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Hathor, Ascended Master

Hathor is known best as an Egyptian Great Mother goddess. Hathor is here to help those who choose to follow the path of the goddess.

She is a goddess of the 6th ray. The ruby, gold and purple ray of the goddess and of devotion.

Hathor when she presents herself in form has shoulder length straight black hair with a fringe. She is dripping in jewels - bracelets, collar, hair adornment and rings.  Her dress is apricot. Her facial features are not like the statues we see of her. She has tidy, contained features, no part of her face appearing as more pronounced than others

She is working with the Ascended Master Hilarion at this time.

The painting at the top is a portal for her energy to flow out to humanity 24/7. It is not available as a card or print. Open your heart to the energy coming from the painting and ask Hathor to help you on your ascension journey.


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