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About the Ascended Masters Portal

About Verna Maruata...

About Waireti

About the Ascended Masters Portal

108 Ascended and Cosmic Masters, Devas, Archangels and Elohim have built a unique portal for themselves here in New Zealand to work with humanity and assist humanity in their ascension process.

The portal is not a natural vortex as found in Sedona and other parts of the world. They have constructed this portal, so it is not affected by the energy fluctuations of the earth and the universe. It is a safe and stable environment for them to work. 

Papatunanuku (Divine Mother Earth) explained the Ascended Masters portal like this - Portals or vortex's around the planet are of her birthing up to the surface - whereas the Ascended Masters portal is of the Father, it has come down to earth, and with her blessing is joined with her in this one sacred spot.

This huge portal allows the Ascended Masters to work in this dimension without manifesting a body. The portal is used not only by the Ascended Masters, but also the Cosmic Masters, Elohim, Archangels, Angels, gods and goddesses to name a few. There is constant activity. A wonderful experience for those with dimensional sight.

It has been made clear this portal is only for the Ascended Masters to work in. Here they work on a level and interact at a level that they would previously only be able to do if they manifested a body. They are here to help humanity in their Ascension process.

As the Ascended Masters portal is becoming known around the world, and as word spreads, the Masters understand many of you want to travel here in your meditations - to be with your Master, to experience the energies, to get answers.

So as to not interfere with their highly calibrated work, and to keep the vibrations at the level they want them to be - The Masters tell me they have created a temple for humanity, at the edge of the portal that receives the portal energies but in no way lets the energies of those visiting the temple enter the portal. The Masters call it the Ascension Temple. So if you want to visit the portal in your meditations ask to be taken to the Ascension Temple. The energies are just beautiful, I could sit their all day in the Love. And for those trying to enter the Portal, as many do, you are redirected to the Ascension Temple.

The Ascended Masters are helping humanity in many ways - some seen and others unseen. Here are a few examples of their work.

1. There is free Ascension healing every Wednesday in the portal - just email me a photo and your name to be presented for healing. 

2. It is with great joy I present to you the Ascended Masters Blessing Stone. It is a place where those visiting the portal in the physical, have placed their crystals for the Masters to bless. Now, the Ascended Masters Quan Yin, Dom Ignacio and Melchizedek have worked with the blessing stone to make it available to all away from the portal.

Just, copy and print off the photo. Place a crystal on the photo of the Blessing stone and with love, ask your Ascended Master or any of the Masters here at the portal to Bless your crystal. The process takes about 8 hours. This is a great gift from the Masters to humanity. Here is a link to see some of the Masters who work here. Once the crystal is blessed, wear it and keep it close as its energy will radiate out just for you.  

3. Here is a third example of how the Ascended Masters help humanity. Here at the Ascended Masters portal, for seven Full Moons in a row the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Masters manifested an Ascension Flame oil for humanity to use in their ascension process. They also manifest crystals and metals in the portal for specific people to use - these are very rare, only 4 (to date) have ever been made for those living away from the portal. An arrival is announced with sound and light.

The Masters are also creating individual crystal portals of / for themselves - these crystal portals anchor the Masters energy into this dimension and allows the Masters to work closer with humanity and with individuals. The crystals, already in creation, are chosen specifically by the Masters for this purpose. They take about 7 days for them to create these portals for themselves in the Ascended Masters portal. The ones available can be viewed at this link.

All the oils and crystals you find on this site has been created in the Ascended Masters portal by the Ascended Masters, Cosmic Masters, Devas, Elohim, Archangels, gods and goddesses. My input has been to prepare the base oil for them to work with,  with a process taught to me by the Ascended Masters over 20 years and made possible by my rare double crown chakra. The portal is closely linked to my energy via my double crown chakra, my healing hands and my heart chakra.

Read more about the portal, the Masters teachings and healings in the diary.

About Verna Maruata

Verna is my birth name and Maruata Atahu, my ancient Maori name, remembered and returned to me by 13 Grandmothers in Spirit. A Kaumatua (Holy Man) says Maruata means the apricot colour of sunrise, or dawn’s fire.

El Morya, Sanat Kumara and Gautauma Buddha to name a few, started to teach me from childhood. Much of their teaching was practical, exercises and techniques I would need to assist them with the portal they have created here in New Zealand. I have was gifted by the Masters two crown chakras, one for me and the other they utilize to work through me in the portal.

I have passed the 7th initiation. My rays are 2-2-2-2-2. I am no longer tied to repeating physical incarnations.

For me, my work with the Masters and their portal, is a position of Sacred trust. Since passing the 7th initiation the extra crown chakra has been removed and now two vortex sit above the head, one is blue and one is rainbow. One of the vortex is for the Masters to utilize in my work with them and the other is for the healing I do with the Masters.

Waireti and I together work with the Masters to assist humanity in their ascension process - this is our focus.

About Waireti 

Waireti is an integral person, here at the Ascended Masters portal. Since birth she has had the wonderful gift of dimensional sight, seeing through all dimensions. Dimensional sight is a term I made up in an attempt to label Waireti's rare gift. She see's the Masters, Angels, Elohim, Devas, all dimensions,  all the bodies, all colours around people she see's, she see between. She see's the past and the future. Her sight is never off, she see's like this 24/7. She has little tv like screens around her vision seeing into other worlds. My attempt to describe her sight is limited at best. In her life time Waireti has only met one other person who sees as she does. Waireti works here at the Ascended Masters portal in service to the Masters, as they work with humanity.  Waireti, was given her name at birth by her Maori grandmother. It is her spiritual name and means the violet colour of sunset. She has passed the 7th initiation. Her rays are 6-6-6-6-6. She is no longer tied to repeat physical incarnations.