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ISIS, Ascended Master

Ascended Master Isis was the Egyptian goddess of Motherhood and fertility.Now she is a goddess of the 6th ray, the purple, ruby and purple ray of the goddess and of devotion.

Isis had a refined and gentle energy. Her great power is quiescent. She has a gentle sense of humour. Her energy is that of a mature woman.

As we ascend, more energy flows through our systems, Isis is here to help us cope with the changes. Changes not just on a physical level, but also emotionally and mentally. Her words .. “Things don’t happen to you, they happen for you.” 

Ascended Master is working with Cosmic Master Eros at this time.

Ascended Master Isis’ aura has a border of purple with a jagged edge that leads into a ruby centre. (As seen to the left)

If Isis were to appear in form she has straight black hair to her shoulder, a fringe across the top of her eyes. She wears a gold floor length dress, with a belt at the waist. Around her neck is an enameled fan shape necklace of blue, green, yellow and red. There is a refined, ethereal quality to her energy.

As a goddess of the 6th ray, she is aligned with the state of devotion, and works with the Deva of devotion. The Deva is the animating force of the act of devotion. The Deva of devotion with the Ascended Masters has made an oil to facilitate devotion within us. If you are a 6th ray soul I suggest this Devotion oil to you, and also the Deva of Devotion portal card. 

Ascended Master Isis channeled her portal painting (as shown at the top of the page) through Verna Maruata utilising her two crown chakras. Isis energy flows from the painting 24/7. It is available as a card or print.  It is wonderful to have the print sending energy into a room, or place the card on a chakra and receive the Masters energy directly into the chakras.



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