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Deva Oils ~ Forgiveness

  • $25.00 NZD

Forgiveness is an essential part in ascension. For if we don't forgive we hold ourselves back. It is the act of forgiveness that helps releaser the dross we hold in ourselves, created by the feelings and stories we store in our chakras and in our cells. 

This Deva oil has been created in the Portal of the Ascended Masters in New Zealand by the Ascended Masters and the Deva of Forgiveness. The Deva of Forgiveness is the animating force of the act of forgiveness. She will animate forgiveness within you. 

Apply to major chakras to assist when Forgiveness of Self, or of others is needed.

We recommend using the Deva oil and the Deva card together. The Forgiveness Card is free to download in our free card section.

We also recommend Deva of Letting go oil to be used with Forgiveness.


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