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About the Devas

Devas are the animating force from source. For example, Love comes from the source of all Love. Devas are the animating force of love and for love to exist, a deva is present. Another example is fire. Fire exists in the 3d world, but the Deva or the salamander deva is the animating force behind fire. Fire wouldn't exist without the salamander deva. Therefore the Devas bring energy, any energy, into existence. Devas are part of creation.

The Ascended Masters work with the Devas.

For example, Jesus is a Master of Devotion. Therefore, he works with the Deva of Devotion, as it is the animating force behind the source of devotion.

The Masters say they work with the Devas at their level, so why don’t we work with the Devas as well,  to become more of who we are.

It is with true joy that I worked with the Devas and the Ascended Masters via my second crown chakra to imprint their energy into form with their Portal cards. Imprinting is manifesting an energy from its source in creation, into the physical, so that we can see and feel it. 

The Imprinted Devic energies are available as portal cards. The Deva Pure oils  are created by the Devas and the Ascended Masters in the Portal of the Ascended Masters. They are truly powerful. The oil and cards help to animate within you one of the energies listed below.


Deva of Joy Oil

SERENITY… This is a deep and abiding serenity, unmoved by outside influences. Peace can be broken but Serenity cannot.

  UNCONDITIONAL LOVE - love from the source of creation without any conditions – the love just is. The children love this Deva – as this is the energy from where they have come.

 COURAGE...  Courage to move beyond present situations.

Deva of Courage Oil

REMEMBRANCE… Through all time, space, dimensions, planes, realities and bodies... to bring forward that which you already know and need for this life time.. clearing all blockages to your remembrance.

  DEVOTION… Devotion to the Christ Light within us all

Deva of Devotion Oil

  PURPOSE…  Life purpose, daily purpose, direction, focus – Purpose also provides a physical energy to help us achieve our purpose. Good for any project or activity.

 FAITH...  Faith in Self – an internal process

 TRUST… Trust in external forces unfolding to our advantage

Deva of Forgiveness Oil and Deva of Letting Go Oil

The card of Forgiveness and Peace are free to print here