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24 hour Ascended Master Distant Healing

  • $20.00 NZD

The Ascended Masters have stepped forward as a collective group to bring you healing from the Ascended Masters portal. 

This healing is with a specific Master, but all the Masters lend their support and love to the healing process.

This distance healing lasts for 24 hours. 

This is not a channelled session, so we can't give you feedback on what occurs.  This healing is the next level of healing after the free healing sessions.

When you order your healing, email Verna a photo with your name and country. She will email back with a day and start  time according to your time zone for the healing session. 

You can request a specific Ascended Master or Cosmic Master from the list below - or leave it to the Masters to choose on your behalf. If choosing a Master please identify them when you email your photo.

Amaryllis – goddess of Spring.
Amaterasu – Japanese goddess of the Sun.
Amen Bey – 4th ray Master.
Cha Ara – a Fifth Ray Master.
Chananda - A 1st ray Cosmic Master
Dom Ignacio – physical body healing.
El Morya – Chohan of the 1st ray.
Eros - the god of Love
Freya - Norse goddess of Love, Beauty, War, Magic and Wisdom.
Ganesh – healing the scars within.
Gautama Buddha
Hathor – an Egyptian Great Mother goddess.
Hilarion – Chohan of the 5th ray.
Hine-nui-te-po - Maori goddess of the underworld
Isis – an Egyptian goddess.
St John, the Baptist – balance on all levels
Kuthumi – the World Teacher and a master of the 2nd Ray.
Kuan Yin – emotional body healing
Lady Nada – Chohan of the 6th ray – she heals the inner child
Lakshmi – goddess of Prosperity
Lao Tze – Joy
Lord Lanto – Lord Lanto is Chohan of the 2nd Ray.
Lord Ling (Moses)– Lord Ling a Chinese Ascended Master was previously Moses.
Ma’at – Egyptian goddess of balance.
Maha Chohan – Chohan of all the 8th ray.
Mary Magdalene – a newly Ascended Master.
Mother Mary – love – healing mother and mothering issues
Omri-Tas – a cosmic Master of the Violet Flame.
Osiris – the Egyptian god of the afterlife.
Pallas Athena – the goddess of Truth.
Paul, the Venetian – Chohan of the 3rd Ray
Portia – Lady Ascended Master of the 6th Ray
Ptah - a 5th ray Master
Ra-mun –a master of the 7th ray and Violet Flame
St Germain – Chohan of the 7th ray.
Sanat Kumara – Lord of the World and the Ancient of Days.
Serapis Bey – Chohan of the 4th Ray.
Thomas Merton - one of the newest Masters
Vairochana - one of the buddhas
Vesta – goddess of the home – healing of issues around family
White Tara – goddess of Compassion and an 8th ray Master 

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