. With this initiation comes the return of the wings. These wings come as a result of your origin. Everyone on the planet has an origin - angelic, reptilian, or faerie. Each origin has wings. So, it is a bit like Christmas to have these wings emerge. The colours are always gorgeous. Couple these with the aura colours of the Higher Self and the image and energy are just beautiful. So that is something to look forward to as you ascend. We now have 50 people who are sitting between the 6th and 7th initiation. Fifty more wings waiting to emerge.

Most people of angelic origin already have a single wing, but this wing is removed, and a new full set is gifted at the 7th initiation. A true rebirth.

The Ascended Master healers this week were St. John the Baptist, Mary Magdalene, and Maha Chohan. The topic they addressed within each person on the healing list this week was inner strength and inner power. It is very easy to give our power away in lots of little ways. This session was to help claim that personal power and strength back.


26th April 2017


The portal was filled with beautiful singing this week, the Masters and angels lifting their voices together in devotional song. Waireti called it choir practice.

We’ve been having a big change here at the portal around the topic of Ascended Master healing teams. Some of the Masters are lessening their healing commitment and others are stepping forward. Newcomers to the Master healing teams are Moses, a huge first ray energy, and Paul the Venetian. Paul the Venetian’s portal painting is the graphics with this page. While both of these Masters have been intermittently working as part of the healing teams, they are now stepping forward in a more permanent role. Mother Mary and Jesus have lessened their healing roles, though they aren't here at the portal any less. 

The torus connection technique has come up many times over the last few weeks. This is a technique given to me by Sanat Kumara many years ago. It is mainly a personal connection technique - to connect our divine mind, sacred heart, and soul. This brings us into balance with the Higher aspects of ourselves while we are in body. It helps to lift our vibration up and beyond the mundane limitations of human life. When Sanat Kumara first gave me this technique, I would use it many times a day, until eventually, I was continually in this higher state. It is not difficult, and we have an mp3 file to play so you are talked through the process. If you practice the torus technique many times a day, you will find yourself clearer and more connected. The technique can then be used to connect with people and to create a unified field. This is excellent in meditation groups and to be in harmony with your children and with the Masters. Connecting with the Masters from this higher platform enriches your experience with them. This is not a technique to use to connect with your Higher Self; your Higher Self is part of you and is accessible via the Sacred Heart and Holy Heart.

This week’s Ascension healing Master is Melchizedek. He is healing those on the free healing list around past life, third eye issues.

Over the last six months or so, the topic of St. Germain walking with President Trump has come up several times. This is a good example of misinformation. Every person on the planet has an Ascended Master walking with them as Ascension Master and another as life Master. St. Germain walks with millions upon millions of people as do many Masters. You can see the list of Ray Masters walking with people here. 
Ascension teachers click here. You will have several of these with you, so don't read into St. Germain walking with President Trump too much. But just for the record, St. Germain isn't with Mr. Trump in any form.


3rd May 2017

Did you get my recent newsletter? In it, I talk about being an introvert ascending amongst extroverts. I got many responses, but this one summed it up perfectly...

"It has confirmed for me that, being me is enough. And in my own way, I will be able to help others as I ascend, without being intent on having to DO anything else or BE anyone else."

This reminds me of a book I read many years ago of a yogi in India who had many followers. They came from all over the world to sit at his feet. The only problem was, he had taken a vow of silence, so all of the questions his followers asked were never answered. He was teaching that all knowledge lies within. So, they all sat in his energy. If they stayed, they stayed. If they left, they left. It didn't matter to him. I get that. We are all responsible for our own Ascension and we each must walk the path in our own way, the authentic path of self. Introvert or extrovert…unique, original, authentic and perfect! 

The freedom to be ourselves is a wonderful gift to self.

This week’s Ascended Master Ascension healers were Isis, Lady Nada, and Pallas Athena. For those on this week’s free healing list, the healing was in Pallas Athena’s words - The gift of the goddess - a personalized healing for each of you from these beautiful 6th ray Masters.


10th May 2017

We had a lovely day in the portal, first, the day began with singing from Archangel Michael, Dom Ignacio, and Lord Lanto. The portal was a soft blue, yellow and pink, the ray colours of these three, and also the colours of the threefold flame. The colours swirled and entwined to bring the energy of power, love, and wisdom to those on the free healing list. As the day wore on various Masters popped in and out. St Germain is back after a few weeks away. Lady Nada is standing in meditation as I type. All very lovely and soft.

I was asked today what the symbol on the Grounding oil bottle means. The symbol is shown here. The Masters designed the grounding oil label and at the time told me the meaning of the symbol. I don't seem to have written it down. So, I have asked again. The symbol is for grounding. The outer circle represents our personal ring pass not, within which contains and feeds all that we are symbolically - our past lives, dimensional lives, guides, rays, teachers, masters, ancestral memory, Higher self, higher consciousness, etc - all that feeds and maintains us and that which pulls us out of body. The central orb is the individual within this ring. The battle is to be present while all these other parts of us are pulling us out of body aka un-grounded. The central orb indicates all is in balance and harmony. A symbol for not being grounded would have the central orb in a different place.

Grounding oil 
- keeps us present, fully in body and fully engaged. We can see the colours around us, smell the smells, see the people and hear what they are saying. Our mind isn't elsewhere. Be present, that is why we are here, to be part of this human experience. When we are grounded the opportunities around us are seen and pursued.


17th May 2017

Hello again. Here I am, sitting by the fire, well aware winter is here. The dogs are at my feet, lying on an old patchwork quilt. Well, one of them is, the other is trying to get some of it. Each week, I sit down to type and have no real idea of what is going to flow from the Masters.

Let's talk about perception. Our perception of what is happening around us can create beliefs and truths that don't sit with reality. How many of you are affected by the energy of those around you? You know you are affected and so this becomes a truth. Now let’s put that into the context of Ascension; do the energies of others affect your Ascension? The answer is no.

Someone else's energy can affect how you feel, but this energy doesn't affect the dross and the karma in your chakras. We Ascend by clearing our dross and our karma from the chakras. The energy of others does not affect your Ascension. Your Ascension is yours. Ascension is one of those times when you can say - it's all about you! 

All of those people around you, their negative energy, and how it affects you is another issue entirely. 

You can see how it’s easy to place knowledge from one area of perception and truth and apply it elsewhere, coming up with an incorrect assumption. This happens a lot in the spiritual world. We feel we categorize, and we create truth in our own reality, which may or may not be correct. 

Here is another example - Feeling something doesn't mean change is occurring, it just means you are feeling. A good example is holding a bottle of one of the Master’s oils, let's say the Deva of Joy. While you hold the bottle of oil, you feel the joy, but that is all. The oil is meant to create change within you, and it must be applied to do this. Just holding the bottle and feeling the joy can make you think change is occurring when it isn't; you are just feeling. This can be applied to lots of encounters. How many times do you feel something and think change is happening? when in reality, you are just having an experience. Sound is a good example. The experience doesn't always equate to change.

Another example is feeling a sharp pain in the body, ‘I've been stabbed in the back’ kind of pain. You may think you are being energetically attacked. Or, it may just be that your body is clearing a past life memory, as the cellular memory has its own story happening. Clearing past life trauma is a common occurrence as you Ascend. So, we then come back to, is it happening to us or is it happening within us? More often than not, it is happening within us, but it is much easier to attribute events to an external cause because we feel external energy as part of our spiritual experiences.

This is the major dilemma that faces those Ascending. The experience is given importance when in reality, it is sometimes just an experience and just a feeling. Change, events, and experiences are not always linked. 

What we are asking you to do here is to look beyond your personal perceptions. It is a murky world out there and our perceptions can make it murkier, scarier, and more negative than it needs to be. Be discerning. If it sounds crazy, it probably is.

This week’s Ascended Masters healers were Lady Nada and Serapis Bey. They stepped forward for the free healing sessions this week. These two Masters are a common working team. Today they addressed the battle and acceptance of inner truth within each of those on the healing list. The story can create a reality that isn't true. Self-truth is a huge step in the Ascension process.


25th May 2017

Sorry for the delay in getting this week’s diary up. Here we are now.

This week, the Masters have been getting organized and focusing on organizing the Facebook group. The message is clear - unification. The group has more power than the individual. The more people together, the more power. This means learning to work with more power than many are used to. This is part of the ongoing training for those in the closed Facebook group who have passed the 4th initiation with us - learning to work with power and the Masters within their safe protection. Why do we need more power? A good example is that the power of the group can give more healing to Mother Earth than an individual. The torus technique given by Sanat Kumara helps to do this in a focused way. 
Here is the link to the free technique. 

Many of you who are reading this diary are yet to pass the 4th initiation and might be wondering what you can do to get to this initiation. As we ascend higher, the heart chakra changes from green to pink. By the time anyone reaches the 5th initiation, their heart chakra is pink. A pink heart chakra or a partial pink heart chakra means you are moving into a state of unconditional love. We can't ascend without love in our hearts as part of our daily way of being. To reach this state, Mother Mary has stepped forward with her oil ‘Love’.  Through this oil, she will help you with your lessons of moving into this state permanently. Here is the link to her oil. Here is a link to her 
portal print - her energy emanates from this portal she created through me 24/7. Having her energy in your environment will help you in life, healing, and Ascension. 

This week’s
 free Ascension healing in the Ascended Master’s portal was given by St. John the Baptist, Jesus, Kuthumi, Pallas Athena, and Isis. Imagine each Master giving each person on the list a 15-minute focus of all their energies together. That will move a few things along.

Love to you, now and through your weeks ahead. Heart hugs. 


31st May 2017

This week, Waireti and I have been guided by the Masters to look at the ray colours of all the Archangels and Elohim. Some are on the same rays as before, but some have been misidentified according to ray and colours. Notably, AA Uzziel, AA Zadkiel, AA Hope, AA Charity, AA Faith, El Astrea, and El Cassiopeia. How many of you are open to being flexible to the changes we have made below? Or will you stick to older versions? Change is part of Ascension. Be open to change.

First Ray
AA Michael – aqua blue
AA Charity – mid blue
AA Uzziel – multiple blues
Elohim Hercules – steel blue, more to blue
Elohim Amazonia – sky blue

Second Ray
AA Christine - yellow with a silver edge
AA Jophiel – mid-Yellow
Elohim Lumina – pale yellow
Elohim Apollo – yellow and silver

Third ray
AA Hope – soft pink
AA Chamuel – mid bright pink
AA Faith – copper (copper is a third ray colour)
Elohim Heros – deep pink
Elohim Amora – soft pink with a silver edge

Fourth Ray
AA Gabriel – stark white
Elohim Purity – white silver edge

Fifth Ray
AA Raphael – sea green
AA Ariel – orange
Elohim Astrea – orange with a thin white edge
Elohim Virginia – aqua green
Elohim Cyclopea – sea green
El Cassiopeia – orange with a thin yellow edge

Sixth Ray
AA Aurora – gold with a ruby edge
AA Uriel – gold with ruby lines
Elohim Peace – ruby and gold
Elohim Aroha – purple with silver

7th ray
AA Amethyst – dark violet
Elohim Victoria – violet
Elohim Arcturus – iridescent violet

AA Zadkiel – rainbow
Elohim 8th ray - rainbow

The Masters the free ascension healing this week were Jesus and St. Germain. These are fun Masters, both with a gentle humour that makes us laugh at the oddest of times. Now St. Germain is trying to be serious, LOL. Jesus is laughing at his attempts, seeing none of us are fooled. Such love for us all emanates from them both. The healing this week is about change - change from the serious, heavy, and dark energy many have as their normal way of being to the more focused, light, and bright energy of lightness of being.

Waireti and I are away from the portal for a month, but I will have my laptop and will still be working. The diary will be on hold for a month, though the free healings will continue as the Masters have that all covered. I will still be accepting orders, booking healings, and doing the Ascension readings. All orders for products need to be received by June 19th to be posted before we leave. All product orders received after that will be posted on July 23rd after we return.


7th June 2017

St. John the Baptist was the single Master to step forward in the Ascended Master’s portal for this week’s free Ascension healing. I suggested it was quite a few people to heal by himself, but he opened his arms, gathered everyone in, and the healing began. So, what is he healing this week? Inclusion. Not for those being healed to be included, but for them to include others in their life and love. Love isn't meant to be individualized, it is meant to be inclusive.

The Masters appeared in the portal the other day to be recognized as either Ascended Masters or Cosmic Masters, the difference being the initiation level. Cosmic Masters have passed the 12th initiation, here is the list. If you find inconsistencies on the website with this list, let me know. I am happy to hear from you so I can make the necessary corrections to the website. There are others, of course, but these are the ones who presented themselves to me in the portal for this list.


ST JOHN, the Baptist
EROS - cusp of the 12th
QUETZALCOATL (6th) - cusp of the 12th
FREYA (2nd ray)


METATRON (not on angelic list)
AMARYLLIS, goddess of spring


29th June 2017

I know I said I would be away from the portal until the end of July and there wouldn't be any dairy entries until I return, but the Masters still have me working and I have discovered the coolest thing. Even though I'm on the other side of the world enjoying grandchild cuddles, I can still hear the Angels and Masters singing in the portal, even when not working. It is a comfort and a joy to be connected across this distance.


26th July 2017

We are back from holiday. Grandchild cuddling must be the best past time in the world!

The portal and the Beings with it have a sense of joy at the moment. Angels are dancing and singing, and Masters are laughing and joking in groups. Lightness of being is prevalent throughout the portal.

This week’s free Ascension healing was lovely. St. John the Baptist, Jesus, and Hilarion were present in a happy and light mood. It was good to be in the portal with them. Many started the sessions for the first time this week; I hope you all enjoyed your 15-20 minutes with the Masters. They gave all of those on the free healing list healing around the expansion of being. We all live our lives within our reality. Sometimes we need to look up and observe that everyone else is living their life according to their reality. In that observation, we can then be more accepting, caring, feeling and forgiving of the process of others. The focus of this week’s healing was about the expansion of being.

I have put up a new article around the 11.11, 22.22, 33.33 etc. phenomenon. I wrote it as a diary entry awhile back, but I have now posted it as an article. Click here for a link to the article "The 11.11, 22.22, 33.33, 44.44 phenomena."

This question was asked recently:

“I was just curious. Are there any black ascended masters? I am black it appears the race is not represented. Please comment. I know it is not about race or colour but apart from Afra do you know of any other?”
Yes; Cha Ara's last life was spent in upper Africa and he presents with dark/black skin. 
Skin colour reflects the Master’s last life and not a reflection of their Ascension process. We’ve all had many lives across all races, ethnic groups, cultures, countries, religions etc., the Masters included.

The Master’s presentation in form is only to give a known reference. In reality, they are pure energy.

Also, we need to look at the modality of Ascension. In past times, most Ascensions were achieved within a modality to ascend such as a religion or belief system. Therefore, it follows that ethnic groups represented by the Masters reflect the Ascension modalities and their positioning around the world in those past times. 
There is no reason in today's open world that all races and ethnicity aren't represented in Ascension. Not just in the major ethnic groups, but also the minor ones, such as the New Zealand Maori and the Pacific islands, etc.
If you want to actively work on your Ascension, we are happy to assist you in the process. The website is full of information for you to read. We suggest to everyone to start with the Ascension reading. 


2nd August 2017 

Here we are, back into the swing of portal life; angels are singing, and Masters are walking and talking in our environment. We are blessed to be living in such a sacred space. I am aware of how many past lives I’ve had in monasteries, nunneries, and as a hermit. The peace and tranquillity of the portal feeds a past life part of me. It is good to be home.

The healing Masters this week are Pallas Athena, Isis, Jesus, Eros, and Melchizedek. This is not a common grouping, but I realized they were working individually. Those on the free Ascension healing list received 15-20 minutes of healing from one of these Masters. They might have presented themselves as their colours. Melchizedek has a dark blue, red and white aura. Isis has red and purple or gold, Eros has cream and pale gold, Jesus is yellow, and Pallas Athena is dark purple and gold. You can read more about them here in 
"Meet The Ascended Masters." 

In the past, we have given freely the service of knowing your Ascension Ascended Master - the Master who walks with you for your Ascension. We all have an Ascension Ascended Master regardless of the stage of Ascension, for these are the times of Ascension. 

We ask that you don't ask on behalf of someone else unless they give you permission. We take this relationship with the Masters seriously. We will look at your children if they are under the age of 14, but if they are 14 and older, they must give you permission to ask on their behalf.

What is the benefit of asking for your children? Once we know our Ascension Ascended Master (regardless of the age), a relationship starts to unfold. When this relationship begins at a heart level, the Master can come in closer to help and guide in ways that assist the child's highest good.

While we were away, Waireti was amazed at the closed cocoons everyone existed in. You have to understand, Waireti and I rarely leave our hometown, so awareness of the world is small and yet not. She saw little evidence of awareness outside of self, meaning there was little kindness towards others witnessed and little situational awareness. For one day, Waireti just got on and off of trains and buses. She sat at bus stops and generally interacted with people, talking, engaging, helping and healing. Being aware, being present, and being kind is not hard. There are many we pass in our daily lives who are lonely and alone, or just need a hand in the moment. A kind word, healing energy, or a helping hand is not hard. So, we ask you to look up from your hectic world and have situational awareness as you go about your daily lives. Perhaps give a smile and hello to a neighbour or send healing to a stranger in need. Ascension is about living in the heart and that means seeing the world outside of yourself. What can you do to help your fellow travellers on the path?


9th August 2017 


Spring is starting to arrive here in New Zealand. Daffodils are smiling and buds are slowly opening on a few trees. We rejoice that the winter woodpile lasted to see us through another winter. A sense of upliftment comes with spring; Waireti and I are looking at seed catalogues and deciding what to grow in the vegetable and flower gardens. It is a fun time for us both.

And yet, within this renewal of the seasons, our personal lives continue to be unaffected by seasonal change. Death has no respect for seasons or time. Death arrives when we least expect it, altering our lives and the lives of those we love without care or thought of those left behind. You can be sure in every country of the world, someone is suffering. You can be sure depression and/or grief is affecting someone you know and love. We can intellectualize suffering and death and understand it on a spiritual and mental level, but the emotions still rise up, grief still occurs, and suffering continues. 

My go-to for any situation is always the Ascended Masters. For depression, suffering, and grief I suggest the following Masters - Kuan Yin, Serapis Bey, Jesus, Ganesh, Mother Mary, Thomas Merton, and St. John the Baptist. 

You can call on them and they will answer your call. For a more intimate approach, I suggest their portal cards. Place the portal card on a chakra and let the Master’s energy flow into you for healing, comfort, and support. Click here to see all the 
Ascended Master portal cards. The Master’s energy flows through these portals 24/7. Place seven portal cards on the seven chakras for a special healing session.

This topic is why 
Kuan Yin is present for today's free healing sessions in the portal. Kuan Yin works with the emotional body. All our suffering, depression, and grief is connected with the emotional body. Those on the free healing list will receive healing around the blockages that manifest when we are in emotional pain.

Wishing you all love and support from the Masters in your life process.


 17th August 2017 

St. John the Baptist, St. Germain, and Serapis Bey all stepped forward this Wednesday in the Ascended Master’s portal to give healing to those on the list. This week, they looked at aura repair. Holes in the aura are a doorway for entities, so they did a little repair work where needed and also a little energetic repair; call it a maintenance session. We can all do with one of those from time to time.

I've just received some Kunzite and quartz points for the personalized crystal collection. If you haven't seen these, you can read about them in 
our store. The Masters choose three crystals and imprint into them the energy you need. Perhaps it is focus, joy, clarity, or something else. The feedback from those with these crystals has been one of excitement and gratitude to the Masters. 

We are changing some of the direction of the healing shawls. We are hearing that many have severe headaches as part of Ascension. We hear you. Coming soon we have lightweight snoods. They can be worn either around the neck or lifted to cover the head as well. These are lightweight. We also have some large squares coming. These too are lightweight and can be used in multiple ways. The other area we are looking at is healing pillowcases. Waireti and I both sleep with our healing shawls and many have told me they do too. I often sleep with mine wrapped around my head due to headaches. So, we are looking at the benefit of utilizing the pillow, or rather the pillowcase. I can report it is feeling like a positive new approach. Look for new additions in the next couple of weeks to the 
healing shawl section of the store.

For those of you who haven't discovered our healing shawls yet, shawls are placed into the portal to be infused with healing energy by Mother Mary, St. Germain, and Dom Ignacio. The healing shawls work on the emotional, mental, etheric, and physical bodies, giving healing and support. They are excellent for Ascension symptoms. The shawls can be used by anyone, though the more you use a shawl, the more it will individualize to your needs. Waireti and I have our own healing shawls and one we share with others. They’re great for families, those with illness, and for healers. All of my children have one and my grandchild is getting one in the post in the next week or so when this new batch is created by the Masters. They are family essentials in our household.


23rd August 2017 

The energy here at the portal today is just divine! St. John the Baptist is in the healing temple today, healing all of those on the free Ascension healing list. St. John isn't one of those we associate with singing, but today there is deep, deep toning happening. He shows me blockages breaking up. So, for those on the free list - enjoy!

We continue with the free theme. The printer has sent me an order that is incorrect; I asked for cards and got prints. I also asked for a certain text on the back and they were all printed with the wrong text, so I am offering these six Deva portal prints for free as a pack of six. The Deva of Forgiveness is in this group. Forgiveness has only ever been printed as a portal card.

There are only 29 packs available. 
Click here to go to the store to order your pack. 

We also have a host of angels today here at the portal. They all have white wings and they are singing. So beautiful.

Mother Mary embraces me with her soft pink energy. The Healing shawls, squares, snoods, and pillowcases/pillowshams are in the portal. Mother Mary, St. Germain, and Dom Ignacio are imprinting the healing into them. Hopefully, they will be online in the next few days. 

You can see why today the portal just feels so beautiful.


30th August 2017 

I have loaded the new tally of those ascending with us via the Ascended Master’s portal using the Ascended Master healings and oils. The Ascension counter tally now reads:

116 have passed the 4th initiation with us
67 have passed the 5th initiation with us
6 have passed the 7th initiation with us

This is just amazing. What is even more amazing is that the latest person starting the 6th initiation took just two weeks between passing the 5th initiation and starting the 6th initiation. The Ascended Masters are helping those who pass the 5th initiation to get to the 6th initiation as fast as possible. This is when the real work begins. Part of the process of the 6th initiation is the Earth Star moving from its place below the feet and up the chakras until it eventually resides above the 12th chakra. The Earth Star becomes the Celestial Star at the 5th initiation. At the 6th initiation, it takes up its new role of keeping the person grounded and in body from above, not below. Once the Celestial Star is in place, the person is no longer of the Earth and resides there at the will of the Higher Self. Being on the Earth but not of it means great work can be achieved with their Higher Self.

Today’s Ascended Master healers for the free Ascension healing are El Morya, White Tara, and Jesus. Today they are healing for direction. They show me a lot of people on the free healing list mulling around in a group with no set direction and no focus, so they are working on helping people find their perfect direction and perfect path. It is easy to stay with the crowd, but Ascension is a singular and personal experience and one that can't be done as a group, as much as we might want it to be. 

Another topic that appears on a regular basis is victim versus warrior.

Do you feel things happen to you? Or do you feel things happen for you? Do you feel, poor me? Or do you feel, poor them? Do you hope someone will take care of things for you? Or do you sort things yourself? Do you lay blame? Do you wonder how you got to this situation?

To ascend, we all need to move into warrior mode, or rather, we need to be in our power. We need to be our own Hero.

Ascension requires a mindset, a mindset where things happen for you. Things happen for you to make you stronger, to let go of less and to strive for more. We need to be our own Hero.

We can't ascend if we expect others to take care of us physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. In doing that, we are giving our power away. We need to be our own Hero.

It is easy for us to get stuck in the story of life events - our own and others. The story has hooks; hooks that bind us and affect us physically, emotionally, spiritually, astrally, and spiritually. These hooks from the story can keep us out of balance and not in our power. So, watch that you don't get caught in the drama of yours or someone else's story, because it won't be doing you or them any good at all, in life or Ascension.

Now to change the subject. Healing pillow shams, cases, snoods, and squares are going online today. 
Click here to have a look.


6th September 2017

This week was a rainbow healing day. White Tara was today's Ascension healer; she is a goddess of the 8th ray (the rainbow ray). She gave healing to those on the free healing list around attention to self. As loving and caring people, we sometimes take on the pain and suffering of others, and in doing so, get caught up in their story. Sometimes the lines can get blurred around what is actually ours and what belongs to someone else. This can happen the other way around too; we can share our pain with others, and they can take it on as theirs. So, this session was about bringing all that is yours back to you and leaving all that is not yours outside of self.

I was asked this week to talk more about the crystal in the Sacred Heart. The Sacred Heart is beyond the heart chakra; it is a sacred ground in which we can meditate and work within ourselves. You can find your Sacred Heart via the Torus technique. Click here for the technique.

As part of the Ascension process, you may become aware of a crystal within the sacred heart after you pass the 4th initiation. This crystal isn't activated. It activates at the 6th initiation when it downloads your akashic records from this level of consciousness. The crystal drops into the Earth Star (new Celestial Star) and takes your records with it as the Celestial Star moves up through the chakras, finally residing above the 12th chakra. Your records are then held at a higher level of consciousness to which you are Ascending.


14th September 2107

Angels, angels everywhere.

When they appear in a host, there is a rustle of energy, a fluttering. It gives such a lovely feeling to know they are in the portal. 

This week's healing Masters were Pallas Athena and Mother Mary. They gave healing for the duality of a person's life - the dark and the light, the strong and the weak, the decisive and indecisive. We all can have the yin and yang present within ourselves; there is no definitive self and we all are in flux. Part of the healing is to know that where you are in any moment is okay, and not to judge self because of preconceived ideas of what you are meant to be, do, feel, or say.

Society, however, can place restrictions on us that make us feel less, wrong or justified. The rights of marriage for the LGBT community in Australia is appearing in the news here in New Zealand. I read an interesting post today and all the comments that followed; it became apparent how everyone was seeing this topic in light of where they are in their reality. The norms of society can limit and bind us, and in doing so, limit our Ascension.

I have long known the Masters don't care one little bit if you are gay, lesbian, bi, or trans. Your Ascension is not limited by who you love or who you are attracted to. I have had the privilege to witness 68 people pass the 5th initiation and leave the cycle of rebirth. Of those 68 people, about 12 are gay, lesbian, pan or bi. That is a large number within such a small group.

As we ascend higher and higher, we become aware of people, not as men and women, but as souls. It is souls we reconnect with and it is souls we recognize from past lives. The sex and gender are created by the higher self for this life. It is within this construct that society, genetics, personality, ancestral lineage, learned behaviour, etc. all create each individual. It takes a lot to see beyond to the soul within. 

Waireti and I are two women, twin flames, legally married, and we have passed the 7th initiation. The Masters chose us to help them with their portal. They don't care what sex we are; they are looking only at our souls. I hope that as you ascend you will do the same. Not just to those that have the same belief systems as you, but to all humanity.

Love All. Respect All.


21st September 2017 

This week we had Jesus and St. Germain giving the free healing session in the Ascended Master’s portal to all on the Ascension healing list. As you know, we don't offer healing for health in these sessions, rather it is healing for Ascension.
These two Masters work well together with a sense of humour that makes working with them a light and bright experience. This week the Masters were doing a little tapping in each person’s Sacred Heart. Wake up, there is more than the heart chakra to explore... look beyond.

The inner exploration of Ascension is what they are pointing towards. There are common terms such as ‘the inner journey’ and ‘the key lies within’ which can sound obscure but contain a major truth. It is much easier to look to external, esoteric means of Ascension than the quiet, esoteric inner journey. The Ascension path is a solo path, a lonely path, and one we all must take alone. Which is one reason I am sure so many never take it life after life.

Many, knowing they are of the ‘Light’, believe being of the Light is enough and they need do no more. Being of the Light is not a free ticket to leaving the cycle of rebirth. Many wear their affiliation with Light like a badge of honour, believing themselves to be of the chosen. They believe they’ve already attained a certain dimension, and all is well in their world. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that isn't how it works, despite all the claims that are made by the countless channels around the world. The Ascended Masters here at the portal are showing us an Ascension truth: the way is the inner journey, not the external journey. They remind me this isn't just meditation, but the journey into the Sacred Heart and the Holy Heart beyond. All of those ancient texts didn't get it wrong; the path and the key does lie within.

Ascension comes in stages and is related to the payment of karma. Each stage is marked with an initiation. Each initiation is activated in relation to the karma you have paid and your light percentage. So, if you are 55% light, then you have 45% karma left to pay. If this is the case, you are at the 2nd initiation. This is about the stage the kundalini awakens for the first time. This is when you will have that first feeling of oneness with the universe and know all is connected. You may get the first feelings of love for humanity. Leaving the cycle of rebirth and passing the 5th initiation occurs when a person has reached 100% light and no karma. So, know there is a huge difference between the perceived meaning of an experience and actually leaving the cycle of rebirth.

If you are reading this and just had the thought ‘How do I move forward?’, just stop for a minute. How many times have you been to this website? How many times have you read my diary? The way forward is on this website. The Masters are here to help humanity ascend. The Masters provide healings in their portal and oils made in the portal that are getting people to the 5th initiation (and beyond) in record time. 

The answers and the way are here. Be here in this moment, the path is in front of you. It is up to you now on how to proceed.

Step 1: Read the website. Get an idea of what is happening and get informed about the spiritual you. Look at our free techniques.

Step 2: Order an Ascension Reading (in store). Find out exactly where you are on the Ascension journey - your light percentage, your      karma, the state of your bodies, and your ascension Ascended Master, to name a few details.

Step 3: This is the hardest of all - follow the suggestions in the reading.

To date, we have helped 118 people get to the 4th initiation, 68 to the 5th initiation, 68 to the 6th initiation and 6 to the 7th initiation. We can help get you there.


27th September 2017 

Here we are again. The Masters this week for the free Ascension healing were Pallas Athena and El Morya. This week’s session is on personal power with a side order of personal truth. This is a huge topic. When I look at the order of the sacred Flame oils, first is Violet Flame (transmutation and change), then Blue Flame (personal power), and then comes Green Flame (personal truth). Today the masters are bringing in these energies. Personal power is the foundation stone to look at self in truth. It gives us the stability to see and accept the truth of self.

Have a look at the section I wrote on the Ascension Flames and the Flame oils made by the Ascended Masters in their portal here in New Zealand. 
Click here for the Ascension Flames.

If you want to be on the free Ascension healing list and other free services, 
follow this link. 

Questions that came my way this week were of such depth I thought I would share them with you.

I was asked this week about the Soul and its relationship with Higher Self.

The Soul is the child of the Higher Self. The soul is created by the Higher Self as it's representative in body. The soul is not the Higher Self, nor does it have the same energy. Think of the Higher Self as the parent and the soul as the child; of the parent, but unique.

A single Higher Self can create many souls. Each of these souls exists in a different dimension. These can be called your dimensional lives, as they have the same Higher self as you, but different souls.  A Higher Self is either alpha (divine masculine energy) or omega (divine feminine energy). Your soul has had many past lives, both male and female, but the soul itself is neither male nor female. Rather, it records all
of your lives as part of its existence. When you die, the soul returns to the Higher Self. When you are reborn, it returns to a new body.

Past life trauma how does it affect our current lives?

Yes, your past live trauma affects your current life. It affects your life in many ways. Fears usually have their base in past life trauma. For example, a current fear of confined places might have seen a past life of being trapped somewhere confined. A fear of heights might have its base in falling from a high place. Past life illness can present in this life as a weakness. For example, current leg issues can be as the result of leg trauma such as an unset or poorly set, leg break in a past life. Ongoing pain in past lives will imprint on the cellular memory to activate in subsequent lives in a similar place. This can often manifest as a weakness, or a place that is considered a weak area and gets a large percentage of issues. We are our past made manifest. 

Our past lives need to be healed and cleared to be well and free of limitations in this current life. The Masters have created a past life healing. They heal thousands of lives for physical, emotional, and mental body issues in this session. The Masters don't give details, for they heal thousands of lives in the session. Click here to order the session.

I've added some new healing shawls to the store- some cashmere, wool, and silk blends. The Cashmere comes from Nepal. These are all high quality shawls. Waireti and I can't rate the healing shawls enough; they are entwined in our everyday life and help with our Ascension symptoms. 
Click here to see the five pages of healing shawls, snoods, squares and pillowslips, and pillow shams. All are great ideas for gifts. 


4th October 2017 

Rainbows and sparkles over gold- that’s just what the portal looks like for this healing day. So beautiful. Eros, White Tara, and Maha Cohan are today's healers. I stood in their energy in the portal and didn't want to leave. Just so beautiful. Each person on the healing list will be in this energy for about 20 minutes. I can feel their auras expanding and lightening (in every sense of the word). You can read more about these three Masters on the "Meet the Masters" page.

I want to share what is happening for me at the moment. As you know, I have passed the 
7th initiation. This means My Higher Self now resides within my Holy Heart. Recently, on a trip to visit with my children in London, Waireti and I took a side tour to experience the stone circles once more. We had no plan, we just drove. Little did we know, we were on an adventure with the Masters, one that is only just beginning. We stumbled onto a stone circle. The stones were small and not very impressive like Avebury, but they had a song to sing. The song was a little off-key and faint in parts, but through our work with the Masters, Waireti and I knew how to link into their song. Some of the stones were strong and some were faint. Some were gone, but the spirit of the being of the stone remained. We did some balancing, healing, and reconnecting of their links. 

When we came away after connecting with specific stones, we realized I had been given a gift; one of my hands was encased in tight, silver energy that ran up my arm to the elbow. I could feel the constriction. Now, 12 weeks later, the ‘glove’ is still present and the healing that comes through it is at another level. Healing takes a few minutes and is powerful. We have determined the energetic glove is activated by my level of Ascension and desire to serve humanity. I still have much to learn, but I know the Masters are guiding me on this new adventure. I will keep you posted.

I have added a new page to the website describing the Sacred Heart and Holy Heart. 
Click here for to read about the Sacred Heart and Holy Heart. 

The image with this diary entry is the portal painting of 
White Tara.


11th October 2017 

My mind was all over the place this morning with so much information downloading at the moment. So, when I went into the portal today to connect to the Masters for the free healing sessions, I struggled to remember which session I was there for. Oh dear. I cycled through the possibilities and rejected them, finally ending up in the healing temple to find Jesus laughing at me. All I could do was laugh at myself too. Then, the Masters very kindly and gently came in one by one: Jesus, Serapis Bey, St. John the Baptist, Paul the Venetian, and St. Germain. Five Masters for today's free healing. This is an interesting session. Imagine everyone on the free healing list standing in a row. The Masters are winding energy lines in and out of the rows like peg knitting so that eventually, the recipients are enmeshed in Master’s energy. The energy is balanced, balanced within the various energies.

It is part of the Ascension process to be in balance and harmony. Balance and harmony within ourselves, within our beliefs, within our interactions, within our environment, within our food, etc. We have so many different energies coming at us, balance can be so difficult to achieve, let alone maintain. I suggest calling on these 5 Masters to help you in this endeavour. When placed on the chakras, their portal cards will ensure the Master’s energy encompasses you, just as those on the free healing list experienced. 
Click here to see and order the portal cards.

Did you read last week’s diary entry about the energetic healing glove I have been gifted by the Masters? Read last week’s post to learn more. 

A couple of people approached me through the week for healing via the glove on issues that weren't being resolved. Early days yet, but the results were promising and the healing wide-reaching. I am slowly starting to understand the work we are capable of doing together. I would like to practice more though, so I am asking for a few volunteers for free healing around issues that seem to have no way of resolution. 

Have you seen my 
Facebook page on the Ascended Masters? Come and have a look.


18th October 2017 

I have been reading some of the Diary entries I made back in 2010. They were certainly exciting times in the portal. With help, I am slowly getting the Diary converted to an easier to read format, starting with 2010. You can find them as they go online in the Archive Diary section via the ‘more’ drop-down menu.

The portal today is a clear, translucent, bright red. The Masters in the healing temple within the portal are Melchizedek and Sitatapatra. Sitatapatra was the teacher of Gautama Buddha. Red is the goddess aspect of the masculine first ray; it is the goddess power within the energy of power and control. It is a very prevalent energy around the world at the moment as women find their power and are say ‘me too’. When anyone stands in their power, it must be good. The red goddess energy is about the power of self with compassion, not power over someone else. It is about standing in your own power with love and understanding of self and others. It isn't about blame and vilifying, but rather the inner healing journey of self. So today via the portal, Melchizedek and Sitatapatra are raining this energy down on those in the free healing session and out to humanity from there. The image with this post is of Sitatapatra’s aura.

I was asked if the 5th dimension and the 5th initiation were the same. This is quite a common query. The answer is no.

It doesn’t matter what dimension we are in if we still have karma. Karma is what keeps bringing us back, life after life. We are held here by our karma, our soul seat, and the Earth Star (see the article on the website) . While the planet may be Ascending, we have our individual and collective Ascension to attend to. Which means paying all of our karma to leave the cycle of rebirth. The Ascension of the planet doesn't mean we don't need to attend to our personal responsibility.

I’ve had a huge response to the glove healing (see the last two diary entries). No more volunteers please. To date, responses have been positive, and I am getting a clearer idea of why I have received this gift. Thank you to those who stepped forward to help me understand and apologies to those I had to turn away.


9th November 2017

The portal is green and pale green with opalescent sparkles - gorgeous. The healing Masters this week are Hilarion and Ganesh. Ganesh shows me this week is about the internal and external forces at play with ourselves. Our lives are both internal and external realities, an interplay of both. Inner peace is the balance between these realities. Inner peace will not exist if the external world can rattle that peace. Healing this week is around these issues.

Ascensions continue via the portal. This is a time for celebration. We have had someone just pass the 7th initiation. That makes 7 people in total. This is a momentous occasion. This person’s Higher Self is now 100% in form and great things are ahead for them.

This is the initiation where the wings are returned for those of angelic or reptilian origin. Another reason to rejoice.

The 7th initiation is not the 7th dimension for those that may be confusing the two. You can read more about the 7th initiation here, just click on the link.

I am sometimes asked about Light Language or speaking in tongues. I experienced speaking in Tongues when visiting an evangelical church in my teens and about 15 years ago I encountered it again, re-branded as Light Language.

This is a field Waireti has been looking at for about 40 years. She believes ‘tongues’ and ‘light language’ are basically the same thing. She has watched both over the years. She looked to see if it was channelled but now believes this phenomenon is an internal expression. It comes from within rather than being given, or channelled, from an external source.

Looking at the levels of Ascension, she believes it is not Ascension related either. She has seen many levels of Ascension speak in this way. So, don't assume it indicates a high level of Ascension.

I have been looking at the 2012 diary entries. Here are a few gems from the Masters:

Be inclusive, not exclusive. 

Many lightworkers work alone and feel their way is the only way, having no room in their ideology for new ideas. Be open to all. Be inclusive. A united group will get greater results than a single practitioner. 

Knowing the story doesn't make you the Storyteller

Know when to be silent, for in your silence, others can step into their power. And well, gossip is never good.

From Jesus: Stay off the astral, it is a playground for the ego.

Here is a technique the Masters gave me back in 2012. Now in 2017, it is proving to be part of the higher torus work at the 7th initiation.

I practice a lovely little ‘Love’ technique from the Masters. From my sacred heart to the Sacred heart of another, I send unconditional love and I wait for their love to return to me. The response is instant with my kids, but it can take a while to elicit a response with those I'm having less than harmonious relations with. I just keep on sending the love. When the love is returned, you know balance is being created between you. Great for any ongoing strife in the workplace or home.

Blessings on your week. The love from my Sacred Heart is connecting with yours.


16th November 2017 

St. John the Baptist was today's healer in the Ascended Master’s portal. He gave healing to all of those on the free healing list around the issue of authenticity - being the authentic you in what you say and do. It’s not easy, but St. John the Baptist is here to help.

I am filled with gratitude, for I live where angels, faeries, Ascended Masters, Archangels, Devas, and Elohim are seen on a daily basis. The gratitude wells up, followed by love and awe. The portal the Masters have created here is a place where they touch the earth and our reality.
Read more here.

I try and convey the miracle of the portal, but try as I might, my comments fall unnoticed. How can I convey the miracle of the portal cards and prints? These Masters have each created a portal painting for their energy to flow out to humanity. Touch a portal card and the Master's energy is connecting to you. Hang a portal print on the wall and the Master's energy is filling the room. The Ascended Masters have stepped across dimensions to create a physical manifestation through which they can send their energy. This is a miracle. 

With these 
portal cards and prints, Jesus says ‘I am here’, Mother Mary says ‘I am here’, St. Germain says ‘I am here’, Pallas Athena says ‘I am here’...

Are you listening to them?


23rd November 2017 

Vishnu is today’s healing Master for the free healing sessions. 

Devotion. I want to just sit in devotion to this vast being. My heart swells and I feel enveloped in love.

Vishnu has Asian Indian features if he appears to you in human form. His face is broad, and he has facial hair around the mouth. He has long, dark hair with the top half pulled up into a top knot, while the bottom half is curling tresses (not quite ringlets). He has thick eyebrows. He has a bigger build than Shiva. His aura is white at the centre, then mostly silver with a blue edge.

At the moment, one level of the portal is silvery blue for Vishnu. On another level, the portal is green (a 5th ray colour). Hilarion and Ganesh are working together. St. Germain is there too, but he isn't working with them, he is sitting in contemplation.

On another level, the portal is white and the energy of purity is emanating. In another part of the portal, St. John the Baptist is working with Thomas Merton. And again in another part, Mother Mary, Vesta, and Lakshmi are talking and laughing together. I could go on. The dimensions, rooms, temples, and interconnections are vast. You can read more about the Ascended Masters portal here.

How many of the Ascended Masters do you know about? You can read about them 
here and here.

I received questions this week about the Kundalini.
When does the Kundalini Awaken fully? At what initiation? Why does it awaken at that initiation? What is its significance? What happens after it awakens? How does one know that the Kundalini has awakened fully? How to utilize the awakened Kundalini energy? 

I've written many times about the kundalini. Always with a warning of ‘leave it alone’. 

There is a fascination with the misconception that awakening the kundalini leads to Ascension. From what I have witnessed over the last 30 years as a practicing healer and one who has passed the 7th initiation, the kundalini has its own agenda. Awaken it at your own peril as a mere mortal cannot control it. Don't (in ego) think you can.

In ancient times, the energy of the earth and humanity was denser, so these intense practices to awaken the kundalini had little effect. In today's reality, our vibrations are higher, and we ascend at a fast rate. Humanity and the Mother Earth are all ascending at a faster rate. Therefore, striving to awaken the kundalini is to awaken a force that the body can't assimilate due to the impurity of the body (dross) and the karma that is still held in the chakras.

The kundalini has a mild flutter and awakens between the 2nd and 3rd initiations. Many erroneously attribute this to their high level of Ascension, when in reality, it is the kundalini having a stretch and noting Ascension is possible. Having experienced this once, it is common for one to strive to rekindle this experience through yoga. What can happen then is that the kundalini rises too soon through impure channels. When it doesn't have a clear and pure channel to the 8th chakra, the kundalini force diverts off to lesser channels, burning and damaging the nadis (minor chakras, the body has 72,000) as it goes. This damage results in lifelong pain and suffering and can lead to mental illness.

The kundalini will rise of its own volition at the 5th initiation. This is what I wrote in the article on the 5th initiation:

Your kundalini will rise of its own natural volition, unaided, without fanfare and work. It will rise from the base chakra, opening the lotus of the crown to its fullest potential, rising up into the 8th chakra which will become its new home. Your energetic system is preparing itself. Reincarnation is no longer for you; you are moving into the Divine.

To get to this point, your focus needs to be on clearing your karma and dross from the 7 major chakras. Ascension to the 5th initiation (not 5th dimension) is all about clearing your karma and dross. The 5th initiation occurs when there is no more karma left; then the channels are clear, and the kundalini can ascend. It and you then continue to ascend. The kundalini appears again at the 7th initiation when the 8th chakra takes over the place of the base chakra, but just for a while. When the initiation is over, it moves to the 11th chakra. After this occurs, it makes periodic movement up and down the new chakra system.

For those of you who haven't reached the 5th initiation, you can tell your kundalini is waking up if you experience ice hot energy in the spine. If this is constant, it is a good idea to stop for a while to let it settle down and practice that which stimulates the kundalini.


30th November 2017

Yesterday the portal was blue for a blue 1st Ray healing day and today it is pale gold with a transparent rainbow wash. It is a delicate energy today. Yesterday, St. John the Baptist, Thomas Merton (haven’t seen him for a while, it was great to see him again) and El Morya stepped forward for the free healing session. Again, they were healing throat chakra (communication) and heart (love) issues for those on the free healing list.

The other day, the energy of the portal disappeared around me; call it a portal upgrade issue. I became aware of how I am perpetually enveloped in the Master’s energy here at the portal and I missed it when it wasn’t there. A reason I leave the portal less and less, a Master energy addiction perhaps, LOL.

Which got me thinking, how can everyone feel this energy of the Masters in their home? The easiest way is to hang the Master’s large portal prints in a room or throughout the house. The Master’s energy will flow out to create loving and supportive energy. This is a good idea for when family energies need some help and is also, of course, great for healing rooms. On a personal basis, you can use the torus technique to connect to the Masters.

Over the last week, I have gotten the question of where different people are in their Ascension process. 

How can someone who leads a hard social life be further ahead in their Ascension process than someone who doesn’t drink, abstains from sex, and leads a clean life? How can someone who knows so much about esoteric aspects of the spiritual world be so far behind the person who is just coming to their first meditation class and doesn’t know anything, but has an open heart? How can the student be further ahead than the teacher and neither of them knows it? These are all very relevant questions.

The answer to them all is karma. We ascend by paying our karma and by not making much karma. When we have no karma left, we leave the cycle of rebirth and pass the 5th initiation. We have no idea the amount of karma people make daily. We don’t know their thoughts, words, and actions – are these negative or are they based in love? Everyone makes karma every day, it doesn’t matter if you are the pope, the Dalai Lama, a revered teacher, or at the 7th initiation like me. We all live in a human world, bound by the limitations of the lower self. Our thoughts, words, and actions are bound by the limitations of our patterns of behaviour and our patterns of thinking. So, before you judge yourself or others as being further ahead or behind you in the Ascension process, just stop and acknowledge that even having this thought creates karma – karma via a judgement. Look at your own Ascension process. What are your patterns of thought, action, and speech – are they negative or based in love?

The other topic that has arisen is about experiences. As we actively ascend, we will have spiritual experiences. These will be beautiful and energetic. Don’t make the mistake in believing that experiences equate to a rise in vibration and Ascension. For the most part, an experience is just an experience. For many years, Waireti has had me telling her about experiences and asking what change has occurred; it was quite demoralising to hear nothing had changed. Ascension only ever occurred when karma was paid. The less karma the greater the light.

So where are you on the Ascension path? It can be so hard for us to know. So perhaps look at our Ascension reading. The reading will tell you just how much karma is left in each chakra, much about the energetic you, and so much more. It will give you an idea of the areas that need focused attention. No one can ascend for you. You have to do the hard work yourself. And it isn’t easy.

The planet is ascending, but don’t believe you will be taken along in the Ascension process just because you believe in spirituality. Your karma will hold you back.


8th December 2017 

Sorry for the delay in posting.

People at the 7th do get stressed. That lower self body still reacts to triggers, and as much as we work to overcome these, stress still exists. Waireti and I have so much happening at the moment on so many levels, our brains aren't working too well. Grounding oil is saving us though.

Melchizedek came in this week for the free healings. If you see a Master who looks like the fictional wizard Dumbledore or Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings, it will be Melchizedek. He gave personal need healing this week. You received the healing he felt you needed.

The Earth's healing continues. Tibet, Oman, Bolivia, and Croatia have now all had entities removed from the land, a.k.a. from the body of the Mother Earth. The land in these countries has been cleared and blessed as well.

The next group is Vietnam, Lebanon, Libya, and the Chinese provinces of Lianong and Jilin.

You can look at the completed countries on the World Clearing page.

Ascension continues with 120 people now passing the 4th initiation, 70 passing the 5th initiation, 68 the 6th initiation and 8 have passed the 7th initiation. This is wonderful to see.

Next week I hope to write more.


13th December 2017 

This week’s free Ascension healing here at the Ascended Masters portal is given by Melchizedek. The portal is red. Red is a first ray colour, the colour of the goddess and divine feminine within the blue 1st ray (the masculine ray of god’s will and power). 

In my emails this week, someone spoke about having a dislike of a certain Master. I can relate to this, as can Waireti.
For me, it was Paul the Venetian, Archangel Charity (picture shown), and Lady Nada. For Waireti, it was Mother Mary.
That was just our lower selves resisting work we needed to do within ourselves, usually related to the aspect of the ray the master is on (Mother Mary for compassion, Lady Nada for Inner Child, and Paul the Venetian for creativity within divinity). So if you feel repelled from a certain Master, don't have a negative response. Instead, turn it around and look at self and see what this Master is reflecting back at you. This is a wonderful gift, look at it with clarity.

In these days of Ascension, we can move quite quickly energetically. And yet our knowledge and awareness doesn't keep up with what is happening. Many would attribute feeling negativity towards a master as their fault, that the master is bad, or a bad past life experience with the Master. These are old attitudes and old thinking. These old patterns of thinking can place a limit on progress and limit potential. Energetically, everything is ready to take off, but their old patterns and old thinking keep them in fear and turning in circles. 


Here’s a good example of this. Several years ago, a healer was giving a workshop with several prints of the Masters on the wall behind. As she was demonstrating healing, one of the prints fell off. The healer and the workshop facilitator both thought that as a negative sign. This is Fear and old thinking. Personally, I probably just thought they hadn't used enough blue-tac adherent, but it could have been the Master saying look at me, use me with this person. 

If you are going to choose fear in your life, then you will stay stuck and limited. Be open to embracing the positive, and in many cases, the ordinary.

20th December 2017

Here we are at the end of my 2017 working year. Today is my last workday until January 8th. My children are all coming home from around the world and we will all be heading to the beach for a few days for some much needed downtime. There’s nothing like the ocean and its breeze to clear out the old energies and revitalize us for the new year. Mother Earth (Papatuanuku) supports us in so many ways.

The Masters are ending this year on a serious note.

This week’s free healing master is White Tara. She is in warrior mode today and I have never seen her looking so stern.
She is standing ramrod straight and her message is clear: Your Ascension is your responsibility. 

White Tara is being very forceful. Her message is to stand in your power and focus on your Ascension. By you, for you.
Let's look at your responsibilities. Ascension to the 5th initiation is only about you paying your karma. No one can do this but you.

How can you pay your karma? We all live in the real world, with families, jobs, responsibilities, etc. It is here where we pay our karma and it is here is where we need to be. In this grounded reality, start to practice heart-based thoughts (not negative) to self and others, heart-based actions (not negative) to self and others, and heart-based speech (not negative) to self and others. This will ensure that you aren't making as much karma as you pay daily. Taking this approach then allows the karma to be paid quicker. Of course, the Master’s Violet Flame oil clears the dross in the chakras (karma resides in the chakras) and allows the karma to come up for payment in a gentler way. Now White Tara certainly looks more like the smiling queenly goddess she is. Message delivered.

Now to topics that have arisen this week that the other Masters want to talk about. They get even more serious. This is a topic that has arisen many times over the last weeks and lately on a daily basis.

We all know people, maybe ourselves, who get caught in the story of the past. Something happened in the past and it is held onto so strongly that it becomes a defining and limiting part of a person’s life. It may not even be something they remember, but it has been told to them and they hold onto it. The story might revolve around something that happened to someone else, but they make it their own. 

The pattern of behaviour around drama is created or even learned. Life is a drama, and all life events can potentially become a drama. 

This drama is then spread and shared with their friends and family. 
Those who buy into the drama are seen as friends and those who don't are seen negatively.

Part of Ascension is detachment. Detachment from the story, detachment from the drama, detachment from someone else's drama, detachment from how others view us, detachment, even from the outcome. And yet, have an open heart in this detachment. We can be compassionate without being caught in the story. We can be detached and still be compassionate. 

The harder task is for those that live by this reality to let go of the drama, the pattern of behaviour, and the perceived cause of their pain and suffering. And from there, let go of the need to be at the centre of the emotional storm. This pattern of behaviour is holding them back from Ascending, for the mere fact that it is a constant cause and source of karma. And it becomes a source of karma for those who buy into the story.

Detachment will save you from creating karma so long as your heart is open.

Now to other topics.

I was asked how a person can have a closer relationship with their Ascension Master or any Master. 
Here is 
a link to my article about the torus and how it can be used to achieve this.
The Masters will always come in closer when you open your heart to them.

I am going to end this entry talking about the Green Flame oil. 
The Green Flame oil is about personal truth and the all-seeing eye.

We have seven flame oils to utilize in the bid to embrace becoming the Being of Light you have the potential to embrace. 
Each flame oil lays the foundation for the next: Blue Flame follows Violet Flame…Blue Flame oil works with personal power…Green Flame oil follows the Blue Flame. 

The Green Flame oil is about personal truth and seeing self in truth. That is a huge step to take, but that is why we use the Blue Flame oil and move into personal power and strength before starting the Green Flame oil. Personal power is the foundation to cope with what lies ahead with the Green Flame oil (self-truth).

The Green Flame oil was made in the Ascended Master’s portal by Ascended Master Hilarion, The Elohim Cyclopea, and the Japanese storm god, Susano’o, with the angels and Devas of the Green flame. The Green flame is part of the 5th ray.
The oil itself is fascinating to look at, with each cell of the Green Flame oil containing a 6 pointed star. The Flame and its aura have 3 different greens - emerald green, forest green, and milky jade green. These flame oils are very powerful.

You can read more about 
each flame here.

To end on a lighter note, Waireti and I send you sparkling yellow ray (joy) and pink ray (love) blessings of love as this year ends and we move into the next cycle. Much love to you over this holiday season. 


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