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The Ascended Masters and the Ray Colours

When we incarnate each life, our soul incarnates on one of the eight rays of incarnation. The soul has a colour. This colour is also the same as their ascension ray colour. This ascension /soul ray has a colour according to the ray. For example, 7th ray souls have a violet soul colour.

Here at the Ascended Masters portal, we have realised these ray colours have variations according to the Ascended Master teacher of each person. We have discovered, not only can we identify the Ascended Master Teacher with each person by seeing and knowing the Master, but also by their soul colour and their ascension ray colour. The soul colour varies only slightly between each person, ie brightness, depth, luminescence etc and this is due to their level of Ascension. Some Masters are linked with more than one ray colour,  for example Hilarion has two ray colours he is linked to within the fifth ray - green and orange. So if Hilarion walks with you, you will have one of these colours. Each colour has a a different meaning.

Please note we can't replicate the beauty of each ray, only give an idea of the base colour, computer graphics doesn't compare to the beauty you are. Some soul colours we struggle to get right here, like Hera's. 

These colours are the ascension ray /soul ray colours - not the aura colours of the Masters.

1st Ray - Blue ray - the ray of God's Will and Power

El Morya







   St John the Baptist - those with John will have either of these soul colours. We have noticed those from India or with a connection to India have the lighter soul colour.

Thomas Merton


2nd Ray - Yellow Ray - the ray of Wisdom





 Kuthumi - the ray has both colours

     Lanto - the soul rays vary within this range

 Lao Tze

3rd Ray - Pink Ray - the ray of Unconditional Love

 Dom Ignacio


Kuan Yin


 Mary Magdalene

 Mother Mary

  Paul the Venetian

4th Ray - White ray - the ray of Harmony through Conflict

 Inanna - bright white with a silver thread

 Serapis Bey - white

5th Ray - Green and Orange Ray - the ray of Healing, Knowledge, Truth

 Amaryllis - both these colours are in the soul ray

   Ganesh - you will have either of these colours

     Hilarion - you will have either of these colours


 St Anthony of Padua

 Susan'oo - both these colours are in the soul ray

6th Ray - Ruby, Gold and Purple Ray - the ray of Devotion and goddess Ray

    Hathor - the gold is a wash over the ruby

    Isis - a rare few have a pure gold soul colour with Isis and most have the ruby which is translucent 

      Lady Nada - some have a soul colour of ruby with a translucent gold glow and others have the purple only.

      Pallas Athena - those with Pallas can have 1 of these 3 colours. The purple has a gold edge.

  Portia - the colour of the soul ray of those with Portia suggests the 7th ray, but Portia's own colours are Purple and Ruby, placing her and her chelas (students) firmly on the 6th ray. 


Eros - a pale gold, sometimes with cream

7th Ray - Violet Ray - The ray of Transmutation

     St Germain. The soul colours of those with St Germain can be one of these three colours.


8th ray - the rainbow ray - The ray of integration

White Tara

If you want to know the 5 Ascended Masters with your 5 Rays we have a reading via our See'er Services. Click here for the 5 ray and 5 Master reading.

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