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JESUS, Ascended Master

Ascended Master Jesus has recently become Chohan of the 2nd Ray. The yellow ray of Wisdom, Joy and Lightness of Being. As the Chohan of the ray he focuses the Christ Consciousness of the ray onto humanity. He holds this position as he fully embodies the qualities of the 2nd ray.

Jesus works with the energies of Teaching, Unconditional Love, Joy, Forgiveness and Devotion to the Christ with-in. Ascended Master Jesus is still a young Master – his words.  He calls himself  "the young One". And that shows his sense of humor.  Master Jesus loves to sing. He has Mastered Lightness of Being. He is fun. He can be serious, as can we all, but his innate Being is Lightness and Light.

When we painted his portal painting (above) together he showed me no face – only a bright white light. He wanted me to know he wasn’t a face, or a body – he was energy. The energy of Joy and Lightness of Being. It was from him I learned to give Devotion – not to external Beings – not to an external God – but to the Christ Being within myself, for we ascend into first our own Higher Self and then into our own Christ Light.

One of my gifts is to travel to the past lives of others. Jesus permitted me to travel with him to his Jesus life. He showed mr in that life he was a first ray soul, the ray of God's will and power. He showed me his ascension ray colour as being a light blue. He showed that one of his lessons in that life was balance. His life ray was the 3rd ray, the ray of unconditional love. I could feel when he was younger he was happy and had a great sense of humour, but as he aged he became very serious.

For more advanced knowledge, note Christ is the name of Jesus Higher Self. Just as you all have a Higher self and that being has a name. So when we talk about Jesus the Ascended Master we are really talking about Christ, using the name of Jesus, as the Jesus life was just merely one of thousands of lives that were part of that souls ascension process to their Higher Self.

You see the image of Jesus face to the right, this is the closest image I can find that actually looks like him. He often appears with no beard at all, or with a designer stubble. His eyes are brown. He has a dark olive complexion.

His imprinted portal painting you see above is the second one we painted together – there is another painting beneath this – yellows and oranges are the main colours of the first painting – he overlays the first painting with more dense colours to come closer to humanity.

Master Jesus was previously working on the 6th ray - but he has now moved to the 2nd ray. This move is reflected in his aura colours, as shown to the left  - a yellow centre, the colour of his ray, the 2nd ray, and blue, the ray he was on in his life as Jesus, the 1st ray of God's will and power.

As a Master of the 2nd ray, he is aligned with the state of Joy, and works with the Deva of Joy. The Deva is the animating force of the act of Joy.  Master Jesus is also aligned with the Deva of Devotion. "All the knowledge in the world won't get you one step closer to God, only devotion can do that." So for those of you who want to explore devotion in your ascension process I suggest the Deva of Devotion's oil and portal card.

Master Jesus is working also with the  Cosmic Master Omega. 

Ascended Master Jesus channeled his portal painting, as shown at the top of the page. His energy flows from it 24/7. It is wonderful to have him sending his energy into a room 24/7 via the print to help those present, or place the card on a chakra and receive the Masters energy directly into your chakras. Click here for the print and here for the card.



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