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Original Articles by Verna Maruata

The Ascension Teachers

The Aura

Demystifying Ascension

Dimensional Lives

The Earth Star

Fallen Angels

The Perfect path - a technique

Connect with your Ascended Master using the Torus Technique

Twin Flames - Origin, Purpose and Relationship

The Ascension Master Teachers

The Ascended Masters portal was built by 108 Ascended Masters , Cosmic Masters, Archangels, Devas and Elohim. Of this group only 41 choose to walk with humanity as Ascension Ray teachers at this time. An Ascension ray teacher is linked to a person’s ascension ray / soul ray. The ascension teacher walks with a person for life (rarely changing). They are there for one reason only – Ascension.

Ten years ago most of humanity did not have an Ascension ray Master. The old adage applied – “When the student is ready the Master appears.” Now in these times with the Mother Earth herself ascending, these Masters have stepped forward to help all of humanity ascend. Every single person on this planet has an Ascension Master walk with them, regardless of their level of karma or initiation level.

We have over 7 billion people on this planet in body at this time, and only 41 Ascended Masters walking with people as Ascension teachers. Of course there are other Ascended Masters and Cosmic Masters assisting, but they have not stepped forward to take on the role of Ascension teacher. These teachers are connected to people via their soul ray.

The Masters are pushing for those who are willing, to actively work towards their own ascension and pass the 7th initiation. The 7th initiation is when a persons Higher Self comes into their form to become a Master in Body. This then gives the Masters much needed help by having Masters in body. They call these emerging helpers their “feet on the ground”.

The 41 Ascension teachers are on one of eight rays, just as all of humanity are divided into one of these 8 rays. Though the division both ways is not equal.
Here are the 41 Ascension Masters. Your Ascension teacher is one of these.

First Ray – the blue, red and silver ray of God’s will and power has El Morya, Melchizedek, Metatron, Osiris, Sitatapatra, Chananda, St John the Baptist, Thomas Merton, Vishnu and the Elohim Hercules.

Second Ray – the yellow ray of Wisdom, Joy and Lightness of Being has Jesus, Kuthumi, Hera, Amaterasu, Lord Lanto, Krishna and Lao Tze.

Third Ray – the pink ray of Unconditional Love has Dom Ignacio, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Paul the Venetian and Ma’at.

Fourth Ray – the White ray of Harmony through Conflict has Amen Bey, Serapis Bey and Inanna.

Fifth Ray – The green and orange ray of Healing, Truth and Knowledge has Amaryllis the goddess of Spring, Ganesh, Hilarion, Ptah, St Anthony of Padua and Susan’oo.

Sixth Ray - the purple, ruby and gold ray of the goddess and of Devotion has Hathor, Isis, Lady Nada, Pallas Athena, Eros and Portia.

Seventh Ray – the violet ray of transmutation and change has St Germain.

Eighth Ray – the rainbow ray (all of the previous 7 rays) has White Tara and Pele.

If you want to know your Ascension Master connected to your soul ray and the Masters with your 4 other rays we have 5 ray and 5 Ascended Master reading from Waireti.

The Aura

 By Verna Maruata and Waireti
Verna Maruata and Waireti are guardians of the Ascended Masters portal. Waireti has the gift of dimensional sight, she sees all. Verna Maruata has two crown chakras, one belongs to the Ascended Masters to come through in purity. Here is their conversation about auras recorded for you.
Verna’s words are in italics. Waireti’s in plain text.

Verna – Let's talk about the aura Waireti, so others can understand it a little like you do.

Waireti - We are so more than just your physical body – that is why healing needs to take place in all the bodies, as dis-ease manifests in all the bodies. Our aura is made up of many our bodies. It is layer upon layer of energy colours swirling, grouping, and interconnecting. No one is one colour. It’s impossible.

Explain to everyone what the other bodies are?

Alongside the physical body we have the etheric, that’s blue. Everyone’s etheric body is blue. Then in order we have the emotional, mental and astral bodies, then into the spiritual and the divine bodies. Most people just have these 7, though I have seen up to 12 bodies.
Some people have all 7 bodies in a about a 6 inch space and others have the 7 bodies in a 2 metre space. Some people have clear bodies, some have cluttered. Everyone’s energy contracts when they are indoors and when they are around other people. Everyone’s bodies expand when they are outside and are alone. So the aura is forever fluctuating in size, and also in colour.

What do the different bodies look like?

Well the etheric is blue and a thin band around the physical. The emotional body swirls and spins. But then emotions spin all the bodies. There are many colours, colours that are permanent and colours that are fleeting or temporary. Depression is maroon at the edge of the aura and can be temporary; lying is the same colour but is like a flash. A questioning thought is green with lines through it and appears in the mental body. Other thoughts have different colours. We are thinking all the time so the mental body is ever changing. When different colours appear in different bodies, in different places and for different lengths of time they have different meanings. One colour just doesn’t mean one thing; colour in the aura is complex and multi-layered.
All the bodies are interconnected and don’t stand alone. What happens in one body influences another. That is why physical body illness nearly always has a cause in a different body. The physical body is dense, but as the bodies move away from the physical, they become less dense and contain more light. For many the astral body gets clogged and so stops the light from reaching the mental/emotional/ etheric / physical person. They can become hidden from their spiritual and divine bodies. It is very important to clear the astral body.

Everyone’s bodies are a mixture of different colours, position, brightness, movement, flow, layers and interconnections. No two people are ever the same. Identical twins might look the same in the physical, but that is all. The Masters say we will know them by their colours. That is how they know us; they know us by our colours, not by our physical form. They don’t even see our physical form. They see our thoughts, our feelings as colour and know us on a very deep level. Our colours are our own personal signature. And then the Masters see all of us, all our bodies, all our rays, all our past lives – they see all. They know us better than we know ourselves. And they love us, when we find it difficult to love ourselves, they love us. Back to auras…

The permanent aspects rarely vary - the rays, the chakras, the other energy centres usually all stay the same colour; though the chakra colours are changing. Many have their green heart chakra turning to pink – compassion. The throat chakra is changing from blue to turquoise, and many have their earth star changing to silver. Change is occurring within humanity.

How do our guides affect our aura?

Guides, that is spiritual guides stand in our aura at the 6th body, the spiritual body and connect to us from there. So if the astral body is clogged they find it hard to connect to us. The Ascended Masters connect through all of our bodies. And angels are separate to us, but connect to us via a thread, heart to heart – they have a mini torus operating.

Everyone is beautiful. Everyone is a beautiful mass of light.



The Perfect Path

A technique to connect to help you find your way

All of us come to a crossroad in our lives at some time in our life, when we don’t know what direction to take – or we feel we are walking in circles and getting nowhere.

At one of these times, when I felt my life was on hold, and I was feeling lost, the Cosmic Master, Sanat Kumara gave me this technique to use to find my way. He called it “Walking my perfect divine path”. The path of your soul purpose, the path that is divinely created with a higher purpose. I now use this technique whenever I have a decision of importance to make, and weekly take a look at my perfect path to check I’m still on it.

Here is how to do it.

Go into a meditative state.

Take your awareness to your crown chakra.
Then move your awareness to about 6” above your crown.

Ask to see the direction of your perfect divine path.

 I usually see a light. If it is straight ahead, I know I am on my perfect path – if the light is to the right or left, then I orient all my energy towards the light.

If the light is to the left or right of my centre, I know I am not on my perfect path. Orientating my energy to the light, places me back on my Perfect Path.

The light we seek in front of us is an external light, and different to your internal light.

I check my path every week. I make sure the light is straight ahead. 
If you have a decision to make -
Take a step into the future and see yourself having made your decision with option A. Are you still on the perfect path or has the orientation changed? Try option B of your decision how does that choice affect your orientation to your perfect path.

 An easy technique to use for any decision.

When I teach this technique someone in the group always says they see light all around them and someone else says but I’m light anyway.

To both these statements Sanat Kumara suggests they look beyond themselves. For it is a direction and a purpose we are seeking and the light is a guide standing in front of us saying this is the perfect path, I am here for you, to light your way.

With our guides so close and the loving techniques such as these shared by Sanat Kumara we are truly blessed.

If you find this too hard, yet want to be on your Perfect Path, then we have a healing with the Masters to place you on your perfect path. Click here for the link.

Read more about Sanat Kumara here.

Dimensional Lives

We live in a multi-dimensional universe. Our entire universe is in one of these dimensions.

We also all exist as part of a collective of dimensional lives.  

These dimensional lives are occurring concurrently with the life you are living now. Each of these lives is occurring in a dimension unique to them. So if you have 9 dimensional lives, these lives are occurring in 9 different dimensions.

No one in this universe has the same dimensional collective as you – your dimensional collective is unique to you.

Dimensional lives are often erroneously thought to be lives of an individual replayed across dimensions. Not so, each dimensional life in your collective, has a soul that is unique to them. Like you, their soul returns life after life to their dimension for all their lives. Each is a unique individual just as you are. They are separate from you. What makes you all part of a collective is that you all have the same Higher Self.

A single Higher Self, up until the 6th initiation has many souls both in body and out of body. The Higher Self’s souls are in groups of 3. So you will have two beings in two other dimensions which are part of your trio and these will be closest to you energetically. These dimensional lives will occur as a total group of 3 (including you) or 6, or  9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27 etc. 

You are linked to your dimensional soul collective via your Core Star. This is the energy centre between your Solar Plexus chakra and the heart chakra. Its normal shape is oval. This energetic connection via the Core Star between the Higher Self’s collective of lives allows awareness and influence for these lives to occur across dimensions. Many of you are aware of your connection to a dimensional collective either via your dreams or a higher awareness.

Do not confuse this soul collective with a soul group. What is commonly referred to as a soul group is the group of souls you reincarnate with life after life in this dimension; they are the ones that come to assist you in your life lessons. Also your soul mates and twin flames only occur in this dimension. Just as your soul mates and twin flames only occur for you in this dimesnion.

So why does the Higher Self need to oversee a large group of souls? For it’s ascension – the ascension of the Higher Self.


We all have a Christ Light (Monad, our own spark of God, our own personal god within). Our Christ Light has a lower self, which is our Higher Self. The main purpose of the Christ Light is to return to its point of creation as a Perfected Being. To become perfected, it utilises its lower self (our Higher Self). The Higher Self in turn utilises its own group of dimensional souls, across many dimensions on many worlds, to follow the cycle of rebirth and to ascend in consciousness and vibration and so finally, the dimensional souls can return to the Higher Self free of karma, with the lower 7 chakras perfected.

All these lives/souls of a single Higher Self contribute to the ascension of the Higher Self. One of these souls will pass the 5th initiation first, and it will leave the cycle of rebirth first. This single person then has the sole and soul responsibility to assist in clearing all the karma of all the other dimensional lives, whether in body or not, of the Higher Self’s collective of souls. Part of the process of the adept moving from the 5th to 6th initiation is to clear the karma of all the dimensional lives through the adept’s perfected chakra system. The adept’s perfected chakra system allows karma to be cleared at a greater rate. The bonus prize for passing the 5th initiation first, is that you are the single physical body and soul that will become the anchor for the Higher Self at the 6th initiation. At the 6th initiation the Higher Self enters the body. Your body is host to the Higher Self.
When the karma is cleared from each individual dimensional life, that soul no longer contributes to the Higher Self’s ascension. The soul with all its past lives is taken back into the Being of the Higher Self, as part of the consciousness of the Higher Self. Some of you in this current life may well be moving at a fast rate through your karma, because one of your soul collective has passed the 5th initiation and is clearing your karma for you. When people die suddenly at this level of ascension, one of the reasons may be their karma has been cleared by one of their dimensional lives, and their soul has been reclaimed by their Higher Self.

Questions answered

What happens to the Higher Self at the 6th initiation?  The Higher Self becomes an Ascended Master.

Can there be people here in this dimension – either on this planet or other planets who are part of my dimensional lives collective? No, the collective is multi-dimensional. In this dimension, across the entire universe, you are the only representative of your collective. Looking at our entire universe with all its planets, you start to get an idea now of the immense scale of dimensional lives and how many Higher Selves there must be. We have 6 billions people in body on this planet, so that's 6 billion Higher Selves to start with. Also think on this, only about 30 Ascended Masters stand with those on this entire planet as ray Masters, though hundreds more support humanity on a less personal level.

Do twin flames have the same Higher Self? No, they are individuals with their own soul, own Higher Self and own Christ Light.

I can see into the Fairy dimension – is this one of my dimensional lives? Perhaps, it just might be that it is an ability of yours to see this dimension, seeing doesn't mean you have a dimensional life there, though, I do know that some people in this dimension do have fairy dimensional lives, this is because they are of fairy origin.

What is the role of the Ascended Master overseeing our dimensional lives? An Ascended Master is higher than a Higher Self in terms of Ascension (they have no more souls in body). Therefore the Ascended Master is not so much there for you, but there to assist the Higher Self with their lessons around soul management.

I'm confused between dimensions and lives and what I read about the, 4th, 5th dimension and the planets ascension. Terminology! When you read about the 4th and 5th etc it is about ascension, it is about the raising of vibration, and by the raising of vibration the consciousness is raised. Dimensions and dimensional lives are different in that, they exist as realities for ascension. Think of our entire universe as a single dimension and within that reality, ascension is occurring.

Is the Higher Self the same as the Divine Self? Again terminology can be conflicting and confusing. To me the answer is no – the Divine Self is the higher level and another name for the Christ Light, spark of God or Monad. And as explained in the article, the Higher Self is ascending to the Christ Light.

If one of my dimensional lives passes the 5th initiation before I do, will my life be terminated?  The dimensional life that passes the 5th first will help clear any karma you have left and in doing this, your soul will be reclaimed by the Higher Self, your consciousness will become one with the Higher Self. You will have no more lives to live, because the dimensional life who passed the 5th initiation has helped you ascend into your Higher Self. With every past life, every time, when we die the personality drops away and the consciousness returns to the Higher Self. It is just the same, in the last life the consciousness becomes one with the Higher Self. All these dimensional lives become one with the Higher Self.
Terminated is a harsh word, try Realised instead. Terminated suggests you are still thinking of yourself in terms of your humanity, not your Divinity.

When the first soul passes the 5th initiation, and begins to clear the karma of the other dimensional lives, how is it done?  When someone passes the 5th initiation, their 7 major chakras go into freefall and no longer function. The adept is now working only with the chakras 8-12. The adept now ascends chakra to chakra. The 8th chakra is now the major chakra for the 5th initiation and it is through this chakra the karma is cleared.

Is there a connection among the soul rays of the dimensional trio I belong to? No, each life is separate and the soul ray pertains to each individuals soul lessons.

Do the trio of souls normally incarnate together?  No the Higher Self can mix them up from life to life. They are not static.

Is it possible to be aware of a dimensional life while awake?  Yes, sometimes it is déjà vu, or a feeling of being ahead of yourself. Or you may get a glimpse into somewhere completely different. But for most people the awareness comes in dreams.

Will this single 5th initiation soul become a guide to the other dimensional souls? No

For those moving from the 4th initiation to the 5th initiation, is there a way to know their ascension is a result of their own efforts, or the efforts of a soul in their dimensional collective who has passed the 5th initiation? At this level, you will begin to recognise on your own, how many dimensional lives there are in your collective. If the number is large, you can assume you are doing okay ie 27, if the number is small ie 3- 6, then you can assume you might have serious competition.

If we add in the concept of twin flames – how does this work with dimensional souls? In the beginning, a single unit, separated into two Christ Lights, one being the Alpha Flame and the other being the Omega flame. Each of these Christ Lights has its own Higher Self. So we know these two Higher Selves are twin flames. These two Higher Selves have many dimensional lives. So we can say that when a life occurs in the same dimension from each Higher Self – then these two people are Twin Flames. Because their Higher Selves and Christ Lights are twin flames.

How important are dimensional lives to my ascension? To your ascension - not very important at all. To the ascension of your Higher Self - they are the means of his/her ascension, so very important.

Should I send healing to my dimensional lives? That is a personal choice, I suggest before the 5th initiation you heal yourself first and work on your own ascension, and then after the 5th initiation, if you make it before anyone else in your collective, then you can help them the via your greater abilities.

The Earth Star

This article is a teaching from the Ascended Masters, with contributions from Waireti, who has dimensional sight.

We all have an Earth Star.

 It is the connection of conscious life to the Mother Earth. 

The Earth Star is our anchor, it keeps us in body. The Earth Star is our link to the Mother Earth and to this dimension. 

When a baby takes its first breath, the Earth Star arrives, holding the conscious life force to the Earth. When we die, the Earth Star goes into stasis. It does not cease to be, rather it waits for our return to body once more on the cycle of rebirth. We have one Earth Star through all of our lives. Papatuanuku, the Mother Earth, knows each and every one of us. She knows of our first moment of conscious life when she created an Earth Star just for each one of us, she follows our many lives and ascension. She knows us, we are of her. We are her children. We are in her heart.

The Earth Star is commonly called a chakra. I would call it the Master chakra. For in our death all is downloaded from our chakras into it, and when we are reborn and reconnect to the Earth Star it uploads to the chakras all the dross, all the karma, all the past life baggage we still carry with us. 

In our death, Papatuanuku holds the Earth star, this precious aspect of our being within her, in safe keeping, till we are called once more into body, by the magnetic force of our Earth Star and the karma it holds. 

The Earth Star is usually 6 inches below our feet in the body of our Mother Earth (Papatuanuku), it can be deeper, but Waireti sees it most at 6 inches. In fact in healings with the Masters, if it is lower they work to bring it to the 6 inch position. Waireti, sees all Earth Stars and knows they are every colour, sometimes reflecting the soul ray colour, sometimes not, some Earth Stars have 2 colours. Most are shaped like a triangle, well actually little pyramids, with the apex down; others are orbs, cones and cuboids. Some are not in great shape, with cracks or even hollow, but the Ascended Master healing, here at the Ascended Master portal usually rectifies this. 

Papatuanuku has appeared several times in body at the Ascended Masters portal. For this teaching she drew me down into the Earth with her. And she indicated I look up and there above, like looking at a ceiling were countless shapes, like stars in the sky, these were the Earth Stars of humanity. Some were bright colours and solid, some were coloured like a bubble, transparent but with form, these were the ones of those not in body. For she showed me, when a person dies their Earth Star sinks further down into the Mother, waiting for rebirth and the Earth Stars rising once more.

Many of you have a calling for home, believing you originate from another planet, looking often to the stars. When a person from another planet visits our own Papatuanuku, their Earth Star is welcomed, like a sister’s child. And if they die here, their Earth Star stays here within our Earth, holding them to this planets cycles of rebirth, holding their Earth Star till such time as they Ascend and can return home.

When each person on the Earth comes to that time in their spiritual evolution that they ascend beyond the cycle of rebirth, then Papatuanuku is the one to step forward to release us from our Earth Star. At our ascension it is her that cuts the cord of our Earth Star handing us to the Father, who then rebuilds another Star beneath our feet, the Star of the Father not of the Mother, so that at our final death, we are drawn to the Father not to the Mother. For an Ascended Master to return to the earth, they come on the celestial star of the Father, anchoring them here for their life span. 

The Earth Star colour and shape is included in the chakra reading - You Chakras revealed - a tool for ascension.


 Fallen Angels

These teachings have come from a collective of Ascended Masters, Archangels and Waireti to Verna Maruata.Waireti has dimensional sight and see’s all, Verna Maruata has 2 crown chakras, one is utilised by the Ascended Masters. Together they seek to clarify much of what they don’t understand about angels and in turn share it with you.

Many of us have a fascination with angels. Is it their wings? Is it the thought of flying? Is it their purity? Is it the community they have within the host? Or is it the memory of who we once were? Or is it that deep inner recognition of an ancient home and the ancient familiar. In this article we are introducing a different perspective on fallen angels.

These teachings came from Waireti’s casual comment about my angel wing. This little carrot bought forward many discussions about angels and wings. Waireti revealed much, but today we focus on angel wings and their relationship to fallen angels. She revealed many people have a single wing, accompanied by a nub on the opposing side where the other wing would have been. Some people have just 2 nubs, having lost both wings. We then made the supposition, those with wings and nubs were fallen angels.

So what is a fallen angel? For us, Waireti and Verna Maruata, a fallen angel is an angel who is in body, just like us. It is an angel who has left the angelic path of ascension and moved onto the human path of ascension. This means they chose to enter the human cycle of rebirth, to have many human lives. It means they left their angelic home of light, for our dense dark existence.

The Masters tell us, over half of humanity living on this planet, are fallen angels, and Waireti confirms this via her dimensional sight. There was an initial fall to a 3D reality on many planets, but angels continue to fall - it hasn't stopped. There is a belief within society that angels are good and fallen angels are bad.  St John the Baptist tells us fallen angels are a blessing to humanity - for they bring with them in their fall the angelic qualities they possessed. They then merge with the human path taking on the cycles of rebirth but still maintaining their angelic essence. This angelic aspect of themselves is their gift to humanity. Sadly, in the fall, the angel becomes impure. They have left the pure path of the angels - and it is probably from this basic reality that the misconception that fallen angels are bad was born. But with over 3 billion fallen angels it still didn't explain why they fell and continue to fall.

I remember reading something from Elizabeth Prophet who said Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael were twin flames. This didn't fit into my knowledge base and so I discarded it as being wrong. Archangels and Ascended Masters as twin flames was too much of a stretch for me. Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary had both indicated to me, they weren't twin flames. In light of these new teachings I had to know if Mother Mary was of angelic origin though. Waireti confirmed Mother Mary had 2 nubs on her back where wings might have been. And then a teaching arrived from the Masters. Angels with one wing fall with their twin flame, and angels with 2 nubs fall alone, their twin flame staying on the angelic path.

For a deeper understanding... God created us with the purpose that we would move away from the point of creation, to learn and grow and evolve into our divinity, returning to our point of origin as perfected Beings. At this initial point of creation each single consciousness (Monad) contains the seeds of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, Alpha and Omega, Yin and Yang, opposite poles of the one reality.

For humanity at the initial descent into third dimensional reality these two aspects of the one were divided and the Twin Flames were created. One the Alpha flame the other the Omega flame. Both Flames incarnate to lead separated lives, always aware, on some level, of a loss of an aspect of themselves. So each person entering the humanity stream has a twin flame, these are the people with no angelic wings or nubs.

But for the Angelic dimension, at the point of creation, they too were two halves of the one consciousness; they too were 2 flames of the Divine Masculine and the Divine feminine. But unlike the humanity strain, while individualised they did not separate, from creation they knew who their twin flame was and they were together always.

So why, when most twin flame angels fall together, do some angels choose to fall alone, especially when they are so close. And we aren't just talking Mother Mary, there are other fallen angels out there with no wings. Why fall? Why fall alone? Why fall together?

God created us with the purpose that we would move away from the point of creation, to learn and grow and evolve into our divinity, returning to our point of origin as perfected Beings. And here lies the cause. We were created to ascend into our divinity. There is no other purpose for our creation – human or angelic or any other form of creation – than to ascend into our divinity. The angelic path is pure and slow. The human path is dark and fast thanks to freewill and karma.

Of course there are many reasons for the fall. One reason is the angels who fall together are choosing to fall to a low vibration path so they can ascend at a faster rate. They know they will be separated from their twin when in body, till their vibration rises to such a degree that they once more remember each other. It is a sacrifice that has deep impact on their human lives, as they will always feel a part of them is missing. But they must feel the sacrifice is worth the eventual outcome.

For those who fall alone, leaving their twin flame in their angelic form the reasons are different. While separate, the angelic twin will always be with their human twin, never forgetting them.  Whereas if they fell together, they would forget each other until their vibrations were sufficiently raised to remember each other. This way the angel would always be a loving support to their twin through the fall and subsequent ascension. The angel would fly for them both holding and supporting the human twin. The single angel falls alone to enrich the collective experience of them both. As the fallen experiences freewill, grief, pain and suffering and all it entails so does the angelic twin. The ascension of the human twin also assists the angel twin in their ascension.  

The Masters have also said another reason for any angelic fall was to have a relationship with a planetary life form – our Mother Earth. Many don’t give credence to the wonderful life form that is our Mother Earth – she is an Ascending Being in her own right. She is a being of great love and wisdom and for the angelic realm; a connection with our Mother Earth Papatuanuku is an experience they seek.

We then side tracked and asked the Masters to reveal which other Ascended Masters had angelic origins other than Mother Mary. These are the few that appeared to tell us and put up their hands to reveal their angelic origin... Amaterasu.. . Ares… Cha Ara ... Chananda… Dom Ignacio… Eros… Hera… Hilarion… Inanna… Jesus… Kuthumi… Lady Nada… Ma’at… Mary Magdalene… Mother Mary… Osiris… Pallas Athena… Portia… Ra-mun… Saint Anthony of Padua… Saint John the Baptist… Serapis Bey… Sitatapatra… Susanóo… Thomas Merton… Vishnu


Demystifying Ascension and the 5th Initiation

These are the days of Ascension. Ascension is happening. It is not a far off hope, but a very true reality.

On the Home page of this website we keep a running tally of those we are aware of, who have passed the 4th, 5th and 6th initations using the Ascended Masters products and healings - so you can see it is happening.

So what is ascension in easy terms? Ascension is the raising of our vibration, which in turn raises our consciousness. When the vibrations and consciousness reach certain levels we pass through initiations. The higher our consciousness rises, the higher the initiation. The Masters oversee these initiations, watching each person’s light. Once we reach the third initiation it is possible in these times to pass the next 3 or 4 initiations in one life time, if that is your will and focus.

So why this sudden upswing in Ascension? The vibration of the planet and humanity as a whole is rising. What was strived for through deep meditation and strict practices is now possible though less arduous means. 

We ascend through our chakras. As the dross and karma clear from our chakras the vibration within the chakra rises. The lower 7 chakras are the chakras of the lower self, the soul and personality. It is through the clearing of these chakras, that the vibration and consciousness rises and the lower self rises to merge with the Higher Self. Once these 7 major chakras have reached 100% light (vibrancy) and 100% radiance of that light, then the chakras are perfected and the 5th initiation occurs and the person becomes an adept. Passing the 5th initiation means the person is off the cycle of rebirth, they no longer have to incarnate into a physical body life, unless they wish to. It’s the initiation when you can say “I am on my way”.

What happens at the 5th initiation? The process is fairly standard but of course there are different experiences for each person.Some people will be conscious of each step and process and some only part of it and some I have discovered, don't even know it has occurred. But regardless of a persons awareness the aura, and chakras (lower and higher) tell the story of where they are in the ascension process.

The first sign of the 5th initiation occurring can be a vibration in your soul seat (this sits just below the throat chakra where the two collarbones meet). This vibration means the link between your soul and the earth star is preparing for change.

When the vibration in the soul seat occurs,  Papatuanuku (Mother Earth) steps forward to release you from your Earth Star. The Earth Star sits about 6 inches below your feet (see the article on the Earth Star) and is the connection that holds you in body life after life. Papatuanuku severs your earth star connection, indicating you are no longer of the Mother but are now of the Father. The magnetic and karmic pull back into body for karmic lives is no longer possible. 

You might feel after this, a vibration in your cells, as your physical body adjusts to being no longer of the Mother. Also your physical cells are rebuilt to take on the higher vibration which is coming. Then a new and temporary Earth star is created by the Father to keep you grounded - this is called a celestial star by the Masters. This temporary star is very different to your previous star. It will have many colours that change daily; it will fade in and out across dimensions and will change shape. The celestial star resides beneath you feet within the body of Papatunanuku - (Mother Earth). 

The actual 5th initiation will then occur with a group of Masters who step forward to support you. This will be unique and personal to you.

The lower self has already begun to merge with the Higher Self as your chakras were perfected. Now there will be the union of your Higher Self and your Holy Heart. The Holy Heart is that sacred space within the Sacred Heart. This is where the Higher Self anchors itself - this anchoring is part of the 6th initiation too.

After the Higher self has created the anchor in your Holy Heart, you can take a breather and know Step One had passed. Now this break may take a couple of days or a couple of weeks. Whatever is right for you will occur. Once you've got your breath back then the battle begins between your lower personality self and Higher Self. The lower personality Self is so used to being the boss, it isn't going to submit easily. The Higher Self will win; it just depends on how long the battle lasts. You will feel fragile. 

Once the higher Self wins the battle, those 7 beautiful radiant chakras will drop in vibration and radiance. This is because your 7 chakra system has ceased to work as it once did, it is now the lesser system, and your new chakra system has become the higher and hidden chakras – chakras 8-12. The chakras 1-7 are now without an anchor, they change every second of every day, the light within them changes from 1 to 100% light and radiance within seconds - they have no purpose any longer and cease to function.

The higher chakra system (chakras 8-12) has previously been turned off until the 4th initiation is passed, then the 8th chakra awakens and by the time the 5th initiation is reached the 9th chakra is awakened. Before the 6th initiation is reached all 5 hidden chakras are awakened and revealed. The 8th chakra is about 12- 18 inches above your head. 

Your new chakra system is different to your previous one. The colours change for each person from chakra to chakra. Person A might have a pink 9th chakra and another person a blue 9th chakra. The only chakras to stay the same is the 8th chakra which is blue for everyone. The 12th chakra begins as gold, this is the godhead chakra, the one linked to your Christ Light, but it will eventually change to a rainbow colour. The 8th chakra as you move closer to the 6th initiation becomes a sky blue. Suggesting, ascension is now chakra to chakra. 

You will begin to feel like there is a veil between you and the physical world. You will engage and be present, but feel apart. Your ability to “know” will increase as you will feel part of something more. If you haven’t had the ability to see dimensional colour before (i.e. auras), you still won’t. There isn’t a magical switch at the 5th to give you gifts you haven't had before

Every fear you have whether it is heights, spiders, or claustrophobia, will be suddenly presented for testing. These fears need to be conquered before you can move forward. You will be looking more within self at this time. You Sacred and Holy Hearts will be looking toward Self and so you may feel less heart connected to humanity, though this isn't the case.

You will feel/see/know the connection between your Holy Heart and the higher chakras as one long column or a spiral. The column is of the Father/god and the spiral is of the Mother/goddess. Before the 6th initiation you will be aware of both the spiral and column connection between your holy heart and higher chakras. The Father/god & Mother/ goddess aspect has come into total balance within your upper chakra system and within the Holy heart. 

Your kundalini will rise of its own natural volition unaided, without fanfare and work. It will rise from the base chakra, opening the lotus of the crown to its fullest potential and then rise up into the 8th chakra which will becomes its new home. All your system is preparing itself. Reincarnation is no longer for you, you are moving into the Divine.

Letting go of all your desires and attachments comes up for final release. 

Love of Self occurs and you know it and feel it and understand it.

The tests keep coming for Mastery - Mastery over the physical, emotional and mental bodies. 

Ego is still present, but to a much lesser degree. When it appears, you will note it. 

Dimensional lives are cleared via the core star.

The 5th initiation is about anchoring of the Higher Self into the Holy Heart. 

At some stage after the 5th initiation you will have ascended sufficiently to receive a halo. They come in several versions - we have seen a thick gold torus that rings the entire head at the 3rd eye level, and a halo that can only be described as a gold inverted fish bowl that covers the entire head down to the soul seat, and also we have seen a small thin halo at the back of the head - I'm sure there are other versions as well. The meaning of the appearance of the halo we have found is humility. When the adept is in a state of humility the halo is present. We have also observed the halo disappearing - and know the person is not in a state of humility. 

The time between the 5th and 6th will difffer for each person. 

So now you are all asking for some tips on how to raise your own vibration and consciousness. Here are a few...

1. Devotion – devotion to the God within, your own Christ Light. All the knowledge in the world won’t get you one step closer to your Christ Light only devotion can do that.
2. Forgiveness. Forgiveness is so important, not only of others but of self, not only in this life but all past lives. If we don’t forgive, we don’t let go, and if we don’t let go, nothing changes.
3. Care and attention to being the Being – watch what you say, think and do. We create karma every day. Take on the philosophy what you say are god words, what you think are god thoughts, what you do are god actions.
4. Meditate in the Sacred Heart. This is the pathway forward.
5. Once you are comfortable in the Sacred Heart move on to finding the Holy Heart within the Sacred Heart. You won’t get to the 5th initiation without finding the Holy Heart. Meditate within the Holy Heart.
6. Within the Sacred Heart some of you might find a crystal. When you reach the 5th initiation this will be activated.
7. Practise the Torus Technique to give union to Divine Mind, Sacred Heart and Soul. 
8. Drink pure water – it sounds crazy but the higher your vibration the more hydrated you need to be.
9. Diet – diet doesn't seem to have much of an impact. As you ascend you will know what you want to eat and what is right for you. And alcohol? Doesn't seem to be an issue. Sex? Again not an issue.

There are many pathways to Ascension; we each are free to choose our own path, some quick, some slow – we all get there eventually, it just depends on how many life times we want to spend here on Earth. I have listed some ways above to help you. Now I want to tell you of some of the products and healings made by the Ascended Masters themselves here at their portal. All those who have passed the 5th initiation here at the portal, all attribute their ascension to the help of the Ascended Masters – their techniques, their oils, their portal paintings, their crystal portals and of course their perfect and specific healings. The Masters are here to help us ascend. They will help you too.

1. Violet Flame oil made by St Germain, Ra-Mun, Omri-tas and the angels and Deva’s of the Violet Flame. This oil of the Flame made physical, is made in the Ascended Masters portal by them over a month. This powerful manifestation will clear the dross from your chakras and cells.

2. Ascension Flame series – these flames are the Ray Flames – and are for those serious about Mastering the rays, themselves and ascension. This series needs to be completed prior to the 5th initiation, as after the 5th initiation the 7 major chakras cease to function and are no longer activators of the oil. This series greatly assists the transition betweenthe 5th and 6th initiations.

3. Personalised oil – the Masters make an oil specifically for you and your ascension journey, it is an oil of support not of change. 

4. Ascended Master portal crystals – the Masters make portals in crystals for their energy to connect with you in a closer way – holding a crystal portal is like holding a Masters hand. Through these portals they will heal, teach and love you unconditionally.

5. The Deva of Forgiveness oil – forgiveness is a very essential part of ascension – we need to forgive to let go, and we need to let go to ascend. Not just forgiveness of others but self, not just this life but all our lives.

6. Ascended Master Ascension and recalibration healing – this healing performed by 7 Ascended Masters takes 2 hours and in that time they speed up your vibration, increase your vibrancy (light) and recalibrate you body for ascension. Only one session per 6 months is advised.

7.    Ascended Master Past Life healings - we need to clear every single past life we have ever had in order to clear our chakras to 100% vibrancy and 100% radiance. The past life healings given by the Masters see huge changes occur in the chakras.

7. Various clearing healings by the Ascended Masters for your ascension – these target the various needs and requirements of the individuals ascension path.

8. Ascended Master and Deva oils – oils for support and change made for your ascension needs.

Here at the portal of the Ascended Masters Waireti and I work with the Masters to assist you in your ascension process. We give support and guidance and once the 5th initiation is reached the support continues. 

If you feel you want to know which initiation you have obtained, this information is part of the extensive Chakra reading service we provide.

Connect with your Ascended Master Using the Torus Technique

I get many requests from people asking how they can connect on a deeper level with their Ascended Master and Teacher. 

My standard response is open your heart to the Master, because when your heart is open to them they can come closer. But there is another way - The Torus connection technique.

Sanat Kumara gave me this technique many years ago, around 1999 or 2000 and I teach it at nearly all my workshops. The Torus technique is easy but takes some instruction and explanation.

You are a multidimensional spiritual Being having a physical experience. We forget this - we think we are a limited person in a physical body - when truly we are much much more. The torus can be a vehicle for you to explore more of your multi-dimensional Divine self. 

A torus is a contained and constructed unit of energy.  

It looks like a ring donut. It holds energy from all the dimensions and all the planes – it exists through all time and space. The energy within the Torus cannot escape outwards – it is its own “ring pass not”.  

It is within this contained unit, that a group can work together across all dimensions and planes in balanced vibrational harmony. Nothing can enter the torus that is not invited, so it is a safe place to talk to your Ascended Master.

Here I will teach you how to create your own personal torus and a group torus with your guides and Ascended Master. Much is written about the Torus, so I leave the Maths and esoteric knowledge to those who are more eloquent than me; suffice to say it’s a very intriguing form.

How to connect to your Ascended Master using a Torus

You are going to connect 3 aspects of yourself so they form a Torus – your Divine Mind, you Sacred Heart, and your Soul.

Start with a meditative breathe – with the intention of connecting with your Ascended Master.

Take your attention to your body – be aware of it – now move your awareness to the pineal gland in the centre of your head. Once there take you awareness a centimetre to ½ an inch above the pineal. This is the Divine Mind.  You have just slipped from physical awareness to spiritual awareness. Sit in that space for as long as you like. It’s a good place to meditate.

But for our purposes we move on, you will see a silver cord appear in the Divine mind – this will drop to the Sacred Heart. It can’t go anywhere else. So with your awareness, follow the cord to the Sacred Heart.  And for those of you who went into "I don't see mode", do you get a sense of feeling heavy, go with the heavy dropping feeling - it will take you to the Sacred Heart. You might like to meditate in the Sacred Heart another time.

Now become aware of another silver cord, this one from the Sacred Heart is connected to your Soul . Follow the silver cord to your Soul ( it is below where the 2 collar bones meet between the heart and throat chakras, sitting out from the physical body).  You might like to meditate there at another time. And from there another silver cord connects back to the Divine Mind.

So in effect you have created a Torus (a ring) of energy connecting the Divine Mind – Sacred Heart – Soul. Sit in the energy. Follow the energy flow through the 3 centres a few times.  You have connected your awareness to some of your highest levels of consciousness.  Everything you receive will come in at its highest potential – from the Divine Mind, Sacred Heart and Soul.

Just as you have created your own Torus, the Masters all live on their own Torus – always in touch with their highest consciousness.

Below is a MP3 link to hear the technique that I have written above. The voice you hear is AmayahGrace.

The Torus Technique The Torus Technique (3504 KB)

Now to communicate with the Masters you are going to create another Torus with the Masters – a Group of two Torus.

While still on your own Torus of Divine Mind, Sacred Heart and Soul ask your Ascended Master to step forward so you may connect with them on a deeper level and even communicate with them.  Then seeing, feeling, knowing or just hoping they are before you - connect to your Divine Mind and see a silver cord connect to the Masters Divine Mind – move to your Sacred Heart and see a silver cord connect from your Sacred Heart to their Sacred Heart – move to your Soul and see a silver thread go from your Soul to their Soul. The Master in turn will be doing the same back to you.

A group Torus of two has been created. Feel the flow of energy coming along the Masters silver cord to you, try to match the vibration. In most cases the Master will alter their vibration to make the connection more comfortable for you. But it is good to try.

Again below is the technique for you to listen to.

Ascended Master Connection Ascended Master Connection (2683 KB)

Now sit in meditation with the Master and allow the Ascended Masters energies flow into you. When you are ready, you may receive teachings or direction. But in most cases the Master will take this opportunity to give healing and work with you on higher levels. You are completely contained within the Torus and protected. Nothing else can enter the exchange that isn’t invited.

Group Torus

You can invite as many people as you like onto a group torus - excellent for a meditation group or healing group to use. This diagram gives a pictorial idea of how it would work - you can see the formation of the bigger torus. A unity consciousness or group consciousness forms, perfect for a group working on the same project ie earth healing, for they then work as a single unit.

 Group Torus Instructions

Make your own personal Torus. And with the permission of those in your group first send a silver cord from your divine mind to the person to your right. Everyone will be doing this at the same time and so envision a silver circle linking all the divine minds. Now repeat the procedure linking your divine mind to the person on the left. So now the connection from each person goes both ways.  Now feel the connections - is the energy flowing to you and from you to the left and right in balance - if not work to correct the flow so the energies are in harmony. We want the torus to be balanced. Then follow the silver cord divine mind connections from either your left or right or both around the entire group and back to yourself.

Repeat the procedure for the Sacred Heart and the Soul. Now a single divine mind, single sacred heart and single soul has been created - all these individual divine minds, sacred hearts and souls are in unity consciousness and will work more effectively as One than as many individuals.

Again below is the audio of the technique, it only has half of the procedure but having read the technique above you will be able to fill in the rest yourself.

Group Torus Group Torus (2179 KB)

Enjoy your Torus – and I suggest everyone begin each meditation with this practice – it brings a greater sense of peace and balance to the experience. 

This is a wonderful technique to use in mediation groups as it links everyone to become - one Divine mind, one Sacred Heart, one Soul. Meditation groups will achieve a greater level of power when linked in this way. This technique is perfect for creating change - rather than a group all working as many single units on a cause, when they are united as one in this way you will see how the connection focuses the power. The key though is to be in balance energetically and in harmony as a group.  

The MP3 recordings for the Torus technique were recorded by AmayahGrace.


Twin Flames - Origin, Purpose and Realtionships

I originally wrote this article for - I have posted it here with some changes and additions.

Twin Flames are two halves of a single unit. We all have a Twin Flame.

God created us with the purpose that we would move away from the point of creation, to learn and grow and evolve into our divinity, returning to our point of origin as perfected Beings. At this initial point of creation each single consciousness (Monad) contains the seeds of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, Alpha and Omega, Yin and Yang, opposite poles of the one reality. At the initial descent into third dimensional reality these two aspects of the one were divided and the Twin Flames were created. One the Alpha flame the other the Omega flame. Both Flames incarnate to lead separated lives, always aware, on some level, of a loss of an aspect of themselves.

Twin Flames don't normally incarnate together except for a higher purpose.Usually when one Flame incarnates the other is out of form, preferring to energetically support their incarnating twin. But at this time, many evolved Twin Flames are incarnating to assist in the raising of consciousness, of humanity and to take this opportunity to raise their own consciousness and ascend. 

When Twin Flames do incarnate together the coming together is often chaotic and stressful, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Their relationship is very intense. The romantic loving version we all think of is really for Twin Souls. Twin flames come together as two mirrors of each other. They are there to reflect back to each each other the Truth of themselves. What is reflected is not only the beauty of themselves but also their imperfections, attachments and emotional baggage. 

The ultimate goal of the Twin flames is total union once more. To achieve this, total balance and perfection is needed by both of them, on all levels. The areas, in which they have harmony, are the areas they no longer need to work on. Everything not in harmony within the person and their twin is presented in their relationship to be healed. Their relationship is a pressure cooker for their ultimate perfection. And because of this it makes it hard for the relationship to last. 

Twin flames also have many differences, these may be age, geographic locations, morals, beliefs, race, income brackets and sex, though same sex is possible in certain incarnations, remembering they incarnate specifically to be the facilitator of the others growth and ascension. And yet the bond is such, that being together is like coming home. The attraction is strong on every level, and spiritually they know they are one. This knowingness helps them over many of the hurdles, mostly created by pre-conditioning, beliefs and ego.

One sad part of Twin Flame relationships, which seems to be common, is that when they find each other, one or both is already in a committed relationship. This puts a pressure on them to "choose". This brings up feelings of guilt, and doubt in the twin relationship which on one level they know is real, but on another level they feel it can't be right believing the universe wouldn't make them choose. Not so. The first step is to acknowledge the relationship is a choice, and to realise nothing with the twin is ever simple and easy. 

As the Twins become more into balance and their service here on the planet becomes more into their awareness they spiritually grow at a faster rate than when they were apart. They find their spiritual gifts are fine tuned. Each often possessing a gift the other doesn't. They are sensitive to each other's energy flows and stresses. Being apart is like functioning at a reduced level. Together, they become balanced and more of whom they are just by being in each other's energy, you will often hear Twin Flames are never apart.

As they become more of a single working unit their Christ Light (also known as the spark of God, Monad) begins to entwine and rejoin, two flames becoming one. The re-union of the flames creates the deepest of connections for these two people. And it is this connection which makes them wonderful vessels for service to humanity and to God’s Will.

If you feel you have met your Twin Flame, but seek confirmation, we have a twin flame reading. This is a sacred reading of a sacred relationship, we don't take this lightly. We do ask both in the relationship give permission for the reading.  Click here for See'er Services.