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The Cosmic Master Ganesh

Verna Maruata - Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Hindu god Ganesh, is a 5th ray Cosmic Master. The 5th ray is the green and orange ray of healing, truth and knowledge.

Ganesh  is standing forward at this time as one of the major healers among the Ascended and Cosmic Masters. We all know him in his standard role as the remover of obstacles, and of his association with learning and knowledge. Now in these days of Ascension, and with the Ascended Masters portal in New Zealand nearly complete he wants to reach out to all of humanity and especially his chelas -  those still in the process of ascension, who he has taken on as his pupils.

In the Ascended Masters portal, here in New Zealand, Ganesh showed me the elephant face is a mask. He moved it to reveal the true persona beneath. His hair is blonde and shoulder length, his eyes blue and his skin fair. He has a young, handsome face. He turned his head and showed me a face burnt and scarred on the left side.

With research on the internet I discovered one of the stories about his elephant mask.  When Ganesh was born, his mother, Parvati, presented her new baby to the other gods. The god Shani  looked at him with the evil eye, burning the side of the babies face.  The god Vishnu is said to have given Ganesh the mask of the elephant head.

He is the only Master I know of to keep a physical imperfection beyond their ascension.

Ganesh told me humanity doesn't like imperfection - they would rather create a mask than see the truth. He tells me he is working with humanity, to heal our inner scarring - those deep emotional scars that linger on from life to life and restrict us in our lives on so many levels.

As a Cosmic Master his energy is very focused and contained - this containment makes his energy feel very powerful and yet it is also gentle. The love and compassion he feels for humanity very evident.

He is working at this time with the goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity.

His aura is a pale milky blue/green leading into white and then a mid blue edge.

Ganesh has made a portal painting, through which his energy flows through 24/7. This painting is available at this link for you to copy and print at 300dpi. Call on him for any of your healing needs. Place the picture on a chakra point and let his healing energy flow into you. Save