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Ascension is the raising of our vibration and thereby our consciousness.

Here we strive to demystify Ascension and to assist and support you in your ascension process to the 5th initiation (leaving the cycle of rebirth) and in the initiations beyond. The Ascended Masters have a sacred relationship with each of you regardless of your awareness. They are here to help you ascend.

"Claim your Divinity, not your humanity." Serapis Bey

Meet the Masters

Learn more about the Ascended Masters


Ascended Masters teachings


The Ascended Masters will help you ascend and humanity ascend.


Original teachings from Verna Maruata via the Ascended Masters

The Ascended Masters guide and support all of humanity in their ascension.

The Ascended Masters have chosen this time to construct a vast dimensional portal in New Zealand.

This portal was brought down to Earth by the Ascended Masters to anchor their energy in this dimension, so they can assist humanity and individuals in their ascension process in a closer way. We hope to assist you in becoming more aware of the sacred relationship the Ascended Masters have with each of you. 
They are here to help you ascend.

The website is also about the individual Ascended Masters, their group portal, their healing, their teachings and the tools they have created to assist mankind in their ascension. 
We  freely share practical techniques to help you in your ascension process. 
You can Ascend in this life time.

A large part of this site is Original.

"Claim your Divinity, not your humanity." Serapis Bey


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